Scent Marking For Dummies

Scent Marking For Dummies Sterek Stiles is almost used to being chased around the school by werewolves at this point Having to share a bed with Derek freaking Hale on the other hand is just needlessly complicating his life W

  • Title: Scent Marking For Dummies
  • Author: Hatteress
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  • Page: 260
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  • Scent Marking For Dummies

    Sterek.Stiles is almost used to being chased around the school by werewolves at this point Having to share a bed with Derek freaking Hale, on the other hand, is just needlessly complicating his life.Words 8824 Complete

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    One thought on “Scent Marking For Dummies

    1. Jennifer☠Pher☠

      There are single words in romance books that take my breath away. An example? Mine totally does it for me.This book?The best single word in a romance book? Stay. This was like an episode of the show, but you don't have to watch the show to enjoy it.I just love these boys and I just really have wanted to use this picture like forever!I think this one will work too :)It didn't happen but IT WILL.

    2. Rosa, really

      Cute, funny and lots of oh-so-necessary but absolutely-not-because-Derek-wants-to-bone-Stiles cuddling.And the title makes me giggle.

    3. Dalia

      This was sweet and funny. There's lots of cuddling and action. Because apparently, understanding on an intellectual level that Derek is porn star levels hot is one thing. Having him spread out, breathing even and deep right next to him is another animal entirely.

    4. Bitchie

      I've read thisice now? Well, I guess three times after today! Either it's one of the ones that was purged from GR before or I just never reviewed it, but that must be fixed.This was just great, with the funny and the action and the lust, and really, just about everything a good Sterek fic needs. Well, except for hot sexy declarations, but sometimes "Stay" is all you really need.

    5. Rachel

      3.5 stars With the Alpha Pack lurking on the outskirts of Beacon Hills, the pack decides that Stiles needs to smell more like, well, pack. And the Alpha is the best to scent mark, placing Derek and Stiles in some intimate positions. Despite the premise, this is action packed. Very light on the Sterek (and totally PG) and heavy on Stiles being a BAMF and taking on the Alpha Pack. It is well written and the plot sequence does read like an episode of the show, but I personally felt the best part wa [...]

    6. Trix

      Very nicely done! A very believable Stiles, Derek and plot.Loved the way Stiles jumped to the rescue, came up with ideas to save everyone. He was also so charming about his infatuation with Derek and the many ways in which Derek was trying to scent him. And last but not least, the romantic and sweet way (Stiles and Derek way, naturally) that they come together. This one is pretty tame in the explicit scenes but that just makes it the more sweet. Gives time for the two of them to work on the emot [...]

    7. Tara♥

      Awwwwww!!Adorable and very cute.I've missed my boys. Derek needs to cuddle Stiles. It's mostly cause he loves him but of course he doesn't tell him that, what he tells him is that he needs to smell like him because of the Alpha pack. Just cuddling in this.It was lovely.

    8. Meep

      Second time reading this.Title amuses me :)The logic of the scent marking escapes me but I don't care I liked it, a little so-so action then the kicker 'Stay'. Really that's all you need to know 'Stay' audience won.

    9. Trisha Harrington

      Really great little fic!This had cuddling! I love cuddling. Derek tightens his arm around Stiles' waist, pulling him back more firmly against just, like, a fucking wall of muscle. Seriously, that much definition should not even be possible. "Scent. Marking," Derek growls, and fuck his life, Stiles feels it. "How did you think this was going to go?"

    10. Adrian Fridge

      Pre-slash Sterek in which Derek decides the smartest thing is to scent mark Stiles for Stiles's protection. Apparently this involves the rest of the pack (Scott, Isaac, and Jackson) scent marking Stiles as well for reasons reasons I still don't get.It's one of those fics you should just enjoy for the lols without thinking too hard on the whys, because the whys are hand-wavy and just an excuse to have Derek aggressively spooning Stiles.There's also a subplot involving the Alpha pack attacking the [...]

    11. Julesmarie

      Possessive Derek and clueless Stiles are always an entertaining pair.Some Favorite Quotes:There's something about the way she's looking at him that makes Stiles feel like one of those fluffy fake birds on the end of a cat toy.Coach looks back and yelps the yelp of a person who's never had a suspicious-murder-waiting-to-happen bearing down on them before.It probably says way too much about Stiles' life that he's planned methods for barricading almost every door in the freaking school by this poin [...]

    12. Pixie

      While I agree with other reviewers the ending is what makes this one it just wasn’t enough for me to round my 2.5 up to a 3.

    13. Pjm12

      Really humorous portrayal of Stiles with his snarky mouth and attraction to Derek. No smexy times though, just cute scent marking and spooning.

    14. Malinda

      4 starsThis is a very good story. This is a Sterek fanfiction story. For those of you that don't knowSterek fanfic is based off 2 male characters, Stiles and Derek, from the TV show Teen Wolf. In the show they're both heterosexual but some viewers have fantasized about them together in a m/m relationship and thus Sterek was born. This story is based around the TV show when the Alpha pack was around but with much different results.Basically, the pack realizes that the Alpha pack has come to town [...]

    15. Finnegan

      An alternative version of Sterek and the Alpha pack, where Stiles get scent marked, and become a BAMF on the side. Very nice read!

    16. Nepreading

      Scent-marking! Oblivious!Stiles! Protective!Derek!Reads sort of like an episode but with the ending I've always longed for.

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