Undead and Unwary

Undead and Unwary Vampire queen Betsy don t call me Elizabeth Taylor is back and there s going to be Hell to pay in MaryJanice Davidson s New York Times bestselling series Following on from Undead and Unsure Betsy Ta

  • Title: Undead and Unwary
  • Author: MaryJanice Davidson
  • ISBN: 9780349402352
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Undead and Unwary

    Vampire queen Betsy don t call me Elizabeth Taylor is back and there s going to be Hell to pay in MaryJanice Davidson s New York Times bestselling series .Following on from Undead and Unsure, Betsy Taylor is back in the hit paranormal series chock full of wit, sass and a little bit of romance

    Undead and Unwary Undead, by MaryJanice Davidson Undead and Unwary is the thirteenth book in the series and fans will be thrilled with the humor and banter between Betsy and her cohorts The Queen of the Vampires is up to her ears in new responsibilities and lots of family drama. Undead and Unwary Kindle edition by MaryJanice Davidson Undead and Unwary Kindle Edition MaryJanice Davidson is the New York Times bestselling author of several books, most recently Undead and Unsure, Undead and Unstable, Undead and Undermined, Undead and Unfinished, Undead and Unwelcome, Undead and Unworthy, and Dead Over Heels. Undead and Unwary Undead Queen Betsy, book by Undead and Unwary Undead Queen Betsy, book by MaryJanice Davidson book cover, description, publication history. Undead and Unwary by MaryJanice Davidson About Undead and Unwary Vampire queen Betsy Taylor returns in the outrageous new Undead novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Undead and Unsure Even with Satan out of the picture and the Antichrist for a sister, Betsy Taylor has had a hard time maintaining things below. Undead and Unwary Undead read online free by Undead and Unwary Undead by MaryJanice Davidson It goes like this as a card carrying member of undead royalty, I could travel back and forth between dimensions Hell, Undead and Unwary Undead Queen Betsy Series by Undead and Unwary is the thirteenth book in the series and fans will be thrilled with the humor and banter between Betsy and her cohorts The Queen of the Vampires is up to her ears in new responsibilities and lots of family drama.

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    One thought on “Undead and Unwary

    1. Jenn

      I really need this series to stop. I will keep reading them as long as she writes theme I'M NO QUITTER!!! But I really hope she ties all this shuffup soon. Like, in the next book. Please.

    2. Stephanie

      UNDEAD AND UNWARY: A Train Wreck Post date: 1/20/2015 fangswandsandfairydust/201Great Cover!Queen Betsy was one of the first series I read as a blogger. It was funny, it was sexy, it had snarky dialogue. Sometime ago, however, it seems to have stopped being all of those things. This makes me sad. Is anyone editing this writer anymore? See I’ve seen this series going off the tracks as the plotting seemed to become erratic, but then I thought she had managed not to derail entirely with the last [...]

    3. Elle ✦ Pretty Little Books ✦

      Genre:Paranormal. Vampires. Series:The Undead Series book #13 :: 3.5 Pretty Little Stars :: I love this series. I have loved it since the first book was written and I will continue reading it until the series ends. However, I will say that I enjoyed the beginning of the series (probably the first 5 books) the best. Maybe it's because of the "changes" that occurred in terms of Betsy making a small mistake while time traveling, or perhaps the series is just getting redundant. In any case, I did en [...]

    4. Cyndi

      For the love of God, please let this woman stop writing this series so that I can stop reading it. They just get worse every time. I do lie a little. I gave this one two stars simply because Betsy seems to show a small amount of growth by the end of this book. For that it sucks slightly less than the last few.

    5. Cathy

      I don't have the strength to pick it apart in detail. I gave it three stars because it wasn't as bad as some of the more recent books in the series. But I feel like the author has really lost track of the main character. Betsy doesn't know how to pronounce words with silent letters in them like subtle properly, but she can give a detailed lecture on what a trope is. The amount of trivia and knowledge that Betsy spouted in this book was dizzying, it was deep into Mary Sue territory, clearly the a [...]

