Time Stops for No Mouse

Time Stops for No Mouse Hardcover Fiction

  • Title: Time Stops for No Mouse
  • Author: Michael Hoeye
  • ISBN: 9780399238789
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Time Stops for No Mouse

    Hardcover Fiction

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      427 Michael Hoeye
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    One thought on “Time Stops for No Mouse

    1. Ilana Waters

      Oh. My. God. Words cannot describe how much I loved this book. Which is kind of pathetic, since I'm a writer. ;-P And for someone who doesn't read mysteries, if you can get me interested in one, you know it's good!Michael Hoeye's work is an example of world-building at its best. In a realm like-our-own-and-yet-not, his plot is immediately engaging. The adult characters in the book, sly humor, and universal themes (such as "what is real beauty?") will make this a fun read for grown-ups as well as [...]

    2. Julie

      It’s difficult to write a positive review about a book that had me thinking about stopping through the entire first half. Most of my dislike focused on the too-cute outlandish names and the too-detailed narratives of the main character’s daily routine. However, about halfway through I got interested in the mystery, and after that it was a quick read. It certainly helped that there was a lot more action so there were fewer painfully slow descriptions of Hermux’s meals and clothing. Hermux [...]

    3. Johanna

      A nice read, a pretty complex mystery for what is actually a children’s book, so much so, I did get confused at times. It’s the first in a series but I think I’ll just stick with this read.

    4. Erika

      The cover of this book caught my eye from the very first moment I laid my eyes on it. For me the cover is selling as much as the resume on the back. And I did bring this book and the two others in the serie with me home from the library.It is now three years since I read the book, and I've grown older and wiser since then. Therefore I can only give this book two stars. The plot was good. And exicting too, but when you consider my age at that point, which was 14, it did really match my way of thi [...]

    5. Greta Franke

      A friend told me that this book was very peculiar but I decided to read it anyway. The beginning was moderate, but the ending was phenomenal. A+ book!

    6. Bookguide

      Dit vond ik een erg leuk boek voor kinderen vanaf een jaar of 10. Alle personages zijn dieren, het merendeel muizen, ratten, hamsters en mollen, maar ze gedragen zich net als mensen. De namen zijn heel ingewikkeld, en in het begin vond ik het moeilijk iedereen uit elkaar te houden. Ik hield een lijst bij, met de bedoeling de Engelse namen op te zoeken. Dat deed ik pas aan het eind van het boek, en wat bleek? Ze zijn bijna allemaal min of meer hetzelfde in het Engels. Er was wel één naam waar i [...]

    7. Alma Q

      Turned out this book is not very re-readable, so I'm lowering my rating.Hoeye has come up with an intriquing premise (mice, you say? Of course they're not as boring as we have thought!). Sadly that impression only lasts as long as a few pages from the start, because these characters are not mice, in much the same way Erin Hunter's animal characters are not cats or dogs.It's possible that I'm simply setting the bar too high after reading about these rabbity rabbits, but I like these kinds of char [...]

    8. JG (The Introverted Reader)

      Hermux Tantamoq is a quiet, rather shy watchmaker who just happens to be a mouse. His world is turned upside down when the lovely Linka Perflinger walks into his shop and asks him to repair her watch. She never returns to pick it up, even though it seemed to be important to her. When a suspicious-looking rat comes in asking for it, Hermux knows Miss Perflinger must be caught up in something dangerous. He sets out to find her and save the day.I liked Hermux a lot. I think he and I would get along [...]

    9. Ashley

      Michael Hoeye brings us a whimsical tale of one daring mouse's adventure in book one of the Hermux Tantamoq series. In Time Stops for no Mouse, we journey to the booming metropolis of Pinchester, where resident watchmaker Hermux Tantamoq lives out his live in peaceful seclusion. While he occasionally deals with the major repair or his eccentric neighbor, he is usually able to keep a low profile. It should then come as no surprise that he falls head-over-tail for daring aviatrix Linka Perflinger, [...]

    10. Mike

      I guess I can't resist another mouse tale. Hermux Tantamoq is a mild-mannered work-a-day mouse who lives a quiet life working in his watch repair shop. Despite his apparent averageness, he has an extraordinary sense of optimism. When an exotic and beautiful aviatrix (you gotta love that word) drops off a mess of a watch, Hermux is smitten. He dutifully repairs her watch in a timely manner (nudge-nudge). But when she neglects to pick up the watch, Hermux begins to worry. He becomes especially sus [...]

    11. Paul

      It's been quite a while since I read this book so I can't really say much about it. I didn't really like it when I read it, though. The main reason why I didn't really like the book much was because I didn't get why the characters had to be mice. This won't seem like a big deal to most people but it seemed to me that the characters could have been humans and everything else would have stayed exactly the same. Well, almost everything else. At one point I decided that the characters could just be [...]

    12. Rachel

      I quite liked this book. The story is really good, and though at some points it had me a little lost and confused (character names, conversations etc), I always managed to find my way back. The characters are cute, especially the watch-maker. Conspiracy in the beauty industry! It packs quite a few laughs, so I'd recommend this to someone who needs mild amusement.----Reading this months, maybe years later, I've changed my mind. Bit undeserving of the 4 stars I gave it, so I'm giving it 3 instead. [...]

