The Beekeeper's Ball

The Beekeeper s Ball New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs returns to sun drenched Bella Vista where the land s bounty yields a rich harvest and family secrets that have long been buried Isabel Johansen a cele

  • Title: The Beekeeper's Ball
  • Author: Susan Wiggs
  • ISBN: 9780778316992
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Beekeeper's Ball

    1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs returns to sun drenched Bella Vista, where the land s bounty yields a rich harvest and family secrets that have long been buried Isabel Johansen, a celebrated chef who grew up in the sleepy Sonoma town of Archangel, is transforming her childhood home into a destination cooking school a unique place for other dreamers to com 1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs returns to sun drenched Bella Vista, where the land s bounty yields a rich harvest and family secrets that have long been buried Isabel Johansen, a celebrated chef who grew up in the sleepy Sonoma town of Archangel, is transforming her childhood home into a destination cooking school a unique place for other dreamers to come and learn the culinary arts Bella Vista s rambling mission style hacienda, with its working apple orchards, bountiful gardens and beehives, is the idyllic venue for Isabel s project and the perfect place for her to forget the past But Isabel s carefully ordered plans begin to go awry when swaggering, war torn journalist Cormac O Neill arrives to dig up old history He s always been better at exposing the lives of others than showing his own closely guarded heart, but the pleasures of small town life and the searing sensuality of Isabel s kitchen coax him into revealing a few truths of his own The dreamy sweetness of summer is the perfect time of year for a grand family wedding and the enchanting Beekeeper s Ball, bringing emotions to a head in a story where the past and present collide to create an unexpected new future From one of the best observers of stories of the heart Salem Statesman Journal , The Beekeeper s Ball is an exquisite and richly imagined novel of the secrets that keep us from finding our way, the ties binding us to family and home, and the indelible imprint love can make on the human heart.

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      415 Susan Wiggs
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    One thought on “The Beekeeper's Ball

    1. Cora

      Well, I thought this was pretty terrible. I have read Susan Wiggs before, and was mildly entertained, but this one kind of read like she wrote it in her sleep. I don't read a lot of romance novels, but when I do, I pick them not for the rugged handsomeness of their heroes, but usually for the professions of the heroines (examples: antique dealers, home renovators, cooks, farmers, booksellers - you get the idea), so when I read the blurb on this one I thought, "Jackpot! She's starting a cooking s [...]

    2. Gerri Sutter-Lauzon

      I just finished this book after starting it yesterday. I had a hard time putting it down so I could get some sleep last night. I loved this book. It was a tender, gentle love story about an interesting family. Isobel and Mac are the main characters. She's a homebody, close to her grandfather and living in the family fruit farm in California that is in the process of being renovated into a bed and breakfast/cooking school (Isobel's passion). Mac is a well known author, there to write her grandfat [...]

    3. Laura (Kyahgirl)

      3.5/5; 4 stars; B+Susan Wiggs is a talented writer and I enjoyed this slow paced study of a family through several decades. I thought the back story of the elder people during the war was as interesting or even more so than the present day story. I can see this won't be everyone but for me it met that need to read about family, friends, community and all the best things about being human. The narrator, Christina Traister, did an excellent job.

    4. Marti

      Susan Wiggs has brought us back to the delightful Bella Vista in her newest novel The Beekeeper’s Ball. It is another book that highlights the love of unconventional families and the love that can be found. This time the story is focused on Isabel and her dream of starting a kitchen school. However her dreams are added to the list of things to do while preparing for her sister’s wedding, finding a beekeeper, saving a famous writer Cormac O'Neill from dying from bee stings, and hearing the st [...]

    5. Judy Collins

      I enjoyed Susan’s “The Apple Orchard” (Bella Vista Chronicles, #1), and was delighted to receive an advanced reading copy of “The Beekeeper's Ball” (Bella Vista Chronicles #2), as a continuation of thirty year old Isabel, as she transforms her childhood home (Bella Vista), a gathering place for friends and family, for reunions and celebrations. In addition her dreams, the Bella Vista Cooking School—a unique place for other dreamers to come, and learn the culinary arts—all while she [...]

    6. Dale Harcombe

      Having read the Apple Orchard, which I suggest you read first, this novel brings us back to Bella Vista and some of the same characters. This time the main character is Isabel who was my favourite character in the Apple Orchard. So I was interested to read more about her and she did not disappoint. She is not only setting up a cooking school at Bella Vista and organising the wedding of her half sister Tess, but she is also involved with bee keeping and producing honey. Into Bella Vista comes Cor [...]

