The Word Ghost

The Word Ghost This is England and fifteen year old Rebecca Budde is in love with Dave After one glorious summer Rebecca is forced to move with her family to Brightley a village with a puddle for a pond and

  • Title: The Word Ghost
  • Author: Christine Paice
  • ISBN: 9781743318263
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Word Ghost

    This is England 1973, and fifteen year old Rebecca Budde is in love with Dave After one glorious summer, Rebecca is forced to move with her family to Brightley, a village with a puddle for a pond, and no excitement at all If only Dave were there.Very weird things are going on inside their new house, and even stranger things are happening in the village at night SomeoneThis is England 1973, and fifteen year old Rebecca Budde is in love with Dave After one glorious summer, Rebecca is forced to move with her family to Brightley, a village with a puddle for a pond, and no excitement at all If only Dave were there.Very weird things are going on inside their new house, and even stranger things are happening in the village at night Someone appears to be living in Rebecca s wardrobe Someone else is on the balcony, trying to get in Things don t make sense any as Algernon Keats steps from the shadows, his sister not far behind him There s no Dave, two ghosts, a pub, a dog and Alex March, a dark and brooding artist, living in the Manor House down the road, whose interest in Rebecca is both puzzling and thrilling.What do Alex and Algernon want from Rebecca What on earth does any of it mean Is it possible to love a ghost And what happens if he loves you back The lights are out Welcome to Brightley.Rebecca thinks love is forever, but sometimes it s not And nor, sometimes, is death The Word Ghost is a funny, moving story about what it means to find love, lose love and discover who you are when you live in a village with no street lights and a decidedly dark side.

    The Word Ghost by Christine Paice Community Reviews The Word Ghost is, without fail, a real treat This eccentric tale introduces us to the equally eccentric but utterly likeable, Rebecca Abraham Budde, the daughter of a Church of England minister who is enjoying a most idyllic adolescence in a small town in England in . Ghost Synonyms, Ghost Antonyms Thesaurus Sense of slight suggestion in ghost image, ghost of a chance, etc is first recorded s that in ghost writing is from , but that term is not found until Ghost town is from To give up the ghost die was in Old English. Ghost word Ghost word A ghost word is a word published in a dictionary or similarly authoritative reference work, having rarely, if ever, been used in practice, and hitherto having been meaningless As a rule a ghost word will have originated from an error, such as a misinterpretation, mispronunciation, or misreading, Ghost Define Ghost at Dictionary gohst See synonyms for ghost on Thesaurus noun the soul of a dead person, a disembodied spirit imagined, usually as a vague, shadowy or evanescent form, as wandering among or haunting living persons a mere shadow or semblance a trace He s a ghost of his former self a remote possibility He hasn t a ghost of a chance. ghost Origin and meaning of ghost by Online Etymology Ghost is the English representative of the usual West Germanic word for supernatural being In Christian writing in Old English it is used to render Latin spiritus see spirit n , a Ghost Words That Are Haunting The Dictionary Everything Have you ever heard of the term ghost word It doesn t have a direct connection to Halloween although that s a good guess It doesn t have a direct connection Ghost Synonyms Other Words for Ghost Ghost synonyms Top synonyms for ghost other words for ghost are phantom, spirit and spectre. Ghost Definition of Ghost by Merriam Webster Ghost definition is the seat of life or intelligence soul How to use ghost in a sentence.

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      285 Christine Paice
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    One thought on “The Word Ghost

    1. Sally906

      Christine Paice is a beautiful writer and I loved her descriptions of the various settings – especially the spooky night-time ones – she also made some wonderful statements such as "I liked the look of the librarian she had such wealth in her hands every day at her disposal and gave it out freely to anyone who joined the library” However despite this I just couldn’t love the story and I think it was because of two reasons, firstly I just didn’t really care about most of the characters [...]

