Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX

Giant Size Little Marvel AvX Skottie Young brings out the big gunsd the little Marvels the series fans have been waiting for In the Battleworld zone known as Marville playtime is serious business and Marville s pint sized heroes

  • Title: Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX
  • Author: Skottie Young Jean-François Beaulieu
  • ISBN: 9780785198703
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX

    Skottie Young brings out the big gunsd the little Marvels the series fans have been waiting for In the Battleworld zone known as Marville, playtime is serious business and Marville s pint sized heroes are working overtime to prove to their new neighbors which crew is toughest With super powered dodgeball, high tech hideouts and eye puns aplenty, Marvel s mostSkottie Young brings out the big gunsd the little Marvels the series fans have been waiting for In the Battleworld zone known as Marville, playtime is serious business and Marville s pint sized heroes are working overtime to prove to their new neighbors which crew is toughest With super powered dodgeball, high tech hideouts and eye puns aplenty, Marvel s most adorable heroes aren t pulling any punches in this larger than life, fun sized adventure Featuring all your favorites just, you know, shorter including Cyclops, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Wolverine and as the toughest, funniest, craziest and most adorable Marvel heroes throw down in a battle of the fittest The smaller they are, the harder they brawl this is Battleworld, after all Collecting GIANT SIZE LITTLE MARVEL AVX 1 4, A BABIES VS X BABIES 1.

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      248 Skottie Young Jean-François Beaulieu
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    One thought on “Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX

    1. Anne

      Buddy read with the Peanut!It's fun to share the books you love with your kids (or nieces, nephews, close friend's etc), but sometimes it can be hard to find quality stuff for the younger set. I'm at the point in my illustrious mothering career that allows me to freely hand out stuff to my older ones, yet I still find it difficult to track down good comics for the 8 year old. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of non-superhero graphic novels in her reading level!Bute's not always interested in [...]

    2. Sam Quixote

      The Avengers and the X-Men are kiddie-fied in Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX, adorably “battling” one another over nothing (like their adult selves more often than not)! Then a pair of twins arrive in the neighbourhood and the Avengers and X-Men have a new thing to fight about: convincing the new kids to join their side over the other! Like the best Secret Wars tie-ins, Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX has nothing to do with the main event; it’s really a sequel to Skottie Young’s brilliant s [...]

    3. Paul

      Y'know, no review's required for this one except to say that Skottie Young is the best cartoonist in the game since Bill Watterson hung up his brushes.This book was absolutely hilarious and totally adorable! Buy it already! Get Skottie Young on an ongoing Little Marvels book, like, NOW!

    4. Sesana

      Yes, it's lighter than air fluff, but it's still a lot of fun to read. It's pretty much exactly what I'd expected when I saw it, really. All of Skottie Young's baby variant covers? This is the world those characters inhabit. And it's adorable and deeply silly and wonderfully mindless fun.

    5. Trish

      This volume collects four issues of wonderfully cute and funny battles between the baby X-Men and the baby Avengers.Ever since I saw Skottie Young's baby superheroes for the first time, I've been IN LOVE! I mean, no matter which Marvel character is portrayed, they are all so adorable! *happy squeal*And the writers managed to include some pretty funny 4th-wall-breaking as well as self-ironic jokes:What is this about? Well, we are introduced to Marville, a small town where the baby superheroes gro [...]

    6. Jim

      I NEED MORE OF THIS!!!Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX is one great funny and feelgood garphic novel. Even if you are not an expert and only have some knowledge about the Marvel universe, you can check this out. Of course if you are a fan, you going to love it. There are a lot great inside jokes that will give you a big laugh. Also the art is just adorable.5 giant size stars

    7. Mike

      This might actually be my first dose of Skottie Young. I've heard about this dude for hears (years even!), and admired his covers ever since the first one I saw. He is Shallow Comics Readers approved - his stuff looks fun, no one has exposed him as a pedophile, rapist or abuser. Those are pretty much the SCR qualifiers. (Anne, Jeff , Gavin - what am I missing here?)The jokes, they are fast and loose - sometimes groan-worthy:Sometimes hilarious:[Why have I never heard that nickname before? THIS M [...]

    8. Peter Derk

      Ha! A hoot. And a half, maybe. I mean, it's not like there's any big, great shakes, but Skottie Young's illustrations of kid heroes is awesome, plus he's not afraid to throw in a blind Daredevil gag.It took me back to the days of What The--?!Yes, the Marvel Mag Of Mirth And Mayhem. The series that saw Marvel skewer its own characters in Mad Magazine style. Y'know, shit like Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet as a barbecue mitt. Which you totally could do. Or a lady Wolverine, whichtally happened [...]

    9. Martin

      Kids will get the most out of this all-ages book featuring kid & baby versions of many popular Marvel characters, from the Avengers to the X-Men, even including (but why?) the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Inhumans. Yes, it's cute & fun, and there are some good gags, but it's good it stopped when it did. Cyclops' 'Eye Puns' were getting tedious and, yes, made me roll my eyes.As a side note: I was looking forward to Batman: Li'l Gotham Deluxe Edition (coming out in November 2016), but n [...]

