The Darcy Brothers: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

The Darcy Brothers A Pride and Prejudice Variation Theo Darcy is everything his disapproving elder brother Fitzwilliam is not charming easy going and full of fun A tragic event as children severed their bond of friendship but now they are togethe

  • Title: The Darcy Brothers: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
  • Author: Abigail Reynolds Cassandra Grafton Maria Grace Monica Fairview Susan Mason-Milks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Darcy Brothers: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

    Theo Darcy is everything his disapproving elder brother, Fitzwilliam, is not charming, easy going, and full of fun A tragic event as children severed their bond of friendship, but now they are together again They are still at odds, though, this time over the love of Miss Elizabeth Bennet and the truth about George Wickham Will Wickham manage to divide the brothers againTheo Darcy is everything his disapproving elder brother, Fitzwilliam, is not charming, easy going, and full of fun A tragic event as children severed their bond of friendship, but now they are together again They are still at odds, though, this time over the love of Miss Elizabeth Bennet and the truth about George Wickham Will Wickham manage to divide the brothers again And importantly, which Mr Darcy will Elizabeth choose Find out as the two brothers lock horns in this unique Pride Prejudice variation collectively written by five respected authors The Darcy Brothers was first conceived as an interactive group writing project and has developed into a full length novel featuring the charismatic Theo Darcy A sweet Regency romance for all lovers of Pride and Prejudice Look for about Theo on Facebook facebook theophilusdarcy , book show 23084952 , and on The Darcy Brothers website thedarcybrothers Praise for Abigail Reynolds If you are unfamiliar with these riveting and romantic variations, they are retellings of Pride and Prejudice that take our beloved hero and heroine down a slightly altered path Abigail Reynolds, one of my favorite Austenesque authors, is a skilled story teller, an ardent admirer of Jane Austen, and quite proficient at infusing a lot of emotion, tension, and passion into her stories Austenesque Reviews If romantics can overlook the subversion, they should enjoy witnessing Elizabeth as an industrious and caring wife, administering to Pemberley s tenants, learning how to be an equestrian and growing to love that perplexing Darcy Publishers Weekly Praise for Cassandra Grafton This book is a total delight for anyone who is a fan of Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, Regency romance and oh, just romance in general Ms Grafton writes beautifully and has a descriptive style that can make small things into beautiful wonders Tess Quinn, Through witty dialog and beautiful Regency language, this book is in the style of Jane Austen herself I cannot recommend it highly enough It ranks among the best of the Austenesque novels that I have read More Agreeably Engaged Praise for Maria Grace Grace has quickly become one of my favorite authors of Austen inspired fiction Her love of Austen s characters and the Regency era shine through in all of her novels Diary of an Eccentric A great read for any Jane Austen fan fiction lover With great characters, witty writing, and a swoon worthy romance, Maria Grace s Given Good Principles series is a solid addition to your bookshelf AustenprosePraise for Monica Fairview This novel stands very well on its own as a Regency Romance, but for the Janeites among its readers it s important to know how well Monica Fairview treats the beloved characters from Pride and Prejudice All About Romance Infused with humor Fairview has proven again why she was my top choice of Austenesque debut authors of 2009.

    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ☆ The Darcy Brothers: A Pride and Prejudice Variation : by Abigail Reynolds Cassandra Grafton Maria Grace Monica Fairview Susan Mason-Milks Ò
      406 Abigail Reynolds Cassandra Grafton Maria Grace Monica Fairview Susan Mason-Milks
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    One thought on “The Darcy Brothers: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

    1. Ceri

      This review was first published at Leatherbound Reviews: leatherboundreviews.cLast year, on the Austen Variations website, a serial story was posted, with the authors taking turns in posting chapters. At the end of the chapter there was a poll which gave the readers a choice in the direction of the story. This must have been such a challenge for the authors involved, picking up the threads of the story where somebody else has left it, and having to follow the readers’ choice of direction rathe [...]

    2. J. W. Garrett

      An heir and a spare, Darcy has a brother: 4.5 starsAuthors: Monica Fairview, Maria Grace, Cassandra Grafton, Susan Mason-Milks, Abigail ReynoldsWe are introduced to another Darcy sibling, Theophilus [Theo] Darcy, younger brother to Fitzwilliam and older brother to Georgiana. Only someone who has siblings can relate to the Darcy family dynamics of older to younger siblings. For Georgiana, she now has to deal with two older brothers in addition to her cousin, our dear Colonel, who shares joint gua [...]

    3. Anji

      THE DARCY BROTHERS - FALLING IN LOVE WITH THEO ALL OVER AGAIN!!Like many people in the JAFF community, I first met and fell in love with Theophilus Darcy around two years ago. What is now this novel was being published in weekly instalments on the Austen Variations website. The different authors took a different chapter each week and sometimes even collaborated on the same chapter. If that wasn't enough of a challenge, there was a reader's poll at the end of each instalment to decide where the s [...]

