Business For Authors. How To Be An Author Entrepreneur

Business For Authors How To Be An Author Entrepreneur Art for the sake of art is important Writing for the love of it or to create something beautiful on the page is absolutely worthwhile and critical to expand the sum of human expression But I m not h

  • Title: Business For Authors. How To Be An Author Entrepreneur
  • Author: Joanna Penn
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  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Business For Authors. How To Be An Author Entrepreneur

    Art for the sake of art is important Writing for the love of it, or to create something beautiful on the page, is absolutely worthwhile and critical to expand the sum of human expression.But I m not here to talk about creativity or the craft of writing in this book My aim is to take the result of your creativity into the realm of actually paying the bills To take you frArt for the sake of art is important Writing for the love of it, or to create something beautiful on the page, is absolutely worthwhile and critical to expand the sum of human expression.But I m not here to talk about creativity or the craft of writing in this book My aim is to take the result of your creativity into the realm of actually paying the bills To take you from being an author to running a business as an author.I was a business consultant for 13 years before I gave up my job in September 2011 to become a full time author entrepreneur I worked for large corporates and small businesses, implementing financial systems across Europe and Asia Pacific.I ve also started a number of my own businesses a scuba dive charter boat in New Zealand, a customized travel website, a property investment portfolio in Australia as well as my freelance consultancy I ve failed a lot and learned many lessons in my entrepreneurial life and I share them all in this book.In the last six years of being an author, through tempestuous changes in the publishing world, I ve learned the business side of being a writer and I now earn a good living as an author entrepreneur I m an author because it s my passion and my joy but also because it s a viable business in this age of global and digital opportunity In the book, you will learn Part 1 From Author To EntrepreneurThe arc of the author s journey, definition of an author entrepreneur, deciding on your definition of success Plus should you start a company Part 2 Products and ServicesHow you can turn one manuscript into multiple streams of income by exploiting all the different rights, various business models for authors and how to evaluate them, information on contracts, copyright and piracy Plus putting together a production plan Part 3 Employees, Suppliers and ContractorsThe team you need to run your business Your role as author and what you re committing to, as well as co writing Editors, agents and publishers, translators, book designers and formatters, audiobook narrators, book keeping and accounting, virtual assistants Plus how to manage your team Part 4 CustomersIn depth questions to help you understand who your customers are and what they want, as well as customer service options for authors Part 5 Sales and DistributionHow to sell through distributors and your options, plus all the information you need to sell direct ISBNs and publishing imprints do you need them Plus your options for pricing Part 6 MarketingKey overarching marketing concepts Book based marketing including cover, back copy and sales pages on the distributors Author based marketing around building your platform, and customer based marketing around your niche audience and targeted media Part 7 FinancialsChanging your mindset about money, and assessing where you are now vs where you want to be Revenues of the author business and how to increase that revenue Costs of the author business and funding your startup Banking, PayPal, accounting, reporting, tax and estate planning Part 8 Strategy and PlanningDeveloping your strategy and business plan Managing your time and developing professional habits The long term view and the process for becoming a full time author Plus looking after yourself Part 9 Next StepsQuestions from the book to help you work out everything to do with your business, plus encouragement for your next steps Appendices, Workbook and Bonus Downloads including a workbook and business plan template.

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      Not quite what I was expecting. This book seems geared more towards authors looking to self-publish. The level of detail on self publishing is intense.Also since I've read a lot of business books I can't say that Joanna taught me anything new on that end, but she does a good job of going over the basics. The one thing she does a great job of explaining is the various rights one work has. Digital, print, audio. Different rights for every country. So writing one book can give you various income st [...]

    2. Prasenjeet Kumar

      Another fantastic book from Joanna Penn on self-publishingEarlier too, I had found Joanna Penn’s book “How to Market a Book” a really comprehensive book on marketing. “Business For Authors” which I could only recently lay my hands on, is equally good. Interestingly, its focus is on viewing your writing career as a business. Most Authors make the mistake of viewing their writing as a hobby or as art that they indulge in more for love than for money. There is nothing wrong with this atti [...]

    3. Margarita Morris

      I've long been a big fan of Joanna Penn's blog thecreativepenn and her podcast, so I was interested to read her book Business for Authors, hoping it would provide an in-depth look at running a business as an author. I'm pleased to say that it did precisely that.This is a book for people who want to take their indie author careers seriously, who see themselves as much business people as artists. Joanna uses terms such as author-entrepreneur and business model throughout. This is not a book about [...]

    4. R.S. McCoy

      I would put this book down as a must-read for anyone who is really serious about a career as a self-pubbed author. My issue with most books like this is that they are geared toward beginners, and while those books definitely have a place in the market, I've been doing this too long to really find any value there. Thankfully, that was not at all an issue with Business for Authors. Every bit of info was for people who have been writing a while, have some works published, and are ready to turn a ho [...]

