The Flicker Men

The Flicker Men Nebula award nominated author Ted Kosmatka s latest novel is The Flicker Men a gripping tale about the struggle between science and theology free will and fate Research scientist Eric Argus has four

  • Title: The Flicker Men
  • Author: Ted Kosmatka
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Flicker Men

    Nebula award nominated author Ted Kosmatka s latest novel is The Flicker Men a gripping tale about the struggle between science and theology, free will and fate Research scientist Eric Argus has four months to prove himself during a probationary period with Hansen Research Haunted by his past and struggling with alcohol abuse, he is certain that he will squander this opNebula award nominated author Ted Kosmatka s latest novel is The Flicker Men a gripping tale about the struggle between science and theology, free will and fate Research scientist Eric Argus has four months to prove himself during a probationary period with Hansen Research Haunted by his past and struggling with alcohol abuse, he is certain that he will squander this opportunity That is until a mysterious crate from a now defunct laboratory arrives at his office The contents of the crate give Eric an idea for an experiment, which is all he needs to keep his job But the significance of his findings will be than he, or anyone else, could have ever imagined.Find out why Hugh Howey calls The Flicker Men Brilliant, disturbing, and beautifully told.

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    One thought on “The Flicker Men

    1. Jeffrey Keeten

      ”’After a while, quantum mechanics starts to affect your worldview.’‘What does this mean?’‘The more research I did, the less I believed.’‘In quantum mechanics?’‘No,’ I said.’In the world.’”Eric Argus is one of those brilliant minds that burn bright and then burn out. He is crippled with thoughts of depression. He usually is two-fisting it, but not in the way that most of us think of it. He has a bottle of Jack Daniels in one hand and his father’s pistol in the other [...]

    2. Traci

      There were some very interesting ideas at play here, and the story moved along at a good clip. However . . . this had some pretty blatant plot problems. Villains who inexplicably choose to Villainously Monologue just long enough for Our Hero to escape. Repeatedly. (view spoiler)[ And . . . okay, so the Flicker Men kidnap Satvik, hold him for two weeks, then grab Eric---who was far easier to find, yet gets grabbed second, but I digress---then kill off Satvik, but not Eric, even though they want E [...]

    3. Faith

      Eric Argus is a morose, suicidal alcoholic with a gun in one hand and a liquor bottle in the other, both literally and metaphorically. He is a discredited physicist with a history of instability. An old friend gives him the opportunity to get back into research. Most of the scientific explanations in this book were way over my head, but the bottom line is that Eric appears to have discovered a phenomenon with light waves that occurs only when observed by human beings. It doesn't occur if unobser [...]

    4. Carlos

      This book was very fast paced, honestly I think you could finish this one in one day. The premise of the book is very promising and up to certain point, the book delivers it. What i liked; the science, the premise that our main character had discovered something he shouldn't have and now he has to fight for his life against "supernatural"forces, The idea behind the plot that science is key to open our understanding of the world but that at the same time we are not yet ready to understand all of [...]

    5. Jef Powers

      I found Ted Kosmatka's stories a few years back: Prophet of Bones, The Games, and N-Word (along with a slew of other ingenious short stories tucked about in the better SF magazines). Someone whose opinion I had come to appreciate in such matters told me: "You got to read this Kasmatka guy. He writes like a boss." They were correct. When I got wind of Ted Kasmatka's latest, The Flicker Men, I finagled a way to get my hands on a pre-published copy. That's how much I wanted to read it. I had an ide [...]

    6. Britta

      This almost felt like two books. The first half was immensely enjoyable and interesting (so much so that I was willing to ignore how thinly drawn some characters were, with the notable exception of Satvik, and how weird the style was at times with the short staccato sentences). I loved the science and the idea behind the story, and I was expecting to see the consequences of the findings in the first half unfurl.But all of a sudden I was reading a completely different book. The vague, shadowy bad [...]

    7. FanFiAddict

      Every once in a while, you come across a novel that makes your brain want to explode. The Flicker Men is one of those novels. There is so a lot of sciencing going on, but the story is so much deeper than quantum physics and theories with life altering outcomes. But, I will say, I did have to put the book down a few times in order to perform some research of my own ( not saying you have to do that, but I always like to learn about what I'm reading. ) Ted has written a well paced story here. Yes, [...]

