Gentle Cage

Gentle Cage Amateur painter Itsuki Hashimoto and up and coming sculptor Masatsugu Tokiwa became friends through their love for art But a few years later family circumstances force Itsuki to cut Tokiwa off of his

  • Title: Gentle Cage
  • Author: You Shiizaki Kumiko Sasaki Bianca Jarvis
  • ISBN: 9781569707128
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gentle Cage

    Amateur painter Itsuki Hashimoto and up and coming sculptor Masatsugu Tokiwa became friends through their love for art But a few years later, family circumstances force Itsuki to cut Tokiwa off of his life Now, Itsuki is living a confined life as the human pet of Yamabe sensei, Tokiwa s former teacher Can Tokiwa help Itsuki break free of his cage

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    One thought on “Gentle Cage

    1. Maverynthia

      (Trigger warning: Talk of rape)This book was just a pile of rape, except for the end.A lot of this book was telling and not showing, that being said Itsuki really didn't do much in the novel at all. It was always "Tokiwa this" and "Tokiwa that". Being a yaoi novel it seems to follow the par for the course of having a high amount of rape. Itsuki never consents to anything, even at the end where it just seems he has because the author has informed us that he was liking it or something.Also the sto [...]

    2. KimberlyRose

      Review originally published at mangaupdates in January, 2010.This is one of my favourite yaoi novels; it has all the typical fantasy elements that I want in a smutty sort of novel that raises the hackles of social workers! LOL! The relationship of the seme and uke includes rage, possessiveness, ownership, angst, and non-conish-conflict all merrily alongside tender, sweet, protective and loving. It accumulates in an ultimate, if socially-unacceptable/unbelievable, happy resolution! The art is ver [...]

    3. Jaime

      My Review: It has to be noted, at least by me, as a writer of m/m romance from a western perspective, that had this book fallen into any romance category but Yaoi, there's a good chance it might never have been published. Tokiwa's 'seduction' if Itsuki is not gentle, and really, not consensual. At least not at first, and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that. Knowing the genre, I'm well aware this is a common trope, but I have reservations about it, nonetheless. Lots of people who love the [...]

    4. Elisa Rolle

      Itsuki and Tokiwa were friend when Tokiwa was still a struggling artist. Even if young and without money, Tokiwa was a proud man and also a persistent one; his interested for Itsuki went beyond friendship and he told so to the boy. He was gently wooing the man when sudden and serious family issue forced Itsuki to accept the proposition of an older artist, Yamabe, to become his personal assistant in all for all, almost a pet for the man to play as he please. Itsuki was forced to stop to seeing To [...]

    5. April Moone

      There was no reason to like either of the main characters. I understand the use and place of non-con in yaoi, however this was just violence for violence's sake. Sure, it was wrong, but I just didn't care. Neither men held enough depth to make me care about anything in the book. A lot of telling and no showing.

    6. Elle

      Yeesh, apparently when I divided my BL novels into two bags and then lost one in a series of moves, the one that stayed was the non-con bag -_-I'm really sick of rape being used as the go-to for angry partners simply because they think their ex has slept with someone else or wouldn't agree if they actually asked. But apparently it's okay as long as it's out of love / possessiveness. Probably the strangest thing about this novel is that another character half-calls Tokiwa out on his behaviour (wh [...]

    7. Kimiko Kotani

      A few years back, Tokiwa agreed to mind a stand at a street market for his friend. Amongst the various offering at the stand stood a small sculpture done by Tokiwa himself, who was surprised when a young art student decided to buy it on impulse. Itsuki dreamed of graduating from his vocational college and becoming an artist and drawn by their mutual love of art, the pair begin to hang out together. Sadly, things began to go bad for Itsuki. His single parent family is riddled with debt; suffering [...]

    8. madamada-chan

      優しい檻 "Gentle Cage" (licensed by June Manga) left me breathless. I just couldn't think of a word right now good enough to describe it. The interactions between the two main characters, as well as supporting characters, were so sensitive and plays gently on the heartstrings like a song softly strummed on a guitar. At the end of reading, I was left sighing in a good way. I guess the part I loved the most was the epilogue, and how it was told not from the main (uke), but the other (seme) lea [...]

    9. Unapologetic_Bookaholic

      3.5 of 5 reallyThe story of Itsuki and Tokiwa was one of the better yaoi romances I have read. Itsuki paints when inspired and Tokiwa is a trained sculptor. When Itsuki disappears one day Tokiwa wants to know what is going on. He inquires and finds out Yamabe-sensei has taken Itsuki to be his personal assistant or better yet his own living doll. Be do with what he pleases. Even rumors of them being lovers does not bother Yamabe. But Itsuki is questioning his decision to work for him.When he gets [...]

    10. Reader17 Der

      Enjoyed reading this story. This is a typical Yaoi novel, but I like reading the Yaoi novel they are fast reads. The book starts out with Itsuki going to Tokiwa house to ask him to come to his employers house to talk to him. Itsuki has a slight accident while there, so he has to stay for a few days. While he is there we find out the story of how Itsuki and Tokiwa meet in college and they become good friends. Tokiwa starts to fall for Itsuki. Itsuki family has some problems and to help with the f [...]

    11. Michalyn

      This book managed to save itself at the very end but I thought for sure it was going to be a 1 star read. The writing wasn't bad; I'm just sick of yaoi novels where cruelty is passed off as kindness or love. Tokiwa mistreated Itsuki so much and yet not only did Itsuki not realize Tokiwa owed him an apology and then some, all he could think of was that he didn't want to inconvenience his partner. Grr. Could have been good if the seme wasn't such a jerk.

    12. Untamed

      I purchased this book some time back, and thankful I did. To me, a book that I can't put down, and must read in one sitting are exceptional. I fell in love with the dynamics between Tokiwa and Itsuki who were always on the path to fall in love, but life interfered. To see the lengths in which Tokiwa took to remain in Itsuki's life was heartwarming, although his way of doing it, was difficult for Itsuki, who never felt worthy of his love because of their past. I loved this novel.

    13. Chelsea

      reading this one was kind of hit and miss. i didn't get to into it wich suprised me since it was about painters and painting.

    14. Brittany Walker (NekosBooks)

      I enjoyed reading this Yaoi novel, but I can't help but think that I would have enjoyed the story line more (and kept up with the time skips better) if it had been in manga form.

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