The Order of the Owls

The Order of the Owls As a baby Minerva Mint was found in a travel bag in the waiting room of a London train station together with the deed to a rundown mansion called Lizard Manor and for nine years she has been living

  • Title: The Order of the Owls
  • Author: Elisa Puricelli Guerra
  • ISBN: 9781623700386
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Order of the Owls

    As a baby Minerva Mint was found in a travel bag in the waiting room of a London train station, together with the deed to a rundown mansion called Lizard Manor, and for nine years she has been living there with Geraldine Flopps, the former station custodian who found her now, together with two new friends, she is determined to find her true identity.

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    One thought on “The Order of the Owls

    1. Tammy

      Minerva Mint, mysterious orphan who lives in Lizard Manor, reminds me so much of Pippi Longstocking. She has that carefree adventurousness about her, and she surrounds herself with friends of the human and animal variety. In this first book of the series we meet Minerva and celebrate her birthday, while she and her new friends plot ways to scare off the couple masquerading as her parents in order to get their hands on Lizard Manor.This book was just adorable. Minerva lives in the kind of world I [...]

    2. Carolyn

      A short and sweet start to a cute kids' series. I'm not going to continue on, but this first volume hints at more riddles and puzzles and a lengthier, more complex hunt for Minerva Mint's missing parents.

    3. Pop Bop

      Comfy, Mellow Adventure with Three Engaging CompanionsThis is a very appealing book, but its strengths and weaknesses are almost a mirror image of what one commonly finds in a middle grade adventure. Usually, you see a lot of attention being paid to the plot, the mystery, riddles and their solutions. Characters, dialogue, settings and description often take a back seat. This book works the other way around, which makes it oddly appealing and a bit of a breath of fresh air.As a baby, Minerva Mint [...]

    4. Madeleine (Top Shelf Text)

      Review posted at topshelftextThe Order of the Owls is the first in a series featuring a feisty and fearless girl named Minerva Mint. As a baby, Minerva was found abandoned in a train station, bundled into a travel bag with a volume of The Universal Encyclopedia. Also in the bag was an envelope with the deed to Lizard Manor, a crumbling estate that's rumored to be haunted but really is filled with an array of eccentric creatures, such as the band of foxes that reside in one of the five lounge roo [...]

    5. Sasha

      Reading children's books must be some kind of therapy. I can just read some and be happy. And feel fine about it, because I'm going to need to know lots of good kids' books when I'm a librarian. It doesn't at all mean that I'm some kind of overgrown child. Yes! Everybody wins and I'm less snappy at my boss. So Minerva Mint is adorable. Of all the netgalley MG brooks I've gotten so far, the illustrations in this book were the best. It's been described as having a vintage look, and I'd agree. But [...]

    6. Clearwater Public Library Staff Picks

      Minerva Mint started out life abandoned in a traveling bag at Victoria Station. She was adopted by the custodian who found her, Mrs. Flopps, and together the two of them moved to a sprawling, yet ramshackle, house in Cornwall, Lizard Manor. Minerva grew up as free as a free spirit could. She didn't go to school, Mrs. Flopps taught her at home. She didn't buy clothes because the previous owners of Lizard Manor left behind dozens of trunks full of clothes. She was not afraid of anything. She looke [...]

    7. Elfeeza Ul Haq

      I love the whole feel of this book. The writing was lovely, the story was entertaining, the characters were loveable - can we talk about the adorable and optimistic Minerva, the clever and adventure-loving Thomasina, and don't forget our brave and gentlemanly Ravi; he even got the perfect Indian hero last name, "Kapoor".I love this book so much, I want more. It's filled with mystery, adventure and magic even. Oh don't forget the Lizard Manor. That house itself feels like it is a character on its [...]

    8. Karen Arendt

      Minerva Mint is a 9-year-old girl who was left in a travel bag at the train station when she was an infant. The only things in the bag with her were an encyclopedia, a note that looks like a recipe, and a deed to Lizard Manor. No one knew who her parents were, so she was given to Mrs. Flopps to care for until her parents were found. Her parents have not been found! Minerva is courageous, cheeky, and creative; she loves adventures. When she wakes up on her ninth birthday, she decides that she is [...]

    9. Melissa

      This book was a wonderful, and very fast, read. The hints of mystery and intrigue kept me hooked (and I can't wait to read more in the series to learn more!) but what impressed me most was the attention to detail in creating the characters and locations. By the end, I couldn't decide which house I wanted to live in more: Minerva's dilapidated but much more mysterious mansion, or Thomasina's mansion with the moat and stables and hidden passageways - especially the one leading from the library up [...]

    10. Sayree

      Foxes in the living room and owls in the rafters, Lizard Manor is full of mysterious things and creatures of all sorts- including Minerva Mint. As a baby she was found in a bag at a train station my Mrs. Flopps. Nothing but her, a deed to Lizard Manor, and a letter addressed to a man who doesn’t exist was in that bag. So, Mrs. Flopps takes on the duty of raising Minerva at the Lizard mansion while waiting for the little girls parents to return. This is book one in the Minerva Mint series and i [...]

    11. Dana

      I liked this book, a first in a series, and do plan on reading more. They are good easy chapter books that definitely have the feel of a Pippi Longstocking tale (the author readily admits to having loved Pippi as a child in the author notes in the back.) I love an orphan tale, but I like a little more depth to my characters than this story provides. There is also the mystery of her parents, the house, and the items she was found with that will continue as an overarching plot and I am interested [...]

    12. Oak Lawn Public Library - Youth Services

      Grade Level: 3/4Lexile Level: 700Pages: 154Stars: 2Summary: Nine years ago Minerva Mint was abandoned as a baby in Victoria Station. Since that time she has lived in a rundown mansion called Lizard Manor with a woman who was asked to care for her. Ever year on her birthday couples appear claiming to be her parents; Minerva has made it her responsibility to weed out phony parents and find her real parents.Recommendations or Comments: A light weight read populated with unusual characters. The firs [...]

    13. KWinks

      This was adorable. If little Orphan Annie and Veronica Mars had a cousin, it would be Minerva Mint. This book is full of charm, and it's interesting (which is something I struggle with sometimes with middle grade fiction). There are a great deal of literary tropes roped together here in a new and exciting way. We have an orphan, a wreck of a house in an isolated location, absent adults, mysterious hidden rooms, and three kids with pluck. Yay to diversity as well. This series is win, and I can't [...]

    14. Elizabeth

      The Order of the Owls is a great early chapter book. With a fun plot and charming characters, it makes for a great read-aloud story. The illustrations compliment the stories well. Minerva is an engaging main character and coupled with the plot, a reader quickly gets drawn in. Fans of series like The Cupcake Diaries and Dragonslayers Academy will definitely enjoy this book. Minerva Mint: The Order of the Owl gets four stars out five.

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    16. Melissa

      This book sets the stage for a nice little series. Minerva is adventurous and determined and develops fast friendships with Ravi and Thomasina. The kids have some nice qualities but it is too light for me to stick with it as a series. Will make a great recommendation for lots of younger kids.

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