Longhorns With an introduction by Michael Bronski Forty year old Les the trail boss of the Double H Ranch works for its beloved chatelaine the elderly widow Miz Cameron a little dumpling of a woman dressed

  • Title: Longhorns
  • Author: Victor J. Banis
  • ISBN: 9780739488133
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Longhorns

    With an introduction by Michael Bronski.Forty year old Les, the trail boss of the Double H Ranch, works for its beloved chatelaine, the elderly widow Miz Cameron, a little dumpling of a woman, dressed in black Les rides herd over a crew of rowdy cowboys, roping steer and sleeping around prairie campfires Young drifter Buck, part Nasoni Indian, catches up to them on a rWith an introduction by Michael Bronski.Forty year old Les, the trail boss of the Double H Ranch, works for its beloved chatelaine, the elderly widow Miz Cameron, a little dumpling of a woman, dressed in black Les rides herd over a crew of rowdy cowboys, roping steer and sleeping around prairie campfires Young drifter Buck, part Nasoni Indian, catches up to them on a roundup After proving himself an expert sharpshooter, rider and roper, Buck celebrates his initiation to the group by luring one of their number, Red, into his bedroll But Buck is really after Les, sandy haired and significantly endowed.

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      336 Victor J. Banis
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    One thought on “Longhorns

    1. Bryl Tyne

      Up until reading Longhorns, I'd never pictured hard-working, cattle-driving cowboys as lovers. Yet, Banis paints the story so that it feels as realistic as taking a drink and expecting it to moisten your throat. It never once occurred to me that this couldn't have possibly happened. In fact, it was quite the opposite. In a strange sense, I found myself thinking, "Makes perfect sense to me."His characters pulled me in. They were manly men, rough, tough, and proud, and although he showed quite a f [...]

    2. Erastes

      From the blurb: The Double H cowboys are a tough bunch, and none of them are gay – exactly- but they have been out there on the prairie for several weeks, herding cattle, and new thoughts have begun to enter their minds. Enter Buck, a handsome young drifter with a silly grin, an unembarrassed penchant for being “rode hard,” and an instant hankering for LesWell, howdy pardner, git yer six shooters, put on yer spurs, mount yer pinto, and meet me out on the plains because this here is classic [...]

    3. Macky

      I read this a while ago and thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between Les, Buck and Red - who Buck has a dalliance with even though he wants Les. Les is straight but Buck sets his sights on him and pursues him till he ropes his cowboy in. You can't help but fall for Buck, he's just got this charm about him and a lust for life because of his openness, he's a horny little devil too, but he's no push over, he's tough, a hard worker, and he gradually gains the respect of his fellow workmates. What [...]

    4. Kim

      There are more double-entendres in this book than you could shake a 10-inch stick at. Also horse-rustling, a barn dance, a chuckwagon cook named Cookie, and lots and lots of cowboys. Often, cowboys having sex. None of that is surprising. However, there's also real romance that feels authentic to the characters, as well as some truly beautiful descriptive phrases.

    5. Don Bradshaw

      Reviewed on Hearts On Fire heartsonfirereviews/ This was a terrific story about real cowboys of the old west. A new cowboy, Buck, showed up in the middle of a round up looking for work. The half-breed indian was very young but as skilled as any good cowboy. Les, the older foreman, was short handed and took Buck on right away. Buck won the respect and admiration of the men right away after he broke a stampede. What the randy Buck was really intent on winning was Les but the problem was that Les w [...]

    6. Ery

      This one took me a long time to get into, through no fault of the author. Unfortunately, the writing style, while strong, just didn't strike a chord with me. I believe this is because 1) I found the language distracting, although it was in character and appropriate for the book, and 2) was a very slow-building story. So, while the author was obviously talented and wrote a strong piece, in the end, it just didn't resonate for me. The last 1/3 of the book did capture my attention more, so in the e [...]

