Enthrall Sessions Trilogy

Enthrall Sessions Trilogy Experience the USA Today bestselling trilogy that introduced readers around the globe to Mia Lauren and her breathtaking journey into the seductive world of Enthrall the most exclusive BDSM club in L

  • Title: Enthrall Sessions Trilogy
  • Author: Vanessa Fewings
  • ISBN: 9780991204649
  • Page: 267
  • Format: ebook
  • Enthrall Sessions Trilogy

    Experience the USA Today bestselling trilogy that introduced readers around the globe to Mia Lauren and her breathtaking journey into the seductive world of Enthrall, the most exclusive BDSM club in Los Angeles This special box set includes the acclaimed romance novels ENTHRALL, ENTHRALL HER, and ENTHRALL HIM by author Vanessa Fewings.These are the spellbinding stories ofExperience the USA Today bestselling trilogy that introduced readers around the globe to Mia Lauren and her breathtaking journey into the seductive world of Enthrall, the most exclusive BDSM club in Los Angeles This special box set includes the acclaimed romance novels ENTHRALL, ENTHRALL HER, and ENTHRALL HIM by author Vanessa Fewings.These are the spellbinding stories of Mia s awakening and transformationE ENTHRALL SESSIONS TRILOGY box set is Mia Lauren s awakening set against the backdrop of the exclusive Enthrall BDSM club in Los AngelesE BEYOND ENTHRALL DUET is founder of Enthrall, Cameron Cole s story, picking up after Enthrall Him, book 3 s ending, but can be read as a stand alone duet.WITHIN ENTHRALL are stand alone novels featuring characters from the Enthrall Sessions trilogy and Beyond Enthrall duet.

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      267 Vanessa Fewings
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    One thought on “Enthrall Sessions Trilogy

    1. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★

      ★★★★★! Enthrall Sessions, book 1-3 of 3. Whirlwind angst-filled & kinky love saga of one woman’s sexual awakening while caught between two gods among men!“There’s a real risk you may become infatuated with me. Don’t. This is not about love. This is about surrender. Yours.”Books in the Enthrall Sessions series should be read in order:Book 1: EnthrallBook 2: Enthrall HerBook 3: Enthrall HimOR Book 1-3:Enthrall Sessions TrilogyBook 4: Cameron’s ControlBook 5: Cameron’s C [...]

    2. Shurrn

      If you've not had the opportunity to indulge in the Enthrall Sessions, you're missing out on something incredible.Buying the box set of all three Enthrall Sessions novels is a wise choice.Three sinfully sexy books,Two impossibly gorgeous Doms,One completed series.Save money; avoid cliffhangers!Also, Dr. Cameron Cole is absolutely swoon-worthy. He is the cherry on top of this deliciously decadent seriesBOOK ONE - ENTHRALLThought provoking and sweetly kinky with a dash of coming of age“There’s [...]

    3. Christen

      I am utterly Enthralled!This series had me enslaved from page one, the writing was elegant, witty, and smooth. The story so very refreshing. As having read many BDSM novels Enthralled surprised me with an original storyline, it’s slow build up had me turning pages throughout the night. The characters are all unique and intriguing and had my mind wondering which direction this book would lead. I'm keeping this review short because I spent waaaay too much time making the images for this review, [...]

    4. Louise Seraphim Reviews

      This series is hands down, one of my favourite series. From the very first page, I was captivated and addicted. It's not often that a book, or series grips in such a way, that you are left thinking about it for months. I think the last time that happened to me, was when I read the Fifty Shades series. Well this series had even more of an impact on me than the Fifty series. The story of three people whose lives are all intertwined, in one way or another, was incredible. The background to this lov [...]

    5. Le Ann Foster

      Holy shit! I just found me a new author to one click! This trilogy had me tied up in knots, wanting more, and hoping it would end right! Their is so many emotions that you see Mia, Camaron and Richard go through. The storyline will keep you on your toes for what it's going to happen next. As soon as I finished this trilogy, I one clicked Camaron Control. I just cannot put these books down. So glad I took a chance on this author.

    6. Tiblu

      4 stars for the 1st two books but book 3 was sooo WTF?!?!In books one and two we see Mia learn and grow and change soooo much but in book three her growth starts off good then takes a serious Nose dive and it starts partly w/unfortunately crossing paths w/a( huge feminine cleansing product named Lance) but what really starts things down the path to sucks ville with Richard coming back in into her life,he just makes one mistake ridden cleansing product move after another,all at the end of the day [...]

    7. Ros

      The sexual awakening of Mia.21 year old Mia is a naive virgin who lands a job as secretary to Richard- a troubled Dominant who feels he's lost the ability to love again after a troubled past. Cameron- an alpha male Dominant, billionaire, psychiatrist & Richard's best friend has orchestrated the relationship between Mia & Richard hoping Mia will be the answer to Richard overcoming his past. Their relationship blossoms & Richard vows to give up his kinky ways for Mia. She on the other [...]

