Over You

Over You Max would follow Sadie anywhere so when Sadie decides to ditch her problems and escape to Nebraska for the summer it s only natural for Max to go along She is Sadie s confidante her protector and

  • Title: Over You
  • Author: Amy Reed
  • ISBN: 9781442456976
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Over You

    Max would follow Sadie anywhere, so when Sadie decides to ditch her problems and escape to Nebraska for the summer, it s only natural for Max to go along She is Sadie s confidante, her protector, and her best friend This summer will be all about them This summer will be perfect.But that s before they meet Dylan.Dylan is dangerous and intoxicating, and he awakens somethiMax would follow Sadie anywhere, so when Sadie decides to ditch her problems and escape to Nebraska for the summer, it s only natural for Max to go along She is Sadie s confidante, her protector, and her best friend This summer will be all about them This summer will be perfect.But that s before they meet Dylan.Dylan is dangerous and intoxicating, and he awakens something in Max that she never knew existed No matter how much she wants to, she can t back away.But Sadie has her own intensity, and has never allowed Max to become close with anyone else And Max doesn t know who she is without Sadie.There are some problems you just can t escape.

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    • Free Read [Memoir Book] ✓ Over You - by Amy Reed Í
      112 Amy Reed
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      Posted by:Amy Reed
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    One thought on “Over You

    1. Kelly

      "And just like Eve, she was curious, not a becoming trait for a woman. What hubris it was to think for herself, to wonder, to do contrary to what she was told; what a crime to want to know what was in that famous box. In a moment of defiance, she opened it, releasing all the evil into the world. It spilled over the land like storm clouds; it darkened the sky black. The acrid smoke seeped into every pore of every soul, infecting mankind with a filth that could never be washed off. This is what ma [...]

    2. Dahlia

      This is my favorite Amy Reed book, which is saying a lot because I have some strong feelings for crazy. But I was dealing with some toxic friendship stuff when I read this, and every other friendship book I read felt like it was kicking me in the metaphorical nuts, and along came this book to say, "Surprise! Sometimes the best thing is to discover yourself outside the friendship and realize you're better off without it. That you will be far more at peace when you're putting less mental energy in [...]

    3. Hannah

      Over You is the story about two best friends stuck in a toxic relationship. Max is too dependent on Sadie and Sadie is as selfish as they come. I know this book is not for everyone. It starts off being told in second tense. It's told by Max and is written like she's talking to Sadie and uses 'you' a lot. I didn't mind in honestly. For me, it made the story more personal. I felt more connected to Max. In Part Two, the tense changes to first person. It's still told by Max. Again, this didn't bothe [...]

    4. Sarah

      (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Simon Pulse and Edelweiss.)Max and Sadie are best friends, and have been inseparable since they were small. Max is Sadie’s keeper though. She is always doing damage control, always making Sadie leave when she’s too drunk, always the designated driver, and always the one that clears up Sadie’s messes.This summer Sadie and Max are going to visit Sadie’s mom who lives in a commune on a farm. Sadie [...]

    5. Sarah (YA Love)

      Review originally posted at YA LoveThis is one of those books that I’m afraid I won’t do justice in my review. Over You by Amy Reed is a very smart book that deserves more attention. It’s the first book of Amy Reed’s that I’ve read, even though I have two of her other books in my class library, but I’ll definitely be reading all of her books now.I’m not always sure when to describe a book as being literary, but I feel comfortable describing Over You this way. Amy Reed juxtaposes mu [...]

    6. Chasia Lloyd

      Really intense and great book about best friends breaking up. Wish the ending had been longer, but this was a good read.Trigger warning for drug use (and some overdosage) (view spoiler)[Possibly a suicide attempt? (hide spoiler)]

    7. Heather

      Huh. I'm not sure how to review this one. Oh, I have plenty of opinions. But I'm not sure I can put them into the right words. I guess I'll just start with Max. She's the adult at home despite having two parents. That's only been the case for a year or so since her mother had an accident that put her in a wheelchair. She is depressed and her father looks to Max to hold the family together. But Max has been holding Sadie together for years. All because Sadie's mother left her with her father inst [...]

    8. Edna

      Loved the crypticness of the book itself, it's relatively catered towards young adults and teens it's written beautifully and I think it's quite well thought of. I like the way it ended

    9. Amy Fournier

      This sounded like a great summer contemporary so I was really excited to read it. It was totally not what I was expecting at all, and not in a good way. I was bored with it, and wanted Max to stop being such a wuss and stop trying to do everything for Sadie and letting her own needs and feelings be constantly pushed back. There wasn't really much of a story to it either. It was really supposed to be a character driven book, but with lack of connection to the characters, it made it hard to enjoy. [...]

    10. Renae Pérez

      When it comes to Amy Reed, it’s very possible that “fangirl” isn’t a strong enough word to describe me. She was the author who turned me onto YA realistic fiction, whose writing has influenced me in many, many ways, and who I can count on to always deliver a powerful, emotional story. Over You, her fourth novel, is very good—more than good, it’s amazing.Sadie and Max have an extremely unhealthy friendship; I think I would be safe in describing it as co-dependent. Sadie is the wild, c [...]

    11. Danielle

      Absolutely stunning. I first stumbled upon Beautiful by Amy Reed and thought it was one of the most mesmerizing stories I had ever read. Over You didn't let me down either. I thought it was written beautifully, in a way that truly reflected how the protagonist thought. And how she thought was real, the self awareness she possessed was startling, in a good way. She questioned some of her actions, and if she thought it was bad, she let us know that she knew. People aren't perfect, and Reed portray [...]

