Adrift A stranger in town A young waitress murdered A Marine unleashed Daniel Briggs fresh out of the Marine Corps wakes up in Defuniak Springs FL hungover and confused with no memory of the night befor

  • Title: Adrift
  • Author: C.G. Cooper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Adrift

    A stranger in town A young waitress murdered A Marine unleashed Daniel Briggs, fresh out of the Marine Corps, wakes up in Defuniak Springs, FL, hungover and confused, with no memory of the night before A powerful local family finds him, intent on repaying the previous night s encounter How will the former Marine ward off his attackers, deal with his demons and aA stranger in town A young waitress murdered A Marine unleashed Daniel Briggs, fresh out of the Marine Corps, wakes up in Defuniak Springs, FL, hungover and confused, with no memory of the night before A powerful local family finds him, intent on repaying the previous night s encounter How will the former Marine ward off his attackers, deal with his demons and avoid being blamed for a young girl s death This is Daniel s story from before his time with Cal Stokes and the rest of the team at Stokes Security International SSI.

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      154 C.G. Cooper
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    One thought on “Adrift

    1. Betty Richard

      Daniel BriggsInteresting not at all what I expected. Look forward to the next book of his journey to meeting Cal Stokes

    2. Kim White

      Enjoyed the action thoroughly!Loved the character of Daniel Briggs in this series as well as in Corps Justice. Can't help but believe there are those quiet heroes out there today that are searching for their place after returning home. Hope they all find it!

    3. TCBBooks

      Quick and eventfulVery good read! Pages kept turning from page . Will read the next in the series. Can't wait to see what Briggs does next.

    4. Jan Kazimi

      JkWow I wanted to be the sniperOne of the best books I've read of late I am ready for more I am recommending this book to everyone

    5. Denise

      'Adrift: A Daniel Briggs Novel' from the 'Corps Justice- Daniel Briggs Series' pulled me in from the start and even when I had to put the book down, reluctantly of course, I found that I was still thinking of the way it had and would unfold. I don't know if the reason was a mix of thrilling scenarios, a ton of action, tense moments, jack-ass characters and the location of the story. I do give C.G. Cooper a cyber high five on the location settings. Probably because I also live in Walton County. S [...]

    6. Brenda Tannehill Wright

      Amazing! Thrilling !I enjoyed being able to learn about Daniel's life before he met Cal. Great insight about how a soldier with PTSD deals with their condition, and struggles to redefine themselves.

    7. Warren Osborne

      Enjoyable novel.I liked the action and the small town atmosphere with the big wig and his thugs trying and succeeding for the most part. I was left hanging when he was leaving without finishing.


      Great bookI've pretty much exhausted the list of authors I read and was looking for new ones. What a pleasant surprise to run across C G Cooper. Adrift was an outstanding read. Off to get book #2 in the series now.

    9. Mary

      Great readSince I started reading the Corps Justice books I have wanted to know Daniels story. This book gives some of his story with plenty of action I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys page turners keeps you reading to find out what happens next

    10. Jim Thorpe

      Good read.Better read than I expected. Fast action and plenty of it. Enjoyable way to spend an evening. Try it you might enjoy it.

    11. Timaka

      Good readEngaging and well played. Working my way through the series. Looking forward to the rest of the collection. Read on.

    12. Gayle England

      Ended suddenly! Spoiler Alert!!The story was a good read, but it ended suddenly. What happened after Laneyy and his men died? There is so much missing here!!!!

    13. R. William

      Not his best work. Entertaining enough, but not on par with Corps Justice. Far too manny grammatical errors. Still, worth the read if you enjoy the series.

    14. Kathy Conn

      Great read!A Marine myself, I recognized a lot of what I read as truly believable.The Corps Justice series is something I will continue to read.

    15. Peggy Pancherz

      Good bookGood action. Good characters. Get ready for the next one. Try to read all of the books in sequence. More action to come

    16. Carole Kuentz

      Another great storyI read the 4th book first and wished I had read them in order. C.G. Cooper you have become one of my favorites.

