War Dogs

War Dogs AN EPIC INTERSTELLAR TALE OF WAR FROM A MASTER OF SCIENCE FICTION One tour on the red Maybe my last They made their presence on Earth known thirteen years ago Providing technology and scientific insig

  • Title: War Dogs
  • Author: Greg Bear
  • ISBN: 9780316072830
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
  • War Dogs

    AN EPIC INTERSTELLAR TALE OF WAR FROM A MASTER OF SCIENCE FICTION.One tour on the red Maybe my last.They made their presence on Earth known thirteen years ago.Providing technology and scientific insights far beyond what mankind was capable of They became indispensable advisors and promised even gifts that we just couldn t pass up We called them Gurus.It took tAN EPIC INTERSTELLAR TALE OF WAR FROM A MASTER OF SCIENCE FICTION.One tour on the red Maybe my last.They made their presence on Earth known thirteen years ago.Providing technology and scientific insights far beyond what mankind was capable of They became indispensable advisors and promised even gifts that we just couldn t pass up We called them Gurus.It took them a while to drop the other shoe You can see why, looking back.It was a very big shoe, completely slathered in crap.They had been hounded by mortal enemies from sun to sun, planet to planet, and were now stretched thin and they needed our help.And so our first bill came due Skyrines like me were volunteered to pay the price As always.These enemies were already inside our solar system and were moving to establish a beachhead, but not on Earth.On Mars.

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    One thought on “War Dogs

    1. Mike (the Paladin)

      This is, in my opinion of course, military only in the strict sense of that phrase. It is about a group of marines that end up "lost" during a combat drop. Only a few have survived to reach the surface of Mars and now they have to survive there.The book proceeds from there through what is discovered, uncovered and. There is some political pontificating but it comes across as thoughtful musings on the part of the narrator. Frankly the less than stellar rating on my part comes partly from the fact [...]

    2. Jack +The Page Runner+

      Meh.That's about the best response I can muster for this book. It's billed as an "epic tale of war", but I certainly didn't notice anything "epic" about it. And the war? What war? Seriously, there's more talking about the war than any actual combat, and the combat that is here is minimalistic at best. I get itis is a thinking man's Sci-Fi tale. It just should have been labeled as such to avoid up-front confusion.Honestly, this book started off on the wrong foot for me from the very beginning. It [...]

    3. Reese Copeland

      I found this to be an overall good book. Interesting story. Initially, reading it in the first person kind of drove me nuts. But as the story wore on, it actually was a good asset of the book. There were times it was hard to follow what was happening and I would sometimes get lost in the book. I listened to this as an audiobook.

    4. Ric

      Despite the title and cover, not a war story per se, though it does start out seeming like one. The protagonist, presumably a war dog (?), relives his very strange experiences during a mission to Mars. There, he was meant to fight the Antags, aliens of unknown provenance, but ends up running for his life into the Eastern Grifter - an underground lair, old Martian hideout, crashed moon, mining skein, one of these, all of these, survives, and is smuggled back to earth, and becomes hunted for his k [...]

    5. Najaf Naqvi

      its a great book for anyone who hasn't read Starship Troopers, Ender's Game, Old Man's War or The Forever War. it was well written as one would expect from a seasoned writer like greg bear, although the characters were a little one dimensionals just a little disappointing to see this book from an author who wrote Eon.

    6. Bill

      Greg Bear does it again. War Dogs is a fast paced military, hard Sci-Fi and the best Mars novel I've read in a long time. Bear's prose is crisp and spare, and as one would expect from a future military. He manages to create compelling, visual characters and place in what seems a too short book. The ending is uncertain in a way that suggests this universe will be visited again. I certainly hope so. Just learned it's to be a trilogy! I hope Greg writes as fast as he reads. PS, I don't trust the Gu [...]

    7. Megan Baxter

      I think Greg Bear is at his best when he's going for a real mindfuck. I mean, this writer can mess with the brains of his readers like nobody's business, pulling them down uncomfortable and compelling paths. As a result, I think I am always slightly disappointed when he does something more mainstream. The last Bear I read (I think it was him, and hopefully I'm not confusing him with another author) was a fairly straightforward thriller. It was fine, but not idea-rich.Note: The rest of this revie [...]

