Ed & Marchant

Ed Marchant A Novella in Frankie s Series Ed Winters despises his job and hates everyone he works with especially out and proud happily in love Frankie Mason He spends his days wishing he could dance rather tha

  • Title: Ed & Marchant
  • Author: SueBrown
  • ISBN: 9781632164971
  • Page: 331
  • Format: ebook
  • Ed & Marchant

    A Novella in Frankie s Series Ed Winters despises his job and hates everyone he works with especially out and proud, happily in love Frankie Mason He spends his days wishing he could dance, rather than work Late to go shopping one day, Ed ends up soaked in Marchant Belarus s spilled Coke Ed s humiliation increases when Marchant, the owner of a BDSM club, realizes Ed isA Novella in Frankie s Series Ed Winters despises his job and hates everyone he works with especially out and proud, happily in love Frankie Mason He spends his days wishing he could dance, rather than work Late to go shopping one day, Ed ends up soaked in Marchant Belarus s spilled Coke Ed s humiliation increases when Marchant, the owner of a BDSM club, realizes Ed is a sub, albeit a very closeted one Marchant s attempts to draw Ed out of his shell release years of pent up anger and hurt over the abuse Ed s mother and grandmother heaped on him Marchant is patient, but nothing he does seems to help until he discovers Ed s secret love of dancing a forbidden passion that might be the key to unlocking the confident, secure man Ed could be.

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    One thought on “Ed & Marchant

    1. SheReadsALot

      A Hearts On Fire Review THREE & A HALF HEARTS--Even a repressed, anti-everything sub can find his Master.I haven't read the first book in this series but I was able to follow along. Ed hates everything and everyone, including his flamboyant coworker Frankie. Especially him. Ed pushes everyone away, he exists on sparkling water and spinach salad alone and watched old school dancing movies from the '30's and '40's for fun. He hates himself. He knows everyone else hates him too and he's fine wi [...]

    2. Debra

      This can be read as a standalone but I would suggest reading Frankie & Al first, since Ed was really a villain in that book and you would have a better appreciation for his turnaround in this one. Sue Brown had me feeling for the previously unlikable Ed from the start of this one, explaining his nastiness to Frankie in the first book. An accidental meeting with Marchant over a spilled soda turns Ed's very ordered life around. While there was a bit of insta-love and sub x-ray vision on Marcha [...]

    3. Sara

      I was in a funk. A life funk. A work funk. A reading funk. Just a funk. I needed a book to take me out of it, to make me smile and fall in love and I found it. This is the second book in the Frankie Series and while it could be read as a stand alone, I like knowing who Frankie and Al are when they show up in this one. Speaking of the first book; when I realized Ed Winters would be getting a book, I bet myself how long it would take me to fall in love with him. He wasn't the nicest man in Frankie [...]

    4. Sarah_loves_books

      Another book that's hard to rate. There were a couple of scenes I liked very much, but then there were things I really couldn't understand. Although I see where Ed's dislike of women came from, I still cannot accept such prejudice: not all women were his mother or grandmother. I was very much irritated by Ed's stupidity, although I can hope he changed towards the end. I didn't see enough of that change, though! The story felt rushed towards the end, I think the writer could have done better, mad [...]

    5. Elizabetta

      3.5 stars(Note: This story is the second in a series but works as a stand-alone)Ed isn’t terribly likable when we first meet him. He’s described by a co-worker…“… a 1950s Tory poster boy who disliked women, black people, anyone from the Indian subcontinent, curry, the French, the Irish, dogs… hom-o-sex-uals.”This turns out to be a pretty harsh indictment. It’s really curry and women that Ed has issues with, and the latter because he bats for the other team. But still. He’s an t [...]

    6. multitaskingmomma

      Original Blog Post: Blog Tour, eARC Review, Excerpt & #Giveaway:Ed & Marchant (Book 2 of Frankie's Series) by Sue BrownReview by: multitaskingmommaUgh, why did it have to be Ed for the second installment, I don't know. This man, I absolutely hated but then, author Sue Brown has a reason. Once you've read this one, then you'll know the reasons. Nasty and uber drama galore. Then again, Ed is not really who he seems to be.Ed really has a stick up his I won't say, but then there is always t [...]