    4. Anna

      Quick summary: The Darcy Brothers is a collaborative retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice by Monica Fairview, Maria Grace, Cassandra Grafton, Susan Mason-Milks, and Abigail Reynolds. Fitzwilliam and Theophilus Darcy barely tolerate one another but embark on a trip together to visit their Aunt Catherine at Rosings, at the same time that Elizabeth Bennet is visiting her friend, Mrs. Collins, at the parsonage. It’s not long before Theo meets Elizabeth and is entranced, and Elizabeth i [...]

    5. Sophia

      I was very excited to get the opportunity to read this one in its entirety after reading it as a serial. It's rather a fun and unique undertaking in that the author's wrote it as part of a Reader's Choice weekly installment. Each segment would finish with a vote for readers to choose one of a few options and that would be the direction of the following week's story installment. Now doesn't that rouse your curiosity? It roused mine.The story opens with Fitzwilliam Darcy regretting his impulse to [...]

    6. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews)

      TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice VariationTIME FRAME: Just before Easter, Darcy’s arrival at RosingsIN CHARACTERS: Fitzwilliam Darcy, Theo Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, Anne de Bourgh, Georgiana Darcy, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Colonel Fitzwilliam, George WickhamWHY I WANTED TO READ THIS NOVEL:- It’s a multiple-author-collaboration! Last book I read like this was Pride and Prejudice: The Scenes Jane Austen Never Wrote, and I loved it!- I was super interested in this premise: What if [...]

    7. Carol

      If you need another fix of Mr.Darcy after reading pride and prejudice, this is your book. He's perfect, that is all.

    8. Sandra

      What a pleasure! This collaboration of the Austen Authors from Austenvariations has had me in stitches! Theo's antics are hilarious. Not to mention his referring to the great Lady Catherine Dr Bourgh as "the old bat". Absolutely hysterical!

    9. Victoria Kincaid

      Well written. Moves along. Gives Darcy a younger brother who is a great addition -- very interesting character. True to Austen's original characters. Very enjoyable.

    10. Monica

      Review originally posted at Austenprose:austenprose/2015/02/27/theWhen I first heard that some of the authors from austenvariations were planning a Pride and Prejudice: Readers’ Choice collaborative story wherein Mr. Darcy had a younger brother, I was all excited curiosity--a story with two Mr. Darcys? Yes, please! Would Mr. Theophilus Darcy be strong and stoic like his elder brother, a model of amiability like Mr. Bingley, or perhaps more of a rakish Mr. Wickham? Participating in the Readers [...]

    11. Charity Andrews

      Wow! Yes, you read that right. There were FIVE authors that collaborated to write this book. I will say, from the beginning, if you are a Jane Austen aficionado and can't bare to see her books altered, this is NOT the story for you. However, if you enjoy a little imagination and fun, you may find this to be a delightful little tale!What we have here is a story of Darcy and Darcy. Yep! Fitzwilliam (the one we all know and love - especially in Colin Firth form) and Theophilus , his younger brother [...]

    12. Katherine

      Read this on Austenvariations before it is officially released in print and was in stitches the entire time! Book written by Abigail Reynolds, Monica Fairview, Cassandra Grafton and Susan Mason-Milks which flows so wonderfully that you cannot tell one author apart from another. I especially enjoyed the bonus chapters written in response to th critics who felt like things jumped too quickly in one chapter (and hence filled in the details and drew out Elizabeth's heart). Theo, Colonel Fitzwilliam, [...]

    13. Hawkgrrrl

      As P&P knockoffs go, this was tolerable I suppose. (I would go 2.5 stars, but it's forcing me to go with whole stars). The fleshing out of the Anne storyline was a welcome addition, although I sorely hoped the author would cast Lady Catherine as a Munchausen Syndrome case. She came close, but not quite there. The addition of a brother shifted the focus to Darcy's immediate family which was interesting, but there were some gaps a good editor should have addressed. What kind of friend (Charlot [...]

    14. Deborah

      I find it astounding that a book written by 5 authors, sometimes numerous authors for the same chapter, can be so cohesive. Add to that the authors didn't choose how the story went. Each author, when it was her turn had a few days to write a portion due to the fact that the readers chose how the story would go. and so, to those who says it doesn't follow canon, it was the fault of those who chose the direction of the story, myself included. It is a fun read with a newly added character, Darcy's [...]

    15. Teresita

      Darcy's brother is greatWith quite different family dynamics, this story sheds light into how much Darcy was willing to change for Elizabeth. It also provides a new perspective into several characters, like Georgiana and Anne de Bourgh. Theo is delightful and the book is worth the money and the time.

    16. ஐ Briansgirl (Book Sale Queen)ஐ

      I took me nearly half the book to warm up to this P&P variation but once I did, I devoured the rest of the book quickly. It was unique having been written as an exercise by 5 writers.

    17. Irene

      This is quickly becoming one of my favourite Pride and Prejudice variations! I really enjoyed reading about the relationship between Darcy and his siblings. And, as usual, I can't have enough of Darcy and Elizabeth.I am amazed at how cohesive and enjoyable a work by five different authors can be. Simply couldn't put it down!

