Hattie Peck

Hattie Peck Hattie Peck is a heart warming tale of triumph in the face of adversity and is a perfect bedtime story

  • Title: Hattie Peck
  • Author: Emma Levey
  • ISBN: 9781782444787
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hattie Peck

    Hattie Peck is a heart warming tale of triumph in the face of adversity and is a perfect bedtime story.

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      336 Emma Levey
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    One thought on “Hattie Peck

    1. Cheryl

      Is it an adoption story? Is it a science book about what kinds of critters hatch from eggs? It is a funny adventure? Let your child decide.I especially love the book design, with the variety of page layouts and some font changes I scurried along as I read, just as a hen on a mission would.

    2. Mahdiye Fateh

      از آن کتابهای خیلی خوب بود برای من. آنقدر که دلم میخواست با هتی دوست شوم. هتی برای من زنی است که در آرزوی داشتن بچه است. خوابش را میبیند، خیالش را. اما نمیشود که نمیشود. تا اینکه تصمیم میگیرد زندگی کند و با زندگی خوشحال باشد. پس میرود دور تا دور دنیا تا مادر همه ی تخمهای بی صاحب باش [...]

    3. Tracie

      When Hattie Peck's egg doesn't hatch, she sets out to find other eggs and ends up with a wonderful brood. Would be a great pick for spring st or talk about what kinds of animals hatch from eggs.

    4. Hayley DeRoche

      This book troubled me as it's categorized as being about adoption, but the adoption narrative here is very much of the adoptive-parent-as-savior thread (Hattie rescues all these forgotten eggs and is the "perfect little mom" in the end). It's quite cute in terms of illustrations, but it doesn't sit quite right with me.

    5. Christine Turner

      Poor Hattie Peck simply loves eggs, but she has only ever laid one egg--and it never hatched. Eggs are all she thinks about, all she dreams about. No egg is too big; no egg is too small. So if she can't lay another egg, she's going to have to go out into the world to find one.Hattie embarks on a journey in search of all the abandoned eggs. She dives to the deepest depths of vast oceans. She soars over gigantic cities and climbs up mountains towering above the clouds. Through gloomy dark caves, d [...]

    6. Haleema

      Emma Levey has written this lovely story for her mother and father and quite befittingly as it’s about a hen who cannot hatch eggs of her own, but optimistically goes in search of all eggs- elsewhere! A beautifully illustrated storybook, Levey’s hand-painted teal hen really is a busy-bee, ‘clucking and puffing’ across stormy seas, ‘diving’ to coral reefs, ‘trekking’ through villages, ‘soaring’ over gigantic cities, ‘trudging’ deep underground and much more in search of he [...]

    7. Storywraps

      Hattie Peck, an adorable plucky chicken is on a mission. She is on a mission of love. You see she has only laid one egg in her life and that egg did not come to fruition. Poor Hattie all she ever wants and thinks about are eggs, eggs, eggs and the poor dear came up empty. Not to be discouraged Hattie decides to go on an adventure that will change her life forever. She is determined to seek out every throwaway egg, scoop it up and bring it back home where she can mother and nurture it and welcome [...]

    8. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*

      Levey, Emma Hattie Peck. PICTURE BOOK. Top That Publishing, 2016 $16.99. Hattie Peck is the epitome of a mother hen. She loves eggs, but alas has only ever laid one of her own and it never hatched. Unhappy with her lot in life, Hattie sets off on a world-wide adventure to rescue and care for all the forgotten eggs in the world. No matter the shape, size or color, Hattie will save and hatch them all. This heartwarming story of a mother hen who just wants her own egg to hatch a darling adventure t [...]

    9. Karen Dransfield

      I was hunting for a story which included eggs for an art project with junior kids. I wanted a story to inspire some art with eggs. This is a delightful story about Hattie who doesn't have any eggs of her own so she goes off into the world to find abandoned eggs and give them a home. She travels all over and finds all sorts of eggs. A great story. It includes a bunch of Australian unusual animals that hatch from eggs which would give this books a great lead in to talk about science topics about e [...]

    10. Kate Puleo Unger

      ages 3-5Hattie is obsessed with eggs. Since she can't lay her own, she searches the world to find all of the abandoned eggs she can, and then she raises the animals herself. Kind of strange, but cutemsradius/2016/12/cyb

    11. Selena

      Hattie Peck is the little hen that could. Could find all the abandoned eggs to hatch that is. After her adventure ends and the hatching begins, children will get to see all the of different animals that can come from an egg.

    12. Kristina Jean Lareau

      An infertile mother steals other species unborn children to create her own family Except she is a chicken, who takes too many examples to gather her eggs. The saving grace is the color and texture of the illustrations.

    13. Julie

      Hattie Peck absolutely adored eggs. Sadly, her own little egg never hatched. In an effort to fulfill her need for one, Hattie sets out on a journey to rescue any unhatched egg she could find and bring them to her home to care for. Very sweet book about nurturing and finding love.

    14. Marg Corjay

      Bright simple illustrations, lots of detail, sparse dialogue that does not distract from the adventures of this silly hen. Everyone will giggle at her collection of "kids".

    15. Susan

      I don't know if this book is supposed to be about infertility, but it's the best example of what it's like that I've ever read.

    16. Caroline

      Hattie can't lay her own eggs and goes on a journey around the world to find some.A fiction story that could be paired with non-fiction story books about chickens laying eggs.

    17. Keiran Thegreat

      A lovely book for a child. The story of a hen who can't lay and decides to find lost eggs to take care of. The story is sweet and the illustrations are wonderful and funny.

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