Age of Apocalypse: Warzones

Age of Apocalypse Warzones Survival of the fittest This is the one principle that governs the lands of Baron Apocalypse His mutant armies have subjugated the human population forcing them into ghettos The X Men have failed in

  • Title: Age of Apocalypse: Warzones
  • Author: Fabian Nicieza Gerardo Sandoval
  • ISBN: 9780785198628
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • Age of Apocalypse: Warzones

    Survival of the fittest This is the one principle that governs the lands of Baron Apocalypse His mutant armies have subjugated the human population, forcing them into ghettos The X Men have failed in their every attempt to unseat Apocalypse from his throne The dream of Charles Xavier is dead This is the world that Doug Ramsey has grown up in A world where he has spenSurvival of the fittest This is the one principle that governs the lands of Baron Apocalypse His mutant armies have subjugated the human population, forcing them into ghettos The X Men have failed in their every attempt to unseat Apocalypse from his throne The dream of Charles Xavier is dead This is the world that Doug Ramsey has grown up in A world where he has spent most of his life hiding in fearLLECTING AGE OF APOCALYPSE 1 5

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      335 Fabian Nicieza Gerardo Sandoval
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    One thought on “Age of Apocalypse: Warzones

    1. Sam Quixote

      Give a brain-damaged octopus a bunch of X-Men action figures and get it to tell you a story with them and it’d probably be more entertaining and make more sense than Age of Apocalypse, both the original and this Secret Wars tie-in! Set in a realm of Battleworld ruled over by En Sabah Nur, aka Apocalypse, Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen are looking for a mutant called Douglas who holds the key to something. The X-Men - various factions of them who are different but not really - are also searching [...]

    2. Sesana

      Not sure why I read this. I was never really enamored with Age of Apocalypse the first time around, so I didn't feel a particular need to revisit it other than curiosity. But at the same time, I could always see why it was so incredibly popular, so I was hardly surprised that it was one of the stories revisited during Secret Wars. This is a sort of alternate alternate universe, largely the same as but slightly different from the original AoA. For one, Magneto is now married to Emma Frost instead [...]

    3. Quentin Wallace

      I'm really surprised at how good the Secret Wars crossover series have turned out to be. This one felt very much like the original AOA material, both the writing and art. I'm fairly certain at least some of the creative team worked on the original books, so no surprise there.The ending of this one was a little confusing to me, but it was nice to go back to the AOA universe as that remains one of my favorite X-Men storylines. If you liked the AOA, you should check this one out, even if you aren't [...]

    4. Tina

      I told myself I'd type up a LONG review for this one, because I'd heard both good and bad things about it. Being that I was a HUGE fan of the original AOA, this had some mighty big shoes to fill. And I planned on typing up a review, I really did. I planned on talking about everything I loved, how I thought it was so much easier to follow than the original, how the artwork reminded me exactly of the artwork in the originald then the ending happened. Damn it. I was bawling over the ending. I don't [...]

    5. Dan

      I liked the Age of Apocalypse story but this is not the same world. Similar characters but completely different. Very crappy ending.

    6. Daniel Butcher

      The art and story just did not work well for me in telling the story, sometimes it felt like the narrative and images missed a story beat or two.

    7. Abdullah Ali

      This is actually a surprisingly very entertaining Secret Wars tie-in that can pretty much be read as a stand-alone story. It twists some of the details from the original Age of Apocalypse story, but still totally respects it and pays homage to almost all the characters and notable events in one way or another. A very classic way of telling a super hero action comic book story, super fun. The art was absolutely stellar and spot on for the story being told, it actually kinda felt like a contempora [...]

    8. Cody

      Haven't read any of the Secret Wars/Warzones series that this is a tie-in to. Just a big fan of the original AoA storyline.Not entirely sure how they got into taking the liberties that they did with the original story (i.e. characters in relationships with others, deaths rewritten, etc.) BUT. it was still nice to be back in the AoA for a few issues, with a genuinely compelling storyline.I'd say definitely pick up if you're a fan of AoA. Don't feel like I anything was missing/there were spoilers [...]

    9. Russell Wilcox

      When Age of Apocalypse occurred originally, I was really interested in the event, and collected all the issues that I could find (I believe I was subscribing to them all through the mail anyway). I enjoyed the event tremendously, but was glad it was over and could move on. (I hated the idea that Suger Man and Evil Beast came to our reality afterwards). All of the Secret Wars books have had the same feel. An awesome chance to revisit storylines from the past without having to commit to anything, [...]

    10. Matt

      Collects Age of Apocalypse (2015) issues #1-5This story is set during the events of "Secret Wars," however it doesn't tie into "Secret Wars" in such a way that makes it required reading for that series. With that being said, the story in this collection could only take place within the Battleworld of the 2015 "Secret Wars."Another important note: While there are tons of similarities, there are enough significant differences to determine that this is not the Age of Apocalypse universe of the popu [...]

