The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks

The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks Before Watchmen before V for Vendetta there was Tharg Together for the first time in one volume are all of Alan Moore s Future Shocks darkly funny and deliriously twisted tales of sci fi terror whe

  • Title: The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks
  • Author: Alan Moore
  • ISBN: 9781904265887
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks

    Before Watchmen, before V for Vendetta, there was Tharg Together for the first time in one volume are all of Alan Moore s Future Shocks darkly funny and deliriously twisted tales of sci fi terror, where nothing is what it seems This thrill packed collection features the art of many legendary names in the comics industry including Ian Gibson The Ballad of Halo Jones , BBefore Watchmen, before V for Vendetta, there was Tharg Together for the first time in one volume are all of Alan Moore s Future Shocks darkly funny and deliriously twisted tales of sci fi terror, where nothing is what it seems This thrill packed collection features the art of many legendary names in the comics industry including Ian Gibson The Ballad of Halo Jones , Bryan Talbot Luther Arkwright and Dave Gibbons Watchmen Also included are over a hundred pages of bonus material featuring dozens of complete stories scripted by Moore for 2000 AD This comprehensive collection should not be missed by any comics fan

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    One thought on “The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks

    1. Soh Kam Yung

      A nice collection of Alan Moore's short comics that he wrote for 2000AD. I've encountered some of them in the past while reading individual issues of 2000AD so it's nice to have it all collected together in one place.This collects not only Moore's Future Shocks, but also his Time Twisters, other shorts and a hilarious series of stories involving Abelard Snazz, a mutant genius with four eyes that can solve problems with flashes of genius; only to create new problems.Among my favourites collected [...]

    2. Ademption

      3.5 rounded up. Alan Moore's early short pieces for 2000 AD, the UK comic magazine famous for producing Judge Dredd. These are Moore's entries for a regular 2000 AD feature called Future Shocks, which is typically a 2-5 page comic short story with a futuristic but jokey premise. While the plot and punchline are telegraphed from the beginning of each strip, Moore made them his own by applying his hyper-creative powers. Despite the shortness of the medium and Moore's artistic youth, there is so mu [...]

    3. James

      Early Alan Moore is my favourite Moore era - of his longform work, as much as I love Watchmen I love Halo Jones more. This collection of Moore's short 2000AD work - Future Shocks, Time Twisters, one-offs and Abelard Snazz stories - is an absolute gold mine of neat concepts, 2000AD style humour and bite-size delights. Some of the twists can be seen coming from a mile off, but most of this dates from the early 80s so can be forgiven seeming hokey now. What's critical is that even the hokey ones ar [...]

    4. Gustavo Melo czekster

      Genial. Alan Moore antes de ser Alan Moore - uma força da natureza. Historias muito criativas e irônicas, algumas com finais surpreendentes, e todas brincando com temas de ficção científica. Difícil destacar uma, mas gostei muito da história em que uma nave espacial fica com demência senil, da história dos alienígenas que eram ideias, da história do zoológico de seres humanos reunindo reconstruções genéticas de homens e mulheres famosos e da história do curso de vilões interespa [...]

    5. William Owen

      Still trying to decide overall how I feel about this, but it is impressive to see the stories being told happening so quickly. But that is also one of the drawbacks, the brevity of these pieces do not really suit the kind of storytelling I enjoy - and which Moore excels at. There isn't quite enough to sink my teeth into most of the time.At the least this warrants a reread in a different prose-consumption/creation context.

    6. T4ncr3d1

      Paranoie in stile anni '80, humour british, un po' di fantascienza e un po' di horror, uno scrittore geniale e una cascata di eccellenti disegnatori.L'Alan Moore giovanile e quello di nicchia: i suoi primi lavori ed i racconti brevi lasciati da parte. Nessun vero fan di Moore può lasciarselo sfuggire.

    7. Feather Mista

      Creo que la peor de las historias de este tomo rozaría las cuatro estrellitas si le hiciera una reseña por separado, pero en su gran mayoría son pequeñas joyitas de relojería. Historias de terror, de ciencia ficción, de fantasía; todos los géneros pasan por la mordaz regurgitación de un Moore jovencísimo y afiladísimo que ya entonces perfilaba como uno de los mejores artistas del noveno arte.

