A Slanting of the Sun

A Slanting of the Sun Donal Ryan s short stories pick up where his acclaimed novels The Spinning Heart and The Thing About December left off dealing with dramas set in motion by loneliness and displacement and revealing s

  • Title: A Slanting of the Sun
  • Author: Donal Ryan
  • ISBN: 9781586422363
  • Page: 391
  • Format: ebook
  • A Slanting of the Sun

    Donal Ryan s short stories pick up where his acclaimed novels The Spinning Heart and The Thing About December left off, dealing with dramas set in motion by loneliness and displacement and revealing stories of passion and desire where less astute observers might fail to detect the humanity that roils beneath the surface Sometimes these dramas are found in ordinary, mundanDonal Ryan s short stories pick up where his acclaimed novels The Spinning Heart and The Thing About December left off, dealing with dramas set in motion by loneliness and displacement and revealing stories of passion and desire where less astute observers might fail to detect the humanity that roils beneath the surface Sometimes these dramas are found in ordinary, mundane situations sometimes they are triggered by a fateful encounter or a tragic decision At the heart of these stories, crucially, is how people are drawn to each other and cling to love when and where it can be found In a number of the these stories, emotional bonds are forged by traumatic events caused by one of the characters between an old man and the frightened young burglar left to guard him while his brother is beaten between another young man and the mother of a girl whose death he caused when he crashed his car between a lonely middle aged shopkeeper and her assistant Disconnection and new discoveries pervade stories involving emigration an Irish priest in war torn Syria or immigration an African refugee in Ireland Some of the stories are set in the same small town in rural Ireland as the novels, with names that will be familiar to Ryan s readers.In haunting prose, Donal Ryan has captured the brutal beauty of the human heart in all its failings, hopes and quiet triumphs.

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    One thought on “A Slanting of the Sun

    1. Diane S ☔

      A true talent, this author makes us see behind the faces that are presented to the public. See behind these lonely displaced, down and out people to their humanity, hopes and failures. All of these stories are very good but a few stood out for me. One of the stories is "Lark" where a woman is, thinking of things to do for her husband, a rather normal life kids, just leaving to go to work and then, well what happens just whacked me in the face, I actually hade to reread the paragraph. Won't soon [...]

    2. Sue

      Donal Ryan is back, this time with a short story collection peopled by Irish men and women often on the bitter, hard side of life, sometimes on the receiving end of injury, sometimes on the doling out. The life is often hardscrabble as these people search for food, or companionship, or work, or money, or, perhaps, love. They most often fail or cause others injury. But Ryan brings their lives truly to life.There are immigrants and emigrants. There is an Irish priest in Syria bridging a cultural d [...]

    3. Rebecca Foster

      (3.5) Donal Ryan, Irish author of the novels The Spinning Heart (winner of the Guardian First Book Award in 2013) and The Thing About December, returns with 20 jolting, voice-driven short stories suffused with loneliness and anger.Nineteen of the 20 are in the first person, echoing the chorus of voices that made the narration of The Spinning Heart so effective. Many of the narrators speak in thick dialect and run-on sentences, which helps to immerse you in the rhythms of Irish speech. Hallucinat [...]

    4. Blair

      This collection of short stories from Donal Ryan is similar to his novel, The Spinning Heart, which could also have been read as a series of short stories - with each chapter told from the perspective of a different character - albeit one with a unifying theme and plot to tie everything together. Again, there is extensive use of first person (in fact I don't think there's a single story that doesn't use it), present tense, and, of course, Irish dialect. I have to say I preferred this format in T [...]

    5. Margaret Madden

      4.5 stars. A collection of twenty short stories, from one of Ireland's most loved authors, this is Donal Ryan's third published title. The consecutive successes of The Spinning Heart and The Thing About December were the stuff of dreams. Originally rejected, many times, the author's novels were discovered by an intern in a small publishing house and went on to capture the nations heart and imagination, whilst riding high on the bestseller list for most of 2014. Ryan's lyrical prose and study of [...]

    6. Vicky Newham

      I know of Donal Ryan through his award winning novel, The Spinning Heart. When I discovered he was publishing a collection of stories, it made sense: Ryan is one of those writers whose prose works in short and long form. The acute observations, the imaginative use of language, his writing brings alive the intricate cruelties and pain of life and offsets these with the moments of kindness, hope, love and humour.Some of the stories in this collection are snapshots into people’s everyday lives. O [...]