    8. Jason

      War Dogs is the first book of a new trilogy by Greg Bear. I received an early review copy at BEA this year from the Orbit desk in the Hachette pavilion. This book is scheduled for release on October 14th 2014. War Dogs is a futuristic sci-fi military novel. In the future, Earth has visitors are known as the Gurus. The Gurus gave Earth technological gifts and other bits of knowledge. This much is on the cover flap, so I can safely say that I am not spoiling anything. They came in peace and initia [...]

    9. Brian Ruddock

      I can't say this book is objectively bad. This is the first Bear book I've read, and he's clearly a talented and knowledgeable writer. I just really, really didn't like the style of this book for the following reasons:-Focus on irrelevant details: way, way too much text is dedicated to describing the Martian landscape. It's one thing to properly set a scene and let readers form a sufficient mental picture, but I think he wasted way too many pages on boring details about each and every cliff, roc [...]

    10. Darren

      I know authors don't always get to pick the titles of their books, but still, when one picks up a book with a Halo-esque space man on the cover, standing tall over a title like "War Dogs", one expects a little onomatopoeia of the "Boom! Boom!" variety, with a sidecar of "Pew! Pew!" There is exactly one firefight in this book that isn't stumbled upon long after all the fighting is over, and it takes place so far into the story that I'm not exaggerating when I say it's practically the epilogue. In [...]

    11. Fabio Goes

      I'm used to authors which do keep to a reasonable level of consistency across their works. I think that although nothing in Asimov's works surpasses the grandeur of the original Foundation trilogy, he has books almost as equally memorable, and most keep to a very high standard. I could present a similar case for Clarke, Hebert, Wilson and quite a number of other authors, which is why the fact that Bear alternates between absolutely fantastic books and total flops does really surprise me. As an a [...]

    12. Jo(Mixed Book Bag)

      Look for the unexpected in War Dogs. Bear takes some familiar themes and really turns them around. There are the aliens (The Gurus) who show up first and seem helpful. Then there are the aliens (The Antags) that show up on Mars. The Gurus recruit humans to fight the Antags on Mars Sound familiar but it gets all turned around when something new is discovered.War Dogs is the first book in a new series and most of it is devoted to back story and world building. Told from the first person view of Ma [...]

    13. Mitchell

      Flawed but interesting. The good - basically an update to the Space Marine as per Starship Troopers. Unlike in most Space Marines, this book definitely deals with the issue of having enough air and water and what looks that. And kind of had a The Case for Mars: The Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We Must flavor to is, especially around the fountains. The downside - the whole story being told in flashback. Teal's dialect. The overly confused story of the aliens. Actually the whole undergrou [...]

    14. Rich Van Ollefen

      I hate books with no real end. Even after I read some of the other reviews and found it was the first part of a trilogy, I still didn't like it. It's almost like Greg Bear wrote the whole thing as one book, counted the pages, divided by three, and that was where it ended. Up in the air if I bother with the next installment

    15. Jacob

      Unlike Bear's other works. Created a frantic paced adventure that hides and hides and back pedals and hides before finally dumping the revelation out there too quickly. Good and enjoyable yes but left with too many mysteries.

    16. Mark

      They were a highly advanced, interstellar species who brought amazingly useful and sophisticated technology to the human race. There was, of course, a catch. The Gurus warned of a far more malevolent life form, beings who have hounded the Gurus from sun to sun, planet to planet, across the cosmos. Pundits have taken to calling them the Antagonists – or Antags – and they have already established a beachhead on Mars. In exchange for all they’ve done for us, the Gurus would now like our help. [...]

    17. Royce Sears

      War Dogs is sadly my first experience with Mr. Greg Bear. Through the pages of War Dogs I developed a great respect for Mr. Bear and his ability to reach through the pages of the book to tell the story of a Skyrine - a marine trained specifically for the rigors of space combat. Having worked with Marines as a Navy Corpsman, Marines have a mindset that is very specific and very singular to the Marine culture. They speak alike, they fight alike, they're honest, loyal, courageous- and most of all- [...]