    8. Writerdom1118

      The "Shakespeare of Sequential Art"'s first stories? Yes, gimme!With level of ranking art, I hold Essentials higher than simple Classics. This is a lesser-known Essential book for comic readers and writers—entertaining and educational.

    9. Khairul Hezry

      Before he hit it big over at DC, Alan Moore worked for 2000AD writing short 3-4 page stories with twists at the end.

    10. Adan

      Took me longer than it should have to finish this, which is weird since I thoroughly enjoyed it. Most of the stories were hilarious, and a lot of them had a nice twist.

    11. Wade Duvall

      This books is a gold mine. LITERALLY a gold mine. You have to go in and extract the gold. But man is it worth it. This is basically a compilation of Tharg's Future Shocks and Time Twisters (plus a few other one shots Alan Moore did for 2000 AD but which I didn't actually read). They are basically 3-5 page short stories that have a wide variety of tone. Some are kinda bad, some are basically set ups to a pun so bad you have to laugh, and some are really thought provoking stories. Some of them are [...]

    12. Berna Labourdette

      Una de las pocas cosas que me faltaba leer de Moore (es uno de sus primeros trabajos) y con la que me llevé una gratísima sorpresa. Es excelente. Una serie de historias cortas de ciencia ficción al más estilo pulp con un presentador (Tharg, en este caso) donde Moore aprovecha de hacer sátiras sobre el turismo desenfrenado, las paradojas de los viajes en el tiempo, siempre con un trasfondo irónico y moraleja  que causa gracia aun cuando lo que cuente sea horrible. Una muestra más del tale [...]

    13. Variaciones Enrojo

      Reseña de Roberto Pastor para Fancueva:fancueva/comic/el-decaEl Decálogo de Alan Moore (VII): 2000 ADHablar de 2000 AD es hablar de un hito en el mundo del cómic. Desde que se fundase en 1977, las páginas de este mítico cómic de ciencia-ficción han servido de trampolín para grandes nombres del gremio, como Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Alan Davis, Dave Gibbons o el maestro Alan Moore. Evidentemente, es por este último por lo que destacamos esta publicación en el decálogo de Moore, cuya [...]

    14. Palimp

      Historias publicadas en la revista 2000 AD con guiones muy divertidos e irreverentes que se chotean de los tópicos de la ciencia ficción.

    15. Keely

      Alan Moore is probably my favorite comic book writer EVER solely because Watchmen remains a personally influential work for me (and, to a lesser extent, his erotica Lost Girls). I didn't know what I was going to get when I bought this, but my faith in anything Moore has written had allowed me to risk purchasing this almost obscure work of his, at least as far as I know. The Complete Future Shocks is an anthology of comic strips, ranging from one-spread stories to at least four to six pages of na [...]

    16. Aaron

      I don't know why I'm surprised that I liked this as much as I did. I think having read several anthology collections of short comic stories made me expect the worst, because many of the ones I've read lately have been very hit and miss. In comics, it seems like the short subject is kind of hard to nail. I guess it helps a lot when you're Alan Moore.This collection reprints dozens of Alan Moore's earliest work for the British comic magazine 2000 AD, all of it sci-fi, most of it huge and/or goofy, [...]

    17. Michael Larson

      It's fascinating to see Alan Moore using these 2-6 page stories to experiment with ideas that he would later explore in more detail in his more famous works. He's a master at taking what could be just gimmicky ideas to their logical extreme, such as a man who experiences his entire life backwards, or a job description for custodian of the universe. His wit and attention to detail give the best of these stories an unexpected emotional and existential weight. Some of the pieces don't go far beyond [...]

    18. Mel

      I picked up a signed copy of this at the night at the Barbican a few weeks ago as it was one of only two things they had that I'd not read yet. I really enjoyed these shorts. It was a graphic novel you couldn't sit and read all in one go, but had to pick up and read a few stories at a time. They were amusing scifi stories poking fun at civilisation today in a very Alan Moore way. I enjoyed the first three sections very much, the last set of stories with the guy with two sets of eyes was my least [...]

