Hellboy: The First 20 Years

Hellboy The First Years Mignola has expanded Hellboy into the most exciting group of books since the early Marvel universe and his style has influenced art and illustration far beyond the world of comics Selected finished p

  • Title: Hellboy: The First 20 Years
  • Author: Mike Mignola Scott Allie
  • ISBN: 9781616553531
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hellboy: The First 20 Years

    Mignola has expanded Hellboy into the most exciting group of books since the early Marvel universe, and his style has influenced art and illustration far beyond the world of comics Selected finished pieces are shown alongside sketches and raw scans from the last twenty years Never before seen art Mignola s best pieces from the last twenty years Nothing is better tMignola has expanded Hellboy into the most exciting group of books since the early Marvel universe, and his style has influenced art and illustration far beyond the world of comics Selected finished pieces are shown alongside sketches and raw scans from the last twenty years Never before seen art Mignola s best pieces from the last twenty years Nothing is better than having Mignola himself rendering Hellboy s world mdash IGN I envy the sheer variety and invention Mignola brings to Hellboy s world He consistently manages to depict even the most grotesque monstrosity and make it somehow beautiful mdash Peter de S ve, award winning New Yorker cover artist and character designer for Ice Age film series, from his introduction

    Hellboy Mike Mignola s Hellboy by Mike Mignola and John Byrne featured the character s first full appearance, and was a four page black and white story that had an approximately , book print run It was published by Dark Horse Comics in San Diego Comic Con Comics August for distribution at the San Diego Comic Con convention held in San Diego , California. Hellboy The First Years Mike Mignola, Scott Allie The first issue of Hellboy hit the stands in March In twenty years Mike Mignola has expanded Hellboy into the most exciting group of books since the early Marvel universe, and his style has influenced art and illustration far beyond the world of comics. Hellboy First Poster Released for the Reboot IGN Oct , David Harbour s Hellboy was first revealed last year Lionsgate recently postponed Hellboy s release date to April , , and announced Milla Jovovich will play the villain. David Harbour Is Terrifying in First Hellboy Poster Make no mistake about it, this isn t your parents Hellboy The first poster has been unveiled for the David Harbour starring reboot, and the Stranger Things star looks absolutely terrifying as the demonic superhero. HELLBOY The First Trailer For The Reboot Has Leaked The first trailer for Hellboy starring David Harbour was shown at the New York Comic Con last weekend and that s now leaked online Surprisingly, it s crammed full of bloody action and goofy humour Hellboy First Footage at New York Comic Con Variety The cast and creator of Lionsgate s Hellboy reboot took to the main stage of the New York Comic Con to debut a first glimpse at the upcoming film. Hellboy character Hellboy Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia , Scotland Hellboy returned to the ruined church where he first appeared in the world, and had a dream vision of his origin His mother, as a young woman, had cavorted with the demon Prince Azzael, and on Walpurgisnacht a night of great significance to witches conceived Hellboy. Hellboy film Hellboy began principal production in September and filmed in the United Kingdom and Bulgaria On September , , the first image of Harbour as Hellboy was released Filming wrapped on December , . The First Taste of the Hellboy Reboot Is Violent, Cheeky The Hellboy panel at New York Comic Con unveiled a two minute con exclusive sizzle reel to the delight of the crowd It gave us our first look at Harbour s Hellboy who immediately sets himself The First Hellboy Trailer Proves This Is a Bloodier Fans were itching to see this new approach proven right, and as the lights darkened and the first Hellboy trailer played, they were The New Hellboy Is Much More Violent Ron Perlman as Hellboy.

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      137 Mike Mignola Scott Allie
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    One thought on “Hellboy: The First 20 Years

    1. James

      In the early nineties I read the odd comic or two (as the heavy boxes in my flat will attest) and around 1994 the great John Byrne helped script a new comic called Hellboy: Seed of Destruction. Looking back through my collection, I realise I had more of Mignola's Hellboy than I realised – not just the initial story with Byrne, but a further four story-arcs from the next two years. Twenty years later, Dark Horse Books (the new name of Dark Horse Comics I assume) releases this – Hellboy: The F [...]

