Ein Geschenk von Bob: Ein Wintermärchen mit dem Streuner

Ein Geschenk von Bob Ein Winterm rchen mit dem Streuner Der Winter ist ungew hnlich hart in England Im Dezember gibt es heftige Blizzards selbst in London liegt Schnee und es ist bitter kalt schlechte Voraussetzungen f r einen Stra enmusiker Schon ba

  • Title: Ein Geschenk von Bob: Ein Wintermärchen mit dem Streuner
  • Author: James Bowen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ein Geschenk von Bob: Ein Wintermärchen mit dem Streuner

    Der Winter 2011 ist ungew hnlich hart in England Im Dezember gibt es heftige Blizzards, selbst in London liegt Schnee und es ist bitter kalt schlechte Voraussetzungen f r einen Stra enmusiker Schon bald wird das Geld knapp W hrend die Londoner hektisch und sp rbar in Feierstimmung durch die vorweihnachtlich erleuchtete Innenstadt hasten, ringt James um seine Eink nfte,Der Winter 2011 ist ungew hnlich hart in England Im Dezember gibt es heftige Blizzards, selbst in London liegt Schnee und es ist bitter kalt schlechte Voraussetzungen f r einen Stra enmusiker Schon bald wird das Geld knapp W hrend die Londoner hektisch und sp rbar in Feierstimmung durch die vorweihnachtlich erleuchtete Innenstadt hasten, ringt James um seine Eink nfte, um wenigstens Strom und Gas zu bezahlen Ganz zu schweigen von Weihnachten, das er eigentlich noch nie mochte Er ist der Verzweiflung nahe, doch wie so oft wird Bob ihn berraschen

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      336 James Bowen
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    One thought on “Ein Geschenk von Bob: Ein Wintermärchen mit dem Streuner

    1. Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin

      melissa413readsalotWHYFeel good books just make me cry!!!! James Bowen didn't have the greatest of lives growing up, I'm not sure why, but his parents didn't really notice him and kept putting him into mental institutions. This eventually let to drug abuse and homelessness. Sometimes something comes into your life and drags you out of the bad stuff and that something doesn't have to be in the form of a human being It can be in the form of a sweet animal, and in James case it was Bob. He found Bo [...]

    2. Olga

      Another great book with lovely stories from James and Bob. For me it was my perfect book for Christmas. Thank you James & Bob.

    3. Kirsty

      This latest installment from Bob and James covers their adventures one Christmas. There are flashbacks to some of his previous Christmas experiences which show you why he, to begin with at least, has a very Scrooge type attitude to Christmas. However, thanks to Bob, Belle and the kindness of everyday people, James begins to truly experience the true spirit of Christmas. While this is the third proper installment of James and Bob's adventures, it can easily be read as a standalone book. There are [...]

    4. H.M

      This little novella was exactly as good as I hoped it would be. Running at just 192 pages, it was a quick read and my only complaint is that it wasn’t long enough.This is the third book about the relationship that’s formed between James and his cat, Bob, who he met one night on the stairs in his block of flats. There’s a fourth book, but it’s a children’s book that depicts James and Bob’s friendship through pictures, but I’m not such an ardent fan that I’ve gone as far as picking [...]

    5. Sarah

      I am a huge fan of James and Bob and couldn’t resist this Christmas edition.If you haven’t read any of the other books yet it isn’t a problem as James goes over the basics of what you need to know with out it feeling repetitive for readers who have read them. It easily reads as a stand alone and if your looking for a read that has a deeper meaning of Christmas than just money and presents then look no further.Through James and Bob we get to see what life is like for people living on the st [...]

    6. Becky_Schnecky

      Die Bücher von James & Bob zeigen einem nicht nur wie toll Katzen doch sind, sondern auch, dass das Leben manchmal nicht leicht ist. Außerdem sollte man Menschen nicht verurteilen - man weiß nie, was in ihrem Leben passiert ist, dass es eine solche Wendung genommen hat. Dieses Buch musste ich nun einfach zur Weihnachtszeit lesen (ich dachte ich würde länger dafür brauchen). Es ist in meinen Augen lesenswert, alleine weil Bob so niedlich ist & ich immer grinsend an meine Katzen denk [...]

    7. Kirsty

      A Gift from Bob is a Christmas-themed volume of James Bowen's adventures with Bob the Cat. The writing is relatively simple in places, but it is the story and the wonder of Bob which is the main focus; here, he is just as clever and full of character as in A Streetcat Named Bob. My particular favourite chapter dealt with the way in which Bob rearranges the Christmas tree with his paws if it isn't to his liking, and also flicks off any of the baubles which he dislikes. A quick and heartwarming re [...]

    8. Aimee Hyndman

      *This review may contain spoilers* What's it about?"A Gift From Bob" continues where "A Streetcat Named Bob" and "The World According To Bob" finished; telling the story of James and Bob's journey together. In this memoir, James looks back at the last Christmas he and Bob spent scraping a meager living on the streets and how Bob helped him through one of his toughest times - providing strength, friendship and inspiration but also teaching him important lessons about the true meaning of Christmas [...]

    9. Liz Chapman

      This Book was fairly predictable but never the less charming in its way. There was an improvement in the. Actual writing so I presume the proof reading was more exacting than previous books. The Scrooge theme was a little too corny and at times the writing got a bit surgery sweet. The encounter James had with an old drug dealer and his memories of sleeping on the streets at Christmas were interesting and showed what a battle a recovering drug addict goes through each day to stay clean. I hope In [...]

