Growth Hacker Marketing

Growth Hacker Marketing Your new business went online yesterday and you ve got a marketing budget of zero How are you supposed to create a movement around your product How can you get to your first thousand or million custom

  • Title: Growth Hacker Marketing
  • Author: Ryan Holiday
  • ISBN: 9781782830191
  • Page: 163
  • Format: ebook
  • Growth Hacker Marketing

    Your new business went online yesterday and you ve got a marketing budget of zero How are you supposed to create a movement around your product How can you get to your first thousand or million customers Starting from zero, it feels impossible Enter the growth hacker You may not have heard of growth hacking yet, but you ve certainly used the billion dollar brandsYour new business went online yesterday and you ve got a marketing budget of zero How are you supposed to create a movement around your product How can you get to your first thousand or million customers Starting from zero, it feels impossible Enter the growth hacker You may not have heard of growth hacking yet, but you ve certainly used the billion dollar brands built by it Hotmail, AirBnB, Facebook, Dropbox, amongst many others Spotify has used growth hacking to reach twenty million users and nearly 1bn revenues less than four years after it launched Growth hackers thrive on doing what traditional marketers would consider impossible creating something from nothing They hack their company s growth to create a narrative of sensational success, turning excited media, users and social media into a viral marketing force that will help their business grow exponentially Silicon Valley has realized that growth hacking not television commercials and billboards is the successful start up s secret weapon Now growth hacker extraordinaire Ryan Holiday is ready to share his experience, teaching you how to harness the power of growth to propel you to success Featuring insights from leading growth hackers, Growth Hacker Marketing is the essential guide to the revolutionary new approach to growing your business.

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    One thought on “Growth Hacker Marketing

    1. Gary

      Though I found the Ryan Holiday’s Growth Hacker thought provoking and had several good ideas in it, I also found it frustrating.My point of frustration may not really be Mr. Holiday fault, but just the same it was my main point of contention with the book. I have spent my career with multiple Business-to-Business (B2B) product companies. In most of these companies the product was complicated and had many parts and aspects to it (including software and hardware components).Though clearly there [...]

    2. Jeff Standard

      This book came off as a collection of self-promotional blog posts. About 1/3 of the book is spent trying to justify its own existence by talking up how you can forget everything you knew about traditional marketing. Where "traditional marketing" seems to consist mainly of running billboard or TV spots with expensive celebrities. The book's narrow-minded view of marketing really discredits what "non-growth hackers" actually do, while nebulously outlining what growth hackers actually do. A positiv [...]

    3. Brad Feld

      I figured I’d read the cannon on Holiday so this was next. If you don’t know what “growth hacking” means, this is a good intro. But if you do, this is a waste of time.

    4. Ola Olusoga

      Fantasy overview of what Growth hacking is, and how to apply it to your company. Dives into quick examples of how some of the top companies today applied growth hacker marketing tactics to their business.Points from the book:1.) Growth HackingMarketing isn't something you do at the end of a product, it's intertwined in all aspects of the creative process (design, engineering, business strategy). The days of taking the "hollywood" approach to marketing ( launching event, billboards, super bowl ad [...]

    5. John Konrad

      As a blogger and early Digg superuser I've had a ringside seat to many growth hacking campaigns and I've even done a bit of growth hacking myself but the problem with growth hacking is there are countless hacks and a myriad of strategies but little has ever been done to connect the dots. Some books have enumerated some of these strategies and others have focused on individual pieces of the growth puzzle but each makes growth hacking appear chaotic and disorganized. The truth is that growth hacke [...]

    6. Trang Ngo

      Chưa bao giờ đọc cái gì về growth hacking cả mặc dù đã nghe và nhìn thấy từ này rất nhiều lần và đã muốn tìm hiểu từ lâu. Chỉ biết growth hacking là cái gì đó liên quan đến startup. Xong tình cờ thấy cuốn này bìa bắt mắt lại liên quan tới marketing nên đọc thử. Cuốn này viết dễ hiểu và là một sự khởi đầu tốt với người mới làm quen như mình.Tác giả nhắc nhiều lần trong cuốn sá [...]