    7. Elvan

      Chick Lite at its lightest. There are snippets of the Danish war resistance seen in The Apple Orchard but mostly we follow Isabella's story. She is opening a culinary school at Bella Vista, hiring a new beekeeper to manage her growing honey industry, planning the food for her sister Tess's upcoming wedding and doing her best to avoid Cormac O'Neil, a feature writing journalist hired to write her grandfather's life story.If you love all things honey related and recipes in your novels this is the [...]

    8. Michelle

      I love this series. Although I do have a few tiffs with this book, I still gave it 5 stars. It is a wonderful story that weaves back between the grandfather's experience in occupied Denmark and Isabella's struggle to find love.My tiffs with the book1. Dominic is completely missing from this book. I think he has about 4 conversation lines right before the bridal shower. Other than that, he is mentioned in name, and in passing.2. His children are also absent, which shocked me since they did spend [...]

    9. Dee

      Two-haiku review:He's to write bioOf her grandfather's war talesCan she let him in?Best read first book firstMore history than romanceBook felt unfinished

    10. Jan Blooth

      I liked The Apple Orchard. It read much smoother than this one and the love story was sweet, plus I flt as if I were getting my money's worth in that story. This love story felt so silly, and Mac's character was more girly than manly. I had issues with the other characters, too. On the whole, Beekeeper's Ball felt very choppy, as if scenes were missing. The writing was very young, like I was reading my 10 year old's book report. Lots of errors and things that didn't make sense after book one. I [...]

    11. Book of Secrets ☘

      It’s wonderful to visit Archangel again! I fell in love with the charming fictional town in the first book, THE APPLE ORCHARD. Susan Wiggs’ gorgeous descriptions of Sonoma County make me want to jump inside her booksE BEEKEEPER’S BALL picks up where the first book left off. Sisters Tess and Isabel are planning Tess’ wedding at the family estate called Bella Vista. Isabel is also living out her dream of opening a cooking school in their home. Isabel is a workaholic and a bit of a hermit. [...]

    12. Penny McGill

      This is a lovely book. So relaxing. A wonderful choice for someone about to go on an airplane ride they don't want to take because just dipping into the pages is enough to transport you to another world. Turbulence? Don't feel it. Ice on the wings? Not noticing any of that creepy chemical smell as they remove it. Such a world in this book. A beautiful villa with honey bees, a busy construction site, an upcoming wedding, a few family secrets, many delicious recipes discussed and eaten and a very [...]

    13. Barbara ★

      I picked this up because I really liked The Apple Orchard and wanted to know how Isabel fared. Unfortunately this wasn't as good as the first book as it wasn't a straight romance. Well I guess it was just not of the main characters (or who you think is the main character). It turned out to be more Magnus' story than Isabel's. While I liked Magnus' story, I felt that it completely overshadowed Isabel's budding romance with Cormac O'Neill. I thought the chemistry was scorching hot between Isabel a [...]

    14. Janga

      The second novel in Wiggs’s Bella Vista series offers the same strong sense of place that characterized the first book. The scenes and the scents and the textures of life at Bella Vista give the reader the sense of having visited this idyllic spot. Both Isabel and Mac are likeable characters, and watching them fall in love is a delight. They have enough in common to enable the reader to believe that more than their desire for one another unites them, and yet the difference between Mac, a diplo [...]

    15. Alexandra

      I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first book in the series. I felt it was repetitive at times and the descriptions weren't as great as I had expected. I have never heard of a kiss described as "sexy" and it continued to bother me throughout the book. The WWII history in the novel was a nice addition again and I enjoyed learning more about Magnus' past. But I feel the plot and writing fell flat. Isabel was the character I felt I could relate to most when reading The Apple Orchard, so I had [...]

    16. Elizabeth

      I had been looking forward to listening to this book ever since I heard it was coming out - and it didn't disappoint! I loved the character, Isabel, and Mac was such an interesting character. It helped that I loved the setting. The background story from WWII Denmark was an important part and it brought everything about the family together.