    2. Kelly (Diva Booknerd)

      3½ Stars.divabooknerd/2014/06/tThe Word Ghost was a storyline told in two parts, the first half was beautifully written, incredibly charming and instilled a dream like whimsy in readers. The second half sadly seemed to have lost it's way. Rebecca was a charming and quirky young lady, she's sassy, intelligent and has an incredible internal monologue that not only provides the reader with random observations, but she also converses with Jane Eyre. It was so refreshing just to read about Rebecca's [...]

    3. Dale Harcombe

      Two and a half stars.My previous knowledge of Christine Paice was as a poet when I attended a workshop she conducted. I was interested to read this novel and thank the reading Room and Allen and Unwin for an uncorrected proof copy.This story, set in England in 1973, tells of 15 year old Rebecca Budde who is in love with Dave and is aghast when her father takes the position as senior minister and moves the family to the village of Brightley. Rebecca is a reader with a fascination for Jane Eyre an [...]

    4. Lisa

      A really strange book. I really loved it at first. It had purpose, direction, great characters. Then it almost feels like the author got bored and just kind of petered out"and then this happened. The end".Shame. Had I stopped reading it halfway through, it would have gotten quite a good review. The characters of the 3 sisters were just fabulous.

    5. Veronica ⭐️

      The Word Ghost is written in the first person as told by Rebecca. She is assumed to be a normal teenage girl with an infatuation for Dave, a local boy she sees on her way to school each day. When Dave returns her affection she is living her dream. To me Rebecca is far from normal. Unlike most 16 year olds she has a very deep perception of the world around her. Her best friend is “Jayne Eyre” a character from a book and she talks to her all the time.Maybe Rebecca had a case of middle child sy [...]

    6. Chiara

      A copy of this novel was provided by Allen and Unwin in exchange for an honest review.Oh, boy. I was so, so, so looking forward to this book. From the moment I saw the title and that absolutely GORGEOUS cover, I wanted to read The Word Ghost. And then I read the blurb and wanted to get my hands on a copy even sooner.Sadly, this book did not live up to my expectations of what it would be like.The whole time I was reading The Word Ghost, I kept on thinking: but what is the point? Now, I am aware t [...]

    7. Sam Still Reading

      The Word Ghost is a difficult book to categorise – it’s not quite young adult, it’s not quite straight fiction and it’s not paranormal. Rather, it combines all of these elements to make a book that is unique, sprinkled with poetry throughout. (Christine Paice is also a poet). It has funny moments, sad moments and a few baffling moments. I’m still not too certain as to what the overall message is of this book, but I’ll happily take it as a coming of age book in England in the 1970s. T [...]

    8. Kathryn

      First of all, a big shout out to the Reading Room and publishers Allen and Unwin for my free review copy. Thanks!The Word Ghost is, without fail, a real treat. This eccentric tale introduces us to the equally eccentric (but utterly likeable,) Rebecca Abraham Budde, the daughter of a Church of England minister who is enjoying a most idyllic adolescence in a small town in England in 1973. Rebecca, who would rather be known as Abraham, is fifteen years old, and rejects politics, biscuits and bombs. [...]

    9. Lee

      The blurb of The Word Ghost explains that Rebecca is in love with Dave, but her life is turned upside down when her family moves to a small village where she immediately starts to see, and talk to, ghosts. This doesn't really do the book justice, in my opinion. In fact, I'm not sure I cared much about the ghosts in the end. I assumed that they were figments of not only Rebecca's imagination, but ours as well, and simply metaphors. If they were anything else, I will say I found them to be too und [...]

    10. Shelby

      I received this through first reads.Firstly I want to say, overall I did really enjoy it. I ended up caring about the characters and being really interested in the plot.Although I ended up liking it, I didn't enjoy it in the beginning. I'm going to blame that on me not having time to read, so I read the first quarter of it really slowly and didn't get to the point of the story while I was doing this.I was determined to finish it and so on Saturday and Sunday I sped through it, and that was when [...]