    5. Helen Sedwick

      If you are serious about quitting your day job and becoming a full-time writer, read this book. Joanna Penn covers both the mind set and the workaday steps needed for moving from part-time writer to full-time author-entrepreneur. She knows; she did it herself.Too many writers believe they can’t deal with the business side of writing. This book demystifies the process by explaining how to build a “scalable” business model, one that starts small but can accommodate growth. The transition to [...]

    6. Gillian Kevern

      4.5A good overview of what you need to know about the business side of writing. Where Joanna only provides an interview, she gives you an idea of where to go to do the research you need to. What made this book so invaluable to me was the workbook that is included for free -- there is a link to the download within the book. Working through those questions really helped identify the aspects I've got a good handle on and where I need to put in more work.

    7. Winter Bayne

      She doesn't get into details as it is nearly impossible to do, but she has some great suggestions and advice. She also discusses how we need to change our mindset. Anyone who is considering turning writing in a "job" should give this a read.

    8. LLL Reads

      This is a very informative book. No nonsense, just the most important topics. Insightful and useful, filled with good practical plans of action for the indie author. If you are a author entrepreneur or aspire to be one, this book is a must read.

    9. S.L. Beaumont

      A very useful book for authors that I will delve into again. Thanks Joanna for sharing your hard earned knowledge.

    10. M.G. Camacho

      Price: $4.99190 print pages, eBook EditionGenre: Non-Fiction, Small Business & EntrepreneurshipAre you ready to take the next step in your author journey?Art for the sake of art is important. Writing for the love of it, or to create something beautiful on the page, is absolutely worthwhile and critical to expand the sum of human expression.But I’m not here to talk about creativity or the craft of writing in this book. My aim is to take the result of your creativity into the realm of actual [...]

    11. Nora Phoenix

      (My four star rating is for new authors. For more experienced authors, it's probably more a three star)I came across a printed version of Business for Authors in my public library, and I recognized the author from her well-known writers blog The Creative Penn. I didn’t even read the blurb, but picked it up, since the topic is of interest to me as a self-published author.To put it bluntly: the blurb sucks, because it shows little of what the book is about and is more a bio than a blurb, but the [...]

    12. David Monedero

      23 libros escritos y más de medio millón de copias vendidas son poca broma. Y aún así ella sigue llamándose a sí misma escritora indie. Es autora a tiempo completo únicamente desde septiembre de 2011, por lo que estamos hablando de una carrera meteórica que no tiene fórmulas mágicas ni una entrega en exclusiva al trabajo en renuncia de todo lo demás: Joanna está casada, le gusta viajar y de hecho lo hace mucho, así que lo que pasa es que lo que hace, todo lo que conlleva escribir, l [...]

    13. Rhoda Baxter

      I picked this up because I had no idea what I didn't know about running a business. I've conducted my author career on a slightly random 'do it as I need it' basis and I thought it would be nice to learn how come up with a plan. This is a very useful guide. It talks through what you need to think about, the pros and cons of different avenues and arms you with enough information to make decisions. The style is clear and informative, without coming across as evangelical about self publishing or do [...]

    14. DianeHolcomb

      A compact book that packs a lot of useful information between the covers. Who are your customers? Where do they hang out so you can market to them? How do you market your work? Will you keep your day job or make the plunge to writing full-time? And how about handling those finances? Especially valuable: what to look out for when signing a contract with an agent or publisher. This is a smart book to have on hand if you're serious about pursuing a career as a fiction or non-fiction writer. You'll [...]

    15. Jill

      I won this book in a giveaway. I'm close to retirement when I hope I can finally finish at least one of the books in my head. The first advice in the book is to FINISH WRITING! I will take that to heart. I did continue to read the book to get an idea about the work required after the writing is done. Lots of steps but this guide seemed to break it down into very do-able chunks with good advice and lots of how-tos. I look forward to finishing my first book and using this book for the business sid [...]

    16. Trynda Adair

      A great non-fiction book for authors looking to be more serious about thier author buisness. I found it very made me want to get to work organizing what isnt working and perfect what is working. would recommend for Independent Authors looking to take thier publishing and buisness skills to a professional level.

    17. Bonnie Lacy

      Excellent informationI always appreciate Joanna’s transparency. She saves us all from many mistakes, if we will heed her advice. I figure if I will do half the suggestions here, I’ll be well on my way!