    7. PaperMoon

      I know Mr Banis has been writing truckloads of stuff since forever, but I’m sheepishly admitting here that this is the first book of his that I’ve read and I loved it.The sense of place, the almost hyper-masculine patterns of speech, the harsh yet starkly beautiful lifestyle of a cowboy I was quite magically taken away for a couple of hours. Of course it helps to have some archetypal sexy characters to adore: 40-ish Les who is the head of operations - rugged, tough as nails, strong and silen [...]

    8. Christopher Moss

      LONGHORNS is a true classic, something one can legitimately claim part of our GLBT heritage. If you thought gay novels were a recent growth industry, all you have to learn is that “gay” novels used to be considered obscene just by being gay and that in the 60s and 70s the censors in the U.S. loosened up on this. Before that at best you would just not be able to publish the book, at worst you could get into a heap of trouble for it. Oh, the books, both gay and lesbian, were published but they [...]

    9. Feliz

      Much has been said about this book's feeling of authenticity which I can only agree to. The cowboys in here are a tight-lipped, strong willed bunch, and even their easy acceptance of Buck and his dogged pursuit of Les was delivered in a manner that I could relate to. Look at what a man does first, and at what he is second. A compelling story. Old as this is, it outshines by far much of the newer releases I've read recently.

    10. Crys Harris

      The dialogue is complete nonsense. I am 12% through the book and I have rolled my eyes a dozen times. I know it's a cowboy story, but I reckon the author coulda done a might bit better.The dialogue is atrocious but I don't wish I had the hours back. Just ok. I did kind of like the main character, but the plot lines were so ridiculous and unbelievable that I had eye strain.

    11. Meggie

      I liked the mouse and cat game we had it this story, but somehow it became more about sex and getting it then about feelings and emotions. The way this story ended it felt unsatisfied and unrealistically for the future.

    12. Karl

      I enjoyed reading this so much! And I look forward to catching up with more books by Banis. The guy's a good writer. Longhorns is subversive, sexy, romantic, a Western, and very gay! Great genre fiction!

    13. Susan

      I like my romance to be two people falling in love, not one person sexually harassing the other relentlessly. Buck was an annoying little twit and kind of a Mary Sue in that everyone just adored his smile and his spirit and they were rooting for him to win over Les. Gag.

    14. Alina

      I've read this story as a part of some anthology (sorry, I forgot which one) and loved it! Les was great and Buck's very sympathetic character too. Very well written romance, that feels realistic.

    15. Gabbi

      top2bottomreviews.wordpress/4.5 Kisses!Victor J. Banis is one of my favorite authors. I’ve been reading his books since I was a teenager, and he’s one of the authors that introduced me to reading romance years ago. Mr. Banis has a way of really getting to the heart and soul of his characters. In my opinion, his books show more of the grittier side of romances which makes them have a realistic, believable storyline.Forty-one year old Les has been a cowboy since he was a boy. He’s done and s [...]

    16. Nana

      " () the boys agreed among themselves, because of that pinto of his, who seemed to read a longhorn's mind as well as he did Buck's."In my native language 'pinto' means dick. At that point, I couldn't read it anymore without guffawing, so pretty much Dfned it at 20%. And still surprised it lasted that long.

    17. Gerry Burnie

      I had previously passed on Longhorns by Victor J. Banis [Running Press, July 13, 2007] several times, fearing that the title was a euphemism for long (male) ‘horns,’ but seeing the reaction it has received from so many readers, my curiosity finally got the better of me.What I found was a pulp-style western, written (for the most part) in the classic vernacular. These are both good features from this reader’s point of view. Moreover, Victor Banis has also done quite a good job of capturing [...]

    18. ♥Xeni♥

      This book is exactly what I wanted when I read the description! Not only is Buck how I imagine the perfect gay cowboy, but there is humor in the story and the characters are real characters!The fact that Buck has a relationship with Red and Les almost threw me for a loop, but then I thought about it and it made a lot of sense! That is exactly how real life is. Most novels who end with the "one couple consisting of 2 people" are much too perfect; something Longhorns happily pointed out to me. I a [...]