    18. Wilde Sky

      In the future alien visitors to Earth involve the human race in a battle with their enemies.The first hundred pages of this book were really good, but then the plot started to involve too many characters / descriptions (for a relatively simple plot) - less would have been more.Overall rating 3.5

    19. Matthew

      Enjoyed this. I haven't read a good SF novel for a while and this one kept my attention to the end. However, a little dissatisfied particularly toward the end, where l really wanted to know more

    20. Alice at Raptureinbooks

      I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewWar Dogs was so far out of my comfort zone I expected to not enjoy it. I’m pleased to say that I did enjoy this, not only was this a new style of writing for me, it was also a new author. At first I was a little sceptic of a book set on Mars (I haven’t read The Martian yet so the topic of being stuck on Mars is new!) this book was set in the perspective of Master Sergeant Michael Venn (Vinnie), a veteran Marine [...]

    21. Andrea

      Seriously? This from the author of Eon? Blood music? You gotta be kidding. Please tell me it's not true.I couldn't finish it. Mixture of meh and boreing. Didn't care enough to read the end. Thankful wouldn't let me buy the trilogy for my Kindle.

    22. Captain

      While the author has some really interesting ideas, the story for the most part fell flat for me once Venn and his men reach "the drifter". After the Voor's came I completely lost interest and stopped reading, in my opinion the story started to get a little predictable at that point. I know this is supposed to be a part of a trilogy ;and I might pick it back up one day. But at the rate in which the story is dragging nothing good is going to happen until halfway through the second book. I also ha [...]

    23. Jonny

      I hadn't read any sci-fi in a while, much less a series, so I decided to pick this up from the library. The cover art, back cover blurb, and the results of a few random page-skimmings told me it was my kind of book.It was good. An intriguing mystery, futuristic yet believable tech, aliens both contemporary and ancient, heart-pounding battles, and perilous planetary survival, all wrapped up in the gritty realism (and constant cussing) one would expect from a war novel. I feel like a lot of the [...]

    24. Eric

      I am a huge fan of Greg Bear's writing. I have all his books. So of course I bought War Dogs and was eager to read it.And having been on a recent military SF reading binge, this started out as exceptional military SF. The story is told first person mostly to another character which makes it interesting, because you know he survives, but the storytelling is so good you want to hear what happens next. The world he builds is complex and interesting, the characters compelling, the military viewpoint [...]

    25. Thomas Higgins

      I understand this is book one of a trilogy and the story clearly "ends" in such a way as to set up the additional stories to be told. I was not disappointed with the ending understanding this, although I understand this as a frustration expressed by some other readers in their reviews Personally I think there is plenty of additional fodder for more stories than merely another two. Questions abound about the Gurus and their ultimate goal (and why their aversion to bad language, specifically biolo [...]

    26. Cam

      Aliens have arrived - one group has ginned up the world's technology and manufacturing base to fight another group following along. The warfront is Mars - Skyrines (Marines) are flung into space to fight the Antagonists and seize control. There are some settlers from earth there, too, and all sorts of SNAFU to keep it real. Like all to often, the Skyrines we get to know are set up to fail because of the big secret of the novel. All three groups want to be sure they don't make it back off Mars. T [...]

    27. Viking One

      I'm really puzzled, or confused. I don't know for sure. This is not a hard sci-fi story and it's barely a war story. What it is, is a poorly developed story.As it unfolds, the story is marginally interesting -the book totally lost me for several chapters, specially at the end, where it counts. Actually, I abandoned it for three months after some chapters and then decided to finish it. I can't imagine why somebody would buy its sequel -Killing Titan.The only reason I read it was the back story, I [...]

    28. Gary

      With War Dogs, Greg Bear puts a lot of focus on the terrain of the battlefield (in this case, Mars). This aspect is a nice addition to the canon of MilSF, which often focuses on how military tech evolves to meet the enemy being faced, rather than the landscape being fought on.Everything else about War Dogs is a disappointment. The story is never particularly involving, nor the characters engaging. It is a smart book, as one expects from Bear, but comes off as a rather cold and cerebral genre exe [...]

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