Roadtrip to Redemption

Roadtrip to Redemption It started as a trip to lose old memories It became a journey to find her heart Leslie Malone faces an empty lonely summer Her marriage is over Her daughter is overseas living her dream Her students

  • Title: Roadtrip to Redemption
  • Author: Laurie Larsen
  • ISBN: 9781499347456
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • Roadtrip to Redemption

    It started as a trip to lose old memories It became a journey to find her heart.Leslie Malone faces an empty, lonely summer Her marriage is over Her daughter is overseas, living her dream Her students are enjoying a carefree summer break What s the purpose of her life if she s not a wife, mother and teacher The idea of a roadtrip beckons her Aimless wandering Or inIt started as a trip to lose old memories It became a journey to find her heart.Leslie Malone faces an empty, lonely summer Her marriage is over Her daughter is overseas, living her dream Her students are enjoying a carefree summer break What s the purpose of her life if she s not a wife, mother and teacher The idea of a roadtrip beckons her Aimless wandering Or inspired discovery A woman of faith, she asks God for His guidance, then does her best to follow His direction Hank Harrison is a quiet man, good with his hands, but short on words He s paid a heavy price for not forgiving his son for horrible mistakes made years ago, mistakes with vast consequences Hank recognizes Leslie as an answer to his prayers, and together, they begin to mend their futures.Neither of them plans to fall in love Will the worst summer of Leslie s life become the season that redeems them both

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      210 Laurie Larsen
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    One thought on “Roadtrip to Redemption

    1. M.J. Schiller

      I've read and enjoyed several of Laurie Larsen's novels, but she REALLY shines when she writes inspirational romance, in my opinion. It just seems to fit her voice seamlessly. I loved all of the little stories within the story and she had me crying SEVERAL times, for different reasons. I liked the way the characters prayed and the overall message that we should listen and follow God's voice and try to discern when we are making decisions for us, or for Him. I can't wait to read Jeremy's story an [...]

    2. Mary Bernsen

      *I received a complimentary copy in exchange for a honest review*I don't usually read contemporary romances. When I was approached about reviewing this, I had literally just received a bombshell in my own personal life. Something (I credit Him) told me to take this one on, and to put at the very top of my TBR list. I listened to that little voice, and I can't begin to tell you how glad I am that I did. This beautifully written story gives a gentle but clear reminder that we have to allow God to [...]

    3. Teri

      I enjoyed this trip of a woman who finds herself empty nesting and being dumped by her husband for a younger woman. I like her taking back control of her life and letting God lead her as she takes this journey. This story shows God's healing power and how only He can give you a clean heart and move you easily from one place to another using you in the process for His means. Yes things move fast and things go sideways. But overall it is a good read which I really enjoyed and I will read more from [...]

    4. Kathleen

      Roadtrip to Redemption is a beautifully written and heartwarming story that follows one woman's roadtrip that turns into an inspirational journey that will change her life. After twenty years of marriage, third grade teacher Leslie Malone is newly divorced and suddenly finds herself all alone for the summer. Daughter Jasmine is not coming home from college, she has been accepted to attend a summer abroad program in Paris for a once in a lifetime fashion internship. Facing long summer days alone [...]

    5. Jonel Boyko

      Larsen has a very approachable and flowing writing style that not only complements the storyline but also makes you feel like you’re part of it. She draws on your emotions, allowing you to feel for the characters. I found it easy to picture myself in the main character’s shoes. I was quite impressed with the way that Larsen works religious undertones into this novel. Being one who isn’t generally a fan of inspirational/religion based romance novels, I have to say Larsen takes a brilliant a [...]

    6. Deborah

      I was delighted to receive a free copy of Laurie Larsen's eBook, Roadtrip to Redemption, in exchange for an honest review.Inspirational romances have a bit of a love/hate relationship with me. The story and the characters need to be believable and easy to relate to. There also has to be a minimum of sugary sweetness. I think I'm just too old for that.Thankfully, Laurie's novel got the balance right on all accounts. This first book in the Pawleys Island Paradise series was quite delightful. The m [...]

