Inside the Bubble

Inside the Bubble In Inside the Bubble a captivating tale of high tech and female friendship Noga Niv takes us to Silicon Valley at the turn of the millennium when the collapse of the dot com bubble had produced tho

  • Title: Inside the Bubble
  • Author: Noga Niv
  • ISBN: 9781941758045
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • Inside the Bubble

    In Inside the Bubble, a captivating tale of high tech and female friendship, Noga Niv takes us to Silicon Valley at the turn of the millennium, when the collapse of the dot com bubble had produced thousands of new millionaires and left behind many frustrated contenders who d hoped the gold rush would never end Against the backdrop of California Internet culture unfold livIn Inside the Bubble, a captivating tale of high tech and female friendship, Noga Niv takes us to Silicon Valley at the turn of the millennium, when the collapse of the dot com bubble had produced thousands of new millionaires and left behind many frustrated contenders who d hoped the gold rush would never end Against the backdrop of California Internet culture unfold lives and stories from Silicon Valley s migr Israeli community.Daniela, a clinical psychologist and mother of three, has followed her husband from Tel Aviv to the center of technological innovation, where she and her four closest female friends live in material comfort but grapple with homesickness The women contend with the changing dynamics of their marriages, and their individual transitions into middle age They talk openly about men and women, about Americans and Israelis, and about life far from the home country Secrets are half spoken and plans are formed that will determine the course of their future.

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    One thought on “Inside the Bubble

    1. Elyse

      I can't believe how much I enjoyed this book. I had a hunch this might be a 'little' enjoyable, but it's LOTS ENJOYABLE!!!!!"Inside The Bubble" takes place during the unique era of the dot com explosion here in Silicon Valley( my neck of the woods). This fiction novel is taken from true facts. The story is centered around 5 Israeli women. Each of them - with children - and a husband- came to live in Palo Alto because their husbands were offered high wages. Noga Niv, author, and a practicing psyc [...]

    2. Wendy

      A modern-day Mary McCarthy or Rhona Barrett, Dr. Noga Niv has written a compulsively readable novel about a group of captivating women in a fascinating place – Silicon Valley – at an intoxicating time – the high-tech “bubble” of the early 2000s.Niv displays an intimate awareness of the goings-on in Silicon Valley, from the boardroom to the bedroom and even to the treatment room, as her narrator is a practicing psychologist. In addition to richly evocative prose, her provocative story i [...]

    3. Sharon

      This book has become my gift to my dearest female friends! Beautifully written as it captures the challenges of our new era, the new 'gold rush' of the Silicon Valley at the turn of the millennium. A glimpse to an Israeli female friendship circle in the land of opportunities. Suffering homesickness while enjoying the comforts of material life. Feeling lonely and away from home and at the same time experiencing the power of womanhood and intimacy.This book is literally a 'mirror' to the dynamic c [...]

    4. Miriam Bar

      Inside The Bubble is drama involving the interactions within a tight-knit community in a unique place taking place at a unique time. A group of Israeli women, living in Silicon Valley during the 2000 bubble, married to high-powered successful husbands go through emotional upheavals involving love, competition, family issues and the pain of betrayal.The author, a clinical psychologist herself, shows her understanding of the dynamics of the characters involved and spins a web of dramatic interacti [...]

    5. Julie Reed

      I received this book for free in a giveaway in exchange for an honest review. The book was actually pretty good! It follows the opulent lives of a group of immigrant friends from Israel who settle in Silicon Valley to make their fortunes. It mostly gives you a glimpse into the women's lives as the wives of these uber wealthy men who dominate the tech boom-- their inner struggles as they live under the shadows of their husbands. I really enjoyed it overall-- some entertaining story lines and cha [...]

    6. Udi Chatow

      The Silicon Valley area has a unique gathering of many interesting cultures and people, many of which follow their spouse from far parts of the world in support of the grand career. The book “Inside the Bubble” is a novel that takes a peek into the world of these family lives with a focus on five women and their ongoing daily challenges living the life in America. Niv, the author and a clinical psychologist, enriches the stories with her deep experience in the bay area social life. A great r [...]

    7. Ellen Cohen

      In this fiction based on fact novel, Noga Niv captivates us with universal real life intrigue - love affairs, midlife crisis, homesickness to families across the ocean, interwoven with the unique personality of the Silicon Valley when things were booming (and then not). The story is seen through the eyes of a group of 5 friends, all Israeli women who, if not thrown together by fate when they followed their husbands to the USA in support of their careers, most likely would not have been friends a [...]

    8. Ricki Alon

      Inside the Bubble is a captivating novel. I find the story engaging and the characters realistic and believable. Noga Niv described a group of women who moved to the Bay area following their husbands who hold busy and successful career and they grapple with issues of identity, raising kids in a different culture, missing their families in Israel, losing their familiar environment, but they have each other. This story is also about women friendship which we (women) can easily relate to. I find th [...]

    9. Kathy Stone

      This was an interesting story. The author takes the reader inside the dotcom bubble right after the Twin towers collapses. Marriages seem to be coming apart over social media hookups. The money to purchase startups with great product and no capital is non existent and there is a lot of stress in everyone's lives. This is a psychologist's novel. The author is taking the reader inside the character's heads to see where one's thoughts lead to one's actions. Unhappiness and dissatisfaction abound in [...]

    10. Assaf

      It was easy for me to relate to Noga Niv’s Inside The Bubble; this is the story of many of us immigrant families who find themselves part of the crazy rat race called the Silicon Valley experience. Yet it is different as it exposed the reader to the unusual protagonists - the wives and families and what they go through as a result of professional choices imposed by the entrepreneur of the house. In a very personable and insightful way Niv introduces us to a group of women, their personalities [...]