    18. Kate M. Colby

      In her book, Business for Authors: How to Be an Author Entrepreneur, Joanna Penn outlines basically every aspect of turning one’s love of writing into a business. Penn begins by describing the mindset one must have to be a successful entrepreneur, and I imagine, quickly weeds out those who see themselves too much as “artists” and not enough as “business people.” This approach may be off-putting to some readers, as many writers do not like to think of their art as business, but it also [...]

    19. Terry Freedman

      There are lots of books about writing – so many, in fact, that you could comfortably avoid doing any writing at all simply by setting out to read them all. There does come a point where you need to actually sit down and write. But if there is one book that is worth taking time out to read, and use as a reference, it's Business for Authors.The thrust of the book is really twofold: how can you make money from writing; and how you can you make money from other income streams related to your writi [...]

    20. Stephanie A. Cain

      Back in March I finally finished Business for Authors: How to be an Author Entrepreneur by Joanna Penn, and here it is May and I’m finally finishing my review of the book! I had owned this book for months, and I think I was subconsciously intimidated by it. Why else would I have read all kinds of other books but resisted picking up the book about business?Turns out, I didn’t have as much cause for intimidation as I thought. I already knew some of the material that’s covered in this book. I [...]

    21. Sarah Jeffery

      Life-changing and inspirational writingI give this a five-star rating because there's no option available to give it ten!Joanna Penn is a gifted teacher and communicator and reading this book has already inspired me enormously. She has a very pragmatic yet ethical approach to her business and delivers her message in a vibrant and readable style. It's both an education and a pleasure to read her work.

    22. Murad

      What she has on her blog, discussed separately, is summarized in this book. Dry, cold, boring and informational Penn has no personal communication with the reader, instructions, instructions, instructions she missed the chance to share her own experience in a way of warmly expressed story, that would bring more depth to the subject anyway.

    23. I.C. Robledo

      I've read quite a few books on writing, marketing, and so forth. There seems to be a gap out there, where there isn't so much information on the business side of writing. Thankfully, Joanna Penn saw this, and she has the expertise and practical firsthand knowledge to back it up too. This book will give you the practical knowledge you need to make your own personalized business plan. You'll answer questions like, is my business idea a good one? How can I do my taxes? What is your production plan [...]

    24. Kylie Day

      Below follows a snippet of the review I originally published on my blog (thewritingkylie/review).There is a lot I love about Business for Authors. I can’t say that I’ve ever come across a book with so much information about the business side of writing as I’ve read in this book. If you want to be a full-time author, you need to be professional about it as you would in whatever other job you would have. Penn demystifies the topic of business and makes it exciting and inspirational instead o [...]

    25. Nicole Huggins

      AS ALWAYSThis is another huge hit from, Ms. Penn! As of about a year ago, I was primarily a fiction reader, but as time has passed, I have developed an interest in non-fiction too.Ms. Penn is one of the very few non-fiction authors who I continuously purchase books from. I have personally read all her books except for the one or two.What you can except from this book is EXACTLY what the title says. This is a great starter read for authors to begin their journey with. It breaks down the personal; [...]

    26. Robert Scott-Norton

      I’m a writer. I bought this book because I’ve been reading Joanna’s blog posts for a while and listening to her excellent podcasts. This woman may not have coined the phrase indie author but everything in this book demonstrates that she is far more than an indie author; she is as she explains, an author entrepreneur.And this book is a neatly contained package of advice for other writers looking to follow a similar path.Joanna’s writing style is friendly and honest. She holds her hands up [...]

    27. Jewel Allen

      It's a good sign when this book excited me just from reading the Table of Contents. As an indie author, I am grateful to others like Joanna who pull back the curtain and tell us in simple terms, step by step, how they achieved business success as an author. She says, it "contains everything I have learned from 13 years of being a business consultant, and 6 years of being an author."Anyone that has ever visited Joanna's helpful writing blog thecreativepenn will no doubt expect her trademark mix o [...]

    28. Jane Blanchard

      Business For Authors. How To Be An Author Entrepreneur by Joanna Penn is a must-have book for authors who serious about making writing a business.Joanna Penn describes the process step-by-step, with examples and lessons learned from her life. The tone is very conversational as she takes you "From Author to Entrepreneur" in Section 1, almost as if she were sharing her experiences over a cup of tea. In subsequent sections she discusses products and services, employees, suppliers, and contractors, [...]

    29. Helen

      Joanna provides readers a good list of considerations to tackle when trying to make that shift from not just writing, but to become an entrepreneur. I like the format of her information, it is very cohesive, each section having, or linking, all pertinent information. This makes it easy to jump around to specific concerns, leveraging the thorough toc. Joanna mentions and links to a variety of resources, allowing the reader to jump deeper into the topics. Given that, I see this as an excellent ove [...]

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