Remote: Office Not Required

Remote Office Not Required For too long our lives have been dominated by the under one roof Industrial Revolution model of work That era is now over There is no longer a reason for the daily roll call of the need to be seen wi

  • Title: Remote: Office Not Required
  • Author: Jason Fried David Heinemeier Hansson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Remote: Office Not Required

    For too long our lives have been dominated by the under one roof Industrial Revolution model of work That era is now over There is no longer a reason for the daily roll call, of the need to be seen with your butt on your seat in the office The technology to work remotely and to avoid the daily grind of commuting and meetings has finally come of age, and bestselling auFor too long our lives have been dominated by the under one roof Industrial Revolution model of work That era is now over There is no longer a reason for the daily roll call, of the need to be seen with your butt on your seat in the office The technology to work remotely and to avoid the daily grind of commuting and meetings has finally come of age, and bestselling authors Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson are the masters of making it work at tech company 37signals Remote working is the future and it is rushing towards us Remote Office Not Required combines eye opening ideas with entertaining narrative It will convince you that working remotely increases productivity and innovation, and it will also teach you how to get it right whether you are a manager, working solo or one of a team Chapters include Talent isn t bound by the hubs , It s the technology, stupid , When to type, when to talk , Stop managing the chairs and The virtual water cooler Brilliantly simple and refreshingly illuminating this is a call to action to end the tyranny of being shackled to the office.

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      219 Jason Fried David Heinemeier Hansson
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    One thought on “Remote: Office Not Required

    1. John

      I've decided that the Freid/DHH writing pair are the Michael Moore of business literature.If you need to learn something practical about what is a pretty complex topic, this book is useless. If you need something to fight off the "conservatives" in the business world, this is your goto.I've two main gripes with the book.The first is about the pacing and chapter lengths. Reading this you feel like you're being shown a second hand car in dodgy yard. You end up revisiting the nice things over and o [...]

    2. John Norman

      This is a very tricky book to review.Let me note first that I work remotely as a technology leader at a Boston-based medical startup . . . but I'm based in the Twin Cities. I know remote work very well. I use every tool in this book. I've been remote since the beginning, and my managers and colleagues understand the dynamic, but it's still hard, and not something that is fully embraced in our work.I'm going to have to divide the readership up into categories:(1) If you work remotely and have com [...]

    3. Mouly

      I like 37 signals as a company. They are one of the successful virtual companies. So I had a lot of expectations when I bought the book the day it was launched. But the book was a big letdown.* The book reads like a collection of blog posts. I felt chapters ended abruptly and switched directions unexpectedly.* An early chapter says that remote workers can set their own working hours and all the benefits that come with it. A later chapter, about team collaboration, recommends a four hour overlap [...]

    4. Vitor Capela

      As a remote worker myself, I nodded my head frequently at the advantages and challenges presented, so the rating's not about a fundamental disagreement with the message or the intentions. Like the authors, I know from personal experience that commuting, facing a strict set of working hours, interruptions and living with the expectation of availability from others are some of the greatest dangers to work (and creative work especially).I did, however, expect more than short chapters and sparse dat [...]

    5. Derek

      Jul 31, 2016Rework was an amazing book that put into words how I feel about work.Remote was different. While I agree that remote work can be effective, I disagreed with several of the sections.First off, I work for Accenture, one of the companies interviewed and quoted in the book. The description of Accenture in the book in no way matches what happens in real life. Do 80% of the people not work in the Accenture offices? Yes. Because they are required to be on-site, butt in seat, logging face ti [...]

    6. AWBY

      I read this book in one sitting. I liked it, but I could not quite figure out the audience. As someone who has worked as a remote employee for over 7 years, a lot of the information was preaching to the choir - I get remote work, because I live it. If the book was written for managers who are looking to make a change, then I don't this book is strong or practical enough (a better book would be Why Managing Sucks). If this book is written for non-managing employees, then they more than likely don [...]

    7. Nikolay

      Thin, short-paragraphed, biased, opinionated, beautifully written and illustrated remote work manifesto and a sales pitch. Every copyrighter should be jealous.“Remote” shares the advantages and the problems of the advertisement as a literary form.If you don't have much experience with remote working or you let your mind wander for a bit, the book is extremelyconvincing. DHH/Fried know how to write well.If you look deeper, you may notice that they offer faux acknowledgements for all the drawb [...]

    8. Natalie

      I loved learning about how this company made it work. Lots of overlap to experiences I have had / am having here at work. The no "jerks" allowed rule really resonates with me.

    9. Oleg Gavryliuk

      Хороший гайд о преимуществах и организации удаленной работы. Майндмэп по книге: mindmeister/ru/3927881

    10. Fib

      As a remote worker, I felt very connected with the stories in this book. TBH, I was already familar with most of the recommendations, because I have been working remotely for a year, but that's actually a good thing, because it means that we're all on the same channel and there's a common path to success for remote workers.I really liked it. I would have given 5 stars if I had learned many new tricks or recommendations that I didn't know before.