    17. Traci

      3.5 stars Should have been 4 except (ugh) I've had this book for a while on my kindle and somehow over looked it. I found it as I scoured my list of books I still need to read. The beginning started off slow, I almost put it down but decided to give it a few more chapters. I did enjoy the book, finding no spelling errors or anything that screamed out of place. It picked up in the middle and I had to ask myself, why a few times but other then that it was good. Fast paced, a page turner however th [...]

    18. Sally Malkowski

      Another C. G. Cooper book I couldn’t put down and I’m even reading the Corps Justice series out of order, which works, but I don’t recommend doing that.Now ladies and gentleman, I’d call this genre Political/Military Thrillers. Sound dry and boring? Anything but! His characters are likeable or hate-able depending on your perspective. Wealthy man who “owns” the town of Defuniak Springs, Florida and the people in it. Until ex-Marine Danial Briggs comes to town not knowing how he g [...]

    19. Donald Hoffman

      Just finished the stand alone story about Daniel Briggs, a young Marine sniper, who figures prominently in the Corps Justice series of books by Carlos Cooper. This book is not so much a prequel, but instead a necessary back-story to help us understand Daniel, his background, and the demons of PTSD that affect many of the young men and women returning from Iraq & Afghanistan. Daniel's interaction with Hollie and his ability to handle most problems bring life to this story. Mr. Cooper has show [...]

    20. Susan Moore

      Part of Daniel's life before joining SSI.Daniel lands in a small Floridian town that is basically ruled by Max, a wealthy, treacherous, backstabbing bastard who is used to having what he wants. His problems stem from his sociopathic Grandson, who in the long run could cost him everything. Daniel wakes up in a widowed ex-soldier's barn and the two become fast friends because of their military backgrounds, and the fact they both recognize a good man in each other. Max's grandson gets drunk and kil [...]

    21. Ned Arick

      Interesting as a PTSD studyI had already read the Corps Justice series books 3 through 7 that focused more on the group of committed vets than just Daniel Briggs-though he has major roles in those stories. It was interesting to meet Daniel and his (pathological-at times?) commitment to "Corps Justice"-righting the wrongs-vigilante style. As an MP ((Army) a long, long time ago, and as a subsequent career mental health professional, my preferences tend toward more legally-oriented, humane response [...]

    22. Will Decker

      This is a cheesy, tongue-in-cheek war hero story where our hero marine doesn't even get to save the girl. She gets killed on his watch! That was my first disappointment. Then all the grammatical errors, miss-spelled and miss-used words didn't add to the thrill. Now don't get me wrong. It wasn't a terrible story. And even though I was disappointed overall, obviously a lot of other readers weren't, so maybe you won't be either. I think the icing on the cake however was the last line on the last pa [...]

    23. Bill Barnes

      ExcellentIf you are a left wing Military hater then don't read this book On the other hand if you are intelligent and realize that only two people are willing to die for you, Jesus and a GI, then you will enjoy this book. Some GI's come home damaged, not just physically but psychologically. They see things that most folks can't imagine in their worst nightmares. Danny Briggs is one of those. A good man with a good heart and a desire for good. Thank you Mr. Cooper for writing this book.Signed USN [...]

    24. Arthur

      Adrift: (Daniel Briggs #1)Meet Daniel Briggs, Released from the Marine corps, trying to find himself and not the monster that controls his dreams every night. Better known as "snake eyes" because of his record as a Marine Sniper, Daniel is not someone you want to get on the wrong side of in any situation. This is just one of the stories about Daniel Briggs and what happens when he or his friends are being taken advantage of by unscrupulous others.

    25. Rayna

      Anticlimactic and one dimensionalFrom the beginning the book fails to really develop any characters such that you even care what happens to them. The plot is pretty unoriginal as it's basically a rip-off from the Jack Reacher series. The rest of the book skips along quickly without taking time to unpack meaning or put you in the scene at all. Honestly, if the main character died in the end it wouldn't have even bothered me.

    26. Don Sinquefield

      SnakeeyesA real work of wordsmithing, you will either love the military hero, Daniel Griggs, or you will be part of the problem the U.S.A. is in now. This story is a work of fiction but knowing human nature it has a lot of truth in it. There are a lot of us wanna be Hollies out there but to find out if you have the guts to be a patriot you have to read the book. Stories aren't what they used to be but this is

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