    7. Sharon

      I first discovered Donal Ryan this time last year, when I read The Thing About December for a Book Club. Earlier this year I read The Spinning Heart and was once again immersed in the familiar colloquial language I grew up with - it's not very often nowadays that I could pick up a book and read words like "foostering" or "quare", and it makes me feel cosy and comfortable despite the dark subject matter. Donal's writing isn't all sunshine and lollipops. It's bleak, it's dark, it's sad, but it's a [...]

    8. Eric Anderson

      Last year I read Donal Ryan’s novel “The Thing About December.” I was drawn in by the powerfully distinctive voice he’d created for the central character who is a sensitive loner. Some authors like Richard Ford or Anita Brookner are able to establish an engaging narrative voice which they repeat throughout multiple books and, while it may be consistently impressive, it doesn’t show much variation. I wondered if that would be the case with Ryan so I was somewhat hesitant to start this b [...]

    9. Sarah

      Somewhere between 3-3.5There is no denying that Donal Ryan has a unique writing style. It worked a lot better for me here in short story form that it did in All We Shall Know. Some of these stories were great, some were forgettable, but most were good. My main criticism is that reading them all in just a few sittings, and with so many stories (20 stories, and just 240 pages), the voices ended up sounding pretty similar. If you enjoy short stories I'd recommend giving this a try though!

    10. Mandy

      Perhaps not quite up to the standard of his two novels, this haunting and often very dark collection of short stories demonstrates Ryan’s enormous literary talent and unerring eye for the loneliness, inarticulacy and isolation of his characters. I’m not a great fan of short stories, and find that I quickly forget most of the ones I read, but there are one or two in this collection that are truly outstanding and that will long stay with me.

    11. Belinda Carvalho

      These are stories of people, feelings and incidents that fall beneath the cracks of Irish life. They are raw, disturbing, devastating and oddly hopeful (maybe this odd optimism against the odds was the inspiration behind the title). It struck me how tribal these stories are, many characters are alienated because they have delineated from the set path of Irish life and have become outsiders looking in. He captures the loneliness in Irish life that we tend to sweep under the carpet. I particularly [...]

    12. Danny Daley

      Still trying to decide how I felt about Ryan's work after his first two novels, I was excited to read this, his first short story collection. It essentially failed at everything I believe a short story should seek to accomplish. Short stories should still seek to be stories. They can be thought experiments, or places to flesh out ideas, but they need to be stories. If a novel ends without resolution, then this can be argued as an artistic choice - but for a short story, it just feels like an abr [...]

    13. Mary Crawford

      A slanting of the Sun evokes a modern Ireland with characters emotions being dissected for the reader in slices of despair, violence, sensitivity and other worldness. Each story allows a looking at life from a moment in time which might or might not develop into a full back story. There are a few stories than involve care homes which make me feel very uncomfortable, in particular Nephthys and the Lark. Each story shares the hardship and sometimes difficult ways in which we manage to live in a wo [...]

    14. Paula Dennan

      A Slanting of the Sun is a collection of 20 short stories by Donal Ryan, the master of loneliness and isolation. This collection has its roots firmly in Ireland and rural Ireland at that. Yes, we see glimpses Africa, the Middle East and London but it all comes back to Ireland and an impending sense of darkness. Ryan’s prose is concise, yet lyrical. He has a great way with the Irish dialect that draws you in and makes dropping in on the lives of multiple narrators a joy, even in the face of dev [...]

    15. Lars Poulsen

      Tyve korte noveller, der hver især rummer en fortælling der er stor nok til en hel roman. Det er hvad Donal Ryan's novellesamling "Et sving mod solen" indeholder.Donal Ryan er irer, og det skinner tydeligt igennem i alle noveller, selv om ikke alle foregår i Irland. Der er et eller andet udefinerbart over det. Noget med smukke og frodige landskaber, kombineret med regn og fattigdom på livets skyggeside. I næsten alle noveller er der noget smukt og noget grimt, og Ryan kan beskrive det smukk [...]

