Helvetesilden A mother and child are found dead in an old caravan on a remote piece of land There is a bloody footprint at the scene Meanwhile another mother confesses to her son that he is adopted The man who aba

  • Title: Helvetesilden
  • Author: Karin Fossum
  • ISBN: 9788252583540
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Helvetesilden

    A mother and child are found dead in an old caravan on a remote piece of land There is a bloody footprint at the scene.Meanwhile, another mother confesses to her son that he is adopted The man who abandoned them, now the focus of the boy s obsession, is not his real father.Chief Inspector Sejer is tasked with investigating the murder and soon receives important informaA mother and child are found dead in an old caravan on a remote piece of land There is a bloody footprint at the scene.Meanwhile, another mother confesses to her son that he is adopted The man who abandoned them, now the focus of the boy s obsession, is not his real father.Chief Inspector Sejer is tasked with investigating the murder and soon receives important information about the two families

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      302 Karin Fossum
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    One thought on “Helvetesilden

    1. Claudia

      Warum mussten eine hilfsbereite Frau und ihr kleiner Sohn sterben, als sie zum ersten Mal im Leben ein wenig Glück hatten?Der Mörder von Bonnie und ihrem 4-jaehrigen Sohn Simon muss ausser sich vor Wut gewesen sein, als er sie in einem alten Caravan niederstach.Während der melancholische Kommissar Sejer in Bonnies Umfeld ermittelt, blendet die Autorin zurück in ihr aufreibendes Leben als Haushaltshilfe alter, behinderter Menschen.In einem parallelen Handlungsstrang wird das Leben des 20-jaeh [...]

    2. Diane S ☔

      3.5 Had a hard time deciding what to rate this one because I did admire what the author did here. Somewhat of a departure in format from her others. Starts with the finding of a mother and son stabbed to death in a caravan and it is not graphically described for the squeamish, or at least not overly so. So from the beginning we know the who, and shortly will know who the killer is but not why nor how they connect. Then the back stories of these characters are described in alerting chapters. Of c [...]

    3. switterbug (Betsey)

      Norwegian writer Karin Fossum never fails to impress me with her diverse varied format approaches in writing crime fiction. My favorite, THE INDIAN BRIDE, transcends genre and fits more squarely into literature. Her focus is on characters and/or communities, but her novels have such varied design that you can be sure of a fresh structure to each book.HELLFIRE is an Inspector Sejer story, like most of Fossum’s books. Konrad Sejer is a laid-back, middle-aged widower-detective who is both thoroug [...]

    4. Bonnie Brody

      I love Karin Fossum's novels and this one is no exception. It is a continuation of her Detective Konrad Sejer series but is quite different from previous books in this series. Like the others, it takes place in Scandinavia, mostly Norway and Denmark. It opens up with a brutal murder but focuses primarily on two parallel character studies of very different people. From the outset, the reader wonders how the characters are connected and it takes virtually the whole novel to figure this out.Bonnie [...]

    5. Viv JM

      I was in the mood for a bit of a murder mystery so I picked this one up from the library. In many ways, it was very good. For crime fiction, I thought the characters were very detailed and well drawn - I especially liked that the elderly home care clients were portrayed so compassionately, even though they were minor characters. However, for a thriller it just wasn't terribly, well, thrilling. It was pretty obvious from the start who the murderer was and the red herrings thrown in along the way [...]

    6. Anne-Jan

      Karin Fossum, met inmiddels 15 boeken op haar naam, is een zéér geliefd schrijfster van thrillers. Lange tijd bleef het stil en sommigen vroegen zich af of ze wellicht gestopt was met schrijven. Nu, 4 jaar na haar laatst verschenen boek, is dan eindelijk het 12e deel verschenen in de populaire serie met inspecteur Konrad Sejer ; Veenbrand.Uitgeverij Marmer brengt samen met deze nieuwe titel ook een aantal eerder verschenen titels uit de Sejer serie opnieuw uit, met prachtige nieuwe covers in e [...]

