Girls in Love

Girls in Love Meet Ellie and her best friends Nadine and Magda three teenage girls just starting Year Nine with a lot on their minds mainly boys Told in the bright sparky and authentic voice of Ellie Girls in Lo

  • Title: Girls in Love
  • Author: Jacqueline Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780552557337
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • Girls in Love

    Meet Ellie and her best friends Nadine and Magda, three teenage girls just starting Year Nine with a lot on their minds mainly boys Told in the bright, sparky and authentic voice of Ellie, Girls in Love is a funny, frank and revealing look at their friendships, problems and heartaches that older fans of bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson will adore.Books in the seriesMeet Ellie and her best friends Nadine and Magda, three teenage girls just starting Year Nine with a lot on their minds mainly boys Told in the bright, sparky and authentic voice of Ellie, Girls in Love is a funny, frank and revealing look at their friendships, problems and heartaches that older fans of bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson will adore.Books in the series 1 Girls in Love2 Girls Under Pressure3 Girls Out Late4 Girls in Tears

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      213 Jacqueline Wilson
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    One thought on “Girls in Love

    1. Maddie (Heart Full Of Books)

      I'm really surprised by how relevant all the issues discussed in this book are! Turns out the teenage girl experience hasn't changed much in 20 years!

    2. Joey Woolfardis

      Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge, based on the BBC's Big Read Poll of 2003.Yuck yuck yuck. Puke puke puke. Full review to follow.Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Shop | Etsy

    3. Christine Blachford

      I’ve always had a soft spot for Jacqueline Wilson, even though I am far too old to be reading things like this now. I picked this up as part of my reading list challenge, and having vaguely recalled a kids TV show that was made out of this source material, I was intrigued at how the story would go.The thing about Jacqueline Wilson is that she gets right inside kids heads, and even though I am not a kid anymore, I could remember the feelings she was describing as if they were yesterday. Maybe I [...]

    4. Emily May

      Aww, what a sweet book of innocence and shattered innocence. Of love and heartbreak. I felt a connection with each of the characters in this book and it was possibly one of the most important books of my early teens. If you are between 11 and 15/16 then you should read this book. A very cute read!

    5. Cat

      At the start this book suspiciouly reminded me of the Confessions of Gee Nicholson, but then I found out it was published before that series It was very different though. No snog-a-thons or Dave-the-laughs, but it did hold a different quality, a more emotional, real life one. It is about 13 year old Ellie. Bushy haired, glasses wearing plump Ellie and the fixes she gets herslef into, one with dorky DanI remember watching the TV version of it when I was about 9, and thinking 'I'm going to read th [...]

    6. Janelle Dazzlepants

      The book was very cute, and all the girls were relatable although I have to admit that Magda got on my nerves. Elly is adorably self-deprecating without it being annoying and just begging for reassurance, and Nadine may look like the token goth chick, but she's put in situations that young girls can definitely relate to. It's a mess of hormones, self-confidence issues, girltalk and sex without being tacky or scandalous or too sexed up. The tv series adaptation is also really great =D

    7. Laura

      After challenging myself to revisit the books I loved as a child and young teenager - and then review them from memory - where better to begin than at Jacqueline Wilson? I loved the 'Girls' series, I think I must have read Girls In Love a dozen times over the years. As told by Ellie, an artistic pre-teen, I instantly warmed to her. Her insecurities are typical of a girl of her age. How Wilson manages to so expertly define the thoughts of a young girl throughout the generations is nothing short o [...]

    8. Dany

      leggendolo ero addirittura quasi tentata di dargli 3 stelline ma poi il finale mi ha spiazzato e deluso più del resto del libro e ciao ciao. Okay, forse è perchè non ho l'età ma la storia era carina: Ellie perde la mamma, ha due migliori amiche, una matrigna e desidera un fidanzato, come tutte le adolescenti. E vive la vita che vivono tutte le adolescenti. E' bello quando nei libri per adolescenti viene sottolineata l'importanza dell'amicizia ma questo libro mi ha delusa un sacco.

    9. Connie

      Source: I own this book. Cost: Unknown Title:Girls in Love Series:Girls #1 Author:Jacqueline Wilson Overall Review:3 starsYou're all probably thinking, Connie? Why are you reading books for kids?Well because I want to read as many books as possible to keep me awake and they're all on my shelves so I might as well. Ellie is going into Year 9, that's Year 10 for the Northern Irish amongst us and Freshman Year for the Americans. She's fourteen and when I first read these books at 7, that was ancien [...]

    10. Kate

      Three rambuncious girls named Magda, Ella and Nadine have about one thing in common, they are all totally boy crazy! Ella always puts herself down just because she is a little bit paranoid of her weight and face shape. Another problem is, her friend's are boy MAGNETS! Everywhere they go, boys just have to stop and look at them! The only boy that really loves Ella is Eggs, her annoying little brother. But of course there is dan. A silly little 12 year old named Dan that is madly in love with Ella [...]