    11. Keith Raffel

      Around the turn of the last century, millions of Jews escaped Eastern Europe and landed in the Goldene Medina, the Golden Country, the United States. In Inside the Bubble, Noga Niv writes of a circle of friends who left Israel in the last quarter century to come to Silicon Valley, this century’s Golden Country, to seek new lives and new fortunes. What makes the book special is Niv’s intimate understanding of couples, where the man too often chases after superficial trappings while the woman [...]

    12. Dona

      I lived and worked as a programmer in Silicon Valley in the 1980s, and I couldn't have existed in that environment without my friendships with women, most of whom were wives of engineers I worked with. Inside the Bubble tells the same kind of story as my experience back then. The novel is set in Silicon Valley, and although the timeframe is later, at the beginning of the new millennium, the compelling women characters bond intensely and talk it out, in order to keep sane in that stressful, high [...]

    13. Miriam

      Noga Niv's book gives us not only the story of a group of Israeli women during the bubble in the Silicon Valley but a glance into their mind. While they are the wives of successful spouses in the Silicon Valley the book showed you another layer of sadness, arrogance and competitions. There are women in the group who use their money to show off with expensive cloths and jewels There is also a compassion that comes from the character of Daniela a clinal psychologist. She is the one that shows unde [...]

    14. Anne Derkat

      I won this book from and absolutely loved it.It's the story of 5 Israeli wives who followed their husbands to Silicon Valley told by the one of the women who is a clinical psychologist as is the author. It tells of their friendships, heartbreaks, adjustments to a different culture, their longings for home and families left behind. It is beautifully written, and so believable. I felt like I was right inside their lives. A wonderful read and a book that I will gift to my women friends.

    15. Orna

      This capturing novel provides a window into the social dynamic of women friendship and their families described by a group of Israeli women living in the silicon valley at the turn of the millennium. The women arrived at the valley following their husbands, form unique close ties that seems as a substitute for family ties they left behind back home. Inside the Bubble captures a special era in the high-tech life of the silicon valley which reminds the reader of the gold rush time of the previous [...]

    16. Osher

      A fascinating glimpse into the "real" world of the Silicon Valley, which focuses on the community and families. Fluently and emotionally written, the plot also introduces psychological aspects of the personal triumphs, loses and the overcoming process in one of the most dynamic environments in the world.Overall, a wonderful read for anyone who has ever wondered what happens "Inside the Bubble".

    17. Donna Wetzel

      Thanks for my copy of Inside the Bubble by Noga Niv. First I would like to say that I really liked the author's writing style. The characters came alive and were complex humans. The problem is that I didn't really care for their stories. Although the author did a fine job in telling this story, it is not one that I really got personally involved in. I think if you are Jewish, you will love this story but to me it was a slow read.

    18. Ofir

      A very interesting insight into the lives of a group within the Israeli community in the Silicon Valley. Niv explores and develops the different characters, the relationships among them and between them and their partners, the dilemmas they face within their private lives and issues arising from being expatriates. I enjoyed reading the book, and highly recommend it to everyone, not just Israelis.

    19. Ilana

      many stories have been told about the millionaires of silicon valley. This story is unique in that it concentrates on the "wives of" about their lives away from their families and homeland, about building new friendships and relationships. Noga Niv spins a fascinating tale as she brings us into the hidden world of the silicon valley society, a world she describes with humor and insight. A great read!

    20. Dalia

      As an Israeli “wife of” who moved to Silicon Valley after her husband’s job relocation, I found “Inside the Bubble” an engaging read! In many places throughout the story, I could see myself talking with one of the five women and exchanging thoughts on how to deal with these interesting occasions in the bay area lifestyle. The author does an excellent job in describing the characters, each with their own unique complexities. Easy and interesting read!

    21. Jean

      Within a group of Israeli immigrants through the disastrous dot com crash, Noga Niv’s “Inside the Bubble” presents a fresh taste of the immigrant life and culture in Silicon Valley. It is the friendship of five wives, struggling through marriage and love. Niv allows a peek through a tight knit community to see a universal longing for home and identity. The characters seize the story with bold confidence and will leave you crying and laughing along for the ride.

    22. Desiree

      I received this book through a giveaway, and absolutely fell in love with characters. of them anyhow. This group of women are exposed and vulnerable, each coming to terms with the value she places on life, love, home, friends and family. One of the most realistic looks at marriage and friendship I've read in a long time. Amazing.

    23. Julie Kubica

      ***I received this from a giveaway, completely free, in exchange for an honest review.***This book had to be one of the worst that I have ever read. It's full of run-on, long-winded sentences, much too verbose to be enjoyable. I highly regret spending one long week reading it. I do not recommend.

    24. Ashley

      I received this book from a giveaway in exchange for an honest review. This is a beautiful story based on the real lives and friendships of a group of Israeli women living in Silicon Valley. It was beautifully written and, at times, quite thought provoking. An enjoyable read.

    25. Raanan Peleg

      I very much enjoyed reading Inside the Bubble. It's a "mandatory" reading for new comers to the silicon Valley. Especially to people not familiar with the challenges presented by this amazing place.

    26. Lynn

      Five Israeli women find friendship in Silicon Valley as their husbands work unreasonably, traveling the globe, searching for the next "big thing".

    27. Beth Sammons

      An interesting read of 5 women, together for a relatively short time but circumstance drew them together. Family, husbands, careers, creative in their own way. It was a captivating read.

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