    8. Lori

      A quantum physics thriller. the first half is easy to follow, the second becomes a bit of a mind fuck which is fine by me but I wish the final resolutions had been clearer, I really have questions about the ending, which was supposed to be clearer.

    9. Kate

      Such an exciting and compelling SF thriller! But while I'd award the first half five stars, I'd have to give the second three stars. My enjoyment in the novel never floundered but I would have appreciated it even more if the science hadn't flown completely over my head. I understood the gist of it - and loved the premise - but during the second half there were sections when I didn't have a clue what was going on. Quantum physics, especially when it goes awry, isn't the easiest of subjects for a [...]

    10. Jacqie

      I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.The Flicker Men starts with a great premise. A physicist, somewhat wrecked by his past research (which has made him doubt the nature of reality) recreates an experiment which shows that light changes from wave to particle depending on how it is observed. This is interesting enough in itself, but then he think about testing what exactly constitutes an observer. Do animals have the self-awareness to count? I don't want [...]

    11. Joan

      Eric Argus, an accomplished scientist now an alcoholic on the verge of suicide, receives a second chance at resurrecting his career in the form of four months of probationary employment at Hansen Research. Any line of investigation is acceptable as long as the researcher’s project has scientific merit; after several weeks of indecision, Eric stumbles across an electron gun and a detector and decides to recreate Feynman’s double slit wave-particle experiment. He wants to see what Feynman saw, [...]

    12. Vladimir Ivanov

      Ждал от Косматки новый НФ триллер, только теперь не про антропологию, а про квантовую механику, что даже интереснее - получил чорт знает что.Первые 50 страниц герой старательно демонстрирует, какое он унылое говно и депрессивный алкоголик с трудным детством и тягой к самоуб [...]

    13. Book Riot Community

      A quantum physicist is given a second chance at brilliance, but it just might cost him his life, in this whip-fast sci-fi thriller! Eric Argus has washed out personally and professionally when an old friend gives him a job in a research lab. But when Eric discovers old equipment that was used to search for the human soul and decides to test it for himself, he opens a can of worms that the world may not be ready for. Now he and his colleagues are in a whole lot of danger, and unless Eric can answ [...]

    14. Chip

      WTF did I just read? I've seen elsewhere commentary that this book is a mashup of Stephen King and Stephen Hawking, which sounds about right. (And, I'll independently add that those two names only differ by the addition of three letters, "haw", to one name fittingly strange.) Maybe throw in a little Neal Stephenson. STEPHENson. Oh my god.I enjoyed it, appreciated the originality of the concepts, thought the writing was better than adequate, found the end less than fully conclusionary, and after [...]

    15. Jennifer

      I started reading this and could not put it down--a near-future science fiction thriller dealing with some of the weird implications of quantum theory in a really off-beat way, it kept luring me back every time I tried to get anything else done that day. I found the ending a little frustrating--it fit the story, but at the same time felt a bit too deus ex machina--but overall it's a fine, fast-paced tale, and I'll definitely look for more work by this author.

    16. Beth Cato

      Kosmatka has a knack for writing intense thrillers that skirt the edge of hard science while still remaining accessible to layman. In his new book, The Flicker Men, he is even more successful than in his book The Games. It's a fast read full of unpredictable twists and turns. Angus is a broken man to start, and when he finds himself through a new quantum physics experiments, he begins to lose his fellow researchers and his understanding of reality.It comes down to a complex question: what is the [...]

    17. Banner

      The premise of this book is so interesting and full of potential to have been an amazing story. What has been delivered is an average and enjoyable read, with great character development. It starts out with a tragic and broken scientist that struggles with the reality around him (both in and out of the lab). He comes from a family of scientist and their lives didn't seem to turn out so well either. But the science is what drives him. We get a good look at all of the really cool, mind binding asp [...]

    18. Sean Randall

      This was scientifically spooky, if that works to describe it with any degree of accuracy. I kept catching myself, knowing of course the validity of the double slit experiment. It's a haunting powerhouse of a novel with a great deal of Humanity to absorb, and one I'll be coming back to in the future as I think there's much offered that I am sure I didn't take in first time around.