    7. Joyfully Jay

      A Joyfully Jay review. 4.5 starsThis is the second book in Sue Brown’s series, following Frankie & Al. I didn’t read the first book, and for the most part, this works really well as a standalone. I did feel, on occasion, that I was missing just a little bit, simply because Frankie plays a big role in this book and I felt like I was missing just a tiny bit of background that would have made this story richer. From the story, I was able to glean that Ed also played a part in the first book [...]

    8. Mary

      I liked this story very much but I thought it ended too soon. Ed was starting to change under Marchant's guidance and I felt the story finished 3/4 of the way through. Because of the ending I didnt get the impression of a HEA, maybe a HFN, which was a shame as I was really enjoying the way Ed and Marchant interacted with each other.

    9. Amazonaute

      a nice fantasy. Someone as damaged as Ed does not get that well that quickly and easily. And can anybody go from zero to 100 in five minutes into the BDSM lifestyle? When they have Ed's particular issues? I enjoyed it anyway, which is due to Sue Brown's abilities as a writer.It was interesting to start with Jordan and Rhys and see Ed later in the story and then go back to read his story.

    10. Colette

      3.5 - I liked this more than I thought I would. Ed had his reasons for being such a bastard and Marchant was just the man to pull him out of his past.

    11. JJ

      My rating 2.5. Ed, a disgruntled and homophobic supervisor, has a chance encounter with Marchant, a dominant younger man who fascinates him. Marchant acts on their immediate attraction and tells Ed that he knows he is a gay submissive. Ed is appalled by Marchant’s accusation and continues to deny that he’s gay. Since Ed’s mother tried to beat the gay out of him as a child, Ed is very negative about his desires, and believes he’s a horrible deviant. Marchant eventually convinces Ed that t [...]

    12. Janette

      If you read Frankie & Al, you'll remember Ed as Frankie's boss. He's a stodgy, stolid, unhappy, immovable guy who's set in his ways and generally no fun to be around. He seems crotchety and unfriendly, the kind of guy who would be demanding, bossy and in control. At least that's the Ed he shows to the world.When Ed first encounters Marchant, I'm amazed. I can't believe how quickly Marchant can read him, how Ed gives up so much with a few unguarded reactions. Marchant quickly turns the tables [...]

    13. Helena Stone

      I received my copy from Dreamspinner Press through Love Romances and MoreBefore I start my review I have to confess to not having read Frankie & Al, the first book in this series. It is quite possible I would have had a tougher time getting to appreciate Ed if I had the earlier book first. As it is, Ed is a very unsympathetic character when we first meet him in this book. And I wouldn’t say he’s suddenly transformed into a ray of sunlight when he meets Marchant. But he does gradually mel [...]

    14. Caroline Brand

      REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEStory 3.5 StarsNarration 3 StarsIt takes a clever author with a clever story to give you such a despicable character as Ed and make you love him by the end of the book. This is short, not often sweet but thoroughly enjoyable.Ed is not a nice person – it’s as simple as that. Or is it?He certainly wasn’t a nice person in book 1 and at the start of this story he is just as bigoted and rude as ever but when he bumps into Marchant, quite literally, what is it tha [...]

    15. Avid Reader

      Ed & Marchant by Sue Brown3.5 starsM/M Romance and BDSM lightTriggers: Abuse -both mental and physicalI was given this story for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads.This story was somewhat hard for me to like. Ed was such a miserable person. In turn, he made everyone else around him miserable. While I understand having trauma in one's past someone mitigates his behavior, it in no way makes up for his dickheadedness. Also, I thought that Marchant, while very alpha, was also somewhat pushy [...]

    16. Monika

      In lieu of writing reviews – I’m taking an extended break – I decided to leave this list showing the reasons for the stars I’ve given to the stories I’ve read. 5 Stars – Given to stories that had me falling in love with the characters, had me so engaged in the plot I couldn’t put the book down and stories that either made me cry buckets and/or laugh until I cried. 4 Stars– Given to stories that I REALLY enjoyed reading but had me wishing for just a bit more. 3 Stars – Given to [...]

