Blood Red

Blood Red For years Halloween has been a time for celebration in picturesque Black Stone Bay RI But this year things will be very different This year the town will learn that things that go bump in the nigh

  • Title: Blood Red
  • Author: James A. Moore
  • ISBN: 9780425217597
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Blood Red

    For years, Halloween has been a time for celebration in picturesque Black Stone Bay, RI But this year, things will be very different This year, the town will learn that things that go bump in the night are not always figments off the imagination.

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      449 James A. Moore
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    One thought on “Blood Red

    1. William M.

      No one was more surprised at how good this book was then I was. James A. Moore was on my probation list after receiving back-to-back two-star reviews for his last two books. I almost didn't pick this one up, but I decided to give him one more chance. Needless to say, I was fairly blown away. Blood Red is a rather large scale story set in a small town, very well written, with characters I really enjoyed learning about. The slow buildup was a gamble, but one that -- for me -- paid off tremendously [...]

    2. Robi

      If you are looking for a good, gory vampire bookis is a good one. I read reviews on this author and was told that he is just as a good as Koontz or King. I wouldn't say he is better but he may be just as good. It was well written and I throughly enjoyed it.

    3. Eric

      Very fun vampire novel from James A. Moore! I love that this one keeps the vampires mean and monstrous. The story really builds to an epic finale with lots of threads open for a sequel (and there is one, Blood Harvest!) Recommended to fans of real vampire horror!

    4. WendyB

      Creepy and good, but geez did everyone in the town have to be as horny as 17 year old boys? Less sex references and more scares, please.

    5. Esther

      Blood Red is pretty decent for a Vampire book. Blood Red is inappropriate at first with sexual context when Maggie, one of the characters, is introduced. There were a lot of characters' stories that were told in third-person, so there are a lot of perspectives when reading this book. Although some people dislike books that jump from one character to another, Blood Red creates a connection that makes this method work. I also commend the author for writing this book so thoroughly. I have always lo [...]

    6. Craig

      Taking a break from "The Year of Mystery" (sort of!) for a good old-fashioned Horror indulgence, in the spirit of Halloween! I'm a sucker for a good vampire tale (no pun intended, ha!), but I am very particular - I want my vampires to be brutal, scary, and evil. So in that regard, "Blood Red" was great. The first half of the book is reminiscent of "Salem's Lot" (the best vampire story ever written), with a building sense of dread Unfortunately the climax wasn't as fulfilling, and as a result too [...]

    7. Marla Madison

      This book was loaded with plot development and characters, but could have been (should have been) shorter. History blurbs about the city were sprinkled throughout, most of which readers will ignore. I know I did. And, in general, the book was just overly wordy. Disappointing, as the storyline was a good one and did keep me reading to the end.

    8. Brian Mazur

      Carefully paced. Good characterization. Solid. All things I love in a good book. This is a good book. Horror is my favorite genre. I am not big on vampire novels though. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Couldn't wait to return to it each night.

    9. Elizabeth

      A good ol' vampire story with the classic massacre and a creepy, resilient villain. Smooth, engaging dialogue, too!

    10. Miriam B. Sayer

      James Moore isn't f*****g aroundLike the Stephen King classic, Salems Lot, Moore takes on a whole town infested with vampires.

    11. Outi

      Not your average vampire book these days. These vamps are not sexy or cunning and definitely not sparkly. These vamps are what nightmares are made of.

    12. Sue

      Started off like it would be a really fun vampire story. Seemed to kind of peter out' as it came to an end. Lots of loose ends, but a very good 'voice' to it.

    13. Jade McCulloch

      I got this book when browsing Barnes and Noble, looking for something to read. The book reminds me of an early Stephan King, but I enjoyed the story more then I normally enjoy Stephan King.

    14. Terra

      I really enjoyed this Vampire novel, it keeps to many of the popular Vampire stereotypes we've developped but at the same time adds differences that make it unique!

    15. Shannon Hemminger

      New twists on the Vampire genre Strong characters that are each battling their own personal demons. Entertaining read.

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