    7. Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)

      Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsRoadtrip to Redemption begins when Leslie who is recently divorced decides to get out of town. Her daughter is going out of the country for the summer, and Leslie doesn't want to wallow at home alone since her husband left her. So on her first day out of town she comes across a man having a bad episode on the side of the road. After she stops to help him and his young son get to the hospital, she continues on her journey to meet others who she helps alon [...]

    8. Linda

      Suddenly twenty years of marriage ended when her husband cheated on her with a woman half her age, schoolteacher, Leslie Malone found herself single again, her house sold, and her daughter heading to Paris for the training of a lifetime that would be added to her resume. She had planned they could spend the summer doing girl stuff but the empty house and the long lonely summer had her going wherever God led her as she made her way south without a plan and an excited heart to see where her path l [...]

    9. Luda Sirosh

      To start this off I received this book for free through First Reads giveaways. I am so glad I did!! When I read what the story was about I was disappointed because I thought I couldn't relate to it. But boy was I wrong. This story was so fascinating to read! The vivid descriptions of the beach made me homesick, I wanted to be there! I enjoyed how the main character made her decisions based on answers to prayers. That was very eye-opening to me. Laurie Larsen painted a wonderful picture of two l [...]

    10. Stanjay Daniels

      This gem of a book was free from Barnes and Nobles so I decided to download it to my nook and give it a whirl! So very glad I did! It was awesome!After her 20 year marriage ends, Leslie is at a standstill in her lifeuntil she decides to follow God's direction for her life! This book was a really awesome feel good kind of book and it definitely showed just what happens when you trust your unknown future to an all knowing God! It was a beautiful love story! 5 stars!

    11. Kay (Brigidsmomma) Compton

      Wow! I can't believe I let this great book languish on my Dusty bookshelf! This is a grat Christian romance, full of angst and heartbreak and good feelings as well. Well worth the read, especially for anyone who needs a second chance romance and a healing of the heart.

    12. Carly Davis

      Refreshing, inspirational, and thoroughly enjoyable. So nice to read a romance without all the trashy love-making scenes!

    13. Tammy

      This book fairly quickly interested me. Mainly because it was a Christian book, whose main character was following the leading of God during her summer break from teaching. That was a refreshing story line. She came in contact with different people that she impacted, even briefly, and you saw how she was letting God lead where she stayed and for how long. She ends up at a little B & B on Pawley's Island. Since this is a series each book focuses on certain characters more than others. This on [...]

    14. Jan Mcleod

      Just divorced and on a 3 months break from teaching, Leslie wonders what to do. She decides to take a road trip, with no destination in mind. As she drove, she began heading for the beach which she always loved. Her family vacationed on Pawley's Island, SC for several years, so that is where she headed, with interesting stops on the way.It's a lovely story of finding self-worth, becoming her own person, and depending on the Lord for directions for her future. That takes her in a totally differen [...]

    15. elaine m. suda

      God's PlanThank you for this heartwarming story about Leslie and Hank. I found your story very uplifting and inspirational. It showed me that I should be asking the Lord to guide me.

    16. Sheila Alexander

      Loved the book from beginning to end. It is so refreshing to read a book that is not filled with sex and filthy language. I have already purchased the next book. Thank you, Laurie 🤗

    17. Bobbi Wineberg

      Enjoyed the easy readLight reading, although including some difficult situated, maybe a little too light, as in getting over and through life's difficulties.

    18. Joyce Torres

      EncouragingWonderful reading that easily involved me into the characters lives. So nice to read a book with people!e who ask God to lead their paths.

    19. Lyndi

      This is a Christian book and I was a little surprised that it had some sexual references, but it didn't go into details. And the characters are human and have wants and needs and desires. The beginning was interesting and maybe a little unpredictable and somewhat unbelievable, but it was interesting to think if you actually do follow Gods lead, where it takes you.

