Thunderclaw What does this woman want S ne is a hot mess A broke single mother who learned alpha men are abusive monsters she gave up on the fallacy of true love long ago So upon meeting the King of all alphas a

  • Title: Thunderclaw
  • Author: Penelope Fletcher
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 208
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  • Thunderclaw

    What does this woman want S ne is a hot mess A broke single mother who learned alpha men are abusive monsters, she gave up on the fallacy of true love long ago So upon meeting the King of all alphas and the Commander of all bad asses who profess everlasting adoration, she runs screaming Literally Talked into hosting the unusual out of town visitors by her familyWhat does this woman want S ne is a hot mess A broke single mother who learned alpha men are abusive monsters, she gave up on the fallacy of true love long ago So upon meeting the King of all alphas and the Commander of all bad asses who profess everlasting adoration, she runs screaming Literally Talked into hosting the unusual out of town visitors by her family, she discovers King Beowyn is overbearing, vain, selfish, and belligerent just like she suspected But he makes her laugh, and her troubled daughter sleeps peacefully in his arms His perpetual shadow Eorik is broody, self righteous and an annoying know it all Yet his touch is gentle, he acts as if her word as gospel, and her daughter thinks he s the second coming Her broken belief the opposite sex can be strong, caring and trustworthy is reforged, and Sine takes a chance on the beautiful life they promise then lands on the Verak home planet and faces an ugly surprise six hundred strong.Who does this warrior King desire Planning to take a quick trip to Earth for a feisty nubile to bed, Beowyn finds himself in a quandary when his chosen human makes it clear he will share her bed and no other Wanting her for his own, he omits a trifling truth to get her to his home planet On the journey his vessel is attacked by vengeful L Odo, and they crash on a forbidden planet Rescue by his Ra allies is swift, but two of their party remain lost in the dangerous wilds Beowyn must decide to return to Vayhalun in time to retain the right to be known as the Great Alpha, or stay to lead the search for his missing loved ones, forfeiting a throne his mighty Dyna has held for aeons.What does this protector dream of Eorik is in love with a male he cannot have He finds solace in protecting Beowyn and doesn t complain when he flits off on foolhardy adventures That is until they travel to Earth and Eorik finds his One the same female his liege is adamant is his Struggling with the pain of watching those he loves from a distance, he finds himself stranded on a planet of both paradise and peril, protecting the most innocent of those he cherishes He and the human babe rush to reunite with their convoy as a nameless terror stalks them through the jungle.

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      208 Penelope Fletcher
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    One thought on “Thunderclaw

    1. Monica **can't read fast enough**

      The more I think on this one, it's just a two star read for me. I'm glad that I read it, but I in no way enjoyed it as much as book 1. I got to the point where I started highlighting every editing issue on my Kindle. Review to come.

    2. Jacqueline

      I enjoyed this for the most part. More as a sci fi really than a romance. Sometimes a polyamory story can work for me but here I was not really convinced about anyone's true feelings. Hero A loved the heroine best. The heroine loved Hero B and Hero B loved Hero A. Supposedly. Really though it seemed like the heroes loved each other and the heroine was an afterthought. The story started out strong with the conflict of the culture clash really shaping up to be interesting but somehow it all just l [...]

    3. janarama

      Actual: 3.75 starsOk, let's be honest. All of us Venomous fans are total stalkers, we were crabby at Penelope for the delayed release and lack of updates, and we all knew the minute ThunderClaw was announced available for preorder or live, and we're all like So, this book had a great deal to live up to for most of us, not just in comparison to Venomous but due to the build-up and wait. I think this sort of situation can lead to skewed reviews because we judge based on comparison and emotional ex [...]

    4. Rosebud

      Life as a single parent is hard. Working two jobs, no support from the dead beat sperm donor, deciding which bills get paid and which can wait, and a pending birthday for her daughter leaves Sine with barely enough energy to function. Maybe that's why hallucinating an alien king has come to take her to his planet as his Queen seems so real. Wait. There really is an alien in her home and he does want her as his One And Only Mate. So what's a girl to do but run. Hassabard Gengorye ThunderClaw, gr [...]