    11. Lauren Hudson

      I rated a book I had read in Secondary school and was given this as a recommendation. All I will say is do not let your children read Jaqueline Wilson books. These books were in the school library when I was 11 and I've seen other readers say they are popular amongst the 8-12/1 age group. Going by on what I remember from reading them at that young age (and I remember them quite well) Wilson manages to write about a host of topics (sex, eating disorders) in an extrememly age innapropriate way. Su [...]

    12. Cloverhand Reader

      I will admit that I did read this book so long ago that I can't really remember what happens in it but I do remember that I didn't enjoy it as much as I hopedI love books by Jacqueline Wilson, especially her teenage ones since they are slightly more aimed towards my age range than her younger booksI have watched most of the series that they made based on these books but I watched it so many years agoThe characters are relatable and I would say that this is one of the only things that stopped me [...]

    13. Kirjapallo

      Minun oli tarkoitus lukea vaan ihan vähän alkua, mutta kuinka ollakaan, luin vahingossa koko kirjan :D Tämä menee ehdottomasti kutosten ystävyys- ja ihastusvinkkauksiin. Päähenkilönä on 13-vuotias Ellie jonka molemmat ystävät seurustelevat, joten niinpä hän väittää itsekin seurustelevansa. Hänen kirjekaverinsa Dan on vain aika erilainen kuin mitä hän on ystävilleen kertonut Vai onko?Kirjasta oikein huokuu semmoinen hauska ja sympaattinen fiilis, mutta samalla käsitellään m [...]

    14. Celia

      Jacqueline Wilson books are extremely popular with the 8-12 year olds at our school, and so I grabbed this book to read. In the story, thirteen-year-old Ellie has two best friends: goth Nadine, and flirty Magda. They goof off at school and are focused on boyfriends, and it's goth Nadine who lands an older one. He pressures her to go further, even as Ellie is trying to find a boy of her own, and her father and step-mother begin fighting more and more. My overall assessment is that the book is lig [...]

    15. Marta

      My TV broke so the rapair man took it to fix and now I can't stop reading books. I have read this book in 1 day and I am finally reading another book. I really like this book because it has some fun things and it was really interesting. The book is about 3 girls. Ellie, Magda and Nadine. They are the 3 best friends. Ellie thinks that she is unattractive and boring, and that no boy would ever be interested in her. Magda has boyfriends all the time and Nadine is dead gorgeous and was nearly on the [...]

    16. Bich Dao

      This book is OK. jacqueline's kind of narrating is great but the plot is a bit too girly for me. And there's not much of problems here, just a whiney girl trying to get away from a annoying younger kid, to my opinion.Maybe this fit with those who prefers the not-too-many-action kind of girl books.

    17. Nicholas Whyte

      nwhytevejournal/2524123mlA good book for teenagers - aimed more at girls than boys, with an honest story about relationships, status, hideous embarrassment and BOYS. It didn't wow me quite as much as the other books I've read by the same author, but I'm not the target audience and I'd happily get it for those who are.

    18. Kate Millin

      One of the Teenage angst books she writes so well. This is the first in a series of three about Ellie and her best friends Magda and Nadine just going into year 7 and starting to get interested on boys. It brought back lots of memories of what it felt like to be in that difficult time when you are not an adult or a child

    19. Shahrun

      I used to love Jacqueline Wilson when I was a kid. And I still do! This book was so much fun and really transported me back to my teen years (the good and the bad). I loved the illustrations too. More books should have them! I have now ordered the rest of the series.

    20. Ursula

      I don't understand why they all have to be so similar these sorts of books. If there is any book where the main character is fine with the way they look or whatever ad isn't jealous of their friend/s please let me know.

    21. Amanda

      gawd i have no idea i read this i guess i was just really bored and waanted to now how bad it was it was so funnay how fake it was i mean a 13 girl going out wiht a 17 guy??? and then going clubbing come on!!!! ya courtney this is ur book sol gave it too me to give to u

    22. Floor Flawless

      Toen ik wat jonger was, was ik dol op deze boeken. Ik vind ze nu wat minder dan toen, maar zijn wel oke.

    23. Rebekah Gillian

      I decided to re-read these books when I saw them on my bookshelf and wanted to remember what I was into as a young kid. I have fond memories of reading three of the four books in one day when I was home sick from school and loving every minute of it. Never did I imagine loving it the second time around as much as I did.A must-read for adolescence from 10-14, this details situation most teenagers will have to go through at some point. It deals briefly with LBGT issues in a time before it was talk [...]

    24. Teresa

      ~ 2.5 Stars ~ This book is part of the BBC's 100 Must Read Books. I'm guessing that is was a must read for British girls like Judy Blume's books were when I was growing up. I just can't imagine though that it could be as memorable as Blubber or Are You There God? It's Me Margaret. I'm just surprised that this book made it on the list.

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