    11. Sharon

      Okay, first the good news! I loved the cover of this book (I tend to like silhouette pictures in general). I also loved some of the wonderful descriptions written, be it of the countryside or observations of people etc. And I loved the fact that the book was set in 1973 - I was a 10 year old myself back then so references to David Cassidy and the fashions of the time struck a chord (although where was any mention of the gorgeous David Essex????, lol). Now the bad news :( I really wanted to love [...]

    12. Emma Derby

      This is the book to watch. It has the magic Of Harry Potter, the love of twilight, and the craft of Burial Rites.This book is the best book I have read in a long time. Wonderfully original, with characters full of life and depth, you completely fall in love with the world of Rebecca Budde and her intriguing ghostly friends. The journey of a young writer forming her voice through her relationship with ghosts is such a brilliantly original idea, and combined with the poetry in the book as the voic [...]

    13. Lisa Vaccaro

      As if adolescence is not difficult enough! For Rebecca "Abs" Budde, the narrator of this magical treat, just as she is experiencing "falling in love" for the first time her life is disrupted by her family's move to a new village - Brightley. Here, she is greeted by a ghost - Algernon Keats, who is related to the great poet! - living in her wardrobe and gently haunts her as she comes to term with her new life and new acquaintances.I thoroughly enjoyed this bumpy journey with "Abs" and her settlin [...]

    14. Sue

      LOVED thisarts ot with great humour and the exploits of a young 16 (soon to be 17) year old - her first love and summeren it all changes as she has to move to a rural town iin Buckinghamshire (yes where THE duchess grew up!) as her father has aquired a new parish there. THENat's when she meets the 'ghosts of poets past' and the real fun and mystery emerges. A whole new dimension is dded and give theh story a clevr depth which I really enjoyed. I highly recomend this and would be suitable for hig [...]

    15. Penny Mace

      This book is utterly beautiful!! The poetry is written by an absolute master wordsmith, so elegantly interwoven into the story and so perfectly depicting the inner voice of the most intriguing character I have read for quite a while. Outstanding ending which gave me exactly what I was looking for, whilst keeping away from anything remotely cliched or foreseeable. I cried and I laughed out loud, completely brilliant.

    16. Lorna

      I loved this to start with. But it somehow began to lose me about three quarters through. So many unanswered questions about Algernon and Augusta, and the ending was very disconnected.

    17. Belinda G

      This book has shocking reviews on , but is one I had bought before I noticed that, so figured I shouldn’t waste my money by not reading it. I don’t think I wasted my money, but from memory, the price was more than I really think the book was worth.I think I understand why people didn’t connect well with this book- it is SO British. Really British. I can see how that could be jarring for overseas audiences, particularly Americans, or those who don’t know random bits of British culture. I [...]

    18. Courtney

      I received this book from First Reads in exchange for an honest reviewI love the silhouette style of the cover, mostly it reminds me of the To Kill a Mockingbird cover. Very cool.I would have liked this book when I was 15, I think. But to be honest the genre or target audience was really difficult to determine. In the first half of the book, I was convinced it must have been aimed toward a younger audience, the overall style of writing and the content itself seemed that way. But toward the end [...]

    19. Bonny Bon Bon

      I won this book through a first reads giveaway. First and foremost I would like to say how much I REALLY enjoyed this book. It was very well written, the characters were lovely, had a few very humorous parts in it and even though I am not a fan of poetry (it's not so much I don't like it but that I don't understand it most of the time) I found this book engaging and with all the authors descriptions it easy to imagine the world this was set in.However, like most of the other reviewers I found m [...]

    20. Eugenia (Genie In A Book)

      I won a copy of this book through a giveawayI went into this book with quite high expectations, and while it didn't quite turn out the way that I expected it to, it was still a nice story to read on a cold winter's day. Being set in the 1970's in Australia did add another element which gave the novel some more charm, and the mystery of finding this word ghost also made the story quite interesting. I appreciated the references to some of the classic novels such as Jane Eyre, although I found tha [...]

