Wildlife During a semester in the wilderness sixteen year old Sib expects the tough outdoor education program and the horrors of dorm life but friendship drama and an unexpected romance with popular Ben Capa

  • Title: Wildlife
  • Author: Fiona Wood
  • ISBN: 9780316242066
  • Page: 165
  • Format: ebook
  • Wildlife

    During a semester in the wilderness, sixteen year old Sib expects the tough outdoor education program and the horrors of dorm life, but friendship drama and an unexpected romance with popular Ben Capaldi That will take some navigating New girl Lou has zero interest in fitting in, or joining in Still reeling from a loss that occurred almost a year ago, she just wants toDuring a semester in the wilderness, sixteen year old Sib expects the tough outdoor education program and the horrors of dorm life, but friendship drama and an unexpected romance with popular Ben Capaldi That will take some navigating New girl Lou has zero interest in fitting in, or joining in Still reeling from a loss that occurred almost a year ago, she just wants to be left alone But as she witnesses a betrayal unfolding around Sib and her best friend Holly, Lou can t help but be drawn back into the land of the living Fans of Melina Marchetta, Rainbow Rowell, and E Lockhart will adore this endearing and poignant story of first love, true friendship, and going a little bit wild.

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    One thought on “Wildlife

    1. Wendy Darling

      I don't know about you, but I feel as though a vast majority of YA seems to portray teenagers as hypersmart, sophisticated creatures who are borderline perfect, or "carefully flawed" in exactly the right and tolerable way. As fun as that fiction can be, I always feel a certain amusement for characters like that, because how many of us actually were that spectacular at that age? I think part of the appeal of contemporary Aussie YA for me is that it consistently offers teenagers who act like teena [...]

    2. LolaReviewer

      3.5 stars.It took me some time to realize that this story is narrated from two distinct point of views.No wonder I was so confused at first. It’s not as if the names of the narrators are mentioned at the beginning of chapters. But the moment you notice how the change is done, you never get confused again. Which is good.So this is the story of Lou and Sib who spend a whole semester in the woods with their classmates. Lou’s true love died in a car accident and she is still mentally and emotion [...]

    3. Nomes

      I marked my fave passages -- here's just a few:I have been anticipating this book for a long time (Six Impossible Things being one of my favourite books) but I did not anticipate how much this book would resound with me.I felt like Wood was peeking inside my soul, capturing feelings and thoughts, taking me right back to my teenage self. Taken those haphazard and chaotic feelings and brought them to life in such a poignant, heartfelt and smiley, achey way.There is so much to love about Wildlife. [...]

    4. Reynje

      “. heart is its own fierce country where nobody else is welcome.”“Q: And who the hell do I think I am?A: I have no idea.”The long-awaited companion to Wood’s much-loved debut, Six Impossible Things, does not disappoint. Wildlife is a beautiful and bittersweet novel of heartbreak and healing, friendship and betrayal; an achingly authentic portrayal of coming of age against a backdrop of the Victorian wilderness.Where there was a certain light-hearted buoyancy that tempered the issues ex [...]

    5. Melanie

      See more reviews at YA Midnight Reads'No matter how much you tell yourself nothing has changed, it has.' An utterly beautiful novel, Fiona Wood threw me around in circles of emotions. Combining every possible element of a YA contemporary to create this seemingly impervious novel. The resplendent prose and imagery do not even begin to cover how magnificent this book was. For this was yet another successful read from a strong Aussie author, fleshing out reality to the barest bone of the pile. Alte [...]

    6. Jenna

      My favourite kinds of stories are the ones you can relate to. The stories that leap from the page, wrap their arms around you and say, “It’s ok, you’re not alone.” Wildlife is one of those books. I connected with so many aspects of this story – the grieving process, the struggle to fit in, the best friend who is really a bitch, the nervousness and excitement that goes along with first relationships, the loneliness that is being a teenager – there is so much in there.Lou from Six Impo [...]

    7. Trisha

      Fiona Wood, you are one brave YA author. Didn't anyone tell you it's not good form to kill off a beloved (secondary) character from a previous book? Didn't anyone warn you about not ending with a romantic kiss in the moonlight?But you just ignored all the expectations, and put Lou (from Six Impossible Things) into the most awful of times. You send Dan and Estelle off page to France, and then you plunk Lou down in the middle of a toxic friendship. Not to mention the middle of a survival term (of [...]

