More Than a Duke

More Than a Duke Polite Society doesn t take Lady Anne Adamson seriously However Anne isn t just another pretty young miss When she discovers her father betrayed her mother s love and her family descended into povert

  • Title: More Than a Duke
  • Author: Christi Caldwell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • More Than a Duke

    Polite Society doesn t take Lady Anne Adamson seriously However, Anne isn t just another pretty young miss When she discovers her father betrayed her mother s love and her family descended into poverty, Anne comes up with a plan to marry a respectable, powerful, and honorable gentleman a man nothing like her philandering father Armed with the heart of a duke pendant, fPolite Society doesn t take Lady Anne Adamson seriously However, Anne isn t just another pretty young miss When she discovers her father betrayed her mother s love and her family descended into poverty, Anne comes up with a plan to marry a respectable, powerful, and honorable gentleman a man nothing like her philandering father Armed with the heart of a duke pendant, fabled to land the wearer a duke s heart, she decides to enlist the aid of the notorious Harry, 6th Earl of Stanhope A scoundrel with a scandalous past, he is the last gentleman she d ever wedever, his reputation marks him the perfect man to school her in the art of seduction so she might ensnare the illustrious Duke of Crawford Harry, the Earl of Stanhope is a jaded, cynical rogue who lives for his own pleasures Having been thrown over by the only woman he ever loved so she could wed a duke, he s not at all surprised when Lady Anne approaches him with her scheme to capture another duke s affection He s come to appreciate that all women are in fact greedy, title grasping, self indulgent creatures And with Anne s history of grating on his every last nerve, she is the last woman he d ever agree to school in the art of seduction Only his friendship with the lady s sister compels him to help What begins as a pretend courtship, born of lessons on seduction, becomes something , leaving Anne to decide if she can give her heart to a reckless rogue, and Harry must decide if he s willing to again trust in a lady s love.

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      352 Christi Caldwell
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    One thought on “More Than a Duke

    1. Tracy T.

      WOW that was tough to get through! Not Good! Repetitive! Frustrating! (Audible Listen- review)Geez, I am so glad this book is over. We get a description of a heroine that is supposed to be strong willed and that is not what we get. She was not a strong heroine at all. More whiny and pitiful really. The hero well, he was hurt 8 years ago and can never love again Blah Blah Blah, so sad. Now he is a rogue and not good enough for our sweet Anne!. ugh! This was an annoying storyOkay so there is misun [...]

    2. Connie Fischer

      London England - 1815Lady Anne Arlette Adamson, age 20, has caused her mother much frustration simply because she is not yet betrothed. Anne’s twin sister, Katherine, is happily married to the Duke of Bainbridge. Anne is a lovely young lady with beautiful golden hair. As a highly spirited gal, she is not willing to settle for just any man. She wants to marry a Duke, just as her sister did. She knows that the Duke of Crawford is in the market for a wife. He is extremely wealthy and would surely [...]

    3. Zionasis

      I have a very difficult time reconciling the five-star reviews on with the book that I read. Granted, I don't expect Jane Austen prose and plot in every romance I pick up, but I was charmed enough by two of the author's other works (Once a Wallflower, and Always a Rogue) to give this one a try. Usually a high stickler for grammar and spelling, I have given up expectations of perfection in this world of independent publishing. I'll forgive minor spelling and grammatical errors (soul vs sole) bec [...]

    4. Romantical Skeptic

      Good grief. This book could have been 2 sentences long. Boy and girl like each other. Boy and girl don't get with each other because of totally dumb (invented) conflicts. I just can't anymore

    5. paperysoul

      221117FINALLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY!I'VE FINISHED TO BOOK!GOOD RIDDANCE.Main characters are making me crazy. Due to both always assuming without investigating, both end up miserable over their own STUPIDITY.(view spoiler)[Harry repeatedly told Anne that he will not ever let a lady broke his heart the way his former flame did to him. Anne should have faith in him. However, her insecurity destroyed her sense. When Harry's former lover, Margaret, came back into his life, she thought he would return to [...]

