King John: Treachery and Tyranny in Medieval England: The Road to Magna Carta

King John Treachery and Tyranny in Medieval England The Road to Magna Carta A rousing and authoritative new biography of the notorious King John by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Marc Morris King John is one of those historical characters who needs little in the way

  • Title: King John: Treachery and Tyranny in Medieval England: The Road to Magna Carta
  • Author: Marc Morris
  • ISBN: 9781605988856
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Hardcover
  • King John: Treachery and Tyranny in Medieval England: The Road to Magna Carta

    A rousing and authoritative new biography of the notorious King John, by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Marc Morris.King John is one of those historical characters who needs little in the way of introduction If readers are not already familiar with him as the tyrant whose misgovernment gave rise to Magna Carta, we remember him as the villain in the stories of RobiA rousing and authoritative new biography of the notorious King John, by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Marc Morris.King John is one of those historical characters who needs little in the way of introduction If readers are not already familiar with him as the tyrant whose misgovernment gave rise to Magna Carta, we remember him as the villain in the stories of Robin Hood.Formidable and cunning, but also cruel, lecherous, treacherous and untrusting Twelve years into his reign, John was regarded as a powerful king within the British Isles But despite this immense early success, when he finally crosses to France to recover his lost empire, he meets with disaster John returns home penniless to face a tide of criticism about his unjust rule The result is Magna Carta a ground breaking document in posterity, but a worthless piece of parchment in 1215, since John had no intention of honoring it Like all great tragedies, the world can only be put to rights by the tyrant s death John finally obliges at Newark Castle in October 1216, dying of dysentery as a great gale howls up the valley of the Trent 16 pages of color and BW illustrations

    John, King of England John December October , also known as John Lackland, was King of England from until his death in John lost the Duchy of Normandy and most of his other French lands to King Philip II of France, resulting in the collapse of the Angevin Empire and contributing to the subsequent growth in power of the French Capetian dynasty during the th century. King John Entire Play ACT I SCENE I KING JOHN S palace Enter KING JOHN, QUEEN ELINOR, PEMBROKE, ESSEX, SALISBURY, and others, with CHATILLON KING JOHN Now, say, Chatillon, what would France with us Shakespeare s King John Plot Summary King John Plot Summary From Stories of Shakespeare s English History Plays by Helene Adeline Guerber New York Dodd, Mead and company Act I The first act opens in the palace of King John, where he is giving an audience to the French ambassador. Treachery Act The Treachery Act was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom enacted during World War II to facilitate the prosecution and execution of enemy spies, and suspended after the war and later repealed.The law was passed in the month after Nazi Germany invaded France and Winston Churchill became prime minister May . Shadows of Treachery Anthology BoLS GameWire Dec , Book Description From the battlefields of Phall and Isstvan, to the haunted shadows of Terra itself the greatest war in the history of mankind rages on While JOHN CHAPTER KJV King James Version John chapter KJV King James Version JOHN JESUS knowing that THE FATHER had given all things into HIS hands and that he was come from GOD and went to GOD LUKE AND THERE APPEARED AN ANGEL UNTO HIM FROM HEAVEN STRENGTHENING HIM AND BEING IN AGONY HE PRAYED MORE EARNESTLY AND HIS SWEAT WAS AT IT WERE GREAT DROPS OF King John, the Lusignan Affair and the Early Years BBC Feb , King John, the Lusignan Affair and the Early Years By Dr Mike Ibeji Last updated Guinevere Other Characters in Arthurian Legend King Queen Guinevere Variously portrayed in literature, she is called the daughter of King Leodegrance Lleudd Ogrfan of Cameliard by Malory, the daughter of King Ogrfan Gawr the Giant of Castell y Cnwclas Knucklas Castle by Welsh Tradition, the daughter of King Garlin King James Disney Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Background Based partially on the historical figure of the same name, King James I is the ruler of England, Scotland as James VI and Ireland, his wife and consort is Queen Anne.He is a tall man with a brown beard and a fancy crown and clothing. King Lear Broadway Cort Theatre Tickets and Discounts Once every decade or so, a great actor comes to Broadway and gives a performance that reminds us why we go to the theater Last year, that actor was Glenda Jackson in Three Tall Women This season

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    One thought on “King John: Treachery and Tyranny in Medieval England: The Road to Magna Carta

    1. Bubu

      This is difficult to rate.I wish I had bought the Kindle version, which I still may or may not do. Not sure yet. The narration was superb but still difficult to follow because, as with every historical non-fiction book, it is very, very, very detailed. So much so, that I had to rewind quite often. That doesn't mean it was absolutely bad. Besides, I don't know enough of King John, the person, to ascertain how good or bad the book itself was. For those who wish to listen to the audio version, I re [...]