    17. Sara

      Every time I read something by Sue Brown it ends with me asking myself, why don't I read more by this author? So far I've only read a couple of novellas, but I've really enjoyed them all and this story about Ed Winters is no exception. It's something about Brown's style I believe that pulls me straight into the story, it feels as if there's not a word too many, as if the style is crisp and maybe not minimalist-ic at least very efficient. Maybe it's only the novellas, but as with the others I hav [...]

    18. Molly Lolly

      Original review on Molly LollyFour and a half stars!Poor Ed! He broke my heart through the whole book. I loved when Ed was finally able to admit he was scared. Marchant knew exactly what Ed needed to finally be able to be happy. I was glad Ed worked out his issues with Frankie and they reached a truce of sorts. I feel like Frankie could become a good friend to Ed if given the chance. The scene towards the end at the dance studio was wonderful. Ed really came alive there. I would love to see Ed a [...]

    19. Pam Kay

      What a wonderful book in the Frankie's Series! This is a nice unexpected twist from the first story. Ed Winters, Frankie's boss, who has been a bigoted, hateful man who is so far in the closet due to his family's abuse, finally has met the one man, Marchant, who knows exactly who he is. gay and submissive. Ed tries everything he can to get away from him, afraid of the world that may release him of the hateful, lonely world that he has made for himself. Marchant is a known DOM who owns a BDSM clu [...]

    20. Claudia

      ***audiobook review***bikebookreviews.bEd was such a horrible person on the first book of this serie, that I was totally sure I wouldn't like him on this one either.But then, here comes Marchant, intruding on the boring, predictable and lonely existence of Ed.It broke my heart to see what Ed faced during his childhood and consequently the reason of all his hate and abuse toward his co-workers, and, well against human being in general.His transformation from a bully to a swnsible and caring perso [...]

    21. 제이홉 ♥

      El libro me encantó. Realmente no sabía que pertenecía a una serie así que simplemente lo leí así, sin más. Pero ahora que lo sé me voy a buscar las demás partes. Cuando comencé a leer, la forma en la que Ed actuaba se me hacía un poco gris, así, triste. A medida que la historia avanzó me di cuenta de cuál era la verdadera razón. Es bastante triste pero, infortunadamente, hay familias que tratan de esa forma a sus hijos sólo por ser gays. El libro me llegó, mucho. Cuando Marchan [...]

    22. Angie

      ~I received a free copy of this book to read for Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review~4 stars M/MFirst off, I have to admit I read this book before reading Frankie & Al. I felt I was missing a little backstory so I instantly read Frankie & Al’s story and then Ed & Marchant made more sense. So I suggest you read the series in order unlike myself. I honestly hated Ed and didn’t think I could ever change my mind about him. Marchant is a saint and a great Dom, he knew [...]

    23. Joanne

      I loved this. It's the deepest story in the Frankie series for background and angst. Ed is a clostest gay man made to feel wrong by his late mother and grandmother. It took a determinted besotted but very patient Marchant help break Ed free from his past. it was like watching a caterpiller turn into a butterfly, just beautiful. I did feel that it had the potential to be a longer story though as quite a lot of Ed's transformation is off the page. Thats the only reason its not a five star from me. [...]

    24. Diverse

      It takes a talented writer to make a hated character into a loved one. Ed was NOT my favorite in Frankie and Al and I didn't imagine ever EVER liking him. Until today. I don't know if Sue sprinkles herself daily with glitter awesome or what but she did it. She made be go from hate to love. I'm sure Marchant has a lot to do with it but he is her muse so she gets credit. This was hot, sexy, and sweet and just a fabulous addition to this series! Great read!

    25. Marinieves Cordero

      Ed & Marchant is a beautiful story of learning how to trust and changing Ed needed to be himself but years of suffering made him bitter. Marchant saw in Ed who he really was and what he needed Making this book a great way to feel free to understand the differences between good and bad And the right to feel free to live d to love.

    26. Rachel Emily

      Ohhh EdI'm so glad we got to know more about him and what made him such a bad guy in Frankie's story. And he's not a bad guyHe just had a horrible childhood, that's for sure. And I really enjoyed him with Marchant and how Ed slowly became who he was meant to be. I almost wish there had been more to this since Ed has such a long way to go, but this was still fun!

    27. Andrea

      Normally I love Sue Brown's work but the timeline seems condensed, with necessary sections not included, and exaggerated characters - almost like working with a page count limit that didn't fit the story.

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