    18. Michelle

      LovelyI loved Darcy and Elizabeth in this version. The addition of a troublesome brother for Darcy was excellent. Anne, Lydia and Wickham were all nightmares.

    19. Dung

      4.5⭐️ really enjoyed Darcy having a brother and their relationship. Loved the seamless writing of all the authors.

    20. Janet

      4.5 stars; Darcy has a handsome younger brotherOne of the most enjoyable things about the book, The Darcy Brothers, is Theophilus Darcy, a barrister and the younger brother of Fitzwilliam Darcy. He is a charming character and in temperament, more like his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, than his own brother. At first glance, it seems the brothers are as different as day is to night, but they actually have more similarities than either realize. Part of my amusement was discovering with them, these s [...]

    21. Erin

      I really wanted to love this book since I have a tendency to love everything Pride and Prejudice and I recognized some of the authors. However, I felt this book didn't live up the hype and towards the end I just read it to finish it.First, lets start with the things that I liked:I loved the idea. Really, truly loved it. That was one reason I was so excited to pick it up. It would turn the whole Darcy family dynamic on it's head and I really thought it would make for a very interesting story.Anne [...]

    22. Deb

      When shelving books on my Kindle I realized that although I Read "The Darcy Brothers" a couple of months ago, I forgot to rate/review it. An interesting P&P variation from five different authors including Abigail Reynolds who has written some of my favorite variations. Not only is it a collaborative effort, it also had a weekly vote on the austenvariations website where readers voted on what would happen in the story. A fun and ambitious project that resulted in an overall pretty good novel, [...]

    23. Lou LaJeunesse

      Monica Fairview, Maria Grace, Cassandra Grafton, Susan Mason-Milks and Abigail Reynolds all came together to write this one. What an accomplishment! As I understand the process, one would write a chapter and then the next chapter by another and so on. They all managed to stay within the accepted views of each characters personality The trick then was to continue the story. I can only imagine how they contrived to keep the story line while challenging the next. I so enjoyed reading this. Each of [...]

    24. Camille Fiore

      Even Better the Second TimeMy first read of this variation earned it a 5 star rating, the second time was even better! You can't help falling in love with Darcy, Fitzwilliam that is, but also Theophilus is entirely engaging! He loves his brother and is even helpful in getting him hitched to Elizabeth! Too many exclamation points? They are deserved. When Theo is injured Fitzwilliam returns to Rosings fearing the worst, perhaps he will lose another brother and he never even told him how proud he i [...]

    25. Laura

      Probably 3.5 cause I did really enjoy this book but it was definitely more for enjoyment than literary stimulation. Which is fine. It sort of reminded me of the movie Clue where there are all these different characters and everyone is running about scheming and plotting all the while we enjoyably look on. This version introduces the character of Theophilus Darcy - Darcy's brother and the relationship, although enjoyable, wasn't quite developed. I'm glad I read some reviews and realized that the [...]

    26. Amy

      fun new charactersThis book started out so well! I loved the addition of Theo, although it took some getting used to. The character development and backstory of the Darcy family was well done. After about halfway through, the story dragged a bit and there was definitely not enough of Darcy and Elizabeth for me! Anne Deburgh was a fun character also, but got to be too much at the end. It seems many possible story lines between many of the characters was unfinished and left me thinking "what was t [...]

    27. Nicol Legakis

      This just did not live up to the hype for me. I felt as though there wasn't nearly enough character development, especially for Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. I enjoyed Theo's character, as well as the emerging one of Anne De Bourgh. It was implausible that Mrs. Collins would not aid Elizabeth and that Mr. Bennet would not be sent for, as well as Jane. These major characters were left out of the book for some reason.Also, considering there were four plus (?) authors, I expected better editing. I suppo [...]

    28. Contemplative

      A well written story but not what I expected. This is more about Mr. Darcy's side of the family and his relationship with his brother. Endearing at times but lacking what I truly wanted; more of Darcy & Elizabeth. They were simply a subplot and I found myself searching for each morsel of them, hoping at any moment the story would shift and they would become the main characters. Sadly that was not the case. If you're interested in a background story regarding Mr. Darcy's family and "what if" [...]

    29. Susanne

      Written by the authors featured on the website/blog Austen Variations, this serially-published novel (which I missed as I joined the group as the final chapters were posted) shows the responsible Darcy and his younger and not-responsible-at-all brother who happens to be best friends with none other than George Wickham. And Elizabeth gets caught in the middle, of course, and she must decide which brother to trust as the stakes become quite high. A seamlessly-written novel of which it is difficult [...]

    30. Penny

      I very much enjoyed this book. The ways in which the story line converged and diverged from the original were fun to follow. As long as the essential characters of Lizzy, Darcy, and a few others are true to the originals, I'll be happy. And I found these characters consistent with Austen ' s originals, for the most part. If you love Pride and Prejudice, I think you will enjoy this one.

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