    2. Gavin

      I have to be honest, I only briefly looked at this, but it's a gorgeous hardcover collection of Hellboy artwork, covers, variants, and other things in Mignola's distinctive and , for me, spectacular style.I didn't read the intro or forward, but wow. The colour palette is the usual black red grey and Browns, but enjoyable as ever.If you love great artwork,,check this out. If u love Hellboy, do it. If not, then don't bother.

    3. Bogdan

      Only covers of past issues here. The artwork is great. Don`t get me wrong, i love Mignola`s style, but if you want some stories this is clearly not for you.Recommended to all collectors interested by the graphic novels with the famous Hellboy.

    4. Rob Slaven

      As usual this book came to me for free in exchange for a review. This time, and increasingly so lately, it was via NetGalley. Despite that kind consideration I give my scrupulously honest opinion below.Firstly, it must be noted that my previous experience with Hellboy has been confined to furtive glimpses of the character when referenced by other authors. I've always been somewhat intrigued but this is my first substantive experience with the character.On the positive side, the book covers the w [...]

    5. Ed Correa

      Prácticamente un libro gráfico, poco texto. Aunque me parece imprescindible también entre coleccionistas del personaje.

    6. Dani Shuping

      Hellboy. The demon that forged his own path to be more than a prophecy, more than what light or dark chose for him to be be his own man. It’s hard to believe but Hellboy has been with us since March of 1994. In the twenty years he’s been around, Mike Mignola, has told us Hellboy’s story and expanded the universe to include other characters and groups. Both Hellboy and Mignola have influenced the larger world of comics, with the thick blocky line illustration and characters that stand on th [...]

    7. LectoraEstherica

      *___* I have to say I looove Hellboy.I never liked comics when i was younger, but since Hellboy appeared in my life in film form i was completely sold by this red giant.I haven't read any Hellboy comic before, even when i wanted so bad, and i think this book is a good start for people like me, because this book talks about the beginnings of the character, his story, his development.This is not a comic, it is a book about the comic.Great, i enjoyed so much, this kind of drawing, so dark, but funn [...]

    8. Pinkerton

      Un elegante volume sui primi vent’anni, commemorativo “per immagini”; dopo due o tre pagine di prefazione infatti bando alle ciance, ed ecco una ricca galleria di copertine, sketch e quant’altro che ci aiutano a riportare alla mente le avventure vissute assieme al rosso ed i membri del B.P.R.D Opera celebrativa di questi quattro lustri, le cui storie dell’insolito ci hanno tenuto piacevolmente compagnia nella lettura. Un omaggio ad uno dei fumetti (e tutte le collane ad esso collegate) [...]

    9. Callum Shephard

      The unfortunate problem with this Hellboy collection is that the title is oddly misleading. It’s not a collection of events from his many stories printed in Dark Horse Comics or even recording his path to becoming the paranormal detective of the BPRD. It’s actually an art book, collecting together the best works of Mike Mignola featuring the supernatural world he created. That’s really about it. There’s no story or much in the way of text to speak of, just a great many art pieces produce [...]

    10. Pop Bop

      For the Fan, the Completist, or the Casual BrowserIf you're a fan you may be drawn to this book by its complete Hellboyness. Starting with the first drawing of Hellboy, artist Mike Mignola takes you through twenty years of Hellboy memories. There is no story arc, indeed there are no captions or explanations apart from an introduction and a foreward. But there is Hellboy from every angle and in various media.But say you're a more casual fan, but still admire the illustrator's craft. Well, this bo [...]

    11. Mark

      I was fortunate enough to read a preview of this book online. Being a digital preview, I was obvious limited to viewing each page at the size my monitor allowed. However, I own copies of all the Hellboy library editions and The Art of Hellboy, so it wasn't hard to image what the full-sized book would be like, and how much better it would be.The book is an art book. Other than the introduction and foreword, there is no text even to say what a picture is or where it is from (although there is an i [...]