    20. Rylan M Kocher

      Liked it There were twisted and turns I don't know if I was just distracted with life to miss it, but a beautiful story!

    21. EmmiK

      3 Stars because I was torn between disliking this book and on the verge of enjoying it. Leslie, after 20 years of marriage to Tim, is getting a divorce. Her husband of 2 decades cheated on her. It's now summer and while her plans to spend the 3 summer months with her daughter are changed at the last minute she finds herself on a new mission: travel across the state to the beach. This is the part that I'm still debating over - The plot feels like 3 completely different stories in itself. 1. Lesli [...]

    22. Laura

      I know I'm reading a good book when it brings tears to my eyes in the first chapter. Road to Redemption by Laurie Larsen will definitely have you in tears and having you cheering on the heroine to the very end.Leslie Malone is facing a summer alone. Her husband of twenty years cheated on her then divorced her. He now wants her out of her house so he can sell it and get on with his new life. Her daughter is taking an internship in Paris and won't be home until the end of summer. Now all Leslie se [...]

    23. Chantel

      This book was so sweet! I seriously want to go on a road trip now, lol.Leslie Malone faces an empty summer. Her marriage to her husband of 20 years in over and her daughter is overseas on a internship, living her dream. Her students are enjoying a carefree summer break. With all these new things swirling about Leslie is not sure what her purpose is in this new chapter of her life. To have a break and get some perspective the idea of a road trip beckons her. Along the way she asks God for His gui [...]

    24. Yvonne Moncovich

      Letting go. Letting God. With her marriage over, the school year ended with a long summer break looming, and the family home on the market, Leslie decides to take a road trip. Her daughter Jasmine and she planned to escape to Pawleys Island, however, the internship of a lifetime to Learn about fashion in Paris, leaves Leslie making the trip alone. So she gives it over to God. Along the way Leslie meets some interesting people and helps them in ways she never could have predicted. She truly start [...]

    25. Leslie M.

      Leslie Malone is contemplating her purpose. School is out for the year. Her marriage is over, and her daughter will be in Paris for the next few months. For the first time in many years, Leslie will no longer be a wife/mother/teacher, so she decides to take a road trip. Destination? Pawleys Island. Along the way, Leslie feels God leading her. She is provided with many opportunities to reflect God’s love and light into the lives of others. One of the people she meets on her journey is Hank Harr [...]

    26. LadyCalico

      Although says 3* means "I liked it," it also must mean I am lying here because I didn't like it at all. I use three stars to mean mediocre but with some redeeming social value. Perfect, perfect flat stereotyped stock character gets dumped by husband in a mid-life crisis and by stepping out of her usual perfect, perfect routine to go on a roadtrip (surprise, surprise!) meets another perfect, perfect flat stereotyped character in a perfectly, perfectly stereotyped stock plot that is perfectly, pe [...]

    27. Miranda

      This is a hard one I enjoyed the story, not in the I-will-remember-this-forever kind of way, but more like a-good-way-to-pass-some-free-hours. That being said, some inconsistencies caused more than one verbal outburst and, though I appreciate a light, cozy story as much as the next person, I felt at times this was too improbable. However, criticism aside, much of the story was delivered in words any mother, lover, and Christian has felt deeply in her heart, and for that realism, I am glad to hav [...]

    28. Marvy Herrera

      This is the first book i read of Laurie Larsen and i must say, it was unexpectly good. It took me 2 days and that beacuse i need it to sleep .This is not another romantic novel, with faith at the side. It dosen't have unnecesary drama, it just flow and has a lovely way to devolope each character. I like the way she writes. Many parts of the books were to me, like woo. Amaizing. But my favorite quotes is this "Amaizing waht can happen when you put your faith in God and follow where He leads". Jus [...]

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