Ultimate End

Ultimate End MILES MORALES and the rest of the heroes of the ULTIMATE U face final extinction As the end of their world becomes inevitable will the heroes heartbreaking sacrifi ces make any difference The dramati

  • Title: Ultimate End
  • Author: Brian Michael Bendis Mark Bagley
  • ISBN: 9780785198901
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ultimate End

    MILES MORALES and the rest of the heroes of the ULTIMATE U face final extinction As the end of their world becomes inevitable, will the heroes heartbreaking sacrifi ces make any difference The dramatic end of an era begins COLLECTING ULTIMATE END 1 5

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    One thought on “Ultimate End

    1. Paul

      Well, with the final issue of this book, I have finally finished reading all of Secret Wars core title, tie-ins and all.It has been gruelling.Don't get me wrong; there have been some diamonds in the rough. I even gave a couple of the tie-ins five stars, which surprised me. Still, diamonds aside, the rough was pretty damned rough and there was a lot of it.With the end of Secret Wars, and this tie-in title as well, I have seen the death of the Marvel Universe and its rebirth into something similar [...]

    2. Terence

      The heroes from the main Marvel Universe (Earth 616) and the Ultimate Universe have been placed into one battleworld and have to coexist with their counterparts.It isn't going well and it looks like it will get worse.Ultimate End started well, but at the end it felt as though the author lost interest. Seeing the two major Marvel Universes having to ineffectively share the same space was interesting especially as many of the Ultimate Universes heroes are unstable. One big complaint I had was they [...]

    3. Chad

      The Ultimate Universe just peters out with this book. I didn't want to like the Ultimate line when it came out. It sounded like a cop out that the normal Marvel U had too much baggage to bring in new readers so they were starting out again from scratch. But then Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley came along and created the best run on Spider-Man, ever. And Mark Millar gave us the Ultimates, a book that would go on to influence the MCU. Ultimate FF introduced us to the Marvel Zombies. But other [...]

    4. James DeSantis

      Finished finally. I read issue 1 months ago. Read issue 2 last month. Read issue 3-5 today. And yep, it's a gigantic pile of shit. I'm sad though, because I know to a lot of people Ultimate Universe is just the "side" of Marvel and frankly nobody cared about it after Ultimatum. I get that but to me, the Ultimate Universe means A LOT. It actually got me into comics. Ultimate Spider-man MADE me a comic book fan. So to say it ends on a whimper is so freaking sad. This is just a mess. People just ar [...]

    5. Sesana

      The first four issues of this miniseries are frankly kind of terrible. It's the usual mess that I'm sadly starting to expect from these Secret Wars miniseries but always hope that they won't be. It just barely holds together as a story for four very long issues. And then the fifth issue is simply outstanding. It makes reading the whole thing worthwhile, especially for those of us who have been reading Ultimate Spider-Man from the very beginning. I especially liked how Bendis ended the book with [...]

    6. Michael Hicks

      Ultimate End is a "Battleworld" tie-in series to Jonathan Hickman's Secret Wars event, and it's mostly a mess. Five lackluster issues written by Brian Michael Bendis, featuring superheroes talking in circles in between beating the crap out of each other for no real reason. The plot is paper-thin, but the last few pages of the run are a nice send-off/reboot for Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man, whose series relaunched as part of the main Marvel Universe post-Secret Wars. Those last few page [...]

    7. Steven Matview

      A whimper is too much of an overstatement, let alone a bang. The end of the Ultimate Universe arrives with the sound Charlie Brown makes when he misses the football.Events in writer Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Wars have resulted in the end of the multiverse. In its place is Battleworld, a singular planet made up of Marvel’s most popular series. So there’s an Old Man Logan land, an Age of Apocalypse-ville, and so on.(Secret Wars is actually quite good as far as crossovers are concerned). Ulti [...]

    8. Shannon Appelcline

      What a Mess.The biggest problem with the Secret Wars spin-offs has been their total irrelevance to anything. But Ultimate End is worse, because it tries to be relevant but instead just doesn't make sense.I mean, you'd expect this comic to start with the mighty clash between the 616 (Main Universe) and 1610 (Ultimate Universe) universes that was foreshadowed in many of the Final Days, but didn't get enough attention in Secret Wars #1. Nope. Instead we have a mash-up of 616 and 1610 characters on [...]

    9. Dan

      I have mixed feelings about this book. It's a tie-in to the big Secret Wars event where both the standard 616 Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe (and others) have been mashed up into Battleworld. New York exists on Battleworld, the Ultimate New York, but some of the normal Marvel universe characters are there. Trouble arises. The story for the most part is a bit of a mess. Two Hulks fight, two Iron Mans get into an argument etc etc. Four fifths of this book is an utter waste of time which [...]

    10. Ran

      Thank goodness for Peter Parker and Miles Morales breaking up the horror that be. Parker hilariously trying to curtail everyone from knowing his secret identity (good luck with that). And Morales with offering up the solution (?) to this Doom shitshow. (view spoiler)[I'm not certain what two blank pages means. (hide spoiler)] I'm sure it's up for interpretation.These two, man.P.S. I'm pissed about Clint. ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>[" [...]