    12. Wayne McCoy

      'Hellboy: The First 20 Years' is an anniversary special celebrating the series that started in March 1994. With a great introduction by artist Peter de Seve, and a self-deprecating one from Mike Mignola. Although there was an Art of Hellboy book about 10 years back, this book aims to just show the characters evolution over the years.With the original drawings of Hellboy where he appears almost furry, to sketches, full paintings, and comic con artwork, we can see the creative process at work. Mik [...]

    13. Conan Tigard

      Hellboy: The First 20 Years is a wonderful collection of cover art, a couple of paintings, sketches, and both colored and non-colored drawings over the last twenty years illustrated by Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy. The introduction by Peter de Sève, a fellow illustrator for the last three decades, is very entertaining, and the Foreword by Mike Mignola gives the reader insight as to why this book was created. At the end of the book is an Index giving the reader information about each dra [...]

    14. Baal Of

      So when does it count for me to have read a book like this, which is nothing but a collection of art from comics that I've previously read. When have I sufficiently looked at the pages long enough for it to qualify? The art in this book is lovely, and I'm a fan of Mignola, and the Hellboy universe. So why only 3 stars? Because there is nothing to read. It's just a whole bunch of the art, with no explanation, except a forward which essentially says "here's some art. It's good." I really would hav [...]

    15. Beck Frost

      Simply put, this person LOVES Hellboy (my eyes rolled into the back of my head type of love!), so you have to excuse that I am going to sing this books praises. This is a book that highlights some of the best cover art associated with the whole Hellboy franchise and I really wish I had this book last summer when I met Mike Mignola and had him sign my Library Editions. This would have been a great accompany piece for my shelf next to the signed books. As it is, I simply love seeing the covers wit [...]

    16. Sara Thompson

      I love Hellboy so I, of course, loved this book. It's a great coffee table book. It's mostly art work from the last twenty years of Hellboy comics with some paintings and sketches thrown in.Personally, I would have liked more - more stories about the pictures, more pictures but I'm not sure how much would have really satisfied me.I loved the introductions - short but informative and interesting. I got an e-copy to review but I can see owning this and keeping it with my art books for inspiration. [...]

    17. Stephen

      Note: This was a NetGalley ARC.I really like the art of Mike Mignola. It's definitely different than a lot of the comic art out there these days and Mignola has clearly been a huge influence in the comic world since Hellboy and the other B.P.R.D. universe comics came out. With that said, while the art in this volume was great, deep down I wish that this had been a comic and not a collection of art. The Hellboy et al stories, in addition to the art, are wonderful and weird and so readable. Anyway [...]

    18. Glennis

      If you are looking for a new Hellboy collection this isn't it. If you want Hellboy art without any words getting in the way then this is it. What I liked about it was you got to see some of the art before and after coloring. A nice collection of art and I enjoyed looking at it. Digital review copy provided by the publisher through Netgalley

    19. Tammy

      A celebration of Hellboy, according to Mike Mignola. It's a great collection of artwork, heavy on the more recent years. If you're a collector of all things Hellboy or Mignola, pick it up. If not, then you can pass it by.(Provided by publisher)

    20. Anoop Menon

      A glimpse into the evolution of Hellboy illustrations from the past 2 decades.With the exception of an Intro by de Sève & a Foreword by Mignola there are few words in this,as the art speaks for itself.A weighty art-book for all Hellboy/BPRD fans

    21. Monica

      A collection of Hellboy illustrations from over the years and done for various countries are assembled here.The graphics are well done, and it is interesting to see the different techniques and development over time. Overall, an interesting read.

    22. Variaciones Enrojo

      Segundo artbook de Hellboy. Esta publicación es parte de los festejos por los 20 años del personaje.

    23. Sean

      Apart from an introduction and forward there are no words in this book JUST 120ish pages of Mike Mignola artwork! Amazing stuff.

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