The Spirit War

The Spirit War Eli Monpress is vain He s cocky And he s a thief All Eli Monpress wanted was the biggest bounty in the world He never meant to have obligations or friends but master swordsman Josef Leichten and Nic

  • Title: The Spirit War
  • Author: Rachel Aaron Luke Daniels
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • The Spirit War

    Eli Monpress is vain He s cocky And he s a thief.All Eli Monpress wanted was the biggest bounty in the world He never meant to have obligations, or friends, but master swordsman Josef Leichten and Nico, the daughter of the dead mountain, have saved Eli s life too many times to be called anything else But, when a friend upsets your plans and ruins all your hard work, whEli Monpress is vain He s cocky And he s a thief.All Eli Monpress wanted was the biggest bounty in the world He never meant to have obligations, or friends, but master swordsman Josef Leichten and Nico, the daughter of the dead mountain, have saved Eli s life too many times to be called anything else But, when a friend upsets your plans and ruins all your hard work, what s a thief to do After years of running from his birthright, Josef is forced to return home and take up his title as prince War is coming for humans and spirits between the Immortal Empress and the Council of Thrones, and Josef s little island is right in the middle But conquest isn t the Empress s only goal, she has a personal vendetta against a certain thief.What started as a simple side trip to help a friend is rapidly turning into the most dangerous job of Eli s career, but he can t back out now, not when Josef needs him But when you re under attack from all sides, even the world s greatest thief can find himself cornered, and it s going to take all the fast talking Eli can muster to survive the next few days.

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    One thought on “The Spirit War

    1. Felicia

      Soooo I seriously love this series. I just love it to death, and this book doesn't disappoint. We learn a TON about Josef, and get a lot of world-building context as the author builds towards the fifth (and final) book, released this fall. CAN IT BE NOW PLEASE?! The tone of this one is a bit more serious than the previous ones, but it is definitely due, as the glibness of characters is stripped back to reveal WHY they're so glib, and what they're really hiding. And the endingOMG THE ENDING I was [...]

    2. Shari Kay

      I'm so angry with the direction the author took Josef that I'm out! Next to the last book of the series or not. It's getting deleted off my kindle and I'm just gonna pretend the series was a trilogy.Ugh! I'm sodisappointed!(view spoiler)[ so Josef is backed into a corner by his queen mother and AGREES to bed his married by proxy wife! And does so! ( or at least would have if he hadn't been drugged) The minute he walked in that bedroomI was done. I know this is not a romance, but Nico loves him a [...]

    3. Penny

      This series started out as a fun, light, quirky fantasy with a cast of witty and lovable characters, but has subsequently grown with each book into one of my favourite series. All the ingredients for a good book are there: great writing, characters you can't help but love, lots of laugh out loud moments, clever and believable scenario resolution, quick pace and a detailed back story that cracks open at unpredictable moments to surprise the reader. But the thing I love most is that Rachel Aaron s [...]

    4. Zel Polev

      Wow I really dislike Miranda. Intentions are all well and good but her obsession over capturing Eli is really over the top. She reminds me of religious fanatics who will mow down anybody who stands against her ideals. I just really dislike her treatment of Eli. She demands things out of everybody while not informing herself. To me, her badgering of Eli was kind of victim blaming and I kind of hate her for that. Oh Eli. I'm so sad for you. Benehime is really really creepy. I think that is my bigg [...]

    5. Amy Aelleah

      …Well, that was disappointing. And unexpected. And depressing. Oh, don't forget depressing.I usually like it when series start out kind of lighthearted and get more serious as the story progresses. However, the reason this didn't work for me this time around can be easily summed up.Josef & MirandaI've never really been a fan of Miranda. I thought she was kind of fun when she was always chasing (and loosing) Eli and then when they had to team up together. But I've never really liked her. (A [...]

    6. Joseph

      It occurs to me that I committed a grave injustice in my review of The Legend of Eli Monpress, the omnibus collection of the first three Eli Monpress novels -- I mentioned Eli himself and his companions Josef and Nico, but I completely neglected to name Spiritualist Miranda Lyonette, his would-be nemesis and sometimes reluctant ally. (And all of the spirits she has helping her, not least of whom is the spirit-hound Gin.)Anyhoo, so after the relatively world-shaking events at the end of the previ [...]