    19. Paul

      I actually subscribed to 2000AD during the 80s and remember a lot of these from the time. At least one I still occasionally quote ("It's the martian radiation, they put it in the light-bulbs" is my go-to line for a jokey faux insanity). It's interesting how many of them are products of their time, commenting on the politics and concerns of the 80s. It's also interesting how many of them are riffing on themes from 60s/70s SciFi. Most of all though they are funny (apart from one 'time travel' stor [...]

    20. Twan

      All of Mr Moore's short 'Future Shock' stories and other short strips out of 2000AD from the early 80's.2 - 4 page black and white stories that usually end with a comical/sinister ending.Absolutely fuckin' brilliant. I've never read a 2000AD and now feel like I may have missed out on loads of decent stuff. I have no idea where the hideous, detective looking cover comes from though. Poor choice, it almost stopped me reading the book.

    21. Emageht

      Storie bellissime, fantascienza VERA.Storie brevi, alcune anche soltanto di due pagine, ma in ognuna di esse c'è spazio per riflessioni sulla società, sull'evoluzione umana, sulla tecnologia e un sano tocco di humour che non poche volte mi ha fatto sorridere.Ognuna di queste piccole storie è materiale per una trama a sé stante più lunga, e per i fan delle opere più note di Moore non sarà difficile notare tanti spunti poi ripresi nelle sue opere future.

    22. Simone Guidi

      È un Alan Moore ancora acerbo quello che si legge in questa raccolta. Dice bene la quarta di copertina: "prima di Watchman, prima di V per vendetta". Queste sono opere minori, piccole nella dimensione ma anche nello spessore narrativo, sicuramente seminali ai capolavori che Moore scriverà negli anni successivi. "Futuri incredibili" è imprendibile per gli estimatori di Moore. Trascurabile per tutti gli altri.

    23. Jim

      The first set of Future Shock stories were amusing, often with a bit of social commentary, but nothing I thought amazing. It reminded me a lot of the quirky stories from Heavy Metal Magazine. I liked the Time Twisters much better - they were more creative and interesting. The comic stories finish up with a mix - which are kind of hit and miss. Overall - it was just ok, some stories were really enjoyable; but some were completely forgettable.

    24. Peter

      Originally published in the British magazine 2000AD, future shocks are Alan Moore at his most imaginative early days. The stories progressively turn stranger and stranger concluding with a multi part arc of the super genius double decker mind. These were published in Greek on the weekly periodical 'αγόρι' back in the mid to late eighties. I never missed them and still highly recommend.

    25. Martyn

      It surprised me that I remembered so many of these short tales from the orginal run. I was a regular collector/reader of 2000AD from prog 1 until well into the 900's and Future Shocks was always one of my favorite sections. Alan Moore's stories were always funny and disturbing, a great mix. Fab stuff collected from the greatest comic book ever created.

    26. Stephen Gracia

      An interesting collection of Moore's 2000AD work-for-hire. The "Future Shocks" are fun, two page Sci-Fi stories in the Twilight Zone, twist-ending vein, but the real treats here are the "Time Twisters" which all focus on some variation of time travel. The one about the man who lives his life in reverse is particularly touching.

    27. Bill

      Fun! Much like reading a Creepy or Eerie collection in which Alan Moore wrote every story. Short black and white sci-fi/horror tales with, mostly, twist endings and a lot of tongue in cheek humor. Plus some nice art by such luminaries as Dave Gibbons, Alan Davis, John Higgins, Bryan Talbot, Steve Dillon and more.

    28. K. Carters

      Some of these are a little dated now with references from the 1980s that I didn't full understand but there's no doubting the quality in many of these. This is definitely a great collection and you see some of his later themes presented in human reservations and so forth. Definitely worth a purchase and a read. Highly recommended.

    29. B

      I think this Moore guy has a future. It's like condensed Twilight Zone with a sparkle of humor and some indie/political sensibility.The only drawbacks are (1) the art and text sometimes get a little cramped. I think that's, in part, because it's all black & white and because it's somewhat detailed. (2) Moore seems to run out of twists and do the same one a couple of times.

    30. Matt Kelland

      I loved these when they first came out. Re-reading them many years later, they were still an interesting curio, just to see Moore long before he really found his niche. However, they weren't nearly as much fun as I remember. Maybe I need to re-read The Complete D.R. & Quinch instead.

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