    7. Maud

      Schitterend boek van Karin Fossum en alweer een fantastisch verhaal met inspecteur Konrad Sejer. Zeer ontroerend ik heb er heerlijk van genoten !

    8. Lukasz Pruski

      "It was always the small things, the links between people and where they could lead."Another great book from Karin Fossum, one of my most favorite mystery writers. So far I have reviewed nine of her books on , and rated two of them ( Black SecondsandThe Murder of Harriet Krohn) with five stars, a very rare rating for this very picky and fussy reader. Of hundreds of authors in the crime/mystery genre that I have read in over 50 years, Ms. Fossum joins only Nicolas Freeling and Denise Mina in the [...]

    9. Kerrie

      I'd almost forgotten how very readable this series is.We see the action of the novel from three points of view: Bonnie works as a home help. She has a small son Simon and is a single mother. Christmas is approaching. Bonnie visits ten homes a week, and there are little vignettes from each of her visits. In the same time frame we meet Mass and her 21 year old son Eddie. Eddie appears to have something similar to Asbergers and is unable to work. He is very anxious to know more about his father who [...]

    10. Jessica Woodbury

      I love the Inspector Sejer series, it's been my favorite Scandinavian crime series by far. But in the last few years Fossum's gone in a different direction. She no longer wants to take you through a procedural, she wants to examine the killer in more detail. So there's no more question of who did it. (You figure it out pretty early here, since otherwise there's no reason for the character to exist in the story.) And just like last time with Bad Intentions, that's fine, but I still preferred the [...]

    11. Lynn

      Another sad murder in rural Norway. Inspector Sejer police procedurals always seems especially tragic and sensitive.

    12. Andy Weston

      It's a gamble to read something late in a series. This is the 11th Inspector Sejer novel, but with Fossum's work that really doesn't matter. I have previous experience with the author. I started with the very tremendous I Can See In The Dark, and then moved to Sejer 7 - The Murder of Harriet Kohn. Actually Sejer has a remarkably small role in this, as in Harriet Kohn. Fossum's writing is so different than your stereotypical crime mystery. Her books are so much better for it. She manages to creat [...]

    13. LindaBranham Greenwell

      There are two separate narratives that each focus on a single mother and son. One story is of the victims--Bonnie Hayden and her son, Simon. Bonnie is an attractive woman who has made the best of her hardships. She’s very protective of Simon, who suffers from separation anxiety when she drops him off at nursery school. To barely make ends meet, she works cleaning homes and running basic errands for the elderly and disabled.The 2nd story is about twenty-one-year-old Eddie Malthe lives at home w [...]

    14. Ken Fredette

      Inspector Sejer seems to never get out of his late 50's but he goes constantly after the murder. This book was about secrets and how they played out in the lives of different people. They all came back to haunt two people. A 5 years old boy and his mother.

    15. Lora

      Caregiver Bonnie Hayden, a single mother with a preschool son, Simon, is scraping by financially. When they are found viciously murdered in a neglected trailer, Inspector Sejer, wonders who might of wanted them dead, since Bonnie had no apparent enemies. The story of the investigation into the killings is alternated with the tale of the last six months of Bonnie's and Simon's lives. Fossum also adds a third storyline, that of loner Eddie Malthe, who lives with his mother, Mass. Eddie has a cruel [...]

    16. Kim Kimselius

      Boken griper tag direkt och skickligt skildrar författaren de olika personerna. Men så plötsligt blir jag villrådig. Jag ställer mig oförstående till åldern på en av huvudpersonerna. Handlingen hoppar fram och tillbaka i nutid och dåtid och jag har lite svårt att hålla isär händelserna och personerna.Trots det är det en riktigt otäck och spännande bok som är svår att lägga ifrån sig.Allting börjar med att liket av en kvinna och hennes femåriga son hittas dödad i en husvag [...]

    17. Carol

      This book really is unusual as it opens with the discovery of the murdered bodies of a woman and a small child in an old trailer. Slowly the story unfolds and by the end of the book the reader is deeply saddened for all the victims. Society is filled with people such as we meet in this book and yet they so often are unnoticed or overlooked, and there really isn't any solutions. It is a well written story and sets one to thinking at the end and feeling immensely sad.

