Stand Still, Stay Silent: Book 1

Stand Still Stay Silent Book Years Has Passed since the great illness and most of the old world has been forgotten and left to the mercy of trolls beasts and giants A small Nordic team of explorers heads out on the first off

  • Title: Stand Still, Stay Silent: Book 1
  • Author: Minna Sundberg
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: Book 1

    90 Years Has Passed since the great illness, and most of the old world has been forgotten and left to the mercy of trolls, beasts and giants A small Nordic team of explorers heads out on the first official research mission.A light hearted journey of friendship and camaraderie, with elements of Nordic mythology and some horror.

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      206 Minna Sundberg
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    One thought on “Stand Still, Stay Silent: Book 1

    1. Andy

      This post apocalyptic story focuses on a band of friends who team up to discover the silent world 90 years after our world ends. It has this intriguing, brilliant mix mash of elements from Nordic mythology, fantasy, mystery, suspense and vile creatures that tend to increase the intensity of the plot even further.Apart from Minna Sundberg's creative imagination in weaving timelines and events seamlessly together, her art is exceptional. Her ability to convey emotions and incorporate intricate det [...]

    2. Liam

      Holy hell. I have a new favourite webcomic.I backed this book ages ago on a random search for publishing on Indiegogo, since then I've refrained from reading the comic so that I could read it (well, the first 280~ pages) in one bash in book form as I much prefer. God, I'm gonna be up til 4 reading the rest of it now.Beautiful art, great unique setting, very funny without losing sight of the seriousness of the world the characters are living in - very good. Also for a crowd-funded book, incredibl [...]

    3. Mitticus

      3.7 nordic felines stars"The First Rule for survival outside of the safe areas: If you come across a Beast, a Troll or a Giant, do not run or call for help but stand still and stay silent. It might go away."—Stand Still, Stay SilentWhere the Nordic Countries will be probably contain the last of human population after the apocalypse or After the Rash plague.This webcomic works the plot in a very, very, slow pace since 2013, but the drawings frequently are in meticulous detail, and really beauti [...]

    4. Heidi

      Extremely slow plot-wise, but I find myself not minding because of the gorgeous art and interesting Nordic world building.

    5. Hackmops

      Amazing webcomic with an unique setting and great atmosphere. Beautiful artwork and it has MAPS. Currently on page 810.

    6. Tamma

      I'm reading this as an ongoing webcomic at sssscomic/comicp - I am addicted. The comments section is also an amazing exception to the internet's general don't read the comments rule. People have good conversations there.The characters are super cute and/or badass, the art is beautiful, the worldbuilding is rooted in Nordic/Finnish folklore/mythology. (I'm into reading outside of the Western-European yawnsies these days.)The characters are from different geographic areas and speak different langu [...]

    7. Kira

      OH HEY THIS IS ON !!!!So this is the first volume (and the only one in print form thus far) of my FAVORITE webcomic. (Which is a big deal, because I read a lot of webcomics). Anyway, if you like stories in post-apocalyptic settings, Scandinavian languages, creepy/sad monsters, and lovable ragtag protagonists who have no idea what they're doingyou should be reading this right now. (Print copies aren't available right now, but you can buy it as an e-book or just read the whole story online at ssss [...]

    8. Lilian

      This is such a gorgeous comic, with a lovely story line. It's available online, but the print edition is also wonderful - a delightfully solid hardback with good quality paper worthy of the art. I'm considering sleeping cuddled up with it tonight

    9. Maggie Gordon

      I am constantly amazed at just how amazing webcomics can be. Stand Still, Stay Silent is about a dystopian future centered on the Nordic countries. There's weird magic and language barriers and beautiful landscapes. Also, terrifying ghost/zombie things that can eat you! Both gorgeously told and expertly illustrated, Sundberg should have publishers banging down her door. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to track down this book as it is a Hiveworks publication, but I would very much recommend given [...]

    10. Anna

      Плюсы: офигенно нарисовано. Скандинавия и Исландия! Уютный (довольно) постапокалипсис. Очень крутая штука с языками - все герои из разных стран. Скандинавы друг друга могут понимать еще кое-как, но многое завязано на непонимании. Минусы: автор дооооолго запрягает.

    11. Becky

      Reread almost as soon as I got in print. Such an exciting setting and winning blend of humor, friendship, and horror.

    12. Dominique Cottrell

      I've been reading this comic since the very beginning- I read the prologue as it was uploaded, I was one of the first to meet the characters, and I was one of the lucky few who contributed to the campaign to print SSSS. There's really only one thing I have to say you can't see for yourself- it's better the second time around. (You didn't think I would end there, would you?) Yes, you can see it for yourself, but I'm going to tell you how amazing SSSS is here anyway. Stand still stay silent is a g [...]

