Sagebrush Bride

Sagebrush Bride Determined to raise her orphaned niece and to help the sick and wounded of Cheyenne Falls spirited Elizabeth Bowcock engages in a sham marriage to rugged Cutter McKenzie By the author of Angel of Fir

  • Title: Sagebrush Bride
  • Author: Tanya Anne Crosby
  • ISBN: 9780380770601
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sagebrush Bride

    Determined to raise her orphaned niece and to help the sick and wounded of Cheyenne Falls, spirited Elizabeth Bowcock engages in a sham marriage to rugged Cutter McKenzie By the author of Angel of Fire.

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    One thought on “Sagebrush Bride

    1. Karla

      4 Stars! An entertaining story, just a smidge long, but still worth the time!Cutter Mackenziedreamy sigh! Elizabethubborn, determined, but fun. She needed a man like Cutter to let her hair down. Little Katieorable and she stole the show and Cutter's heart! An easy, angst free listen/read, with a fun story, just the right amount of heat and the perfect hero! The narration was pretty good. Braden Wright has one of those sexy, rumbly voices that you feel in the pit of your stomach. Because his voic [...]

    2. Liv

      I decided to embark on this reading/listening adventure because of Braden Wright, the narrator and because of the front cover….Well, I know that neither of those reasons may seem too substantial, but oh, am I so glad I read this book! This is one of those stories that gets into your heart and will never leave it, and mainly because of the hero in this story….Mr. Cutter McKenzie! By the way, Braden Wright's sultry, deep, masculine voicing was just perfect for Cutter! Wow! Just an amazing list [...]

    3. Jody

      From the moment Elizabeth walks into the saloon and states she needs a man her life will never be the same. Growing up learning all she can about medicine by her father's side has left little time for the softer things in life. Her mother and sister left when she was young because they couldn't handle the harshness of living away from city life so she immediately took on an adult role. She was the one to take care of her father as well as their patients. She's not used to letting others care for [...]

    4. Taria Reed

      I wanted to like this book because Cutter was awesome. Too bad he fell in love with shrew of a woman in Elizabeth. She was honory for the sake of being so. She took went on an internal racist rant each opportunity she was given, calling or implying he was a savage, or whatever. Shit I was BEGGING him to leave her ass in the middle of nowhere many times and ESPECIALLY when he did nothing but try to help her when it didn't benefit him at all. She even had the nerve to get uppity when he did what h [...]

    5. Dayna

      1/2 star, if that. If I could give this book negative stars, I would. I’ve been reading TAC for many years now, and as a general rule I really enjoy her books. She reminds me a lot of Johanna Lindsey – another favourite romance author of mine. I’d long heard of the Sagebrush Bride, people had talked about it over the years as a great read and I do love a good frontier / Western romance.This one, however, did not fall into the good category. In fact, the only reason I finished reading this [...]

    6. Lynelle Clark

      A well written story with an interesting plot and believable characters made this historical fiction an entertaining book. As in all romances it is always the same, boy meets girl and then the sparks fly before they will admit that they belong together. Every one can see it accept them. This story is no exception. But what makes this story to stand out for me as a reader was the main characters personalities. Or rather their flaws, at times I became agitated with Elizabeth's ability to clamp up [...]

    7. Lisa C.

      Didn't see this story as others did. The first part of the book was barely tolerable. Between the overly obnoxious heroine, Doc Liz, and reading page after page of Cutter trying to get in her pants, I nearly dumped it more than once. Since it was a little different story line than the usual hist romances are, I wanted to see how it played out. It picked up and got better toward the middle. There was a little substance to the dialogue between the two once they had been together for a while, but L [...]

    8. Jen

      Maybe I'm crazy, but a lot of things in this book offended me. Didn't finish, skipped through and didn't like what I did read.

    9. Judith Sherrod

      Rogue, for sureLiz, alone after her father died, has taken over his practice. The only doctor in town. She dressed to keep attention away from herself. But she needed a husband, temporarily. She had to travel to St. Louis to retrieve her orphaned niece. So she set about looking to hire a temporary husband, She found Cutter McKenzie instead.