    2. Richard Thomas

      This is an absorbing life of King John who is generally and rightly regarded as one of England's worse kings. Marc Morris reviews his reign and his earlier life in detail which reveals John's weaknesses and dishonesty. He is fair in describing the King's good points but sets these against the full picture of a cruel man with weaknesses who had a singular capability to make a bad situation worse. Richard I comes out reasonably well as does Eleanor of Aquitaine; John does not but finishing the boo [...]

    3. Mercedes Rochelle

      King John is one of those villains who seems too wicked to be true. It was bad enough that he squeezed his countrymen again and again to fund his fruitless wars. But no man or woman was safe if caught by his displeasure, and even his contemporaries were horrified at his cruelty; starving his victims in dungeons seemed to be his favorite retribution. He behaved with little or no regard for consequences, until caught in the web of his own misbehavior. Once forced to retreat from an intolerable pos [...]

    4. Nigeyb

      "He was a very bad man, more cruel than all others" - the Anonymous of Bethune Like most British people, I knew King John had signed Magna Carta and was generally known as “Bad King John”, but that was about it.I bought King John: Treachery, Tyranny and the Road to Magna Carta by Marc Morris primarily because it was an Audible deal of the day and looked interesting. A very good decision as it turned out.In an unlikely tune of events, given John was the youngest son of Henry II, he became Kin [...]

    5. Blair Hodgkinson

      As expected, Marc Morris presents a well-researched and detailed study of the life and reign of King John. Morris sifts effectively through often-conflicting chronicles (both contemporary and subsequent) and scholarship to support his conclusions about the king's character and style of kingship. The text of Magna Carta is included. The book's emphasis on the importance of this event in John's reign is in the proper perspective of his time. (It was only later in history that the charter won great [...]

    6. Chris

      Morris shows how King John's disastrous reign led to the loss of the Plantangenet empire on the European continent during the early years of his tenure. He was an ineffective commander, leading troops by threats of punishment and tyranny rather than by inspiration. He was seen as a cruel and fickle ruler by his contemporaries. As a means for punishment, he would frequently lock away his enemies and starve them to death. He did not honor his promises or agreements, making him untrustworthy to his [...]

    7. Lisa

      Very well presented and researched - King John is one of my favourite historical figures (Good Lord what does that say about me??!!).I am more of an 'insights' person than a 'dates and figures' person and this book caters more to the latter but that's just my personal taste.I think I would have preferred to read rather than listen to this as the audio delivery was very dry and I would have liked the opportunity to skim read the bits that were boring me rather than rolling my eyes and shouting co [...]

    8. Caroline

      Whilst Richard III has found his supporters in ever-growing numbers in recent years, there has been no such reevaluation or redemption for England's other black legend, King John. And, as Marc Morris ably demonstrates, there is good reason for this. Richard III didn't reign for long enough for any real evaluation of his reign, and his track record prior to his accession was one of proven loyalty and steadfastness. Richard III was damned by history effectively because he lost at Bosworth - had he [...]

    9. Marcus Pailing

      Excellent, as I expected.(It also made me actually *read* Magna Carta, the whole way through, for the first time!)

    10. Lauren DeMers

      I enjoyed this book about King John and found it to be well researched. However the jumping back and forth between time periods in the first half, two thirds of the book caused a little bit of confusion for me. I had to keep stopping and thinking, "ok, what was happening two chapters ago so I can keep following along with the story." Great information in this book but the time hops is why I knocked it down a star.

    11. Les Wilson

      Very informative. I had not realised that my local castle of Hedingham was besieged and also later stayed at by King John. It also put. Me right in regards to my understanding of the Magna Carta.

    12. Kristi Richardson

      “To no one will We sell, to no one will We deny or delay, right or justice." Magna CartaI grew up with the evil King John from the Disney “Robin Hood” or the other tales told of King John as the evil King that ruled when Robin Hood was around. I also remember him as the pimply youth from “The Lion in Winter.” Mr. Morris shows us that he was much more complicated than we have been told. He also did not live in the same time as Robin Hood per scholars. This is King John’s story. He was [...]

    13. Larry

      Though sometimes disjointed (driven by flashbacks as it is), Morris's portrait of King John, one of England's several truly inadequate kings, is both complete (as far as the sources allow) and fair. It's hard to be patient with John. Even if he wasn't the figure many of us grew up detesting (the Prince John of the Robin Hood movies), he lost the English holdings in France and engaged in conflict with his nobles that he couldn't win. His reign did result in the Magna Carta, but it also led to mor [...]