    11. Karen Gale booze

      I loved everything about it. The book encompasses, so much truth about the upside and downsides to working from home. I believe is shows the best possibilities of the remote style of work. I suggested it to a minimum of 10 people I know who have been thinking about starting a remote platform at their company.

    12. José N. Guerrero

      This book is something like a manifesto for remote working, it's great in that aspect because 37signals is a perfect example of how great remote working could be; but if you're expecting a book like a manual this isn't for you.

    13. Zach

      I've had this book lying around for a couple years. I'm about to start a new position which allows remote work, and figured it was time to read this.I liked that it was a short book, and the writing was clear. I was able to finish this book in just a few short sessions. However, I don't think I really got anything out of reading this. It was mostly directed towards convincing business owners that they should explore allowing employees to work remotely, and most of the content seemed long-winded [...]

    14. Федор Кривов

      Пропаганда удаленной работы. Многим айтишным компаниям подойдет. Нужны самоорганизованные профессионалы, без этого ничего не получится. Если нужно учить и организовывать людей, тогда без офиса не обойтись. Но интересная мысль про микс удаленной и офисной работы. Полдня у [...]

    15. Jay

      I helped write a remote working policy for a very large company twenty years ago. This repeats some of the same issues we addressed in our policy. But Remote felt like it was written for small companies that worked on computer programs. A large percentage of the examples were from such small companies. (One example - I didn't notice office politics being described, and that can have a large impact on careers, and remote workers need to understand how to deal with this in new ways. Another exampl [...]

    16. Oscar Julio

      The book is organized in a simple way. It's a collection of articles that comment on the experiences of the authors as members of the 37signals company (now basecamp) in becoming a successful business using remote work.Reading this book was simple and fast. The topics and the examples they made might not survive the test of time due to the constant changes in technology, but it helped me getting to know most of what's expected from a remote worker, what dangers I might find in my new work schedu [...]

    17. Sergey Shishkin

      A very good book with practical tips and a clear message: Value work produced over time spent.Unfortunately it only focuses on hiring ready made experts and ignores the process of talent growth. To me pairing and working with others side by side is the most effecient way to both learn and teach. Remote doesn't mention any substitute to that.

    18. Sergei_kalinin

      Книга понравилась меньше, чем REWORK :( Много восхвалений в адрес удалённой работы, но в описании технической и организационной стороны вопроса лично для меня ничего нового. Подробная рецензия в моём блоге: s-kalinin/2014/03/

    19. Andrea

      I enjoyed the book overall. Having worked remotely from my home and in our Chennai office, nothing they had to say was really ground breaking for me, but if your just starting to explore the idea of working remotely, it's a great guide.

    20. Nichole Kliewer

      This was a great short read! We currently do a lot of what this book discusses but it was interesting to hear about it from a different company's perspective.

    21. Tomas Laurinavicius

      The future of work is here and it’s called remote. Now everyone can design their dream lifestyle by choosing remote work. It will make you more productive, creative and happier.

    22. Eric

      It had some good points but nothing too exciting. I think its a book I would like to have my manager read then on to his manager :)My favorite line paraphrased was "if you find yourself distracted at work or not working while you should be working remotely, you should consider looking for new work that you enjoy being engaged in."

    23. Andriy Rushchak

      Офіс - це розкіш, а не необхідність. Віддалена робота буває різною - на постійно, кілька днів на місяць, або навіть кілька годин в першій половині п’ятниці через тиждень. Віддалена робота вимагає більшої організованості в обмін на більшу свободу. Керівники дізнаються, що оц [...]

    24. Karan Gupta

      I was told about "Remote: Office Not Required" when I had first started mentioning the lifestyle that I was planning to experiment with. A friend's friend mentioned this book in the passing, stating that the founding members of 37signals were the authors of the book. If anyone really knew about remote working, it was these guys. Though remote working was not really what I had in mind, the more I read about the book, the more interesting it seemed and I decided to give it a shot. I recently acqui [...]

    25. Victor Kryvenko

      Читал одновременно с книгой Глеба Архангельского Работа 2.0. Очень интересно читать две книги одной тематики паралельно и видеть разницу в продукте :)Книга “Офис не обязателен” написана в очень легком и прикольном стиле.Книга больше похожа на манифест чем на практическое [...]

    26. Jonathan

      I like what Jason Fried says a great deal, but I do feel this book in particular was a little light on substance. Yes, we definitely all want the "freedom from soul-crushing commutes, and increased productivity, but wanting it does not make it so. The book is really just about his personal experience with no additional research put in. Does he not know any other companies like his, nothing new to learn from them, alternative ways to execute. The book is written from the perspective that Remote w [...]

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