Batman: Detective Comics, Vol. 4: The Wrath

Batman Detective Comics Vol The Wrath The Caped Crusader is challenged by the mystery of the in a special tale celebrating the th issue published of Detective Comics Plus Batman faces against two new foes Emperor Penguin and the d

  • Title: Batman: Detective Comics, Vol. 4: The Wrath
  • Author: John Layman Jason Fabok
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Batman: Detective Comics, Vol. 4: The Wrath

    The Caped Crusader is challenged by the mystery of the 900 in a special tale celebrating the 900th issue published of Detective Comics Plus, Batman faces against two new foes Emperor Penguin and the deadly vigilante known as the Wrath, a dark counterpart to the Dark Knight.Collects issues Batman Detective Comics 19 24, Detective Comics Annual 2.

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      480 John Layman Jason Fabok
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    One thought on “Batman: Detective Comics, Vol. 4: The Wrath

    1. Sam Quixote

      Originally The Wrath was conceived as a version of Bruce Wayne that chose a darker path - someone who allowed hate to consume him and who grew up as a similarly-costumed figure, deciding to gun down cops in misguided revenge for his parents’ deaths. He was actually a compelling character and I’d highly recommend Batman: The Wrath to any Batman fans to find out why for themselves as well as for an entertaining read. Unfortunately, John Layman’s New 52 version of The Wrath is pure dogshit. H [...]

    2. Sud666

      This is one of the better New 52 comics I've come across. Jason Fabok's artwork is very good and Layman's plot is better than some of the dreck that's been masquerading as "good" in the "newer" DC line-up.This one is a story not only of Batman and his conflict with Wrath, but also about Kirk Langstrom (Man-Bat) and his struggles with his serum. There are a few different story arcs in this volume- from the Emperor Penguin story, which wasn't that good, to the Wrath story which was better. The who [...]

    3. Keely

      John Layman has yet to disappoint me (until his last two issues of this series, that is, but I digress) and his second collected volume for Detective Comics is definitely something I can recommend you buy and store in your library. His collaborative work with two spectacular artists, Jason Fabok and Andy Clarke who illustrated his main stories and backup stories respectively, has easily made his run for this series a visual adventure that continues to enhance your enjoyment page after page.In th [...]

    4. Gavin

      I'd give this 3 and a 1/4 stars.It's called the Wrath, but that character isn't really featured for most of the book. This is a very patchy collection of numerous stories.There's more about the Man-Bat, Kirk Langstrom, which is confusing, since Vol. 4 of The Dark Knight has a story arc about Abraham Langstrom (Kirk's father) also Man-Bat! Hmmturns out even Langstrom's wife gets in on the act, as She-Man-Batough they don't actually call her that.Wrath is actually a super rich industrialist who co [...]

    5. Chris

      The previous volume of Detective Comics (Emperor Penguin) was missing the conclusion of its titular storyline. A strange omission, considering DC have packed plenty of content into this volume. Containing five regular issues, an annual and the 80-page special that marked the 900th overall issue of Detective Comics, The Wrath certainly wont leave readers feeling short changed.The aforementioned special issue focuses on 'The 900', an area of Gotham City that falls victim to an outbreak of the Man- [...]

    6. Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)

      This is quite hard to grade. For a volume entitled "The Wrath", it contained so much more than you'd imagine. A special chapter investigating block 900 and a monstrous outbreak, a singular and random chapter featuring Harper Row, a conclusion to Emperor Penguin's legacy, an origin story for Doctor Langstrom, an apperance by Bane and his newfound nemesis and a short and quick presentation of The Wrath. Damn. That's a lot. Wait, let's not forget this volume's annual issue. That story alone deserve [...]

    7. Ivy

      5 starsGlad that Batman was able to stop Wrath. Ogilvy was turned into something very interesting. Wonder what he's going to do now. Also glad Penguin went back to being in charge. RIP cops. Also wonder if we will see Moi again. Was her master Ra's al Ghul?

    8. Chris Lemmerman

      Layman, Fabok, and Clarke's Detective Comics continues it's unstoppable run here as we celebrate Detective Comics #900 with an extra-sized main story featuring thousands of Man-Bats as well as the origin of the New 52 Man-Bat, and some little back-up stories that focus on the cops of Gotham City as they deal with the problems these Man-Bats create.The aftermath of issue 19/900 is felt throughout the rest of the volume as Man-Bat gets the back-up stories of the remaining issues all to himself. Th [...]

    9. Andy 117

      So John Layman understands Batman. He really does. Or, at any rate, he understands the Batman formula. He gets how his villains are meant to work - perverse reflections of Bruce Wayne. He gets how his stories are meant to go - putting "detective" into "Detective Comics" yet again, a feat somewhat unparalleled when you go back and read Tony S. Daniel's work on the series.The Wrath, though. I I didn't hate it? The art is excellent. The action is fine. I particularly enjoy the Manbat sections, in w [...]