    10. Jordan Lahn

      Love it. The story is a little simple, but really, it's all just an excuse to build up to that great splash page with all the little heroes punching each other. If you like Skottie Young's style, its gold. If not, this book isn't for you.

    11. Murphy

      This is another Secret Wars tie-in that isn't really an important part of the larger Marvel Universe, but exists simply because it's fun.Most of the humor is reliant on a basic understanding of each character, and silly without being unbearably so. The story isn't complex and can be read by all ages and the bright and unique art is enjoyable to peruse over.

    12. Ran

      So this is adorable; again, it's exactly my speed when it comes to Marvel mocking itself. Self-deprecating humor, check. Skottie Young is hilarious. When twins Zachary and Zoe show up in Marville, all the teams come out to convince the twins to join up. You'll never guess who wins. Cap is such a brat.Classic lines, Hawkeye. This is the cutest Ultron. Even with the Disney lines.

    13. Sam

      This has to be the most adorable thing I've ever seen! To see all the marvel characters as little kids was the cutest!! There's not much to the story and it took me about 15 minutes to read, but that doesn't stop it from being awesome. I haven't ever read any Marvel comics before but I got the gist of most of the jokes from watching the movies. The baby story at the end was even cuter!! You may have to check my pulse because I think I've died from a cuteness overload.

    14. Chad

      The best thing to come out of Secret Wars. Like the best comics from Secret Wars, it has nothing to do with Secret Wars. This book is so much fun. I love Young's little flourishes like giving Captain America a lower case "a" on his forehead and having Hawkeye shoot suction cup arrows. Young's art is gorgeous.

    15. High Plains Library District

      Because who doesn't love seeing a Spider-Man with a super-bulbous head?Skottie Young is getting famous for drawing super young versions of superheroes, and finally we've got a book written, illustrated, andobably endorsed by Skottie Young. I don't know if he approves of his own work, but you gotta believe, right?Rather than telling the Avengers V X-Men story as it was in the regular comics, what with the angst and Phoenix powers and lah-dee-dah, we get a much lighter, more fun version where a co [...]

    16. Kris

      All the stars!!! Hilarious and adorable, and i can't believe this has been my favorite Secret Wars tie-in so far. Has absolutely nothing to do with the original AvX event, and very little to do with Secret Wars. But it's so cute! And so funny! Skottie Young's renditions of so many X-men, Avengers, Inhumans, and Guardians of the Galaxy - all as little kids. The follow-up story is more of the same, only with Gurihiru drawing the heroes as babies. Baby Beast is adorable! There's even a Baby Beta Ra [...]

    17. Amanda Balding

      Do you like superheroes? Do you like preschool versions of superheroes? Do you like fun!?!If you said yes to any of the above questions, then you should highly consider reading Giant-Size Marvel: AvX!

    18. Erin

      I love Skottie Young's art style because it's adorable and this issue was super cute and super fun. Definitely needed when you think about how dire the 616 universe has been lately.

    19. Diana Montes

      5 estrellas solo porque aparecen mis personajes más queridos, aunque no vi a Buck más allá de Bucky Bear. Amo los dibujos de todos los personajes como pequeños niños y lo mejor es que sale mi favorita Mujer Araña, aunque no tiene ni una linea. Hasta Galactus y Thanos salen. Definitivamente una belleza y gran adquisición como fan de Marvel. En definitiva Steve preocupandose por Bucky Bear es mi favorita, además de cuando todos se van a casa después de un dia de escuela y Stephen se va al [...]

    20. Rebecca Mcgraw

      Alex and I have been reading this at bedtime. It's very silly and the illustration is first-rate. Sophia says other kids would enjoy this book because it's funny. Alex says he would not recommend the book to other kidsI think he thinks it's a library book and if he recommends it to other kids he'll have to give it up.

    21. Jakob

      it's great. very great. i cheered for the x-me- oops, i mean kids. the twins make a good story. the avengers and the x-men have a big romp of fun. i'd say read it! plus, an A-babies vs. X-babies bonus story. talk about a deal :)

    22. Sean

      OMG! So much fun! I can honestly say I laughed out loud. This was so adorably fun. In-jokes, puns, one-liners, etc. Skottie Young impressed me so much with this book that is all him. Great artwork, fantastic dialogue, and even a fun plot. Overall, a home run!

    23. Nessa [October Tune]

      I love this. I love this so much. Whoever came up with this is a genius and oh my god. I am a little sad that it ended just as Quicksilver appeared, who is my favourite of all time. But OH MY GOD THIS IS MY FAVOURITE MARVEL COMIC FOR SURE.

    24. Patrick

      Do you want a few cute stories with baby version of Marvel characters and no stressful continuity issues?This is the book for you. I laughed audibly a few times. And the art is pretty much the quality you expect from Skottie Young.

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