    5. Ivy Deluca

      3.25 stars-’Verse is still fascinating. The world building is pretty impressive and continues to expand as Veraks Beowyn and Éorik go on the quest to find Beowyn’s One. When they meet Sìne (pronounced Shee-na), that’s when the WTFery and eventually romance, happens. The adventure spans the ‘verse from Earth to their home planet, Vayhalun and I did love the ride and getting to learn more about the lusty Veraks. -Not a standalone. This picks up immediately after events of Venomous, and L [...]

    6. Talltree

      From the reviews, it seems unconvincing. The H's world is an open marriage, bisexual hedonistic society that the h - a down on her luck girl- says yes to just to escape her situation on Earth. But later when she falls for the H, h tries to kill his favourite concubine(one of hundreds) and wants him to end his harem - but H wants h to apologise to his concubine who had been blowing him !! It all leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. h seems a hypocrite and accepted H on false pretences. And as for t [...]

    7. Chappy

      I really wanted to give this a 5 star rating but in the endI just couldn't.For me, Venomous is hard to beat. Let me just say that Sine was no Lumen.How did Beowyn find Sine? I found it hard to believe that he just randomly saw her in a restaurant and knew right away. Did her have to search the whole plantet? I did quite enjoy Sine's family thoughPatrick, Fergus, Aled, Rowan and little Fergie.I am so "team" Eorik. The way he took care of Fergie when they were stranded. Him changing her diaper tot [...]

    8. Hanife

      Sonunda çıktı da okuduk. Yazarın hayal gücü fena. Diyeceklerim bu kadar hahaDipnot: Hayır, bu kitap beklediğim kadar komik değildi. "Yazarı kapak seçimleri konusunda tebrik ediyorum. Tam kafalarda canlandırdığı gibi şeyler ortaya çıkarmış. :D Ay bu kitap komedi olacak."

    9. BookPauper

      Welp. 3 stars. I don't know if I'm too harsh because I waited so long or what. I think the build-up was too much for me. Let me 'splain:I'm going to start by talking about the editing. Dear god, it was just bad. So bad. Bad bad. Words in mixed up places, homonyms instead of the correct words. In one instance, a character is replaced for another so I had backtrack to make sure who was actually doing what. Now, I'm not a writer. Look at the mess I write. Not great. My grammar is atrocious. Sentenc [...]

    10. SamJ ★Needs a HEA★

      IT IS OUT!!!!aaaaaarrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhand againaaaaaarrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhI am super excited!

    11. namericanwordcat

      This books reads much better if you read or reread the first in the series first--Venomous. This is a sage. A big, fat, multi layered sage with a triangle of a poly romance that works for me. 'The loved forever theme and the heroine who does not trust adds great tension to this science fiction romance. I love that the heroine doesn't just leave. She has family. She is a mother. She is practical. The layers peal off all the characters (main and secondary). There are huge plot events. They all nee [...]

    12. Casey

      DNF at 45%Another book going to my “Not likely to finish” shelf.The story started off on a bad note by bringing Lumen back. I had hoped that she wouldn’t be back again once the real story started. I was wrong. What pushed me over was Sines convoluted way of thinking. Her constant acting like she doesn’t want something, only to turn around and think that’s exactly what I want. Her over exaggerated insecurity, and her ability to see exactly what she’s doing wrong, but does nothing to s [...]

    13. Jrs

      I loved the first book and would love to read the second book. It's too bad that this one is getting poor ratings because it didn't come out when it was expected in December of 2015. Still, I'm willing to wait to read it. I've waited longer for other books so no biggie.

    14. Eshayla Goza

      Good length but long waitF***ING good book. Few misplaced words and spelling. Wish women were stronger. Love the reverse harem. Need more like them.

    15. ValerieC

      2.5 Stars - Cliffhanger WarningI had waited for so long to read this book that I had to read Venomous again to remember the beginning of this saga. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this second book nearly as much. It's not an epic fail, but it's not what I'd hoped for. At least a quarter to a third could be jettisoned by a competent editor because of the unnecessary verbiage spent on overlong descriptions. If your vocabulary isn't really excellent, have your Merriam-Webster on hand, especially thro [...]