    10. Logan

      Pretty good! So in this story Batman fights a villain called Wrath, hes also a billionaire playboy so hes batman gone wrong, hes a bit more military style but it was interesting to see him go to head to head with batman, overall i say this was a great story!

    11. Dan

      Mostly focused on the Man-Bat, and various other lesser known villains. An okay read. This could have been much better.

    12. Chad

      Jason Fabok's art is amazing. John Layman's writing is spectacular. They along with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo on Batman continue to make Batman shine as the lone bright spot of the new 52.

    13. Lusitarius

      Mielestäni tämä Batman: Detective Comics -sarja on lähtenyt tarvittavaan nousuun. Kaksi ensimmäistä osaa olivat sekavaa haparointia, eikä osien tarinat olleet mielestäni selkeässä järjestyksessä. Toki tässäkin kirjassa tarinassa hypitään ajassa eteen taakse ja vähän sivullekin, mutta nyt tarinan punainen lanka pysyy paremmin lukijan näpeissä. Kirjassa on paljon henkilöhahmoja, jotka ansaitsisivat enemmän suitsutusta. Olen kovin mieltynyt Keisari Pingviiniin, jonka toivon pi [...]

    14. Mouse

      Anybody else feel like they missed something with that beginning? So this is how Man-Bat gets born? Cause he's been in the comics for years already I thought y'knowat he was already Man-Bat. When Batwoman introduced the Langstroms to Batman he had no idea who they were.Zsasz-Man-Bat was pretty lame by the way and that character shows up waaay too much. How does Zsasz manage to get out of Arkham all the time? He's just a serial killer and not even a genius! Just put a straight jacket on him, put [...]

    15. Dev

      Introducing: Scorn and Wrath.I loved the arc, but I didn't find the ending that enjoyable. Something that I've noticed lately in comics is that arcs aren't coming to a good resolution as they used to, and commonly, they end in mass destruction that, by next month, will have been forgotten or cleaned up and completely fixed before the next arc takes place. Gotham was flooded and hundreds of thousands died, but that was six issues ago, so lets just skip away from that.That may be the primary issue [...]

    16. Matt

      A bit of a mess. Lots of back-ups that explore upcoming and ongoing events or serve as epilogues to the main story. The pacing and narrative kind of felt, at times, like it was suffering from editorial demands of keeping up with other titles or Layman keeping important beats for back-ups, so the whole thing came off as a little disjointed. Also, this story featured one of the most ridiculous characters I've seen since the '90s. Liefeld would cream his jeans: a female assassin from Bruce's traini [...]

    17. Jonathan Roberts

      Surprisingly good. Disagree with the quote on the front that this is an all-ages story because it is not, but it is an interesting story. Annoying that each comic was not a full story but 3/4 of one and a back-up story about Man-bat. Would have been nice to not have the choppiness of this trade and have the stories flow a little better, but still enjoyable.

    18. Gökberk Kaya

      I was very excited when i bought this book and when i saw the cover i got super excited but after i finished it i was dissapointed.When i first saw the book i thought Batman was going to stop a war but it was nothing a like that

    19. Christopher Rush

      This really isn't what you could call "good." Mr. Layman (whose credentials are immediate grounds for trepidancy) does at least wrap up the earlier storyline before branching out on his own, but his wrap-up to the lengthyish "Emperor Penguin" story is basically "Batman fought him and lost then fought him and won." Obviously that was going to happen, since that's the typical formula, but Layman doesn't exactly make it engaging. There is a potential for cleverness, sure, with Penguin helping Batma [...]

    20. Paweł

      Nowy zły jest bardziej wypełniaczem niż przeciwnikiem wartym zapamiętania. Handlarz broni z zemstą w planie tygodnia - od razu podpada Batmanowi i Bruce'owi chociażby tym, że wita się lewą ręką. 1/3 objętości to historia Kirka Lagnstorma, czyli Man-bata, która byłaby fajniejsza gdyby jej tak bardzo nie streszczali.

    21. John Shaw

      Batman continues to fight to defend his city, Gotham against all threats.In the beautifully illustrated volumeBatman faces the threat of a horde of Mat-Batsand their creator Emperor Penguin.Who after deposing The Penguinuses the Mat-Bat formula to give himself the strength to fight batman, and seize control of Gotham.

    22. Timo

      Ihan viihdyttävää Batmania todella upealla taiteella. Ihan jees, mutta kuitenkin kiikkui kokoajan sillä kielekkeellä, mistä voi pudota myös meh-osastolle. Lähinnä siksi, että vastustajista yritettiin kovasti tehdä mielenkiintoisia ja uusia verivihollisia, mutta kuitenkin olivat vain. mehhhh.

    23. Jen

      I liked this volume a lot. The story behind he Man-Bat was really great, and I liked how it kept tying into he main story with Wrath. Wrath’s background story was a little meh and glossed over (how did he become rich??) though.

    24. Andrea

      Some of the story bits jumping around was a bit jarring, but at least in a GN, I could flip back and forth to figure out "yes, this does go with that"

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