    13. Kate Coen

      I adored reading about Hermux. The Hermux Tantamoq Adventures were some of the only books that I read to my younger brother that actually held his interest. The writing style is very engaging and the characters are fantastic. While there are definite lessons learned, the books aren't at all 'preachy' or boring. My brother used to get so excited for the next chapter, he would make necklaces with letter beads (his was Hermux, mine was Tucka). I would recommend this book, as well as the rest of the [...]

    14. Jennifer A.M.

      This is a fabulous series for young readers. I read them as an adult, but thoroughly enjoyed the humor and the detail put into these books. A great read alound series. The main character is Hermux Tantamoq, a watchmaker, who gets sucked into these fantastic adventures along with his lady mouse love (did I mention he is a mouse) and a plethera of other rodent type creatures. They solve mysteries and crimes and there is always a happy ending. I am looking forward to the next in the series which is [...]

    15. Camilla Severns

      I had no idea this was a series. Dang. I've got to read the rest. I read this book years ago in high school, and it's one of those that I think of from time to time. It was a really interesting read in my opinion. Great descriptions, big adventures, fully rounded charaters, an overall good book.

    16. Dietrich

      This fur-raising crime drama is worth any young reader's time. Michale Hoeye's "Time Stops for No Mouse", is a surprising take on the familiar form of a mystery novel. The nearly normal life of a modest mouse, Hermux Tantamoq, acts as a counter balance to the dangerous and bizarre events that surround him. With beautiful detail, the fictional city of Pinchester comes alive through the eyes of a quite young watchmaker and his pet ladybug. But as the mysterious disappearance of a famous research s [...]

    17. Emma

      I was given this book for my birthday when I was about ten. At that point, I loved this book and was so disappointed that my local library didn't have the rest of the series. I stumbled across the rest of the series at the library where I currently work, so I decided to re-read this one and continue with the series.Unfortunately, the rose-colored glasses of the past seem to have been particularly strong in this case. I remember loving the quaint names and the way the characters acted was memorab [...]

    18. Dotty

      I enjoyed this one, but I did have to push through in the beginning third of the book. You know almost from the outset who the "damsel in distress" will be and you're already to cheer on the hero, when the plot takes a side trail. Ultimately you can see where the side trail leads but it wasn't quite as riveting as the beginning of the book.Book Talk: Linka Perflinger waltzed into Hermux Tantamoq’ watch repair shop. She left her watch for repair and stole his heart. Hermux knows how to fix the [...]

    19. Julie

      Not sure how I ended up with this book, found it shelved in the adult section, but really it would've been something I'd have read aloud to my kids. was quite sweet with all the various charactersI enjoyed recalling all the time spent reading with the kids! and in particular, this reminded me of the Redwall series with the animals (but totally different time period and environment)Recommend it to a family that enjoys reading aloud together, and great adventures! (not for the very young though)

    20. Richard Legault

      This book is utterly charming. The main character is Hermux, a mouse watchmaker, whose structured life is turned upside down when a compelling stranger visits his shop. The descriptions of the social scene and characters in Pinchester are entertaining, and sometime hilarious. His wistful musings about the adventure he finds himself involved in are poignant. It is intended for younger readers, so don't expect the level of complexity you would find with Agatha Christie.

    21. BookBec

      I thought about two stars, but I couldn't bring myself to say "it was okay." It was painfully overdone and by no means comparable to classics, as the jacket blurbs promised. It veered from too mature to quite young. I finished only because it was a quick read, due to its young target audience. On the other hand, children who are passionate readers and huge fans of small animals could quite possibly enjoy this book.

    22. Chance

      This book is a amaizing book that tells the story of a mouse that works as a watch maker that then falls in love with another mouse that has no clue on where she went and goes looking for her and gets trapped then saves the mouse and notices they are in a relationship and goes home to his ladybug pet.

    23. Talitha Coelho

      Time Stops For No mouse, is a very cute story in the world of mice. Hermux is a very ordinary mouse with a big heart and a good sense of bravery. I enjoyed the plot and the characters. However I that the rest of the time, I was immersed in overly descriptive chapters regarding the clocks and watches he fixed. Without all of the descriptions I felt it would of been a very good story.

    24. Jessica

      Very exciting and funny. Has comedy and humor. All levels of humor are included if you read into it. Even a little romance with mouse to mouse.

    25. Alexis Drake

      4,5/5Hermux Tantamoq, professione orologiaio. Linka Perflinger, professione avventuriera e scavezzacollo. Tucka Mertslin, regina della cosmesi.Cosa hanno in comune questi tre personaggi? Una storia e… il fatto che non sono umani, ma topi.Il tempo non si ferma per i topi è un romanzo per ragazzini in cui si mischiano molto agevolmente avventura, brivido e suspense, in una storia in cui gli umani, per una volta, non c’entrano niente.La cittadina di Pinchester infatti ospita rispettabili topi, [...]

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