    11. Alex Sarll

      Way back in 2000, Marvel realised their main universe was perhaps a little inaccessible to new readers (what with all the key characters who'd married clones of their wives and had their sons come back from the future older than them, or thought they were clones of themselves), and decided to create an accessible, new timeline, with newly empowered versions of their icons, and streamlined origins, and a fresh sensibility. It was the first time we saw a black Nick Fury, or a Peter Parker who didn [...]

    12. Sonic

      Every time I review a book illustrated by Bagely, I make the same comment that while I loved his overwrought teen-aged melodramatic work in Ultimate Spider-Man (also with Bendis,) I just feel his work is too cartoonish to make it suitable for, say, an epic super hero book called "Ultimate End"! Even though this time his work was less manga-ish, it still felt like the wrong dude for the job. And in my opinion it held back Bendis's writing, which to me seemed, "just o.k."

    13. David

      Utterly essential reading for the Secret Wars event. Easily one of best spin-off mini's. Wish I'd known about this one long ago. I only picked it up when I found it on a remainder rack at Books-A-Million. Totally a great read in its own right. Bendis does a great job. Beautiful art by Bagley working at the top of his game. If you've enjoyed the Secret Wars and skipped over this one. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up. It's a great Marvel read.

    14. Dave

      Remember the final episode of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE where the cast of the show was shoved to the side to make room for a couple of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION stars?Meet the comic book equivalent of that episode.ULTIMATE END is pretty much a staggering failure, no matter how you cut it. As a stand alone story, it doesn't work; as a part of Marvel's larger "Secret Wars" event, it has nothing to offer that you couldn't have picked up from the main crossover series. Structurally, each issue jump [...]

    15. Eric Leeson

      I am missing a lot of back story and I am newly reintroduced to comics/manga/graphic novels, but I still enjoyed this one. Beautiful visuals, a lot of characters that I know and love have parts in this story. I now need to pickup a lot of previous material, and I want to find out how the ultimate showdown ends.

    16. Pablo

      No sense with the canon. Has nothing to do with the event itself. Dissapointing. Maybe not Bendis and Bagley´s fault though

    17. Mike

      Fucking disappointment.This is Bendis The Lesser. I just read something on his Tumblr last week where he said he might be interested in writing comics for DC, but that Marvel still has him on contract "for a while". The way he wrote it, it almost sounded like he wasn't happy writing for Marvel these days.Well, it's books like this (and the last few X-Men books he shat out) where his lack of enthusiasm shows.This book feels like a mess, something that wasn't plotted with his usual care - more lik [...]

    18. Matt

      Collects Ultimate End issues #1-5This story is set during the events of "Secret Wars," however it doesn't tie into "Secret Wars" in such a way that makes it required reading for that series. With that being said, the story in this collection could only take place within the Battleworld of the 2015 "Secret Wars."There is so much wasted potential here. I don't feel like this is the end that the Ultimate Marvel Universe deserved. I found this collection to be confusing because it didn’t seem to b [...]

    19. Chris

      It's hard to review this book because I haven't read any of the other Secret Wars books that this connects with. The Ultimate Universe, more specifically Ultimate X-Men was my first real introduction to the Marvel canon. I was intimidated by the forty plus years of continuity, so having a fresh slate with the Ultimate Universe was a perfect way to get into Marvel. So, I just wanted to say goodbye to that universe I had very little interest in the overall crossover.So, having not read any of the [...]

    20. Anchorpete

      Ok, so there is this super epic moment in the first issue of Secret wars. The heroes of the Ultimate Universe fly in to fight the heroes of the Marvel 616 Universe, to the death. One universe has to destroy the other, otherwise both will end.when I saw the cover of this book, I thought this would flesh out that final battle.Instead, this story took place on Battleworld, in a hodge podge of a domain, where the heroes of the ultimate universe and the 616 universe were jammed in together. I was dis [...]

    21. Eric England

      Ultimate End by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley fully fulfills the old cliche about ending with a whimper. The Ultimate Marvel Universe, at one time, was one of the hottest imprints on the market. Its influence is plainly visible in many of the creative decisions made in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, poor creative decisions and the growing consensus among comic fans that superheroes need to be inspirational again killed the Ultimate Universe's momentum. Thus, we get this comic ser [...]

    22. Davy

      I’ve read about a dozen Secret Wars tie-in, even given the fact that they do not really add tot the main storyline I’ve enjoyed reading them because the give a view about the different domains in God Doom’s Battleworld. We get some remaining Avengers and Ultimates in one domain, sometimes confusing, at the moment they face each other, Miles Morales shows who the real enemy is, but Doom has it's Thor Corps defending him (note: in the Thor Tie-in we see them betraying Doom, so the timelines [...]

    23. Rigoberto

      Honestly this book had an interesting premise and had me excited, since Bendis has written good stuff, such as Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers, and Dark Avengers. However, reading this book was not at all what I was expecting. The dimensional rift that occurred was not really mentioned again, there was no real indication for the heroes to fight one another, and we are not aware of what happens to that domain's Miles Morales. There is no resolution to what happened in the 1610 Universe, and the [...]

    24. Jordan Lahn

      The ending of this series is a great conclusion to the Ultimate Universe. The rest is just kind of meh. The whole idea of the two universes being smushed together doesn't hold up to any kind of casual analysis: if Miles is missing from the Ultimate group until the end because he was in the lifepod, why is Peter there all along? Why do they realize they're two universes combined if they are supposed to have false memories of Battleworld always existing? It's just kind of a mess, and I don't get i [...]

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