Matisse the Master: The Conquest of Colour, 1909-1954

Matisse the Master The Conquest of Colour If my story were ever to be written down truthfully from start to finish it would amaze everyone wrote Henri Matisse It is hard to believe today that Matisse whose exhibitions draw huge crowds worl

  • Title: Matisse the Master: The Conquest of Colour, 1909-1954
  • Author: Hilary Spurling
  • ISBN: 9780679434290
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Matisse the Master: The Conquest of Colour, 1909-1954

    If my story were ever to be written down truthfully from start to finish, it would amaze everyone, wrote Henri Matisse It is hard to believe today that Matisse, whose exhibitions draw huge crowds worldwide, was once almost universally reviled and ridiculed His response was neither to protest nor to retreat he simply pushed on from one innovation to the next, and left If my story were ever to be written down truthfully from start to finish, it would amaze everyone, wrote Henri Matisse It is hard to believe today that Matisse, whose exhibitions draw huge crowds worldwide, was once almost universally reviled and ridiculed His response was neither to protest nor to retreat he simply pushed on from one innovation to the next, and left the world to draw its own conclusions Unfortunately, these were generally false and often damaging Throughout his life and afterward people fantasized about his models and circulated baseless fabrications about his private life Fifty years after his death, Matisse the Master the second half of the biography that began with the acclaimed The Unknown Matisse shows us the painter as he saw himself With unprecedented and unrestricted access to his voluminous family correspondence, and other new material in private archives, Hilary Spurling documents a lifetime of desperation and self doubt exacerbated by Matisse s attempts to counteract the violence and disruption of the twentieth century in paintings that now seem effortlessly serene, radiant, and stable.Here for the first time is the truth about Matisse s models, especially two Russians his pupil Olga Meerson and the extraordinary Lydia Delectorskaya, who became his studio manager, secretary, and companion in the last two decades of his life.But every woman who played an important part in Matisse s life was remarkable in her own right, not least his beloved daughter Marguerite, whose honesty and courage surmounted all ordeals, including interrogation and torture by the Gestapo in the Second World War.If you have ever wondered how anyone with such a tame public image as Matisse could have painted such rich, powerful, mysteriously moving pictures, let alone produced the radical cut paper and stained glass inventions of his last years, here is the answer They were made by the real Matisse, whose true story has been written down at last from start to finish by his first biographer, Hilary Spurling.

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    One thought on “Matisse the Master: The Conquest of Colour, 1909-1954

    1. Jose

      This lengthy volume. I removed one star due to repetition of some key ideas again and agai, specially regarding Matisses's artwork: Almost every painting is described as a revolution. Almost at every turn Matisse is on the brink of becoming the most acclaimed artist of the twentieth century as if we needed to be constantly reminded (convinced?, I remain a sceptic). Almost every chapter starts by describing hardship and incomprehension stared down by sheer stubbornness and dedication and rewarded [...]

    2. Laura

      From BBC Radio 4 Extra:Eleanor Bron reads from Hilary Spurling's biography of the great French artist. Abridged by Doreen Estall

    3. Arvind Balasundaram

      In the second part of her superlative biography of Matisse, Hilary Spurling provides a splendid portrait of the artist as painter and family man. Relying on a range of source material never before accessed, Spurling develops the painter's life narrative as a smorgasboard of many personalities that remained enigmatic even to his immediate circle, including his family. Feverishly dedicated to his vocation, he described his painting as "a rape of myself, a certain tenderness or weakening in the fac [...]

    4. Renata

      Matisse has been my favorite artist for many decades. It has always fascinated me to see the many stages he progressed through in his art from the wild fauve period to the ornately patterned art and then the sublime paper cutouts. I had red only brief biogrphical sketches of his life before this and was practically exhausted reading how hard he worked to develop his art, how he agonized over his choices, and what a severe task master he was with himself and all of his family, I found it was best [...]

    5. Laura

      Along with Quentin Bell's biography of Virginia Woolf, this and Spurling's first volume, 'The Unknown Matisse' are masterpieces of the life writer's art. From the artist's early days in the poor and dim north of France to his last days in the light-filled south, there's enough detail here to sink a lesser biographical vessel. There's so much that we didn't know before---Spurling's scholarship is exhaustive--- but it's all so well told. This is not the Matisse that introductory art history course [...]

    6. Mark Walker

      Spurling achieves a difficult task in writing a faithful biography of Matisse. He was so overwhelmingly obsessed and committed to being an artist, it crowds out other parts of his life. What comes across is an uncompromising driven artist, who constantly was looking for new inspiration and mediums to express himself. He is a hard task master on all who come across him, including his family. But the person on whom he vents most of his challenge is on himself. One of the many interesting things yo [...]

    7. Lorna

      Matisse The Master was a well researched biography of Henri Matisse from 1909 until his death in 1954 that reads like a suspense novel. It was interesting to see how his career and art progressed as well as the influences of two world wars on Matisse, his art and his family. This volume contains many sketches, color plates of his art and photographs as well to enhance your reading experience. It was incredible to see how Matisse was not appreciated by the art community at best and often reviled [...]

    8. Andrew

      As one who knows very little about modern art, this was a valuable way to learn about one if its great pioneers. This book covers Matisses' adult life, relating plenty of education about his work as well is a very detailed relating of his personal life. I would think that some people would like a shorter version of the story or, perhaps, a more direct explanation of Matisse' art and its importance.