    6. TinTin Kalaw

      I've gotta admit. This is by far the BEST book in this series for a long time. I mean, wow. This. This is the redeeming story that I've been waiting for! For all the time, Betsy has been pretty bad ass on certain occasions that is always by the near end of each story but is quite annoying at the beginning. All your hope's that she does not regress are somewhat crushed when you start the next book and you're like, "Have you learned nothing from the previous book?!" But no. This one dives straight [...]

    7. Chanzy

      This is the best book in the Undead Series since Undead and Unwed.It. Was. AMAZING!Fans will love this but I would also suggest this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal stuff. I have to be aware of spoilers but GET YOUR HOPES UP. YOU will love the newest volume in the Undead Series.

    8. Melliane

      Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewQueen Betsy a toujours été une série avec laquelle il est facile de passer un très bon moment. Chaque roman amène toujours une touche d’humour, de moments légers et finalement une lecture toujours rapide et agréable. J’attendais donc la même chose avec ce volume. J’avoue que j’ai fait un petit saut dans le temps étant donné que le dernier tome que j’ai lu n’était que le tome 8. En vérité, cela ne pose pas vraiment de soucis car l’a [...]

    9. Chelsea

      Betsy's character has so much potential. I really want to like the scatter-brained ditz with a heart of gold. Davidson just takes it too far. It feels like she uses the ditz thing as an excuse to not actually construct a meaningful story. A solid 2/3 of this story was mindless rambling and selfishness. That's excessive. Davidson just strikes me as lazy. Betsy's character is incredibly inconsistent as well. On one page she is mispronouncing subtle (giving it a hard b), which is a pretty common wo [...]

    10. Anastacia

      Like any long-running series that's out there, this one is starting to really go downhill. I haven't enjoyed the previous books as much, but still really enjoyed them & appreciated them for what they (tried) to be. I really struggled to enjoy this one as much, and it's definitely my least favorite so far.So, thoughts? Well, Betsy's changing all right, and not for the better. All of a sudden she can talk about things her character would never care about, and instead of being smart-but-nobody- [...]

    11. Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)

      My biggest complaint with the book is the constant repetition. And multiple times in the same book on the same topic. It made the book annoying. Add to that the convenient changes to past world building. For example, in book one, Betsy dad doted on her though he may have been at arms length at times. Now, she acts like he didn’t spoil her. The bigger is when she became a vampire almost a whole book or two talked how she could go days (close to a week or more, even made a game of how long to go [...]

    12. Blair

      2 honest stars. Nobody should read this book unless they love this series I LOVE this series but I think this particular addition killed a few of my brain cells. An older review compared the writing and storylines in this to "watching a cat chase a laser pointer on a wall". Bravo and spot on! I'm not quite sure what's going on with MJD, but I'm sure she'll sort it out and return this series to its sassy brilliance in the next offering (everything,EVERYTHING CROSSED)! Anyway, onward and upward, I [...]

    13. Ashley

      Maybe its because its I haven't read one of these books in years, but it wasn't as terrible as I remember. There was a lot of unnecessary sex and so much crazy (as per usual). I'll probably finish the series. but only because I am so close to the end.

    14. Debbie Lester

      MaryJanice Davidson returns with another book in the Undead/Queen Betsy series. Undead and Unwary is the thirteenth book in the series and fans will be thrilled with the humor and banter between Betsy and her cohorts. The Queen of the Vampires is up to her ears in new responsibilities and lots of family drama. Davidson excels at quirky characters with so much dysfunction that the reader can't help but laugh and she does it again in this book and gives readers just another reason to cheer for Bet [...]

    15. Faye

      Read: October 2016The good:- Betsy is her usual self; funny and self-involved with the occasional sharp and unexpected insight that catches everyone off-guard.- The character development of Laura has been interesting to watch over the course of the series. (view spoiler)[I love how she is slowly becoming more fully evil while at the same time believing whole-heartedly that she is doing good. She is literal embodiment of the phrase 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions!' (hide spoiler)] [...]

    16. Dark Faerie Tales

      Review courtesy of Dark Faeries TalesQuick & Dirty: Queen of the vampires, co-ruler of hell, is the weird stuff ever going to stop happening?Opening Sentence: “You know how you see someone you love stuck with a job they don’t know how to do?”The Review:Betsy is back in Undead and Unwary! Here is my tiny disclaimer, I have not read this series at all! So I am not positive how soon after Undead and Unsure does Undead and Unwary starts. Betsy has killed Satan and is now the co-ruler of He [...]