    10. Mintti

      Katukatti Bob-kirjat ovat aina ihania. Niin oli tämäkin. Tässä palataan ajassa siihen jouluun jonka James ja Bob viettivät ekaa kertaa yhdessä. Bob vaikutti joulumieleen ratkaisevalla tavalla ja toi joulunmieltä sekä Jamesille että muille. Onneksi näitä oikean elämän satuja on olemassa! Luin suomeksi nimellä Bobin joulu.

    11. Melissa

      This book contains a lot of stuff found in the author's other books so if you hadn't read them then it's fine. This one is set during Christmas and jumps around to other Christmas's he experienced to explain why he is a scrooge and how Bob slowly has changed how he feels about the holidays.

    12. Patrizia

      Ich liebe Bob und jedes Mal muss ich weinen, wenn ich ein Buch von James Bowen beende, weil es so schööööön war <3 :D

    13. Gabriella Kjeilen

      Eftersom både katter och folk som kämpar med missbruk ligger nära hjärtat var ju detta en perfekt bok för mig. Brukar inte bli tårögd av böcker, men den här var så fin emellanåt att jag faktiskt blev det! Riktigt mysig julbok!

    14. Jaret

      This was a wonderful story of Christmas spirit. I, of course, adore Bob, who shares a name with my kitty. I just wish my kitty was this nice. The story did not disappoint. The simplistic narrative looks back on James Bowen's prior Christmas experiences and why this was not one of his favorite holidays. It also shows how Bob helped James make friends who showed him what Christmas truly meant. A great, quick read for the holiday season.

    15. Jackie

      Another enjoyable book about Bob and James, and how they got through the Christmas season together. This book has two covers, I like both, but I love the expression on Bob's face more on this one. Such a handsome kitty! I am a big fan of this cat. :)

    16. Jasbr

      Nachdem ich von einer Freundin mit dem Bob-Virus infiziert wurde und ich bereits die beiden anderen Teile gelesen habe, musste ich mich natürlich auch über "Ein Geschenk für Bob" hermachen.Das Büchlein ist nicht sehr dick und lässt sich super schnell lesen, deswegen ist es für ein bis zwei kuschelige Leseabende super geeignet. Es passt besonders gut in die Weihnachtszeit, da es auch im Dezember spielt.Ich habe mich sehr gefreut, mehr über Bob und James zu erfahren. James Bowen schafft es [...]

    17. Nadezda Kolokolova

      Если вы еще не прочитали первые две части из серии про кота Боба, то вы много упустили. Это завораживающая история о вечной дружбе между мужчиной и его котом. Бывший наркоман и уличный музыкант Джеймс Боуэн пытается бросить принимать наркотики и пытается вернуться в общест [...]

    18. Stephanie A.

      This smells like a publisher's attempt to stretch a thin concept into an entire extra book and the automatic cash influx that comes with a new release by a recent bestselling author. But as a story about appreciating the value of friends and pets at Christmas as well as having enough income to keep the heat and electricity on without simultaneously starving (ideally income you don't have to earn standing outside for hours in below-freezing temperatures), it does the trick. I probably should have [...]

    19. Kimberly

      This is such a memorable, touching and wonderful yet sad read. A lot of us can identify with the writer in small ways some of us in bigger ways. The struggle of life. Though Bob the cat is one big difference. This cat is so amazing and smart, he almost seems to be an angel in disguise. This book is a must read during the holidays. It will really make you examine your own life and totally make you grateful for what you have.

    20. Bobbi Wiley

      A gift from Bob warmed my cat loving heart! This is a book of friendship, struggle, inspiration, and perseverance. I made this my Christmas read and I am so glad I did, because it brought be such a blessing!! I recommend this book to anyone searching for an inspirational, fun-loving read. Owning a ginger kitty myself, makes me love it even more!

    21. Phil

      As my brother is fond of saying, "People are walking garbage." I agree wholeheartedly. People are piles of walking garbage. But I do like cats. And writers. I purposefully set this book aside after reading "A Street Cat Named Bob" and "The World According to Bob" because I have a difficult enough time getting into the Christmas spirit in December, let alone during the sweltering sunshine of July. I figured that reading it in December would give me a much-needed boost of Xmas spirit. It didn't di [...]

    22. Giulia

      Il libro perfetto per Natale. Incarna con sapienza lo spirito natalizio. Soprattutto per una gattara!Quando si dice che l'essenziale è invisibile agli occhi gentilezza, quella non richiesta, quella autentica, l'umana comprensione, quella che non tocchi con le mani ma con il cuore. Esistono ancora. per fortuna. Commossa.

    23. Susa

      Ei tämä enää niin mielenkiintoinen ole kuin ekat. Mutta mielenkiintoisia huomioita köyhän arjesta Lontoossa, ja Bob <3

    24. Tempo de Ler

      Sou fã do gatinho Bob e da inspiradora história de vida de James Bowen desde A Minha História com Bob - adoro livros e adoro gatos, portanto, juntos, são sucesso garantido!Um Presente do Bob é um livro mais reflectivo do que os anteriores, no qual Bowen revive o Natal de 2010, quando a sua vida entrava num período de mudança esperançosa, e recorda Natais anteriores, desde a sua infância, bem mais solitários, conflituosos e tristes.Mais uma vez concluo que temos imenso a aprender com es [...]

    25. Vanya Prodanova

      Харесвам Боб и неговият човек Джеймс. Харесва ми, че двамата са се намерили и погрижили един за друг, но колкото и коледна да беше "Подарък от Боб", със сигурност няма изведнъж да ме обземе коледен дух и да се размечтая за традиционна коледна вечеря и всичките там лудости, кои [...]

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