    18. Kathy

      Tried this, my first by this author, but I must have chosen the wrong book since there are a lot of fans of this Norwegian crime series. I will have to try another earlier Sejer if I get the chance. This was really unpleasant on many levels and will quickly put you off cinnamon rolls for life. Mother/Son stuff was meant to be creepy, but there was no payoff for me to wade through these lives.

    19. Amanda

      I never really like these books anymore, but always want to read the next one.I don't know that many four year olds, but I'm pretty sure they don't talk like this one.

    20. Mike Cuthbert

      This is a strange little mystery, constructed in two parts that converge. One part is set in 2004, following the life and times of Bonnie Hayden and her five-year old son, Simon. The other, set in 2005, is that of Eddie and Mass Malthe, son and mother, and traces their lives: Eddie is somewhat mentally challenged, almost idiot-savant. He is a whiz at crossword puzzles but has trouble going downtown on his own. Gradually, the stories converge with the pivot point being the murder of Bonnie and he [...]

    21. Rog Harrison

      I read three of the author's books earlier this year so I was pleased to see teo more of her books in the library. However I really struggled with "The murder of Harriet Krohn" and would read a couple of pages then put it down because it was all about the guilty feelings of a murderer and that is not the sort of thing I want to read about. After a week of this I gave up and wondered whether to even attempt this one. I found this much easier to read although it is disturbing. Essentially it is th [...]

    22. Corny

      One of the very best if not the best of the Inspector Sejer series. A gruesome double murder is discovered by Sejer at the very beginning. The rest of the book is devoted to why the crime was committed. The author is interested in what motivates criminal. In this case, she takes us through a chain of seemingly unconnected events which result in the crime. Sejer plays a relatively minor role in this one but unlike most Inspector Sejer stories, this one has a surprise at the end which helps us und [...]

    23. Ron Christiansen

      I think one of her very best. From the get go you pretty much know who dun it but what is so compelling is trying to figure out how and why. It exceeds the basic detective novel because the themes are integral and have some depth. The two family lives have strong parallels concerning single women as they struggle to negotiate single parenthood. The men in the story are all in the backdrop, they are as several characters remind us, cowards. Even Sejer does very little, nothing dangerous just his [...]

    24. E M

      I have such a bias against the writers of "Nordic" mysteries - too many short declarative sentences ("All we know are the facts, ma'am") - that the very fact of my finishing Karin Fossum's Hell Fire constitutes praise of a sort. I wouldn't give the actual prose more than 3 stars. This may be due in part to the translation; I don't purport to know a word of Norwegian, but I can't believe that the original text was anything as uncolloquial as "It would be better to avail myself of my mother" in re [...]

    25. Audrey

      This is the 12th book in this series and this was a great one. Karin Fossum writes such intriguing psychological thrillers.The characters are so real in this story that after just finishing it I am still having a difficult time letting go of them. This is a story about how monsters are created and the monster in this book is just so awful and ugh!, sorry I can't even find words to describe my feelings of repulsion and anger for their actions.I knew what was going to happen from the beginning, it [...]

    26. Kay

      The book I read was titled Hell Fire. I read it in English but could not find the listing. As always Karen Fossum leads you on a trail that is very mental. No big car chases or gun shots. The story starts with the discovery of the murder of a mother and young son and then winds backwards alternating between their story and that of the killer But is he? I only marked it down from four stars to maybe three and a half because the constant merry go round of stories and time frames was tedious to me [...]

    27. judy

      Whenever I read Fossum I know it's not going to be warm and fuzzy but it won't scare me to death. It will just be a meticulously crafted tale with sharp, realistic characters. I won't leave me happy either but that's ok. I will know the people I just read about and sometimes, like this book, wonder if the story could have been structured to end another way. Nope--it is what it is. You can count of her to tell a tightly woven story--nothing extra. She's really good and I'll keep up with her books [...]

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