The Soldier's Wife

The Soldier s Wife Ruby and Jimmy Hawkins are sure their love will last forever despite Jimmy being sent to Gallipoli only weeks after their marriage Amid the desperate battles of the Dardanelles Jimmy dreams of the f

  • Title: The Soldier's Wife
  • Author: Pamela Hart
  • ISBN: 9780733633737
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Soldier's Wife

    Ruby and Jimmy Hawkins are sure their love will last forever, despite Jimmy being sent to Gallipoli only weeks after their marriage Amid the desperate battles of the Dardanelles, Jimmy dreams of the future they planned together and writes Ruby letters full of love and longing.Back in Sydney, Ruby must face challenges she never could have imagined as a young country bride.Ruby and Jimmy Hawkins are sure their love will last forever, despite Jimmy being sent to Gallipoli only weeks after their marriage Amid the desperate battles of the Dardanelles, Jimmy dreams of the future they planned together and writes Ruby letters full of love and longing.Back in Sydney, Ruby must face challenges she never could have imagined as a young country bride Finding a place in the city and taking a job as a bookkeeper in a timber merchant s yard, she discovers that working in a man s world is fraught with complications, especially when her employer suffers a devastating loss and she is expected to take the reins.When Jimmy returns wounded in both body and spirit, he and Ruby come close to losing everything in the aftermath of war They must find a new way to live and to love if their marriage is to survive.

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    One thought on “The Soldier's Wife

    1. Sharon

      Book was gifted by The Reading Room for reviewThe Soldier's Wife is the story of Ruby and Jimmy Hawkins. Set in Sydney, Australia during World War One. As newlyweds, they must face a future of uncertainties, they know the price of war and what it means for both of them. With Jimmy going off to fight for King and Country in Gallipoli Ruby, is left behind to hold things together until he returns to her. That means like all women during the war, she had to find work and to do her bit to help the wa [...]

    2. Veronica ⭐️

      The Soldiers Wife is different from a lot of WWI novels I’ve read as it is told from a woman’s point of view, a young woman who had fallen in love, married and immediately lost her husband to fight in a war. Ruby had to fight for a job and fight for respect. She was feisty and a little outspoken for her time but this was all brought on by her urge to survive.It’s hard to say much without giving spoilers on how the story pans out but it’s a story of growth and change. The war brought chan [...]

    3. Brenda

      Ruby and Jimmy Hawkins had only been married a week when Jimmy enlisted – the flush of young love meant their vows were strong; their love forever. But when Jimmy was sent to Gallipoli in the first World War, neither of them had any idea how their lives would change. Ruby was boarding with Maree and her small son Edward in Sydney; Maree’s husband Theo was also away at war and the two women slowly became good friends. Ruby knew she needed to find a job as money was tight – there were many w [...]

    4. Michael

      Sydney 1915, and Newlywed Ruby Hawkins has little time to enjoy with her husband Jimmy, when he departs for the front line in Gallipoli. Originally from the country, Ruby finds a job as a bookkeeper at a local timber merchant and will have to fight long and hard for respect in what is a man's world with the employees reluctant to trust her. This will change when the companies owner, Mr Curry suffers a breakdown after the death of his son on the battlefield. Ruby will earn much respect as she kee [...]

    5. ☼♄Jülie 

      I very much enjoyed this story which was inspired by events in the author's own family history which serves to give it a truly authentic feel. The details have been well researched to give as much accuracy as possible making good use of public records and newspaper archives for specific events right down to the daily weather reports, current prices of goods and etc.Reading this story gave me a lot of pause for thought so forgive me if I ramble but I'd like to make note of some of the things I to [...]

    6. Dale Harcombe

      Four and a half starsThe year is 1915 when this novel starts. Ruby and Jimmy, only recently married and with limited time together, are forced to say goodbye as he is going off to war. Instead of going back to Bourke, Ruby resolves to try for a bookkeeper’s job in Sydney at a timber merchant.Jimmy’s letters to Ruby express his love and hoped for the future. But how much will the war change them? Will their love survive?This novel gives a clear picture of the dreadful cost of war not only for [...]

    7. Rochelle

      The Soldier’s Wife was an incredible story of love and devotion, but it was also much more. It was so brilliantly written that I was drawn into the lives of Ruby and Jimmy from the first page and was left holding my breath as I devoured the rest of it, hardly able to put it down.Jimmy has been sent off to fight in the war, but for Ruby, the wife he has left behind, she has her own battles to face. She is only 22 but has to endure a lot, from the men finding it hard to accept her in their workf [...]

