Only My Love

Only My Love New York City newspaperwoman Mary Michael Dennehy is abducted during a train robbery carried off by one of the gang members Ethan Stone who claims she s his estranged wife Ethan an undercover fede

  • Title: Only My Love
  • Author: Jo Goodman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Only My Love

    New York City newspaperwoman Mary Michael Dennehy is abducted during a train robbery, carried off by one of the gang members, Ethan Stone, who claims she s his estranged wife Ethan, an undercover federal marshal, will do anything to protect Mary s true identity But when the gang is finally brought to justice and Mary bolts, Ethan can t seem to get the feisty reporter outNew York City newspaperwoman Mary Michael Dennehy is abducted during a train robbery, carried off by one of the gang members, Ethan Stone, who claims she s his estranged wife Ethan, an undercover federal marshal, will do anything to protect Mary s true identity But when the gang is finally brought to justice and Mary bolts, Ethan can t seem to get the feisty reporter out of his dreams Overjoyed to be back in New York with the story of a lifetime, Mary comes face to face with the gang s cunning leader who has escaped federal custody Now Mary can only hope that the man who once attempted to save her will try again Previously Titled Wild Sweet Ecstasy

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      487 Jo Goodman
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    One thought on “Only My Love

    1. Maria Clara

      La verdad es que me ha gustado mucho más de lo que esperaba. No sé, últimamente había dejado de leer novela romántica historica porque me parecía más de lo mismo; siempre la misma historia solo que con algunas variantes. Pues bien, este libro me ha sacado de mi estupor literariojajaja. No puedo afirmar que sea "original", pues sólo he leído otra novela ambientada en el oeste americano, pero sí que sus personajes son carismáticos y que el ritmo de la novela no decae en ningún momento. [...]

    2. Mara

      I can't understand how this author could write such a boring, flat book. I don't really know her, but Jo Goodman is quite a name in the romance industry. But if I have to judge from this novel, I wouldn't give her books a dime. There's not an ounce of meat to this romance, or plot either. We are presented in the prologue with a powerful heroine: imagine the end of the XIX century, the world is changing, women are doing their first foray into the world as professionals. We have a woman journalist [...]

    3. Zoe

      This book is typical of Jo Goodman. If you do not like her style, this book would be boring. I liked it but did not love it. If I liked the heroine better, this would have been a better read. The series begins with Mary Michael Dennehy. Who is one of the 5 Dennehy sisters. They were bastard daughters of a wealthy New York businessman. All of the Dennehy sisters are Marys, hence the questionable choice of middle names. Heroine of the book is Michael. She was an aspiring journalist who dreamed of [...]

    4. CJ - It's only a Paper Moon

      Meh2.4 stars and the .4 is only because I like Jo Goodman.I don't know what happened in this book though. Michael was a disappointing & annoying heroine, Ethan - while slightly more sympathetic - had potential that went nowhere. And the ending? The ending was unneccessarily drawn out.There are better Historical "Wild West" romances to read, hell there are better Jo Goodman's to read. Skip this if you can. If you can't, well, it's not bad but it surely isn't great. If you aren't overcome with [...]

    5. Robin

      It was plain luck that Mary Michael Dennehy wasn't killed when her train was stopped by a group of train robbers. She was also lucky that one of the desperadoes, Ethan Stone, knocked her out before she could tell them that she was a reporter. When she came to, Ethan had told his friends that she was his wife and would be traveling with them. Not knowing why Ethan is protecting her, Michael plans her escape.This book, along with the other books in the Dennehy Sisters series, has been in my TBR pi [...]

    6. Maryori

      Me gustan los western, y los romances históricos así que éste me ha caído como delCielo, muy buena trama, grandes intrigas, lo recomiendo para pasar 1 o 2 días de sana distracción :)

    7. Keri

      Really liked this one and glad a decided to pick this up. It has been on my TBR for awhile. I am going to pick up the rest of the Dennehy's sisters stories.

    8. Apricity

      "Don't look so worried, honey." Kitty said consolingly. "He'll pay. At least until he tires of you. And the way he had you screamin' last night, it don't seem like an arrangement either one of you is goin' to quit soon." Michael was beginning to believe her scream the night before wasn't quite the rebel yell that Ethan had described it. "Just listenin' to you got Happy all hot again. I made a tidy fortune last night." She giggled. "He couldn't get enough of me." Michael was also revising her opi [...]

    9. Jill Dunlop

      Mary Michael Dennehy who goes by the name of Michael, is a woman in a man's world. She dreams of being a reporter for a big newspaper. She is one of the few women with a college education, but most men still view her as inferior and she is bound and determined to change their opinions. Ethan Stone is working undercover infiltrating a gang of thieves who have managed to rob a series of trains. On one train heist he recognizes Michael as the stubborn woman in the newsroom. He can't have her blowin [...]

    10. M.

      I struggled with this book. Firstly, I struggled with the writing style: I found the prologue quite tough to get through and the storyline hard to latch onto. Then, as the plot unfolded, the story became rather rough: violence, through-and-through evil people - even though these are 'standard' elements in books like these, somehow they seemed heavier to me in this story. SPOILER ALERT. Near the end of the book, after the elementary life-threatening situation being resolved, hero and heroine went [...]