    6. 1CheekyLass

      I was eagerly awaiting the sequel to For the Love of the Duke and within 5 minutes, I immediately knew that Christi Caldwell had done it again--later realized I was somewhat correct. I absolutely loved Anne and Harry from the very beginning. These two had so many pre-conceived notions about each other, quiet frankly, they didn't like each other or so they thought. This is still a very good book but I felt that the conflict/angst factor went on too long.Quick background. Harry was in the first bo [...]

    7. Kiltsandswords

      There was something so comforting about reading this book. It felt like a good friend that you love spending time with. You know their gestures and smile. This book gave me that warm feeling. The book takes place in England in the 1800s among the ton. Although books with time travel and adventures at sea are exciting to read, there is a perfect simplicity about a book that has enough well developed plots to center the story on two characters.Lady Anne has always been seen as ‘perfectly pretty [...]

    8. Mary Ruth (TheReadingRuth)

      I was totally captivated by this book! Christi Caldwell's thorough and unpredictable placing of events had me stuck on the couch reading this gem in one seating! The conversation never bores, the characters are entertaining, and the turn of events will grip you until the end. She was a veritable dessert a man could feast on for the remainder of his days, and just then, he wanted to be that man.Lady Anne Arlette Adamson was a fun character to explore. She was a fearless, sophisticated, and motiva [...]

    9. Jeene Hobbs

      a Pygmalion story with a RogueThis isn't so bad as a 3, but not so good as a 4. I really like Harry, the Earl of Stanhope. He befriended Katherine in book 1 after she left Jasper. They don't act like friends in this story which perplexes me. Harry reminds me of George Easton in The Trouble with Honor by Julia London and Sebastian Malheur in Courtney Milan's The Countess Conspiracy. Sebastian says that there are a wide variety of rogues from true scoundrels to honorable men. Guess where Harry fal [...]

    10. Judy

      More Than a Duke by Christi CaldwellHeart of a Duke Series Book TwoLady Anne Arlette Adamson is the last unmarried sister. Her twin sister, Katherine, found her love match and a duke at that, but he wasn't the “right” duke to make their mother happy. As if anything would make their mother happy. Anne did set her heart on a duke and she just needed help to get his attention. Who better than her sister's rogue friend to teach her how to seduce a man?Harry Falston, the 6th Earl of Stanhope had [...]

    11. Nicole Laverdure

      The Game of Seduction!Christi Caldwell has charmed me again with her 3rd book More Than a Duke, in her Heart of a Duke series. What happens when a naive young lady asks the help of a devilish rogue? In her first book, For Love of a Duke, we followed Katherine's story, now, we will discover the story of her twin sister Anne. And the devilish rogue is Harry, the Earl of Stanhope, whom no woman can resist. Anne is searching for the perfect husband, rich, smart and handsome, but needs help to seduce [...]

    12. April

      An enjoy and satisfying read!#2 in "The Heart of a Duke", but can be read as a stand alone. "More Than a Duke" has witty dialogue, seduction, and romance. It is fast paced with interesting, enduring and engaging characters. The storyline, while, not unique, is intriguing with it's witty banter, it's feeling of betrayal in the past by loved ones, and learning to trust again. I enjoyed the way the author brought the reader along for the ride of seduction but the true seduction was at the end of th [...]

    13. Marielle

      2,5 stars. Reread. At least I started to reread a book I once liked enough to give it 4 stars. I chose this because I wanted a comfort read. Damn.This, for me, at this time in my life and reading experience, is worth 3 stars rounded up. It's mainly a bunch of silliness without any regard to the customs of the period it is set in. One example: a young lady, whose mother is set on propriety, leaves her all alone to receive calls from the most notorious rake alive, who of course kisses her senseles [...]