    7. Courtney Richards

      Oh. My. Word. There are hardly words to describe how I feel right now, but I'll give it a go.At first, I was disappointed with Spirit War. I enjoyed seeing a lot of things from Josef's perspective, but there wasn't enough Eli to suit me. But the end-- oh the end!! Honestly, the last third of the book was an emotional roller coaster, and there aren't enough words on earth to explain how the ending made me feel. It's nice to see things finally all coming together, despite the dark(er) turn the nov [...]

    8. Amyiw

      Wow, this was great, other than the cliffhanger ending. (view spoiler)[Eli gives in to save everyone and gets taken by the Shepherdess. Also Niko is something else but we don't get to get the whole picture.(hide spoiler)] We are left hanging, really hanging for Eli, and a little for Niko. The ending is abrupt so we don't know how it pans out after the war ends. What politics happy and how the Kingdom fares. It is pretty much all in the air other the end to the war. Argh, so two parter since the [...]

    9. Mihir

      Full Review Over At Fantasy Book Critic OVERVIEW/ANALYSIS: It’s always harder to review series books, the further you get into the series. For one, most of the plot points become spoilers for previous books, secondly it becomes a bit harder to keep repeating why you like this world or the over all series and lastly the highs of the previous volumes keep raising the bar of expectation to its zenith. So in spite of all the afore mentioned reasons, the Spirit War, book four in the Legend Of Eli M [...]

    10. Piroska

      It's been ages since a book made me cry. Well done. I like this series more and more, there's character development, the story is really good and the the hints about the surprises to come are perfectly placed. The only problem is Miranda, whose character is doing the exact opposite of development. :/She's so annoying sometimes that I rooted for Sara and the "bad guys" at some cases. She doesn't think just follows and sometimes jumps in to do something without really thinking it through or caring [...]

    11. Nathan

      First posted hereWith truly horrible covers and very little publicity, the first three books of Aaron's series flew completely under my radar for a long time. It wasn't until they were put together in an omnibus, The Legend of Eli Monpress, that I discovered this very fun series. Eli Monpress is the greatest thief in the world, and his ultimate goal is to get enough notoriety to have the largest bounty ever placed on his head. He is doing so in a world were every thing has a spirit, with some pe [...]

    12. Nayan Patel

      Overall: 6* (well-I have rated the previous ones in the series as 5*)This is undoubtedly the best book in the series so far and I really love the way Rachel Aaron has woven the story here.While Eli wants nothing more than an increased bounty on his head, Josef is forced to return to his homeland and take up his title as the Prince of Osera and fulfill his duty to provide the rightful heir to the kingdom.The book is written from multiple PoVs and while the last one revolved around Nico, I was def [...]

    13. Jenni

      There is no way I can be objective about this book because I've been waiting not-so-patiently for it for ages. And I have to say, it did not disappoint, which is a big thing, given how high my expectations had built. I loved it to bits. There were so many moments where I went GLEEEEEEE! and possibly hugged the book. There is so much new information and a lot of interesting backstory and the last third of the book is non stop. The only thing wrong was that the book ended. How cruel to make us wai [...]

    14. Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller

      Via Book Reviews by Niki Hawkes at nikihawkesI want to start out by sharing the overview for the first book:Eli Monpress is talented. He's charming. And he's a thief.But not just any thief. He's the greatest thief of the age - and he's also a wizard. And with the help of his partners - a swordsman with the most powerful magic sword in the world but no magical ability of his own, and a demonseed who can step through shadows and punch through walls - he's going to put his plan into effect.The firs [...]

    15. Cathy

      I really like this series. It's more action than anything else, generally light and an easy read, but with touches of thoughtfulness that add enough depth to keep it interesting. And I like the way pieces of the big picture keep being gradually revealed, it definitely has kept me very curious while each individual book has had its own interesting story as well.This one had a good twist with Josef's past. I liked how he responded to his mom and the situation on the island. And I really felt for p [...]

    16. Ada

      Sometimes reading can be addicting. And I don't mean that in a cute, instagramy, way. I mean that feeling when you just can't stop reading. Not because you enjoy it but everything on paper is better than real life.I'm a firm believer in anything that bring people joy has the power to make people an addict. I was. To reading. Even in the darkest days of my depression I read. To try, to get myself to feel anything. And I couldn't stop. I clung to reading as if that was the only thing keeping me sa [...]