    19. Lasha

      3.5 starsI am not a big fan of cowboy romances, but picked up Longhorns to review because it had so many amazing reviews on GoodReads and Victor J. Banis is a legend in the genre. Unfortunately, I am going to have to go with my first impression and say this book just wasn’t really my cup of tea.First off for readers that like fidelity in their main characters after they meet, this book doesn’t have that. Buck, the handsome drifter from the blurb, is sort of a man-whore and sleeps with anothe [...]

    20. Kris

      Mini Tasting:Why I bought it: Love VJB. Love. Him.Mini-chomp:Dislike~ I still cringe in an ‘ouch that’s gotta hurt but not in a dub con’ way when it comes to VJB’s sex scenes. However, it does work within the context of the story and in relation to the characters. That is, it’s believable.Like~ VJB is such a terrific storyteller. I find his work has a great, gritty realism to it. I‘ve also yet to meet a character of his that didn’t engage me in some way.So, what I think: A must for [...]

    21. Nithu

      The foreword, by Michael Bronksi, makes a huge difference to how this book reads. It's tempting to skip through it, but if I'd done that, I think I'd be giving this story only 2 or 3 stars.I really enjoyed the characterisation. Buck both exasperated me and made me smile. If nothing else, he gets full marks for persistence, although in Les's place I think I'd have thumped him a lot sooner. I also particularly liked Red, Les's long-time friend, who is incredibly unselfish in his attempts to get Le [...]

    22. Byron

      Really this is the first 'westin' I've ever read and let me tell you it opened my genre's up even further I really enjoyed the characters, people who I wouldn't meet normally. The story line just moved along with out any interludes where I felt I needed to skip ahead or cringe at. And I think that's the thing with all of Victor's stories I've read, there is never that uncomfortable feeling over forced scenes to 'meet a quota' of romantic interludes. Nor do the romantic interludes make me cringe. [...]

    23. Mickie Ashling

      I've only read one other cowboy book because I'm not a big fan of this genre, however, I'm a fan of Victor J. Banis. Longhorns won me over instantly and if Victor were to ever write a sequel I'd be one of the first in line to read more about Buck, Les, and Red. I can't add anything to what's already been said about this novel except that it was a great read and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you, Mr. Banis, for a very entertaining weekend!

    24. Alishea

      I didn't finish. I think I would have enjoyed it, but I couldn't get past the narration. He had a wonderful gravely voice that suited the setting perfectly, but there was very little inflection in the voice for dialogue, and absolutely no pauses between scenes. I was already suspending my disbelief to accommodate the openness being portrayed, so to have a high tension scene finish, then with no pause or change in the narrator's tone be thrust into a mundane moment was jarring and confusing.

    25. Lidia

      The Longhorns is one great classic by genre cowboys , that tells by hard life of men that long time living a round up with cattles in the old west . But there is a difference between get laid because they fell lonely and because they fall in love. Buck loves Les to first sign , but there is more in this story, as real life, traditions, old stories and wonderful protagonists. A book that I read plan and I enjoed every page .

    26. Ingrid

      A slow burner. It was a tad weird to read about dusty plains and mesquite and cows on a boat in sunny Greece. But days after I finished it I found myself thinking about this story and liking it more. The book has a different pace and story line than other m/m books but I thought it refreshing. The only niggle I have is about Red. Mr Banis should find him some brassy cowboy for himself.It is just as good on my fifth -sixth reading.

    27. Sonja

      Historic cowboy story about freedom and friendship. Buck is one of those people that in spite of a hard life brings happiness wherever he goes. Les has been on his own for so long that he finds it difficult to imagine a different way of living. Thankfully he's able to get his head out of his ass for long enough to make room for something and someone else.

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