    8. Heather

      Fiona Wood, and her Australian YA counterparts, are an integral part of why I continue to read YA. Many YA characters are so perfectly constructed that they become unbelievable. While this can be amusing and even entertaining, I would hardly consider it relatable. Not so with Wildlife.Don’t be fooled by the cover, this isn’t a cutesy love story. It’s a story about navigating life’s uncharted territories including disingenuous friends, misleading boys, and being true to who you are regard [...]

    9. Paula Weston

      Yeah, yeah I know. I said I wasn't going to rate books any more, only review them. But when you love a book as much as I loved this one, I have to break my own ruleI devoured Six Impossible Things only a month or so ago, and was itching to read Wildlife. It more than lived up to expectations, revealing new sides to Fiona Wood's talent as a storyteller.Fiona's writing is honest, funny and, at times, heartbreaking. And always fresh and enjoyable.There's a perfect balance here between two coming-of [...]

    10. Catie

      4 1/2 starsSo, so good. It is so rare to find a YA book so raw and sofluffy at the same time. I love that this is a story about friendship. Lou's sections were so pared down and stricken that I felt on the verge of tears a number of times. Sybilla's ugly friendship with Holly is disgustingly twisted and made me feel both uneasy for it to end and nauseous at its continuing presence, like I was being forced to love and coddle a rapidly growing malignant tumor. My only sticking point is that I (wit [...]

    11. ALPHAreader

      The Crowthorne Grammar outdoor education term is meant to impart life skills and self-reliance. Mobile phones are strictly forbidden (and reception sucks anyway) solo-hikes are a requirement and Milo is rationed – all in an effort to prepare the Year Ten’s for their imminent arrival into adulthood.But for Lou, adulthood has already come much too soon, after the accidental death of her boyfriend, Fred. Now she’s dealing with the ache of never letting go and the shattered illusion that death [...]

    12. Kelly

      Sib begins the wilderness term with her classmates, best friends still with Holly and on the brink of a relationship with Ben, who she kissed at a party. Sib's gotten a lot of attention lately, thanks to her face being plastered on a billboard. It was a modeling gig she did for a little cash, on the suggestion of her aunt. This stint with "fame" changed how her classmates -- and her best friend -- she and interact with her, even if it doesn't change her in the least.Lou is the new girl, tossed i [...]

    13. Amanda

      Wildlife is Fiona Wood’s second book and is set in Victoria. Sibylla Quinn is sixteen years old and thanks to her Godmother, she’s now the face of a global advertising campaign for perfume. This brings her more attention from her classmates, including Ben Capaldi. Lou is dealing with something that has had a huge impact on her life and she’s switched schools right before her year is about to spend their last term in the bush.When I started Wildlife and found out what Lou was grieving about [...]

    14. Shelleyrae at Book'd Out

      Wildlife is Fiona Wood's companion novel to her popular young adult contemporary debut, Six Impossible Things. Sibylla is used to people looking past her, around her, through her even, but that all changes the day her face appears on a 20-metre billboard and Ben Capaldi, the most popular boy in year 10, kisses her. "So the Earth must be spinning of it's axis by now, plummeting headlong towards a new universe, oceans sloshing and spilling, icecaps sliding, trees uprooted. Because somehow I've ste [...]

    15. Estelle

      3.75? This is a tough one! Originally posted on Rather Be Reading BlogI was tempted to read Wildlife because the reviews have been such a mixed bag. Here are some of my thoughts organized in a pros & cons list:PROS- The setting. I haven’t read another book where students took a semester to live in the wilderness. It very much felt like a camp (but with grades), and I enjoyed hanging out in a new setting and taking part in all the nature-y and physical activities that were part of their eve [...]

    16. Celine

      Review originally posted in: forget8me8not/Cover:So cute! I love how the title of the book is written like the clouds, the blue sky and the two pairs of shoes in the bottom of the cover. It's simplistic but adorable!Story:Life? It's simple: be true to yourself. The tricky part is finding out exactly who you areWhile I haven't read Fiona Wood's Six Impossible Things, I adored Wildlife, the companion to Six Impossible Things. In Wildlife, we meet Sibylla, a girl who before going to the outdoor edu [...]