    8. Heather Pollock

      #review @VanessaFewings QueenZany 5 Star ReviewEnthrall Sessions: The Complete TrilogyBy Vanessa Fewings“Enthrall Sessions” is deliciously sinful and down right mouth watering!Yes a seductive BDSM series like no other! With a heavy mix of romance like only a true Dom can create. Hell the chemistry, suspense and the thrill of the rush is a recipe for desire. For the bounty that is true love, will always come out. “Enthrall Sessions!” will also leave you gasping for that taste of sin!! Mar [...]

    9. Rachel

      Interesting, but an absolute train wreckThis thing needs a thorough editing. It's riddled with spelling, grammar, and cultural errors. The author is obviously not American, and it shows in the frequent use of colloquialisms that aren't American. There is at least one major error on every page.I kept reading because the dynamic between Richard and Cameron intrigued me. I was disappointed with the ending because for a while I thought that there was more between them than just friendship. Bottom li [...]

    10. MichelleBrown

      This series totally rocked my world and in association, my husbands 😉.It was a great story with fun characters and thoroughly enjoyed them all. A must read if this is your type of genre, actually even if it isn't your norm, just try it you will not be disappointed!So glad I stumbled over this series on BookBub.

    11. Donna

      Wow!A well written series. Great story line. Hot sex. Irresistible characters. Fell in love with Cameron and Mia. Both of them were caring and quite unselfish, to the point of almost sacrificing their own happiness. Richard turned out to be a better man than I thought he was. Great author, hoping to read more by Vanessa.

    12. Foster Mathlady

      Great readI gave this series 5 stars because of its complexity of characters. It was a defining of each character and their constant evolution that i loved. It also doesnt end with who you think it willabsolutely freaking loved it. Neglected my kids for 4 days!

    13. Deann S

      Love it!This whole series sucked in so deep I absolutely love it Mila and Cole I'm so glad they are together in the end I was not fond of Richard and Mia I will be reading more books from this author!!

    14. Chalyn Keefer

      Love!!!I absolutely loved this series, couldn't put it down. Devastated im finished with it. So much going on . Perfect Characters. Love love love!!!

    15. Michelle

      Amazeballs ! This trilogy boxed set will have to go down as one of my favourites for sure ! Absolutely loved it , couldn't put it down .Most definitely highly recommend these books . ☺

    16. Lisa Lenox

      Oh my. If you don't read these and love them, you are dead from the neck down. (No offense to quadriplegics).

    17. Amanda Griffith

      Spellbinding! Such an amazing series that's about more than just kink. Mia, Cameron, and Richard all must search deep within to find themselves.Mia is a virgin to all things kinky but with help from Richard and Cameron, she coins fits in.Praise for this book!!

    18. Candy Smith

      Awesome . loved it. couldn't put it down. Got so close to the people in the book.It's a Have to read with great story and loud of knowledge to share. Don't have to say anymore enjoy

    19. Lorri Wisniewski

      OMG!!!I had to give this series 5 stars it was way to hard to put down. Loved the characters and the story, always love the BDSM my favorite kind of story. This was my first time reading Vanessa Fewings but I plan on reading more of her books. Thanks for a great story!

    20. WBS-S

      What can I say… Humm… .This series was good. I read the trilogy so I am going to review them all here in one review. I found a special to purchase this trilogy for one cheap price on an Ebookbud and it was recommended by my sister so I jumped on the opportunity and it was the best .99 I’ve spent in a long time. It was long (so you need to commit to investing some time in this series).) At first I wasn’t sure that I would stay with it…I wasn’t too crazy about the premise of the book [...]

    21. Susan Ferguson

      Loved this series. Did get a bit repetitive in the end but couldn't put it down, nontheless. Very sexy, but fairly mild in the bdsm department.

    22. LisaHershaw

      4.5This is the first three books in a boxset.The first book wasn't my favourite one, I actually kind of struggled with it.Mia is taken on a enthralling ride in trying to find her true self worth and true place in life. She's taken on a journey to find her place in the submissive world. With two dominate male's vying for her,who will Mia choose, Cameron or Richard,Things never run smooth when money and rich beautiful men are involved.Be prepared to be taken on the journey of all with Mia and deci [...]

    23. Donna

      This was a long series and there is even more. I enjoyed this for the most part, if you like BDSM and rich sexy men, then you will enjoy this. Well written, great chemistry and steam, real feelings involved, lots of denial and complexity but overall a good read.

    24. Sherry Vitaniemi

      BoredThis was so drawn out. And I got really bored reading it. I just got not enjoy the the whole thing.

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