    10. Barbara

      While following a typical love story formula, it is told in a refreshing format. I was hooked from page one and did not want to put it down. The main characters are interesting and flawed, but you are able to cheer them on the entire way. The historical aspect brings out the inhumanity of man against man throughout the ages; but also helps us see that some people can reach through the barriers of race, class, etc. and help each other. While I usually prefer Christian fiction because I find expli [...]

    11. Linda

      Another Great Book!This was another book that I didn't quit reading until I finished it. Ms Crosby writes books that grab you with the first paragraph and holds you till the finishen makes you wish there was more! This is a romance set in post civil war and when the west still had Indian problems and prejudices against Indian American "breeds". The story weaves the romance around the man who deals with prejudice because of his mixed race and a woman who has to deal with being in a "man's profess [...]

    12. Gskm

      Not so muchI loved this author's Gaudian of the Stone and Highland Bride Series. She writes strong female and male leads. This one fell short for me. Cutter was mouth watering, panty melting alpha male goodness. Elizabeth was tediously argumentative for no purpose turning what could have been snappy dialogue into boring repetitive and expected. I listened to the audible version and read a little. The narrator was beyond excellent. I really did enjoy the audible version but skipped over some of t [...]

    13. Lorena Helfers

      Hold onto your bloomers ladiesSome people have a negative response to of this authors stories. I love historical fiction mixed with anything else thrown in. This was great! If you like HF you can't help but like this story. The love scenes were yummy not too gross but HOT, I have to worn you. The nasty men were nasty. Good depiction of prejudice toward Native Americans.

    14. Shasha

      Why didn't I finish?The heroine is mean, irrational, and racist. I realize many people were at this period in time, but it was difficult to read such offensive dialogue. I felt sorry for the hero and was amazed at his self-control. I did read other reviews with spoilers after I quit and wish I had read those before I started this story.

    15. Suz'n Black Wilson

      Sagebrush Bridea definite re-read.I enjoyed this book but I love Tanya Anne Crosby, anything. I did not like the character"Lizzy" I wanted to strangle her But the story line was great.ways a constant movement ahead to the next issues facing Cutter, the hero a great day of reasons and a definite reread.

    16. AnnMarie

      A wonderful story, an adventure, a romance, a fun lighthearted read at times, but a very emotional read at others. I love the main characters, and their love blossoming was a pleasure to read. I also listened to the book from Audible, and it was even better hearing all the characters coming to life. If you loved the book I definitely recommend you get the audio book to listen to as well.

    17. Ellen

      I usually love reading Tanya Anne Crosby books. This one just could not hold my attention. I read approximately 25 percent of it and was done. I may or may not come back to it. There was nothing to like about the heroine. (Elizabeth)

    18. InD'tale Magazine

      4.5/5.0As American Westerns go, this one is a doozy!Read full review in the 2013 Dec/Jan Holiday issue of InD’tale Magazine.

    19. Stephanie Swanson

      I cannot stand Elizabeth! Cutter must really love her to put up with her bigotry. She is hateful and hypocritical. I would have rated this book better if Elizabeth didn't rub me wrong throughout the book. She seriously pissed me off, and I can't help but think that Cutter deserved better.

    20. Natalie Ryabenko

      I enjoyed the book, but it was slow and it was hard to get into the story like I wanted too. As the book goes on both characters grow and fall in love.

    21. Chelsea Elizabeth

      Good read!I'm not a huge western fan but this book kept my interest. Love the author though!!! Everything she writes is good!

    22. Megan

      Had a few storyline issues with the story, but no glaring mistakes. Always like a story with Native Americans included. Would read this author again if the opportunity arose at a discounted price.

    23. Sherry Becke

      True love in the westgood read on a rainy niteTrue love is always a winner in my opinion it just makes your day .Just sayin

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