    17. Beth

      Wildlife is an attempt at How To Make Sybilla Real: The Novel. Which means that her every teenage reaction is a scripted teenage reaction - one that feels universal and likely, but not real. Not like Sib is a living, breathing human being whose decisions are extensions of that uniqueness. Even this, from the very beginning of the novel:As though I haven't heard every feminist rant under the sun and am not a proud feminist ranter myself, when warranted, and when I can be bothered. I loved that. H [...]

    18. Tara

      This was such a delight to read. Fiona Wood can certainly get inside the head of a sixteen year old. This book was so honest and so true. Funny when it needed to be funny, realistic at other times and so sad at other times. I loved the characters, Sybilla with her struggle at fitting in, trying to be the 'right' kind of friend, the 'right kind of girlfriend'ere were many times I just wanted to grab hold of her and tell her that it was perfectly fine to just be herself. Michael was fantastic, a t [...]

    19. Shirley Marr

      Fiona Wood's upcoming second novel which started out life as Pulchritude and then changed to Kisschassey now has an official title as confirmed by the author on twitter - Wildlife. Thanks Reporter Maggie!The only info I can find so far is that it is "set in the Victorian Alps" (via Readings)I look forward to this novel.

    20. Kayla (The Thousand Lives)

      Reviewing Wildlife is actually going to be really hard for me, because my feelings are kind of all over the place. On one hand, there were parts that I LOVED, but the further I got along in the book, the less I enjoyed it. If I were to judge by the first third, I'd give it four stars. The second third I give three stars, and the last third I give two stars. Ultimately, I'm going to give it a two star rating, because there's so much more that could have been done to really make the book shine, b [...]

    21. Sam :)

      Rating: 5 starsWhat an amazing book! Fiona Wood has quickly become a favorite author of mine :) This novel has such an interesting premise, and the realistic characters and plot line were what made it so good.Full review to come.

    22. Lili C

      WildlifeWhy I chose this book?I chose the book wildlife because I read the blurb and I like the sound of its plot. I feel like I would be able to connect to the characters within this story. Another reason this book appealed to me was because it has won multiple awards. This book has very good reviews, and has been recommended to me by numerous people. I think this book will be an adventure filled, romantic, hilarious novel that showcases real life situations with relatable people and good moral [...]

    23. Angie

      I received an ARC through NetGalley.I was quite excited to pick up Wildlife, because as someone who loves nature, but hates being outdoors, reading about it is the next best thing! Plus it's set in Australia and I love learning more about this country! Unfortunately, this was so not for me. I could not connect with (or really, come to like) any of the characters, which is a huge problem for a character driven novel. There were points where I was super interested, but then it would lose me, pique [...]

    24. Arie ☂

      She said he was very clever and a bit of a worrier. I've modified that diagnosis over the years to full-on genius and pathologically, sometimes cripplingly, anxious. But it's always seemed only reasonable that someone who understands so much might worry in proportion to that understanding. My heart hurts. This is seriously good Aussie YA. I liked it so much more than Six Impossible Things, and I think that's due to these characters. For one thing, there's more Lou in Wildlife. She is seriously b [...]

    25. Roxanne

      Thank you to Little, Brown Books via Netgalley for the free review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.Did I like this book?Something about this book got me right in the gut! I don't know if it was the characters, the writing, the Australian camp setting, or what, but yeah, Wood had me in her grip nearly from the first page. (I say "nearly" because it took a bit for me to figure out the style and the fact that there were two different narrators - at first I thought there was only one and I wa [...]

    26. Morris

      This review is based on a complimentary copy given through Netgalley by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers in exchange for an honest review."Wildlife" by Fiona Wood is a book about two vastly different girls coming together during a semester in a wilderness type camp required by their school. It's set in Australia, and while the differences are strange at first, I thought it was fun to learn more about the life of teenagers there.The book is absolutely beautifully written, and takes many twis [...]

    27. Good Golly Miss Holly

      Within fifty or so pages of this book I was hooked. I absolutely adored the writing style and found myself simply enjoying the humorous writing style rather than reading towards an impressive ending. I always seem to have a stronger connection with Aussie YA , particularly due to the quality novels that seem to be flowing my way as of late. I originally picked this book up because I enjoyed the authors previous novel, Six Impossible Things. This book is absolutely adorable and managed to win me [...]

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