    21. Mike

      This book started off well with a kind of mad one-sided romance. Then the family move from a large town to a small village, and the book goes off the boil. There are ghosts, but it's hard to know what they're doing there, and the male one in particular seems incapable of communicating anything straightforwardly. Instead of the young man the heroine is in love with in the first part of the book, there's a much older man, who's a rogue and completely chauvinistic. He's also extremely one-dimension [...]

    22. Cate Ellink

      I thought this was a beautiful, literary novel. It's not a story for the sake of a story, but a novel written for the beauty of the themes, words, and memories. It's like a love story to teenage infatuation and love, to poets and poetry and literature, to the past and the present. It's a book to read and plunge yourself into the beauty of the language, the rhythm of the words. There were some stunning sentences that made me stop and gasp, like, 'the silver world we walked through was full of sec [...]

    23. Beth

      This is a book set back in the early 1970s England. It's a tale of first love, lost love and growing up and finding your place in the world.Rebecca falls desperately in love with a young man and then finds herself uprooted and moved away when her father accepts a job in a small town.She is desperately unhappy and finds herself in despair, but also finds there is the ghost of John Keats' cousin living in her closet and there are other strange things going on as well. An unusual blend. Rebecca see [...]

    24. Jenny

      I received this book as a first reads book. This book was initially difficult to get into. I found the start rather mundane and the material dry, however, if you persist and you past the first couple of chapters, it exponentially gets better. The story quickly reveals itself, you find it hard to put down. Rebecca suddenly becomes someone with interesting thoughts and agendas. The 'ghosts' also are filled with intrigue and the dialogue and language used suddenly becomes more sophisticated and the [...]

    25. Denise

      I received an uncorrected proof from a Facebook competition so you do expect the occasional error. Notwithstanding, this was a book which had an interesting blend of humour and a slightly dark side to it. The main character is Rebecca whose father is a vicar and they move to a new village where strange things happen both within their new house and without. A mysterious villager Flora still intrigued me to the end. Algernon writes Rebecca poetry and an older artist woos her. She pines for Dave. S [...]

    26. Leife Shallcross

      Overall, The Word Ghost was an enjoyable read, but I don't feel like it delivered on what was promised in the blurb on the back. I was expecting to immerse myself in a gothic ghost story set in the 1970s, but it didn't get ghosty until at least a 1/3 into the story - which was an enjoyable enough story, but not what I was after when I picked it up having read the blurb.I also found it hard to understand the motivations of some of the characters, and I didn't really feel like the book ended up at [...]

    27. Rosalie Oliver

      The writing and descriptions in this book are absolutely beautiful but that's all that's good about it. The characters are boring. The plot makes little sense and seems very pointless - there's a ghost who appears, seems to fall in love and write poems then is gone again, a teenage girl who is unlucky in love and a predatory asshole who gets no comeuppance whatsoever for his predatory behaviour and in fact even though many people around seem aware of the situation, do very little to protect or w [...]

    28. Julie

      I loved the premise of this book: coming-of-age town girl moves to a strange little village where ghosts walk and the living characters are all rather odd too. But I kept thinking it will really take off in a minute and half way through the book I was still waiting. I will probably go back to it and have another go as many have enjoyed it but the main charcters didn't seem to have enough substance for me to care about them, which is why I like to read.

    29. Heidi

      Love the cover and the poetry of this book. However, I am confused about the target audience. I really liked the links to romantic poets, Jane Eyre and Anna Karenina, but am unsure what appeal these would hold for teen readers. The ghosts were fascinating enough to keep me reading, but I doubt I will invest in this one for the school library. Ending was a little lame and convenient.

    30. Taylor [Ink & Inklings]

      I enjoyed the process of reading this book, it was incredibly well written and had some beautiful poetry to it. However, I don't really understand what the point of the book. I didn't understand what happened to Algernon or why the ghosts where there, or why only she hand Flora could see them, etc So I can't really give it more than 3 stars.

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