    17. Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

      Man, at this point I am REALLY starting to realize how much I need romance in my books. I was doing okay until this book, but now that a potential ship has been introduced with no kissing, I’m realizing how parched I am for kissing. Lack of ships aside, The Spirit War is the best Monpress book yet. It’s basically the Two Towers of Eli Monpress.The Spirit War is mostly Josef’s book, but Eli also gets a fuckton of character development and back story. From a character perspective, things are [...]

    18. Derpa

      I give up. Not going to rate this book, because technically I didn't finish, but I also didn't hate it. This series is just really not that interesting. The characters are fun, the magic system is interesting, it's just not an interesting story and as books get longer and longer, I can't handle spending so much time when nothing really worthy of mention ever happens. With a bit of a less uninspired story I would have loved this. Being in a bit of a rut is not helping any of it either. I was just [...]

    19. Gina

      Eli's backstory - finally! I haven't often read a story where it's the man who's the victim in a controlling, abusive relationship, and when the abuser is a goddess (or something like), what can you do? Eli's bravery and cunning in winning his freedom made my heart ache.Which is probably what soured me on Miranda in this book. She came across as a shrill fishwife. She's become arrogant and so cocksure that she knows what a wastrel Eli is that she becomes almost unlikeable. One of my fave authors [...]

    20. Noelle

      Between 3.5 and 4 stars. Have to admit some of the shine is coming off the series (reading so many of the books in a row really reveals some formulaic plotting) BUT still a rollicking adventure and I mean non-stop adventure. It's hard to catch your breath with all the stuff going on for the poor heroes. The books have gone as follows: an intro to all characters, a focus on Miranda, a focus on Nico and a focus on Josef so the character that gives the series its moniker is perhaps the one the read [...]

    21. Ithlilian

      I'm so glad I found out there were more books in this series. I loved the first book so much I actually purchased 2 and 3 since the library didn't carry them, and that's rare for me. It's been a few years and my interests have definitely changed, so I was worried I wouldn't like this. No need to worry though, it was excellent. The characters are as strong and interesting as ever, the mystery of what the spirits are and how they work continues, and large scale war is on the horizon. I usually don [...]

    22. Thomas Taylor

      I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Rachel Aaron's Spirit books are what Locke Lamora wishes his sequels could have become. While Locke's sequels have gotten increasingly worse, the Eli Monpress books seem to only be getting better with each installment.Spirit War fills a lot of backstory and information into Eli's world and all the characters around him. You learn a lot about Eli, Nico, Josef, and even Eli's parents.The book culminates in some rampant action after starting off a little [...]

    23. Carol

      Wow, marriage, death, intrigue, war! A whole load of those little plots that have been hinted at in the previous books are brought together in a face paced page turner, and the cliff hanger!!! Well I'm heading straight for the concluding part of this series! Brilliant!

    24. Brett

      Loved this book. I read the second half of this book all in one sitting because it was so engaging and I couldn't put it down. Highly recommended.

    25. Emma

      3.5 stars. Much more serious than the previous ones in the series. Definitely progressed the story, though - will be interesting to see what happens in the last book.

    26. StrixVaria

      The first half of this book was kind of a mess.The second half of this book reminded me why I kept reading this series after the first one. It wasn't a 5-star incredible redemption, but it went back to the roots of what made this an interesting setting.Two stars for the first half and four stars for the second half averages to three stars, I guess. I will be continuing this series after this, however. I have to finish it now, with the way this one ended. One thing to note is that I think the beg [...]

    27. Enzo

      Let me warn you, if you have not read the previous books in the series Close this review now!!!Fair warning has been given.(view spoiler)["The Spirit Legend" is the fourth book in the Eli Monpress series and while the first book started fun and carefree, here it went serious from the start. Josef is a lot more complicated then I expected. His back story is really an eye opener. Why, keep him under wraps for so long. It worked for me. Some readers might not appreciate it though. Anyway now that [...]

    28. A.

      Ooooh how I loved the ending of this one. How it hurt my heart. How feisty and self righteous and so ignorantly uninformed Miranda was. And Eli, that epitome of selfish thoughtlessness, does the unthinkable. It was almost enough to make me wish that we could have a separate series just to show Eli and Miranda falling in love. I was so grateful that it didn't happen in this series, because I think it would have sort of tainted the whole thing, somehow (view spoiler)[ (although in no way did I thi [...]

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