    19. Dmitry Potapov

      "Какое приключение начинается со стакана молока водки" - зачин книги встречает нас с главным героем в виде ученого-алкоголика, но ситуация выправляется к завязке - действительно становится интересно читать, что же будет дальше, но кульминация и развязка смазаны - из научной [...]

    20. A.

      Review based on ARC (advanced readers' copy received for free in exchange for an honest review)My "review"A very scienc'y sci-fi, a quite thrilling thriller. The book is an easy "enough" read - although the science is pretty theoretical and seemingly advanced science, Kosmatka has made it largely accessible to the interested sci-fi reader. Although there were a couple moments where I found I really didn't know what was happening, science-wise, my confusion was always resolved, generally sooner r [...]

    21. Amy Rogers

      ScienceThrillers Review: Quantum tunneling, entanglement and Einstein's spooky action at a distance, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, and the simultaneous existence of light as both particle and wave are a few examples of the profound weirdness of modern physics. Physicists construct mathematical abstractions that predict the ultimate reality of the universe. Not material for an easy work of nonfiction, but rich for the novelist.Ted Kosmatka weaves these quantum physics ideas as threads in th [...]

    22. Neil Hepworth

      Puttin’ the SCIENCE back in science fiction. But this time we’re gettin’ small - really small, like quantum mechanics small. And if there’s one area of science that makes no sense to a layperson, it’s quantum mechanics. If you feel completely out of the water when you start reading the novel, then a quick trip to YouTube for some background information on the Double Slit Experiment is a good place to start. You can read the book without a working knowledge of quantum mechanics, but a l [...]

    23. Lis Carey

      Eric Argus is a physicist who was doing important work when he had a breakdown. It was spectacular, culminating in a drunken episode in which he broke his sister's hand, and he's made himself unemployable.Almost.One friend, a senior executive at a research company called Hanson, in the Boston area, offers him a job. It's the standard Hanson deal: three months to do whatever research he wants, and then at his first quarterly review, the company will decide if they'll keep him on and continue to f [...]

    24. Sylvia McIvers

      Meet Eric the failure. He's a quantum physicist who stared into the abyss and got scared of what stared back - to the point that he needs to drink heavily to start his day. Or eat his gun, but he hasn't gotten quite that far yet. A friend gives him a research job as an act of charity, with three months for Eric to get his act together and publish something new. Instead, Eric stares at the walls for a few days, then starts an old, old experiment: is light a wave or a particle? Depending on if you [...]

    25. Jafar

      First off – the physics of this book is wrong. I’m not saying the author wasn’t aware of it – he had to take this liberty with physics to allow for a great plot – but just to set the record straight: in the famous double-slit experiment of quantum physics you don’t need consciousness to “collapse the waveform.” A measurement device is enough. Eric Argus, the genius and tormented physicist of the novel, replicates the double-slit experiments and finds out (you’ll win the Nobel P [...]

    26. Faith David

      I was really blown away by this book. Eric Argus is a drowning man, a physicist who decides to revisit one of the most famous experiments in modern history, the double slit experiment. Normally I am super skeptical of scifi that starts out with a good scientific principle and cannot stand when it gets twisted and construed to try and tie some sense of reality to a convoluted plot device. I was really impressed however by Kosmatka's knowledge and the beauty of how he handled the baffling aspects [...]

    27. Sylvain Neuvel

      That was just sick. I lost so much sleep because of Ted Kosmatka! It wasn't the reading, I basically ate the book. It's the thoughts that came after reading. Really loud, metaphysical music you can't turn down. Pointless, in the best of ways. There are very few things I get angry for not thinking of first: eBay, pasta pots with a strainer lid, the premise of that book.Is it for everyone? Well, you have to like science. One of the best things I remember from my time at the U. of Chicago: going to [...]

    28. Bill

      After I finished this book, I thought it was fabulous. It's got hard science, detective work, and some excellent thrill rides. For some reason I put the whole thing down and let the review mellow. In fact, I plumb forgot about reading it. Then when I went back to try to remember the key points in the book, the big ones eluded me. And I realized that it was an entertaining yarn, a very lovingly crafted tome, and yet I couldn't hold onto a certain key concept that I know the book revolved around. [...]

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