    14. Bev

      A first rate biography and for those of us brought up on a diet of Errol Flynn and other versions of Robin Hood, an eye opener as well. Someone once described John to me as a "total shite" and they were not far off the mark, he was a complete villain, but a complex one and also an unfathomable one, because again and again you are left open mouthed trying to work out his motivations. I get that he was money hungry and possibly power hungry, but he had enough of both if he had been sensible, but h [...]

    15. Jim Kerr

      An incredible portrait of a terribly flawed man who happened to be a king. John is shown to be ruthlessly and unnecessarily cruel, incapable of even the most basic personal relationships, and a completly inept politician. John endlessly dissembled and had frequent changes of mind, often with disastrous results. One wonders what else we would know about him if John had lived in a time with additional documentary evidence.

    16. Maria

      John was King of England from 1199 to 1216. He born in 1166 and was the son of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine. He is often considered to be the most evil monarch in Britain's history for a variety of reasons and he is familiar in history as being the bad guy in contrast to his brother, the great warrior and crusader, Richard the Lionheart, and in fictional literature for using the Sheriff of Nottingham to persecute Robin Hood. I was always curious about him and as we approach the 8 [...]

    17. Chris Miller

      Morris has created as fair and balanced a look at a midieval king as possible in this intriguing biography. The King who as Prince John figures large in the Robin Hood b.s is shown in a different but sometimes damning light as an historical figure. He is the youngest son in a royal dysfunctional family. He is never going to be a hero in his story, but then again, he is not nearly as villainous or pure evil either. Son of Henry II who had Beckett ‘removed’, and brother of the ‘blessed’ Ri [...]

    18. Leslie

      I found it very hard to get through about the first 2/3 of this book, though I really enjoyed the last part. I don't know if it's because I'm not as familiar with the people and places (and a lot of it did seem to be taken up by John going from place to place, getting into arguments with this person or that, which/who all kind of seemed to run together for me), or if it's just that he is such an unappealing character in general. While he had his better moments, they seemed to be few and far betw [...]

    19. Jamie McMahan

      A solid, decent biography. Though it was obviously well researched and quite informative, toward the end of the book major events following John’s sealing of Magna Carta leading up to his death seemed rushed. The final chapters seem more like a general synopsis and chronological timeline than thorough biography and would have benefitted from further fleshing out. Indeed scarcely none of the book is spent informing the reader of the state of affairs following the king’s death. Instead the boo [...]

    20. Hannah Cohen

      A good overview of the life of King John, especially to those who have little to none knowledge. Unfortunately the text was filled with information that I already knew. I would never consider myself a "King John expert" but I am very familiar with the reigns of most of the Plantagenet kings and queens. The epilogue was by far the most interesting commentary in the book as Morris discusses whether or not John was a "bad" king. (Yes, yes he was.)So, overall a worthy read if you are just starting o [...]

    21. Kathryn

      I could not finish this book. I had thought I would like Marc Morris as a writer and historian, but neither this nor his book on Edward I did anything for me. The "flashbacks" seemed like too cute of a literary device and took away, in my opinion, from the overall narrative. I thought that Dan Jones book on the Magna Carta much more insightful into John and his reign than this book. Very disappointed.

    22. Miriam

      this is a well-researched book about a villainous king with no conscience. we remember him from the the stories of robin hood and the evil king john. the stories were much too nice to the king. though his reig gave rise to the magna carta, the people who lived under his rule never benefitted from this historical document.

    23. Damo

      Good canter through the life of a rather nasty King John. Enjoyed it. Good to put some facts behind all the little bits you pick up over the years. He really was a cruel and opportunistic coward. This book explains how he got to such a point that his own barons were ready to wage war on him unless he agreed to sign what became the Magna Carta.

    24. Peter C Lyon

      Another masterful exposition of Medieval England, etc, by Morris. He just blows it out of the box in the last chapter on England post Magna Carta, with the nobles' continued rebellion, John's actions, and the French invasion. One quibble is with the maps. Not every location is listed, so we non Brits need to use google maps to supplement our reading.A+++

    25. Sean

      Interesting account of the egregious reign of King John and how his arbitrary, treacherous rule led to the necessity of the Magna Carta. Structurally, this book was oddly arranged - the primary reason for my rating.

    26. Laura

      Unfortunately, I got a little bored with this one :-( I'm not sure if it was the narrator or the text itself, but I found myself nodding off more than paying attention

    27. Theresa

      Such an interesting and very important period of history. Writing about John lack land to John the Tyrant, Marc Morris does not disappoint - highly recommended!

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