    16. Laz the Sailor

      This is a really good book. Seriously, my comments below are only in relationship to the first book. Read this book, and the next one too.Unfortunately, it's not as good as the first one, for a weird combination of reasons. Venomous was exceptional for me, in large part because it focused on the main group. In the process, an exciting world and galaxy was developed, creating many possibilities for the second book (and more!). Unfortunately, the author tries to do too much with this one. There ar [...]

    17. Carrie

      This book is practically incomprehensible. The story is a jumbled mess. The editing is so poorly done I had to reread some passages three times to understand what was written. The characters are all over the place and seemingly contradict themselves (especially the h) from one page to the next. The h is Scottish and one moment she is speaking in a heavy brogue and the next it's like the author forget to give the h her accent. DNF @ 45%.

    18. Ching Tang

      Thunder clawI have enjoyed this book greatly even though it had a few spelling mistakes,and it would be better to have read the first book to have better understanding of the characters and different types of aliens mentioned. I look forward for the next book:)

    19. Airwreckah

      Dnf'd though i tried hard and got to 76%. Many typos and the plot was not balanced. The "conflict" was frustrating and there was too much daily life stuff

    20. Esra

      I dont know , where should I start. I think I hate Pine, so whiny so selfish so idiot. If this book didn't have orin or great alpha I wouldn't give 2 stars, only because of those 2 and secondary characters I am giving 2 stars. Pine wasn't a great lady at all, bad mother, like I said 75% of the book she act selfishly and IMO she hurts Great Alpha every time she opens her mouth. On first book Lumen resisted Fiercly but didn't hurt him, told him she needed time. But Pine,,, o my god I wanted smack [...]

    21. JJH--Judy

      Really wish I felt different2 1/2 stars. I have to admit, I am had a real hard time getting through ThunderClaw. I'm sad to say I'm very disappointed. My main problem is I found it very difficult for me to like the h. I get that she has a lot of insecurities (due to events that happened in her past, and were explained well), but she is coming off to me mainly as selfish, and I can't even begin to understand her choices as a mother. (Yes, I understand it's fiction, but I can only suspend my belie [...]

    22. Shannon Frost

      Loved it!I absolutely loved Thunderclaw! I was worried at first that I would be disappointed after such a long wait. Fearing the author may have let this fall to the wayside due to a loss of interest or no direction for the story. Luckily that didn't happen and the story was awesome. I laughed and cried. Now that I've finished, I'm having withdrawals. I can't wait for the next one :D

    23. Sam

      Better and betterxt book please!!!!!!!!Oh wow i love how the characters grew into themselves and in love even if I wanted it to happen faster as I was reading. I thought oh my goodness why is it so long. I wanted to know what would happen. Now I've finished this wonderful book and I want tocry because its over. I want more and the wait for this one was soooooo hard. I checked almost every week for it.

    24. Aline

      The fact there is going to be a next book makes me so happy. The fact that I have to wait what feels like forever for it does not.Really really liked it. A lot of almost finger-tingles the plot and story building is fantastic. Sexy time was good I needed more. Waiting impatiently for the next one(take your time. Really, not really).

    25. Mrslabman

      Yes, Yes, Yes, And Yes! Yes, the book is here on my Kindle (and Kindle Unlimited)! Yes, the book was Wonderful and answered so many of my "wondering" every time I re-read Venomous. Yes, as your Foreword mentions, Life gets in our way sometimes and stuff happens; glad to see you are back. And, Yes, if you can write another of this "world", then I would love to read it!

    26. Angarad

      After loving Venomous One, I was very much looking forward to this story but I ended up stopping at 60% as I couldn't get myself into the story or into the characters. Beowyn is kind of weak in his pursuit and his shows of affection, even after promising the moon to Sine. As for her, I was very close to hating her and her personality. She was very plain and weak, not standing up for herself in anyway, being swayed by whatever other say, not even knowing her own heart and the consequences of her [...]

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