    13. Monika Spancheska

      It's pretty entertaining that I happened to be reading Stand Still, Stay Silent right around the same time I was reading Hinterkind, because these 2 stories are so similar. But, I already reviewed the first volume of Hinterkind, so let's talk about this series. Stand Still, Stay Silent is a web comic series that is as far as I know still ongoing. This is a collected edition of Book 1, published in hardcover, but I read it on the website. Stand Still, Stay Silent is a complicated story to explain [...]

    14. Garidation

      Τι καλό! post apocalyptic, σκανδιναβικό, λίγο μαγεία και ωραία χρώματα. Αρκετά αργή πλοκή, η αλήθεια είναι, και αν το πετύχαινα από την αρχή ώστε να διάβαζα μία μία σελίδα δεν ξέρω αν θα με κρατούσε. Όμως δεν το πέτυχα στην αρχή και έχει για την ώρα άλλες 300 σελίδες το web comic (φαντάζομαι [...]

    15. Sara

      Found this through an NPR blog and read Book 1 plus as much of Book 2 as has been written. I love graphic novels, I love apocalyptic sic fi, I love fantasy, I love cats: this has it all. In addition, the characters are real rather than super heroes and there is an interesting blend of the author’s vision and traditional Scandinavian folklore.I highly recommend this and am only sad that after gorging on almost two years of work in a couple of days, I now have to wait for the release of a few pa [...]

    16. Elavelick

      Me encantaron los tonos que usa y las viñetas.Y obviamente gatitos <3Pero esto es una pequeña GRAN intro. Nunca se supo que pasó con la abuelita del inicio :CNecesito más para encariñarme con los personajes. Seguiré leyendo.

    17. Sylvie Bower

      If you want an adorable, beautiful, and really really interesting comic, this is for you. (Find it online, in all its glory!! Plus it's unfinished so it updates regularly!)

    18. Mikhail

      An absolutely marvelous work, creative, beautiful, and with some of the best characterization I've seen in either comic or book.

    19. Erin

      It's a little hard to write a legitimate review for a story I started out following (and do still follow) as it's being published online in the form of a webcomic. Still, though, I'll give it a shot.ProsThe Artwork: The artwork of this comic is gorgeous, and it was in fact a beautiful illustration that first intrigued me enough to click on a random online ad. Minna Sundberg's illustrations are intricate and detailed, and run the gamut from beautiful to horrifying - often both at once.The Charact [...]

    20. Doreen

      Again, I'm somewhat mystified by why my husband thought this book would be my kind of thing.I mean, it's definitely entertaining! This first volume provides an intriguing set-up: a horrifying virus causes the Scandinavian countries to shut their borders, often violently, against all comers. Ninety years later, a ragtag team is sent out from the "safe zones" into a land filled with monsters (really horribly mutated creatures, some of which were possibly once human) in order to salvage books. Stan [...]

    21. Merenwen Inglorion

      I'm reading the webcomic (site here: sssscomic/indexp?id ), and the physical book has the first five or so chapters, and I'm past chapter 10, so I'm going to count this as readDystopian/apocalyptic with Nordic fantasy elements. How. Can this not. Be epic.The mission: a journey into the Silent Lands to recover bits of the civilization--mainly, books--beyond the borders. The team: slightly spoiled Emil, silent Lalli, cheerful Tuuri, gung-ho (butmetimeswise, when it comes to choosing battlesmetimes [...]

    22. Lumen Mews

      I am so glad I had the opportunity to purchase this printed edition of the web comic series. There's something to be said for the tangible reference book. And that's really what this is more than just a story. Minna creates an intricately detailed world for her readers to get messy and emotional in. I spent immense amounts of time studying her "cheat sheet" pages, where she provides things like etymology & language crossover references, cat usefulness rankings, and maps of the known world, c [...]

    23. Ryu

      Get ready for ambiguously gendered characters with language barriers to go on a trip to the post-apocalyptic 'Silent World'. With very little resources. And a cat. And a tank-- or as I like to call it, the CAT MOBILE. Do you do you see it?It's my favourite webcomic and I'm too emotional to write a review right now. Needless to say, I ship Lalli and Emil. And Onni and Reynir, though that doesn't seem to be as popular as the former. I don't say this very often, but HAVE YOU SEEN THE SEXUAL TENSION [...]

    24. Arp

      Technically I haven't read the book but I've read past it in the webcomic. Ms. Sundberg has crafted a comic of the highest level, with excellent character development, deep & believable world building and a well-paced story that makes me go 'oh shit' over and over. Never thought I'd dig lighthearted magical post-apocalyptic scifi but damn - Ms. Sundberg kills it. Can't recommend this comic highly enough.

    25. Implord Leon

      The approach of the story is unique and fascinating, the characters are likeable, the story is interesting and the writing is as humorous as it is suspensefull.I would recommend this any time.

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