    8. Kylie

      My first venture into a novel of Pamela's. (With the exception of several of her children's books) This was just a pure magical read. Loved it from start to finish. I think what I liked most about it was how the story seemed to just flow so smoothly, and how it grew to a natural climax in its journey. It turned from hearing how Ruby coped being separated from her new husband Jimmy, who had gone off to War, and her reading his frequent love letters from the war-front, to becoming action packed in [...]

    9. Lee

      There’s a myriad of books, tv series, and movies set during WW1 out at the moment (for obvious reasons) and I, just like many others, have been swept up in the wave of enthusiasm of needing to know more about this significant era of Australian history. Therefore, when I received this book via Hachette Australia and The Reading Room, I had high expectations simply because the book was set in 1915, and thankfully, I can say this book delivered admirably. You often hear that ‘war changes everyt [...]

    10. Carol -Reading Writing and Riesling

      My View:This is a wonderful, intelligent, evocative and mesmerising 5 star read!This war time novel brings unique voice to this work of historical fiction – it is unusual to see the war depicted from this view point – the view of a woman, a multifaceted view; the view of a wife, facing an uncertain future in her new home in Sydney, NSW, while her husband is overseas deployed in the war, the view of a compassionate friend – who is a great support when the Death Knock Telegrams are delivered [...]

    11. Karina

      I read this novel in two sittings and would have happily read it in one if I'd had the time! From the get go, I loved the strong, spunky protagonist and my love for her just grew with the story. Her struggles became my struggles and her wins equally so. Set in Sydney during WW1, Pamela has done a wonderful job crafting a realistic setting - not just the rich scenery (which she describes so vividly) but also the etiquettes and attitudes of the times - which are integral to the story.I was complet [...]

    12. Julian Leatherdale

      The Soldier's Wife is a welcome different perspective on the Australian World War I homefront told from the point of view of Ruby, a country girl from Bourke who comes to Sydney to farewell her husband and ends up as the bookkeeper of a harbourside timberyard to survive. Here, she is confronted by the common prejudice of the time against women 'taking men's jobs' and must prove herself as an effective manager on behalf of her grief-stricken,absentee boss. She forges an alliance and touching frie [...]

    13. Sam Still Reading

      After the moving tributes of ANZAC Day this year, one hundred years after the Gallipoli campaign, I was in the mood to read something set in the time period that celebrated the ANZAC spirit. I couldn’t have picked a better book than The Soldier’s Wife. The book not only chronicles what it was like for those left on the home front, it also goes into detail of the horrors of war and how they affect families and loved one. Plus, it celebrates some girl power in Ruby, a young woman who finds her [...]

    14. Robin Riedstra

      Full disclosure: I was sucked in by the cover. I wanted to buy it because I loved the hair of the model on the cover and wanted to show it to my hair dresser. It was still a cracking good read! So I got my money’s worth two fold.As everybody knows I don’t do spoiler reviews, kind of takes away from people reading the novels if I give them away already, but I do have to give away some information in order to comment on it. Nothing major, so don’t fear, but otherwise all I can say is, “It [...]

    15. James

      Full disclosure: I've attended many writing courses that have been taught by Pamela - I consider her my mentor and a friend. But that doesn't mean I went into reading this book determined to like it; on the contrary, some cheeky, asinine part of me read it hoping to find faults, to pick up mistakes my teacher had made. Alas, there were none - this book is as close to perfect as any I've read in a long time. The characters and the setting were rendered with such superb clarity and precision that [...]

    16. Maria

      What a great read to read on the 100th Anniversary of Anzac Day. I usually read war stories about the war but this time it was the reverse and about what people back home went through. "The Soldier's Wife" was mainly about Ruby and how she had to find a home and work in Sydney once her husband, Jimmy went to war. I loved reading about the struggles Ruby went through in a mans world and how everything she did turned to gossip. Man, life back then was so hard for females.It was sad reading the rea [...]

    17. Emma Crowley

      The Soldiers Wife is the 28th novel from Australian author Pamela Hart who has written under pseudonyms and in different genres but this is the first time I have heard of this author. Both the title and the blurb appealed to me and I was keen to see what kind of writing style Pamela has. Inspired by a true story The Soldiers Wife is set during World War Two. You may think you have read so many books set during this period and need a change, I admit this is what I thought but when I noticed this [...]

    18. Maureen

      ‘The Soldier’s Wife’ take place in Australia, in 1915 when the world was in chaos due to the first world war. Ruby and Jimmy Hawkins are newlyweds and madly in love with each other. When the war takes Jimmy away to fight in the battle of Gallipoli, both Ruby and Jimmy are sure that their love will survive the war and al the tragedies it entails. While Jimmy is away he writes love letters to Ruby, telling her about his dreams and the life he knows they will have when the war is over. Ruby i [...]