    16. Lalagè

      Bij boeken van uitgeverij Koppernik weet je tevoren dat je voor Literatuur kiest. Het gaat niet over spannende avonturen, maar over de levens van gewone mensen. Donal Ryan gaat soms van de hak op de tak, zoals gedachten doen. Herinneringen van de hoofdpersonen worden verweven met wat zich nu afspeelt. Ze overwegen de keuzes die ze in hun leven gemaakt hebben, om zich erbij neer te leggen. De dingen gaan zoals ze gaan. lalageleest.wordpress/201

    17. Derbhile Graham

      4.5 stars. A magnificent collection of short stories. He can see into people's souls and helps you to do the same. He has a great understanding of the human condition and a great empathy for the broken. As a woman, he gives you a powerful insight into the minds of men. The absolute standout was Nephthys and the Lark. What a punch that packed. The only reason it's not getting five stars is because some of the stories felt a little bit incomplete.

    18. Jeff Lacy

      I can’t recommend this audio version and book highly enoughWhat an incredible experience it has been reading and listening to the audio performance of these masterfully written stories. This has to be the best short story collection I have read. I loved these gritty, visceral stories. Ryan’s writing is smooth, each sentence is an essential brick in the building of the story, and many are jewels of the written word.

    19. Robert Timmons

      Oh I loved this book. Donal Ryan has become my favourite Irish author over the last year and now I'm annoyed at myself for having read all of his published books. I hope someday he gets the acclaim he deserves as no other author has captured the voice of a location like him (other than Philip Roth). The easiest five stars I'll ever give a book ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️.

    20. Elaine OConnor

      A collection of powerful storiesVery raw and honest storytelling. Descriptive and rich with meaning - I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Fast becoming a favourite author.

    21. Arja Salafranca

      Donal Ryan’s stories are sometimes hard, shocking punches that hit you right in the gut, and leave you reeling. This isn’t a comfortable book of short fiction, but it is certainly a compelling, interesting read of dark stories. Human nature can plumb the depths of darkness, and Ryan goes right to the heart of that, forcing us to look into these depths. Shot through with slang at times, the stories are firmly set in a cold Ireland. Stand-outs include ‘The Passion’ in which a young man, th [...]

    22. Rozz

      This is a debut collection by the brilliant Donal Ryan. I read a lot of short stories so I was always going to give this collection a hard time!Donal can write long, emotional sentences and stories. Some of the stories( For example, Slanting of the sun story) were amazing pieces of prose, stories that can hit you in the heart with the language and images that he creates. When he writes stories like this, they are excellent.But, I felt that because there were too many stories in this collection, [...]

    23. Joe

      First short-story collection from arguably the best author in Ireland at the moment. This collection contains haunting snippets of life on the margins, the inevitable decline and regret of life, the fact that sometimes there can be no redemption, simply just acceptance for what has happened. I have no one favourite, but the following really stood out: 'The Passion', 'The Squad', 'Nephthys and the Lark', 'From a Starless Night' (extremely surreal), 'The House of the Big Small Ones', 'Physiotherap [...]

    24. Marcheto

      3.5 stars.I’m finding it difficult to decide how many stars I should give to this collection of around twenty bleak and quite short stories, because there was a few that I found that rest too much on a really powerful first-person Irish oral style but lack a bit on the side of plot. But as this was not always the case, some of them did work for me. My standouts include “The Squad” and “A Slanting of the Sun”, and above all the impressive and unforgettable “Long Puck”: a touching st [...]

    25. Russell George

      These were darkly poetic stories, and I loved them. There’s something about Irish literature that resonates somehow. Maybe it’s the accents that you can hear, or the way the towns and villages seem at first familiar and yet at the same time oddly different. But Ryan also has a way, mainly through the first person style, of revealing everything so slowly that it’s often only in the final paragraph that its power is really apparent. Great stuff.

    26. Louise Hall

      I really enjoyed reading this collection of short stories and found it a nice change from reading a novel. I had some personal favourites but all stories moved me in some way with vivid characters and emotional storylines. Though there are some dark and disturbing themes, the reader becomes instantly intrigued and drawn in to Donal Ryan's writing. I plan on buying more short story collections from other authors after reading this book. Highly recommended.

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