Portrait of the Psychopath as a Young Woman

Portrait of the Psychopath as a Young Woman Psychopath She shackles them to the bed She glues their eyes closed She punctures their eardrums She sews their lips shut Torturess They can t move They can t see or hear They can t scream All they ca

  • Title: Portrait of the Psychopath as a Young Woman
  • Author: Edward Lee
  • ISBN: 9781452428512
  • Page: 482
  • Format: ebook
  • Portrait of the Psychopath as a Young Woman

    Psychopath She shackles them to the bed.She glues their eyes closed.She punctures their eardrums.She sews their lips shut.Torturess They can t move They can t see or hear.They can t scream.All they can do is feel.And with her tools her scalpels and needles,her bonesaws and her knives She gives them a lot to feel.A full force, hardcore psycho thriller.

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      482 Edward Lee
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    One thought on “Portrait of the Psychopath as a Young Woman

    1. David Church

      The first half of the book I felt was bland & repetitive. The 2nd half really cranked up with some very interesting twists & turns. The chapter called “Manburger” will forever be burned into my mind, I still wince thinking about that chapter. Overall all a pretty good read, a slow burn to begin with but it ends with a bang.

    2. Anita Dalton

      On the surface, this book seemed like it was gonna be great. The presence of Ed Lee was part of it but the descriptions also made it seem like it was a winner. A journalist is contacted by a serial killing female in order to tell the killer’s story. The journalist enters a new relationship that challenges her emotionally and before long, the woman, her new lover and the killer are on a collision course, and the journalist and the killer find a horrifying link between themselves. Add a mean cop [...]

    3. Juxian

      Well, it's kinda difficult to type after I chew my arms to the elbows during the last 20% of the book :) Oh dear. That was really a roller coaster. Okay, spoilers under the cut just because I need an outlet for my emotions. (view spoiler)[You know all those thrillers when, closer to the end, the psycho killer kidnaps the hero's token girlfriend - and you're like: "Whatever, let him kill her or something". And since the psycho killer in this book is a woman, she naturally kidnaps the heroine's bo [...]

    4. Tom

      Not your typical Edward Lee book but still with enough of his hardcore style to know that you are reading one of his books. This book is not for the faint of heart. Very graphic but the graphic parts are not just there for shock. They are a real part of the overall story.I did find myself having to put down the book quite often just to get my bearings back. If you like psychological horror this is a must read.

    5. Shadow Girl

      I think this one started a little slow for me.I started reading it two different times before now, and set it down - accidentally forgetting about it. Ok, maybe that's not quite right. It didn't start slow, necessarily. It didn't start off as Ed Lee. When you're in the mood for depravity, Lee usually just throws you in head-first - no chance to buckle up. Portrait of the Psychopath as a Young Woman didn't do that, it eased you in. I started over again yesterday, just finished it, and WOW! As a w [...]

    6. Jesse Bedell

      Quite different from anything else I've read by Ed Lee. It has been said that every horror novelist must write a "serial killer" novel, and Mr. Lee doesn't disappoint here. The comparisons to Brett Easton Ellis' "American Psycho" are unfounded in my view. B.E.E.'s book, brilliant as it was, was essentially a hilarious satire on yuppie culture in the 80's. You'll find none of that here. This book is DARK. Ed Lee has always been effective at making you laugh and simultaneously squirm, but the gros [...]

    7. Tony

      Not for the weak of stomach. If you liked "American Pyscho" by B.E. Ellis this is the companion piece--only this time a woman is preying on yuppie men.

    8. Birgit

      Was würde ein normaler Mensch denken, wenn er hier zuhörte?Oder besser gesagt: "Was würde ein normaler Mensch über die in diesem Buch beschriebenen Taten denken?"Das Buch Porträt der Psychopathin als junge Frau von Edward Lee & Elizabeth Steffen könnte man schnell mal mit einem Wort erklären: "krank"Aber das trifft es auch nicht ganz, die umgesetzten Ideen, die genau beschriebenen Morde und die abartigen Charaktere sind vielleicht krank, aber um dieses Buch zu beschreiben muss man doc [...]

    9. Jessica Hodgkinson

      All in all good read. Not as gruesome as I was expecting, but not lacking in attention-grabbing moments of torturous vile instances that make your skin crawl. I would recommend this book to everyone who is into this genre, especially newer fans of Ed Lee. This story is a good way to break 'em into reading one of the best hardcore horror authors around. Ed Lee's books are never a disappointment.

    10. Kerstin Stutzke

      Die 33-jährige Kathleen Shade führt ein eher zurückgezogenes Leben. Sie lebt in Washington D. C. und bekommt ihre Arbeit per Post zugeschickt, denn sie schreibt eine Kolumne namens "Urteil" für das Frauenmagazin ´90s Woman und kann demnach ihrer Tätigkeit auch von Zuhause aus nachgehen. Leben kann die studierte Soziologin von diesem Job nicht, doch er macht ihr Spaß und da ihr Vater sehr vermögend ist, unterstützt er sie von Zeit zu Zeit. Finanziell ist sie also nicht auf ihrem Job abge [...]

    11. Glenn Alcorn

      Horrifying, disgusting, gratuitously violent and very, very good. So much more than I expected it would be. If it had been more widely published I'm certain this would have been a bestseller. Loved it. Definitely the best thing I've ever read from Ed Lee, as well.

    12. Shannon Gardner

      This book is a crime drama, thriller, and horror story all wrapped into one scary ass read. This book brings together two very different women who share a very heinous history. I like when the characters are talking about police issues and procedures. The police science and their investigation technics are very good and believable. The profiling of the female killer is truly amazing, add to that the profiling of the killers idol is even better. I did not care for the disturbing background story [...]

    13. Mike Kazmierczak

      This is a hardcore novel. Extremely brutal. There are enough torture scenes in this novel to give you at least one thing to cringe about. If you're like me, you'll find several. The new uses for power tools was one. The red pepper was another. If you get squeamish easily, pass on this book. Kathleen Shade is a regular columnist for a feminist magazine when she starts getting stories from a serial killer. Not so much stories as descriptions of the torture inflicted on her victims. There are also [...]

    14. Matt's Books

      Im Gegensatz zu seinen kürzeren Werken trumpfen Lees längere Werke durch eine durchweg spannende Story auf! Natürlich liegt auch hier der Level an Brutalität und Perversion deutlich höher, als bei Thrillern von anderen Autoren, aber eingebettet ist das Ganze in eine erstklassige Handlung!In „Porträt der Psychopathin als junge Frau“ wird einem knallhart und ohne Blatt vor dem Mund vor Augen gehalten, wie die menschliche Psyche durch sexuellen Missbrauch zerstört werden kann. Sowohl die [...]

    15. Izabela

      Gritty, gruesome, and absolutely horrifying, Portrait of the Psychopath as a Young Woman is a true Edward Lee hit. Unlike many of Lee's supernatural horrors, this one has human characters and that makes it all the more creepy. If you're a fan of gratuitous violence and Lee's writing, Portrait is a must-read.

    16. Baldurian

      An average thriller with a not-so-average killer; nothing more and nothing less. My heart bleeds a little seeing the vicious genius of my dear Lee watered down in this kind of mainstream books.

    17. Rachel

      There were some pretty gruesome scenes that really got under my skin. The reading flowed nicely. This story is similar to a slasher film solely for the purpose of grossing a person out.

    18. Randy Lewis

      Good story with great character description/building. Nothing new as far as storyline to very well done! Edward lee never let's me down

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