    11. Tia

      "Only My Love" is a western romance of Micheal a reporter traveling with her fellow reporters on a train that gets robbed by Ethan and cohorts , and gets kidnapped in the process. Ethan is an undercover federal Marshall that is posing as an explosives expert in order to catch the robbers. In order to keep his identity a secret he keeps Michael in the dark about who he is in hopes that he can keep them from killing her. Sparks between the two of them make it hard to keep away from one another, bu [...]

    12. Cecily

      I really liked the set-up of the story because it allowed the action for much of the book to be very focused on the saloon and the idea of surveillance and subterfuge and watchfulness. It builds an unusual level of seriousness and intensity around the characters and their mutual suspicions that was really very interesting, and caught my attention as a reader. So when the action moves to another, much more urban and busy setting in the last quarter of the book there is the sense that the reader i [...]

    13. Linda Walters

      Mary or Michael as she's nicknamed in this story is a woman with an education and she's been working in a man's world. Bute sure didn't seem to have much when it came to being street smart. She irritated me more than once when she was was bold with her words but just couldn't seem to understand what danger she really was in. Smart woman but some really stupid actions. And they don't just put her in danger. It was before I got to 40% of the story when I wasn't sure whether I could finish the book [...]

    14. Teresa

      This book was just okay for me. I started this series in the middle, so thought I'd better backtrack to the first in the series. I didn't mind Ethan at all. Of course I figured out what he was doing running around with train robbers and murderers. I had a hard time liking Michael (Mary Michael) though. I liked what she stood for as far as women's rights and the whole "anything you can do, I can do too". Always good to see a strong, but feminine, heroine in a story. But, sometimes she came across [...]

    15. Lauren

      While on a train reporter, Mary Michael Dennehy, is caught in the middle of a robbery. Little did she know that she had met one of the robbers before and to keep her from getting killed for being a reporter he makes up a story that they had once been married. Ethan Stone did not expect to see the woman reporter again, he is on a mission of his own and to get them both out of it he forces her to pretend.There were certain parts that I really did not like about Michael, for being such a smart woma [...]

    16. Chantelle Larson

      What did I think? I think my 3 star rating was more then generous. 2.5 might've been more accurate. For a romance book this fell mostly shy of expectations, there were some interesting concepts and entertaining interludes but overall I felt it was drawn out and unnescessarily slow moving (especially the ending, giant yawn!). I was semi-disappointed by the heroine with her childlike tantrums and actions(not that they weren't entertaining) I was intrigued and felt more promise with our strapping h [...]

    17. Seema

      It started of really well with an interesting heroine who is a journalist and a U.S. Marshall pretending to be in a gang of robbers in order to catch them. The heroine gets caught during a heist and the hero kidnaps her and pretends she is his wife in order to protect her. It was very interesting in parts and then the story kind of dragged on and on with the introduction of other characters in the series. There seemed to be a total disconnect between hero and heroine at times. Good writing as us [...]

    18. Wendy Tavenner

      Love Jo Goodmans writing!!! Michael just wants to be accepted as a reporter and Logan knows she'll be one of the best but this is a mans world!!! (Mary) Michael is on a cross country assignment with her fellow Chronical reports when the train is held up. She is kidnapped and her fellow reporters killed. Unknownst to her but Ethan who claims she is his wife is actually a undercover Federal Marshall, who is trying to brimng in the gang and the one responsible to giving them information. A great st [...]

    19. Wendy

      It had been a while since I had read one of Ms. Goodman's books, and I did receive this one free as part of a prize package, but what a wonderful gift I received. This book was rich with wonderful descriptions and smart, sassy characters. It made me remember why I loved her books previously and would search for them whenever I would make my trips to the used bookstores. Will definitely be looking for the others in this series. Thank you Ms. Goodman for this wonderful prize = you have a wonderful [...]

    20. Sarah

      I received this book as a free gift at an event. I've previously never read anything by Jo Goodman, so I didn't know what to expect. This book had a bit of suspense, a whole lot of sexual tension and a naughty cowboy. Not generally my cup of tea, but I really enjoyed this book! It's a quick read and I plan on reading the second book in this series.

    21. Karen

      Interestingly enough story. The main characters had unexpected backgrounds, plenty of action with train robbers, abduction & a proper miss becoming a saloon girl. I just felt emotionally detached so didn't enjoy as much of some of the other works I've read by Jo Goodman.

    22. Barbara Watts

      Mary Michael Dennehy is a reporter who is kidnaped during a train robbery, Ethan Stone an undercover federal marshal says she is his wife.Mary comes back to New York but the leader of the gang has escaped from custody and found her. Will Ethan be able to keep her safe? I was gifted a copy for an honest review barwatts@telus

    23. Denise

      4 1/2 stars, The conclusion of this story dragged a bit for me to give it a 5 star rating. It just didn't wrap up smooth enough for me.That aside, it had a great story line with action, suspense and a great romance.

    24. Louiseann Walter

      AwesomeOnly rated a four star because it left too many gaps in the story line where you had to assume what has happened

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