    9. Slmcmahon

      A biography of Matisse as well as the art world of his time and place. There is much detail, always appropriate and nothing to skim over. A fascinating exploration of the evolution and revolution of both the art world and the world, "Matisse the Master" moves through turn of the century Europe, a time of constant, often disturbing change. The world was changing and Matisse was painting. His influence on the art and artists of Europe was embraced by some and disparaged by others. As exposure to h [...]

    10. Lydia

      I'd give the first part a 1.5-2 star and the second have a 4-5 starBecause of my lack of knowledge concerning both this artist and his style of painting in general I really struggled through the first couple hundred pages. It jumped right into him teaching artwith a daughter and new wife (not the mom of the daughterbut you didn't know that till much later in the book). However, I thoroughly enjoyed the last couple hundred of pages. This was showing how his work and his life changed with both wor [...]

    11. Bookmarks Magazine

      Spurling devoted two volumes and more than 1,000 pages to her biography of Henri Matisse, and it is clear that she fell in love with the great artist by the time she had finished. Critics labeled Matisse the Master and its predecessor a monumental achievement worthy of its subject, and they noted that the second volume could easily stand on its own. Extensively researched and lovingly written, Spurling brings both the artist and his work to life, even for those already familiar with Matisse. If [...]

    12. Taf Teh

      Ini adalah buku kedua tentang Matisse (kali pertama dibeli pada 96/97) yang dibeli di Big Bad Wolves dengan harga RM10! Satu pelaburan murah yang berbaloi, terutamanya untuk mereka yang gemar mengintai dunia GILA orang lain. GILA ibarat satu dadah halal yang bebas, yang diperlukan oleh artis untuk berkarya. Ia juga seberat destructive stimuli yang lain seperti dadah, alkohol atau seks.For him (Matisse) each painting was a rape. "Whose rape?" he asked "A rape of myself, of a certain tenderness or [...]

    13. Christine

      bbc/programmes/b0076r2v4 Extra Debut. 1.1909, and Henri Matisse's critics call his paintings monstrous. Can he find support? Eleanor Bron reads Hilary Spurling's biography.2. 1914, and with his family scattered across France, Matisse expresses the horror and uncertainty of the First World War in his art.3. 1930, and Henri Matisse's painting is dramatically influenced by his visits to New York and Tahiti. 4. 1938, and now in his 60s, Henri Matisse's art must endure personal upheaval as war looms. [...]

    14. Tema Merback

      A most fascinating biography of the life of Matisse and his origins. Spurling's research is remarkable, her access unlimited. We witness the birth of a man who would crash through the doors of what is acceptable which resulted in a new language of art. His relationship with other painters including his nemesis Picasso is masterfully displayed. A must read for any and all who love the history of art.

    15. John

      Now I know why Matisse was an absolute genius. He took color and nude girls (unfortunately he never slept with them -- one model was so beautiful the other poor, totured artists called her The Sunset) and turned them into something beyond the beyond. He is still ignored in Paris. When I visited the Musee D'Orsay last year, Matisse was absent. Many French artists think he is a mere colorist. In my opinion, his work transcends not only the time it was made, but our time as well.

    16. Caren

      There were a couple of wonderfully insightful, tender and thought-provoking moments in this book that kept me going through the times when it seemed to be a slew of name-dropping- referencing folks who I have no clue who they were. Yet, when those moments came- ahh Worth reading if you are a major fan of Matisse, yet if you just want to learn some about him, perhaps a different book would be better.

    17. Lynne

      Didn't finish the VOLUMINOUS book, but more than half way. I very much enjoyed the art criticisms surrounding various pieces by Matisse. This is THE art historians books however with every detail of Matisse's life (and those close to him) documented. Just too much for me. There are just too many other things I want to read!

    18. Ruofan

      This is excellent writing and research. But one feels sad for Matisse reading this book -- so much struggling and hardship in his painting and so many health issues in his family. I thought art making was all spontaneous and fun, but definitely not the case with him!(less) Jan 24, 2013 01:00PM · delete

    19. Les Dangerfield

      An excellent biography, which won the Whitbread prize for non fiction in the year it was published. You almost feel you know the artist personally by the end of the book. He was a man of huge commitment to his work and of integrity in his dealings with others. On a detail, it was also interesting to read the account of what happened to him and his family during the two world wars.

    20. Patricia

      This has some of the material the family released to Spurling prior to the opening of the archives next year. Although one reviewer (a man whose name I don't remember) felt the pace rushed after Mme Matisse is off the scene, I didn't have that sense. Beautifully written and gives the attentive reader as much as the Psalms on which to meditate.

    21. Rob Woodard

      Second volumes of Matisse's life. For some reason I liked this one better the first volume; it seems to get deeper into the artist's personality and art than its predecessor. However, looking back, I may have underrated volume one--for both of these are good books and probably a must for Matisse admirers.

    22. Tema Merback

      An in depth biography of the life of Matisse. Spurling leaves no stone unturned. She completely unmasks the genius and his tumultuous struggles to define a new window and perspective of art. I loved this book.

    23. Lynne Harkes

      Love Love Love this book!! It captures so much angst of the artist.mething I can closely identify with as well as the notion that regardless of audience or of art world acceptanceyou must paint your truth.

    24. Dickson

      This book would have received more stars from me except for some failings that seemed to be along the 'academic' lines. The style becomes wooden in places. The book content: more stars. The card file: fewer stars.

    25. Susan Jaques

      For lovers of Henri Matisse, this excellent biography offers insights into his career, artistry, and relationships -- including his wife, daughter, and models/muses.

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