    14. Molly

      I thought this was great! Man, I felt for Anne. Everyone thought she was just a pretty, vapid and impulsive face treated her accordingly.What I thought was handled really cleverly was the relationship between Katherine (heroine of the last book) and Anne. I loved Katherine so much during the last novel, but became kind of annoyed with her treatment of Anne, who I loved in this book. It was refreshing to see such a complex portrayal of sisterhood in an HR novel. Because, sometimes, being someone' [...]

    15. dathomira

      i kept reading it only though they only did it once at the end for 2 pages? the words 'hot seed' made an appearance. honestly, she is very good at banter and back and forth but its a damn miracle i kept reading despite the NUMBER OF CONTRIVED DRAMATIC MOMENTS, all of which i hated immensely. mediocre at best. :|

    16. LOU71

      More than a Duke is the second book in The Heart of a Duke series which is fifteen books long. This story was more repetitive than the first, had far less romantic moments between the Hero and Heroine, and was full of misunderstandings. For Love of the Duke: 3 stars More than a Duke: 3- stars Lady Anne Adamson is not taken seriously by Society and has the reputation of being a title-grabbing pretty airhead. But, with the charmed pendant hanging around her neck, Anne is determined to marry a resp [...]

    17. Phynchen

      I love it. I bought this book because recommended it and because I have a thing for the victorian London. Everything about that time fascinates me ever since I first read A Great and Terrible Beauty so when I found Christi Caldwell's series I didn't hesitate and bought two books. And I didn't regret it. The storyline is great, the characters are awesome and well created and the way the 19th century England is portrayed just awed me. This is like a Jane Austin love story, you have love, heartbre [...]

    18. JVM

      Repetitive writingI made the mistake of reading a review that pointed out how repetitive Caldwell’s writing is. That she uses the same phrases and objects in all her books. I had not noticed before but now I see that it is true. I will not spoil it by mentioning them but it is hard to not notice after reading a number of her novels. I enjoy her writing (as you can see from the four stars) but wish she could be more original. Not quite sure I will finish this series because of it.

    19. Imina Razzaq

      it was okay her descriptions are repetitive, she has a decent plot but the description is the same she used in the other book. Like where she said he wanted to worship her body. Oh and she said he knew his hair and wasn't feeling him. All the scriptions he had used the Facebook and then some. She knew she loved him more than herself it's a little bit redundant redundant after a while.

    20. Lorraine

      Let’s start all over againYes I know where this book would end but I love getting there. Oh no we’re good romance ends but a good author Texas there through the unimaginable twist and turns let me just like to say yes yes I don’t second thought no not yet not yet just a little bit longer. Enjoy

    21. Marcie Ann Brown

      Good but not as good as the first Good story. Funny, Sweet and Endearing. There were like errors here and there but, easily forgiven up until Henry was said during the marriage ceremony not Harry. That almost made me toss the book back into my Kindle library. What happened?? How did that get mixed?

    22. L S Hardy

      Another fun book This second book in the Heart of a Duke series is every bit as good as the first. I can't wait to read the prequel which tells the story of the elder sister, which is what I plan to do once I finish this review.

    23. Cecily

      I tried to like it. I really did. It's just that the whole 'Hello, notorious rake. Teach me to seduce the chump over there' is a really difficult plotline to pull off without making the two main characters seem really stupid. And Caldwell doesn't. So I bailed

    24. Wendy Jones

      Loved this book more than the first. A convert to the Christi Caldwell Society. Fab characters and heroes you just have to fall in love with. Great set up for the next novel, which I've instantly bought.

    25. Sheila Sharp

      CharmingLoving and lovely characters but a little more action and a little less dialogue would have made it a faster moving story.

    26. Christi Mcnamara

      Great storyThis is one of my favorites! Although I"ve enjoyed the entire series, More than a Duke was funny, and entertaining sweet and romantic!

    27. Nicole Stewart

      This is the first book I've ever read by Christi. Then I didn't know how great all her books are. I loved this book and I recommend it to everyone!

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