    7. Raafat

      فيسبوك وزينغا وغروبون وبينترست وغووغل ما دفعو ولا دولار للماركيتينغ. Growth Hacking عبارة عن 4 خطوات لازم تنعمل لأنو الماركيتينغ الحالي يلي عرفناه حالياً عم ينقرض ورح ياخد كل يلي عم يستعملوه متل التلفزيون واللوحات الإعلانية والجرايد والراديو. أول الكتاب حسيت هالشي مُبالغ فيه وهال [...]

    8. Aaron Goldfarb

      It's gotten to the point where I simply do not miss a word Ryan Holiday writes--whether it's a Tweet, a blog post, or certainly a new book. I would have never expected his latest--a brief, cheap ($2.99), e-book-only work--to be such a game changerif not a life changer. Before reading this, I didn't know the term "growth hacker," but now I can't imagine ever doing business without it. I suppose I'd always innately knew I needed growth hacking within the marketing for my own novels, but this is th [...]

    9. Oleksandr Golovatyi

      A very short but useful book about new marketing rules, about sunset advertising on television and new ways of business promotion.-----------------------Очень коротенькая но полезная книга про новые правила маркетинга, про закат рекламы по телевидению и новые пути продвижения бизнесса. I read this book on Scribd by Readlax Chrome Extension

    10. Maciek Wilczyński

      Must-read position for traditional marketers and good compulsory read for start-up related people. The book presents the foundation, philosophy and key principles of growth hacking - the new way of attracting and maintaining clients in the long run. Few actionable tips, some great case studies. If you're looking for a book, which will tell you what to do, it's not the one. But if you're looking for a book, which will tell you how you should be thinking about marketing your product - go, run to t [...]

    11. Amanda Munday

      I'm sure this book was valuable in 2013 - It was a little too basic for me in 2017. Yep, data driven is essential. But, let's come up with some amazing strategies for how to build off just calling out data as important.

    12. Sheila Chang

      O autor é formado em marketing e trabalha nessa área há anos, e então ele se depara com empresas digitais, mais precisamente startups, em que ele percebe que o que se sabe sobre marketing não se aplica ao DropBox, Instagram, Pinterest, entre outros.O que o impressionou é que nenhuma das startups tinham o conceito de marketing (tradicional, pelo menos) e nem dinheiro. Sob o ponto de vista dele, as startups recriaram o marketing, que ele e outros autores chamam de growth hacking, por meio de [...]

    13. Nhung Pham

      Concepts and ideas used to define the Growth Hacker Marketing in this book are just a mixture of well-known approaches as Inbound Marketing and Integrated Marketing. Contemporary Mkt has rapidly and profoundly evolved since the rise of technology. It's absolutely not foolish as it was described in this book.

    14. Aaron Wolfson

      This books packs a real punch in 56 pages. It gives you everything you need to know to adopt a growth-hacking mindset, which is the way marketing will be done exclusively in the future.

    15. Abhijeet Jain

      A nice introduction about "growth hackers". The book is stuffed with numerous tactics used by top companies for the marketing, which obviously I loved. Who should read this book?If you want to know about growth hacking or you are just someone who wants to read about marketing.

    16. Ernest Junius

      Wake Up, AdvertisingA review of Growth Hacker MarketingAlthough the slogan “Advertising is Dead” has been proclaimed again and again by iconoclasts and innovators around the world since the beginning of the millennium, it might not be entirely true—especially in this country (Indonesia) where big companies are still taking advantage of oblivious citizens who are mostly still residing in rural areas away from civilisation and high-speed internet connection. To say advertising is dying is mo [...]