    19. Melinda Elizabeth

      When Ruby’s husband of 6 weeks, Jimmy, is sent off to war, Ruby is forced to move to the city from her hometown of Bourke, and create a new life for herself as she waits for news from the front of her husband. Set in 1916, Ruby is soon faced with many challenges that are rampant for women in that era. Considered second class, stupid, and at best, a pretty ornament to adorn a mans home, Ruby pushes the boundaries as she fights for her place in society, and wants to show everyone that she’s mo [...]

    20. Jodi

      Disclaimer: I am currently studying under the Author at The Australian Writers' Centre. Let me begin by saying that I have a long 'want to read' list, but I did move this one up as I was one of Pamela's students at the time of the release. I hadn't read any of Pamela's work, which felt odd. I felt as though I should 'know' who is teaching me, so I read the book. And over the space of three days. The Soldier's Wife is set in Sydney Australia during the First World War. Ruby has just seen her new [...]

    21. John James

      First, a disclaimer: I attended Pamela’s Write Your Novel program at the Australian Writers’ Centre in 2014. I consider her a friend and mentor so I might have some unintended bias — but I'll try and be as objective as I can.The Soldier’s Wife has a simple premise. Ruby, only recently married, has to learn how to cope on her own as a woman in a man’s world after her husband Jimmy leaves to fight at Gallipoli. When Jimmy returns, wounded and depressed, they both have to learn how to lov [...]

    22. Wendy

      I just finished reading this amazing new Australian historical fiction book. With the recent 100th anniversary celebrations of Anzac Cove in Gallipoli, this book helps us to remember all those soldiers who perished in war so we could have a better world to live in.Set in 1915, Ruby marries Jimmy Hawkins after a whirlwind romance. After a short honeymoon, Jimmy is shipped out with his battalion to go to war in Gallipoli and later France. Left behind, Ruby finds works as a bookkeeper at a saw mill [...]

    23. Kris

      The book falls pretty much into 2 halves. Life for Ruby while Jimmy is away at war. And life when he returns.The first half meets all expectations for historical details regarding a young country girl suddenly becoming responsible for her own future without family support. I'm glad she was given a background in her father's Drapery shop or the hiring of such a retiring, inexperienced girl would have lacked credibility. I found myself worrying that she was going to lack the strength of character [...]

    24. Annaleise

      I enjoyed this war time fiction story - it was both well written and well researched. I wouldn't call it a 'light' read exactly, as some of the themes were quite dark, but it was very readable and Ruby was a likable and realistic character. She was modern for the times, but at no stage did I feel she was behaving in a way a woman of the 1910's would not have. I thought the depiction of Ruby's marriage once her injured and mentally unwell husband came home from the front was particularly well don [...]

    25. Jenny

      Took me a little while to read this but picked it up again as my first holiday read. Quite good, really highlighted how women were viewed during wartime. They were expected to pitch in and ensure manufacturing, agriculture and industry continued and for many this opportunity, for the sake of a better word, thrived on what they could achieve. It became an interesting dilemma when their roles were expected to return back to domesticity at wars end. It was challenging on relationships on many diffe [...]

    26. Melissa Sargent

      While many stories of War are told on foreign shores, this is a story on the home front. Pamela beautifully captures life in Australia for a woman at this time and how it changed with the onset of War. The love story at the heart of this book is memorable and real and deeply emotional. It is a wonderful book, made even more so because it is partly based on family history. It is the kind of book that you can give grandma, your daughter and friends, and they will all enjoy it. Recommend.

    27. Rowena Sierant

      The first of the three books and the best. Each stand alone. I read this last and there are a few connections between this and The War Bride. Again I love Pamela’s grasp of setting and her main character.

    28. Agi

      "The Soldier's Wife" is the first book by Pamela Hart that I had a pleasure to read, and I am truly impressed, as Ms Hart is proving herself in many genres: she's an award winning author for both adults and children, and she's not only writing historical fiction, but also fantasy novels for adults. I can only say wow, and if everything she writes is as great as "The Soldier's Wife" then hats off, really, as it is a story written in a very beautiful way, it's tender and gentle, and the author doe [...]

    29. Catherine Hanrahan

      Slight spoiler alertDisclaimer: I have been a student of the author in a writing course at the Australian Writers Centre.It's 1915 and twenty-two-year-old Rudy Hawkins has been married only weeks before her husband Jimmy joins the army and departs for Gallipoli. Down from her home in Bourke to see him off, Ruby decides to stay in Sydney and get a job. The war means there’s a shortage of manpower and Ruby lands a job as a bookkeeper in a timber yard near Sydney harbour. The story follows her ex [...]

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