    17. Roberta

      Isabel ama cucinare e finalmente potrà realizzare il suo sogno di aprire una scuola di cucina a Bella Vista! Tra i lavori per la nuova scuola di cucina e i preparativi per il matrimonio di sua sorella Tess Isabel non ha un attimo di pausa, ma le cose cambieranno con l'arrivo a Bella Vista di Mac, un giornalista amico di Tess incaricato di scrivere la biografia di nonno Magnus Mac porta con sè vento di novità e cambiamenti e troverà il modo per aiutare Isabel a vivere un po' per se stessa e t [...]

    18. Anne(Booklady) Molinarolo

      I love Bella Vista! I wish that it was a real place so I could learn to cook as well as Isobel. I want to meet Mangus, Annelise, Isobel, Mac, Tess, Dominic, and Shannon too. Susan Wiggs has created a wonderful place in the Sonoma Valley and truly unforgettable characters! It's been awhile since I really felt immersed into a story and it's characters. Saved by Tess' talent in ferreting out hidden treasures, Bella Vista has been saved and is being transformed into Isobel Johansen's dream - a Desti [...]

    19. Claudine

      Light and relaxing and meaningful to some who have had a challenge and moved forward nicely.Love FINDS a WAY!

    20. Gina

      I liked this book, it was a really good read, but it just didn't live up to the first one in the series. That does not mean this wasn'the good, but I was so captivated by the first one hat I was expecting so much more from this one.

    21. Elle

      I received this book in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley.The Beekeeper's Ball is the second book in Susan Wiggs' Bella Vista series. The first book in this series is The Apple Orchard.The Beekeeper's Ball is Isabel's story. She is planning on turning Bella Vista into a cooking school and also adding beekeeping to the property's assets. She takes in a pregnant beekeeper named Jamie, whom I think may be featured in a future book of this series. Bella Vista is preparing the apple Orch [...]

    22. Amanda

      Totally cheesy chic-lit. It reminded me of a Diane Lane movie. You know what's coming and the story is contrived, but you may just be enjoying it anyway.

    23. Nancy Wieme

      Great "summer read" a little too much romance - all too pat, but I still enjoyed it. A little WWII background made it interesting.

    24. Kate Vale

      Wiggs isn't the first to link the WWII experiences of characters with their future lives, but how she does weaves past and present wins hands down if we were to compare such stories. Why? First, she focuses on the Danish resistance fighters, a little-known aspect of WWII, without ignoring German atrocities against the Jews. More importantly, the key focus is on the contemporary lives of the individuals involved and the secrets and lies that interweave their lives, both past and present.Bella Vis [...]

    25. Jo-Anne

      Isabel was raised by her grandparents at beautiful Bella Vista. Her dream was to become a chef which lead her to turn her home into a destination cooking school. Bella Vista is the perfect spot for this with it's huge old house, orchards and bee hives.Isabel now lives with only her grandfather, Magnus, who wanted to have his life story told and published. Isabel's half sister, Tess, arranged for this to happen by hiring writer, Cormac "Mac" O'Neil. When Mac arrives, Isabel doesn't know who he is [...]

    26. Victoria

      This story is a romance, light-hearted at times, but with a side story of horrific WWII events in Denmark. Basically a young woman chef, Isabel, is starting a cooking school at her home in Sonoma valley when a renowned journalist, Mac, comes to spend time with her grandfather, Magnus. Mac is writing a book about the history of the grandfather's interesting life.Everyone in the story had life altering events in their past which color their present lives. Isabel had a traumatic romantic past, so i [...]

    27. Debra

      A very well done sequel to the first Bella Vista Chronicles series The Apple Orchard. This one centers on the other sister, Isabella, who is, of course, beautiful and a talented cook, but not interested in love. We find out her background story as she prepares for her sister's wedding and the opening of her cooking school. The book is laced with recipes that drip with honey. The other story intertwined with the present day romance is the grandfather's part in the resistance during WWII in Denmar [...]

    28. Vickie

      The Beekeeper's Ball by Susan Wiggs is a lovely continuation of Isabel Johansen's story that began in The Apple Orchard. Isabel is almost ready to open her cooking school at Bella Vista when she meets Cormac O'Neill, an exhausted war journalist who has arrived to interview Magnus Johansen, Isabel's grandfather, about his life in Denmark working underground during the Nazi occupation of WWII. I loved the develop of Isabel and the back story of her grandfather. The author did a wonderful job with [...]

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