Reduced Fiction or prediction A devastating biological agent is about to be released to be tested in remote areas Rumor has it though that there is to this than meets the eye One group makes plans to hide

  • Title: Reduced
  • Author: Robin Tidwell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 141
  • Format: None
  • Reduced

    Fiction or prediction A devastating biological agent is about to be released, to be tested in remote areas Rumor has it, though, that there is to this than meets the eye One group makes plans to hide out, and survive, in case that rumor proves to be truth Meeting at an abandoned summer camp near St Louis, Missouri, a dozen old friends gather after the alarm is raiFiction or prediction A devastating biological agent is about to be released, to be tested in remote areas Rumor has it, though, that there is to this than meets the eye One group makes plans to hide out, and survive, in case that rumor proves to be truth Meeting at an abandoned summer camp near St Louis, Missouri, a dozen old friends gather after the alarm is raised.Life becomes precious, tenuous, as time passes Government controls tighten, people are herded into the city or killed Towns are obliterated And soon, the enemy agenda becomes obvious.Abby, like the rest, has special skills each member of the group was chosen not only because of past ties, but also for their unique training and abilities She will come face to face with death, bear the responsibility for a young girl, and endure the severing of childhood relationships in the most terrible way imaginable.From mere concealment to reconnaissance to aiding a rebellion, where will it end Will the entire region be decimated, and who will be left alive to know

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    One thought on “Reduced

    1. Bart Bart

      I'm a big fan of "what if" books, and REDUCED delivers. The bleak landscape that confronts the survivors and their will to live, battling the unknown and even more frightening, the known (I don't want to give things away) is palatable and heart wrenching. Robin Tidwell builds in wonderful relationships, a human side of survival which makes us care that much more. This is a breath-holding drama with moments of darkness and pathos yet these are characters we care about and want to see pull through [...]

    2. Mike

      THIS IS NOT A FIVE STAR STORY!It is not a question of taste, subject or genre. In the same way as a list of ingredients is not a tasty dish without being mixed in correct quantities and proportions before being cooked in a relatively precise manner, a story requires similar attention. This cook has not served a full apprenticeship. 'Reduced' is NOT a story.A story requires an overall shape, tension, conflict, character development, internal logic etcc. Endless descriptions of sharpening knives, [...]

    3. Andrea Hutchinson

      From the very first paragraph I was invested in the characters.Like another reviewer stated dystopian fiction is all the rage; and Robin Tidwell finally delivers one for the thinking adult.Quickly the reader becomes apart of the group, because this could happen. The plot, as well as the antagonists, are believable and Robin doesn't wander off into fantasy. Even as Jules enters the picture the mother in me knew that in a post apocalyptic world the children would learn survival skills instead of c [...]

    4. Paul

      Not bad, not bad at all.OK, maybe not a full 4-star, but more than a 3.5, so lets round it out to 4.A few little hickups, such as missing words and a few typos, but the story itself was good.Good setup, good premise, good charaterisationill what happens at the end of the world? why, you go camping of course :-)and if all else fail go back to living in caves.95% of the population is "exterminated" from the face of the earth but money still works doesn't that mean that the government in place actu [...]

    5. T.W. Fendley

      THE ROAD meets EBOLA in this chillingly believable dystopian. I finished reading Robin Tidwell's debut novel the day after I bought it at her launch party. Yep, it was that hard to put down.Recently I've enjoyed reading a number of young adult dystopian novels, but REDUCED moved away from teenage romantic tropes into a deeper exploration of mature friendship and love after a manmade cataclysm destroys society as we know it. Robin has an amazing feel for the Missouri backwoods, which she puts to [...]

    6. Paula

      Let me start by saying this was a really good story. Tidwell had an exceptional idea for a book when this started. However, that is where it ends. The book is not well written, or edited. Typos, missing words, and a few grammar issues. I'm not sure who is to blame for either. I just kept thinking if she (and a good editor) had taken more time or had been more thoughtful in the process, this could have been really, really good. It read--to me--like the rough draft of her book instead of the finis [...]

    7. Charlotte Howard

      Dystopian fiction isn't my usual genre, but even so I really enjoyed reading Reduced. It was well written, with a solid storyline that was easy to follow. The characters were realistic, and readers can find themselves getting truly invested in their lives.I read this book in 2 days, because I literally could not put it down. Looking forward to the next one!!

    8. Dennis

      Loved the book, very well written. Makes you think how things could happen on the present track the government is currently on. It also demonstrates the human spirit's ability to survive.

    9. chucklesthescot

      I really wasn't impressed with this story at all. I'm obviously not seeing what other reviewers saw in this and I was very disappointed with what I read.We jump into the plot where some kind of virus is infecting and killing people and our hero MC Abby is running from it, trying to get to a safe place where she will be meeting a collection of friends. It's not exactly clear what the virus is, how it spreads, what it does to the people who are infected, how it started fact, in the opening part of [...]

    10. Shannon Yarbrough

      While there's no lack of dystopian fiction these days, on the bookshelves and on television, thanks to the recent zombie craze, Myan predictions, and end-of-the-world scenarios playing out across all forms of media, most of these creative outlets focus on the horrors of the "what-if's." From flesh eating bacteria to alien invasions, extreme weather to civil unrest, our fears are usually taken to the extreme.Robin Tidwell's first novel, Reduced, takes us in the opposite direction. Just as the tit [...]

    11. Jamie West

      Reduced has no story arc; neither does it have plot or character development.At the beginning of the book I thought the author was being scanty with the details and backstory to suck the reader in, but at the end of the book, I was almost as in the dark about what was going on, who the characters were, and their relationship to each other as I was when the book started. The writing was also poor--including grammar mistakes and randomly switching from one point of view to another. The pacing was [...]

    12. Keri

      Pretty decent apocalyptic story, a popular genre these days. No zombies,just a killer virus, a shadowy pseudo government, and Orwellian manipulations of the remaining population. Abby is one of a group who have been preparing for the time they know will come, when the virus has wiped out most of the world and the new army will come for the rest. They flee the city and head, literally, for the hills. It's a life of hardship, survival and perpetual danger, long after the virus has largely spun its [...]

    13. Cheri Meyer

      Reduced is a fictitious but eerily plausible account of what can happen when government becomes way to powerful. Strong bonds were forged out of necessity and common people were forced to work together or die. That was my favorite part of the book. I like seeing regular people rising to the occasion even when they feel they can't. The book started out a little slow and I would have liked to know more about each characters' background but by the end the pace had picked up considerably and the end [...]

    14. Jackie

      Held my interest with the totally believable plot, however, I do think the book could use a little more editing. There were parts that seemed to come out of nowhere. It does leaves you hanging in order to "sequel" but no worry, books 2 & 3 are out. Really enjoyed the St. Louis locations. This book may be a prediction

    15. Chickadee

      loved the story idea but it was so poorly written I couldn't read past page 48. I don't know if her intended audience was adults or young adults but I felt like the writing was aimed at middle schoolers. The potential is there but the author needs a mentor or a group who will read her writing and be brutally honest.

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