    17. Heather

      A growth hacker is a software or computer engineer leading another team of engineers for the purpose of marketing. The concept of a growth hacker (and the point of Ryan's book) is that 'coding and technical chops are now an essential part of being a great marketer' (from Andrew Chen who is referenced in the book). This was an alarming proposition for author Ryan Holiday as he is no engineer but is rather the VP of marketing of a large corporation (in addition to marketing for other well known cl [...]

    18. Nicole

      As someone who used to be in social media and who likes to stay current on the latest trends, applying them to my own current and future projects, I am always on the lookout for great, inspiring business books. Enter Ryan Holiday’s new book.Growth Hacker Marketing details Holiday’s strategies for ‘hacking’ business growth during the creative/production process and ways innovative companies (start-ups) have combined PR, Marketing and Advertising…Giving case studies presented in fact-fil [...]

    19. Ryan

      Overall, a good inspirational book with some cool examples of how to grow a business outside of conventional marketing and advertising channels.What's interesting to me is that "growth hacking" is really just "direct marketing" with a different name. At least that's what it seems like to me.Things like measuring conversion rates and RFM have been in the direct marketer's toolbox for decades.One thing that bugged me a little bit is a spot where Holiday uses "conversion rate" (percentage of prospe [...]

    20. Maria Miaoulis

      Absolutely fascinating read! Advances in technology allow a message to spread like wildfire in this day and age. Ironically though, consumers are bombarded by so much "noise" that they either become desensitized to marketing efforts or fail to act on them. So how do you reach that elusive audience? Spend more money promoting the product and hope the efforts stick somewhere, anywhere, even if it's somewhat later down the road? Not anymore. Now, you hire a growth hacker, an individual who thinks o [...]

    21. D. Smith

      Mind. Blown.Everything you think you know about how to build a product offering, get it out to market, grow your branding and promote it for success will need to be reworked. Ryan Holiday dives into both the tech and entrepreneurial world, businesses that have adopted a more grassroots method of using data to determine how they market their products, constantly work to improve their offering based on what their users say they want and how they use your product/service to change the way marketing [...]

    22. Niraj Pant

      This is a great book if you've worked in traditional marketing/advertising, and would like a perspective change. However, if you've worked in the technology industry, a lot of the strategies outlined won't be new.Ryan does a great job of reiterating that marketing is about acquiring users ultimately, not over-bloated, red carpet launches. The difference that separates the former from the latter is a dedication to data-driven product development and customer acquisition (avoiding churn!). He also [...]

    23. Anita Ashland

      Corporate marketers who still use traditional methods would benefit most from this book, but the examples in the book are more from the start up and entrepreneurial world.He gives some good tips about Product Market Fit: before creating a product write a hypothetical press release, FAQs, and a user manual with concepts, how-to, and references. This forces you to build the product from the customer's perspective.Good advice: "Our job as marketers is to simply work with what we've got instead of w [...]

    24. Ryan Prakoso

      Combination of Lean Startup and Data-Driven MarketingAlbeit the content is not something completely new to me, it changed my understanding and priority towards marketing. The book really worth reading. I bought it, however, for almost USD 10 which i think is not equal to the value and knowledge it provided to me.

    25. Jose Papo

      A fast and small introduction to the mindset of Growth Hacking. It explains how startups subverted traditional marketing and created a new data-driven culture focused on the customers and in generating massive and viral growth. The book does not go deep in growth hacking tactics and tools, but is very good as a reference to learn more about this new topic.

    26. Sean Harry

      A very important reminder is to retain and optimize existing customer -- even those who have looked but not yet bought."A 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 30% profitability for the company." "the probability of selling to an existing customer is 65-70%." The book is short AND packed with a ton of great information!

    27. Dami Ajilore

      Quick Read!Direct and straight to the point, with just the right amount of story-telling, facts and lessons.Would recommend this to all business owners, marketing loversI almost want to selfishly keep this book a secret.It's that good.

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