    11. Will Robinson Jr.

      This is quite a surprise that the X-men Secret Wars tie-ins have some of the best X-men storytelling we have gotten in awhile. First, this Age of Apocalypse Secret Wars tales has some really flashy and colorful artwork. It is definitely one of the best drawn X-men Secret Wars books. This is really a simple X-men tale. The reader basically comes into a world where the fan favorite villain Apocalypse now rules a future in which Charles Xavier is dead. Just a handful of surviving X-men now fight a [...]

    12. Roman Colombo

      This might have been a tie-in to Secret Wars, but aside from 2 or three passing remarks, it stood on its own really well. This was probably the best X-Men story I've read post Avengers vs. X-Men. I would love to see Nicieza take over the X-Men franchise again, and Sandoval's art is great too. It's all very 90's, but the story is more contemporary. And Doug Ramsey is the narrator. More could have been used there, but it's always cool to see Cypher utilized.

    13. Garrett

      So, these are just fun. When Marvel did its latest crossover, they blew the Universe(s) apart and temporarily (before the inevitable resolution) formed all of these Warzones/Battleworld titles that evoked popular series or storyarcs from the past. This one was a tangent placed after the 'Age of Apocalypse' storyline with some expansions and some radical changes from the original sets of four issues and the Omega issue. A little too much shock death, but SUPER faithful to the original content, wi [...]

    14. Davy

      I’ve read about a dozen Secret Wars tie-in, even given the fact that they do not really add tot the main storyline I’ve enjoyed reading them because the give a view about the different domains in God Doom’s Battleworld. In this issue we get to know Apocalypse's domain. I mainly bought it because it seems true to the classic Age of Apocalypse stories (but never read them because all collections are not available). But what happens to Apocalypse in this tie-in does not fit to the main Secret [...]

    15. Chad

      A stand alone Age of Apocalypse story based on characters from the 90's alternate universe. This story is not tied to the original as there are characters who died in that story who are now alive again. Plus Sabretooth is now one of the Four Horsemen. Not a bad story though. It has very little to do with Secret Wars. Gerardo Sandoval's artstyle is completely stolen from Joe Madeira but not as good. It's way too busy. And Sandoval loves long hair and ribbons the way Rob Liefeld loves pouches.

    16. Jeff Harris

      I loved, loved, LOVED this Secret Wars title! IT was SUCH a blast to get to revisit the Age of Apocalypse timeline and to see a lot of characters who had already died brought back in this slightly different take on my favorite alternate reality created by Marvel. It was a brilliant take on an old classic, and I will always enjoy any opportunities to explore the Age of Apocalypse. Well done, Marvel!

    17. Thomas Maluck

      In understand that, for some, 90s Marvel represents a really cool period of comics that aligns with their adolescence. For me, it's the period where comics aesthetics from them and their Distinguished Competition turned my young eyes away from superheroes for years.This trip down memory lane did nothing to assuage those feelings.

    18. Zachary Isaac Tilley

      NoI loved AoA the originalwas excited for thisemed very rushed, plus half the pages I couldn't even read cuz the kindle doesn't allow me to enlarge some pages(idk if its my fire, the digital content,or what)d the end was really dumb. Not worth the moneyd I have NEVER said that about a x-title. .hell no.

    19. Paul

      Much like the original Age of Apocalypse event was the worst thing to come out of the Marvel bullpen in the '90s, this dire mini-series that revisits it was the worst thing to come out of Secret Wars. Just awful. Will Marvel just let this setting die now, please?Sorry for the short review; I'm still ill.

    20. Kris

      One of the better books in the Secret Wars event. Really good artwork, and I liked the story (but then I was a huge fan of the original Age of Apocalypse event). I like how Nicieza kept some of the characters from the original, but also brought in some others who we maybe didn't know back then, like Dr. Nemesis.

    21. Ed

      A genuinely terrible mess that starts dumb and only gets dumber. It's as confusing as it is boring. The is one of the worst pieces of Secret Wars. It's so bad it will make you wish you never learned to read.

    22. Patrick

      That was a darn fine read, right there. I'f have given it a 5 star rating, but the art that I'd loved so much in the first 4 issues went all kinds of wonky in the last issue. I don't know if they were rushed or what, but it was noticeably off. Great story, though. I strongly recommend it.

    23. Lukas Holmes

      A bit of fun nostalgia. One of the only times the 'alt-universe' stuff worked in comics for me. Took me back.

    24. Colin Parfitt

      I'm bailing after two chapters on this.And I couldn't tell you one thing about the plot. It's a big old incoherent mess.

    25. Jessie B.

      There are some interesting things in this book but the art style made it confusing and made it hard for me to get into the story.

    26. Robby

      This was a waste of 15 minutes of my lunch period. Don't get it, no matter how much nostalgia you have for Age of Apocalypse, unless you really miss Adam the X-Treme

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