    17. Maria

      Betsy finally redeems herself!The last few books were starting to lose me, what with Betsy's vapid personality and unbelievable selfishness. The storylines seemed to be going nowhere and the books contained nothing but mindless prattle that felt more like filler. I almost gave up on this series until I read this book. Thank you, Mary Janice, for finally making your heroine into a worthwhile character again! The story actually progressed and you learn more about Betsy and why she is the way she i [...]

    18. Valerie Zink

      This is actually a 2.5. I loved this series at the start and would label probably the first 7 or 8 at a 5 star rating, but lately they have been dragging with the same old story line and Betsy is still just not growing up, etc, etc.But this one finally made me laugh again. A lot, actually. I do need this series to wrap up though. I feel compelled to stick with it because I want to know how it all ends, and mad that these authors and publishers know this, hence drag em on! Overall, the series is [...]

    19. Tricia

      I really miss the old style of writing. All of the new books seem to be about the Queen of Vampires acting like a general idiot and chasing her tail. I'm SO SICK of the preventable drama. I hate main characters who cause all the trouble just by being stupid. It makes me want to reach into the book and shake her, which might be okay for one book, even two, but now I'm done. Get your shit together, girl.

    20. Amanda

      I really really love (d) this series This installment has left me so muffkin disappointed! In my opinion this is turning into fluffed/filler to keep another wise awesome series going (beginning to feel like the last 3 installments of Sookie Stackhouse), this would be acceptable and not worth griping about except for I really loved this series and had such a hard time forcing myself to finish this one, it all seemed so silly. Just grrrrrrr!

    21. Reva

      I love the series. I Was totally frustrated by this book. Too much chaos. The entire book was like those low cost canned TV programs that use film from previous episodes to make up a new one. Very disappointing.

    22. LaShawn

      3 stars for series loyalty.It didn't quite advance the story, it just made things more confusing. Sinclair isn't cool anymore. I miss the old timeline, the new one is just too cartoony.

    23. Sheila

      The household continues to grow with the addition of Jessica's twins and 2 lab puppies.Meanwhile Betsy takes over her duties in Hell and finds out disturbing things about the death of her father.

    24. Stephanie

      MaryJanice Davidson- Undead and Unwary303 pagesI am less than enthusiastic about this series because I can’t help but to always go to the what if’s… There is so much more this series could have been. I try not to hold it against each book, but it’s hard. The series got ripped apart several books ago, and while I can see the good coming back, it’s hard to not think about what could have been. Anyway… Betsy does more growing here. I’ve said it the last couple books, but it’s been t [...]

    25. Jodi

      I wasn't sure I was going to make it through this book. It suffered from an endless beginning where nothing happened. For pages. But then Betsy goes to Hell and starts making something of it and the book blossoms. The problem MJD has with this series at this moment is that she took it as far as she could, she wrapped it up, and then she went further. And there wasn't a lot further to go. This is that interim book where she tried to figure out where to go next. There are some highlights. Jessica' [...]

    26. Drucilla

      The main problem with this book is that there's one subplot too many. Betsy's ignoring of her promise to help Laura run Hell is the main plot, but Davidson includes a subplot about Betsy's dad and Jessica's babies. Either one of those would have worked great by there-self and I think it would have made not only the narrative as a whole more focused, it would have made each plot thread stronger. Which would have helped a lot since we as readers already knew (view spoiler)[that Laura planned to du [...]

    27. Alex

      The first half of this was mind-numbingly boring, but things FINALLY started happening towards the end. However, Betsy is still grating on my nerves a little more with each book, Laura has become a caricature of her former self, Sinclair is no longer sexy or interesting, and it should not take over 150 pages for something to happen. Still, I've come this far - I must finish this series!

    28. MaryEllen

      The series has become nice and intriguing again. Phone calls from Fred & the werewolf pack leader spiced it up a bit. Not sure how I feel about the announcement at the ending, but liking Marc's new situation. And the reappearance of someone we thought was gone kind of threw a weird twist in. Sad the next book is the last. Really liked this series overall.

    29. Betsy

      This book was kind of confusing, going back & forth in time & places. But I really enjoyed the "lawnmower " part! It was brilliant!!

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