    12. Caitlin

      "I am done. I am done loving all these broken people. I am done allowing them to keep breaking me. I am done caring so much, done trying to put them back together again, done hoping, done wondering why it never works out. It is not my job anymore. I quit." (p. 269)This was an excellent, unique book. I've had hit or miss experiences with Amy Reed, but this book was beautiful and lovely and heartbreaking. A good end to another year of reading :)

    13. Nica Cruz

      Because I want to give Amy Reed a chance after the horrible reading experience otherwise known as Beautiful.

    14. Salma

      I've never felt so uncomfortable reading a book before. There were parts in this novel that literally made me cringe. I don't know if I'll read other books by this author since this was the only novel that I read by her and I did not enjoy it at all.

    15. Jenna

      Interesting, fast-paced novel about a toxic friendship and how difficult it can be to escape someone who has been your friend for so long but is not truly a friend. I think we've all probably experienced one of these friendships and the relief you feel when that person no longer has such a strong influence over you.

    16. Petty Lisbon

      This was an okay book. I wanted to read a book about toxic, codependent friendships but it got lost along the way with a commune, a guy, mono, and some Greek mythology. The ending makes up for it.

    17. Eva

      I almost stopped reading this book but I'm so glad that I kept it! This book is like watching a movie. I could not put it down!!

    18. Christine D.

      Exploring a toxic friendship and handling dark truths, Over You by Amy Reed is a book about self-discovery. The two friends, Max and Sadie, have known each other for years. They balance each other out characteristically, but their co-dependence on one another is stifling. Sadie is egotistic and materialistic; Max is level-headed and insecure. Sadie is the center of the show, while Max is the shadow - the rational side of Sadie. When Sadie is sent to her absentee mother, Lark's organic farm and [...]

    19. Isabellat

      I had tried to read this book last year, but I was so busy that I just couldn't finish it, so now I'm rereading it. I'm not very far into the book yet, like 3-4 chapters, but so far it's pretty good. I don't really remember what was happening when I last read it, so it doesn't feel like I'm reading the same thing. The characters are complete opposites, but they're best friends. I don't really see how that works though because one of them is a huge girly girl and the other is the total opposite. [...]

    20. Book Twirps

      When wild-child, Sadie, gets into trouble (again) she is sent to stay with her mother for the summer. The catch? Her mother lives on a commune. Max, Sadie’s best friend (and narrator of the story), joins her because Max and Sadie are pretty much attached at the hip. The trip is really meant to be a reality check for Sadie, but you can’t tame someone like her, even though her father, and Max have tried. Both of the girls are a bit nervous about the manual labor they’ll be required to do whi [...]

    21. Brandi Kosiner (Brandi Breathes Books)

      3.5 The perspective in this one threw me at first, but not enough to put it down. The point of view is just weird. It is from Max's pov, so she is the "I" but it is also second person because Sadie is "you". So it is like she is writing a letter, or telling the story to us, but as the reader we are in Sadie's pov. Like I said, confusing, but I got used to it. It also changed at about the halfway point because Sadie got sick.Oh, and I didn't like the things at the beginning of chapters. I have se [...]

    22. Melanie

      Spoiler alert!Amy Reed has been one of my favourite authors for a long time. However, I really was not happy with Over You.Namely, the end.Although I suppose I should start this review with the beginning.Very interesting writing in this, with first person, but also second person. Amy Reed, of course, pulls this off very well, with gorgeous prose as always. The scenes are vivid and full, without having long descriptions of places.The characters, as ever, are amazing. This is Amy Reed's greatest g [...]

    23. Chelsey Wolford

      Amy Reed is one of my favorite authors, and I am always intrigued to pick up one of her books just to see what she is going to throw out at readers next. Her writing is different and usually has some sort of mad twist to it. This book was, however, not one of my favorites. I did give it 3 cupcakes, but I really had higher hopes for this book. This book centers on the friendship of two girls, Max and Sadie. Max is obsessed with Sadie, which completely took me by surprise at first, and Sadie is ju [...]

    24. Ellen

      2.5 starsSadie and Max are best friends. In fact, Max's whole life has pretty much revolved around Sadie.looking out for her, being her best friend, always putting her first. When she accompanies Sadie to Nebraska for a visit with her mother, who has been absent from Sadie's life for the most part, things begin to change. First of all, they find themselves on a commune of sorts. Then they meet bad boy Dylan, who they both like. One thing leads to another, and Max soon finds out she must discover [...]

    25. Riki

      This writing in this book is so unorthodox, yet so beautiful. The first part is written in a sort of second-person point of view, with Max addressing Sadie directly, using “you” and “we,” which took me a bit to get into, but once I did it really felt quite natural. It gives the narrative a really intimate and personal feel, like you are privy to Max’s private missives. Amy Reed writes damned beautiful prose, making heavy use of imagery and metaphor, and I loved the gentle juxtaposition [...]

    26. E. Anderson

      Toxic friendships are a very real thing. Which is part of why I really loved OVER YOU by Amy Reed. Unlike the title might suggest, this isn't a story of getting over a boy, but finding one's own identity despite the best friend who can't seem to let you be yourself.The first half of OVER YOU is told in second person. The protagonist, Max, narrates to her best friend, the spontaneous and adorable Sadie. And Sadie is Max's world. Max doesn't seem to know how this happened, but they've been best fr [...]

    27. Zoe

      Amy Reed never ceases to amaze me. Every single time I start one of her books, I think that it can’t possibly be as good as the last one. And every single time I’m wrong. Reed’s writing is consistently amazing. All of her books left me with a case of “oh my gosh, this book is so fantastic I can’t even articulate my feelings towards it”, and Over You isn’t any different.Max is a headstrong character who is able to successfully carry her own during the story. Her best friend Sadie, h [...]

    28. Sexinthelibrary

      Max and Sadie are best friends. “We have always understood our relationship comes first.” Max is the one who drives them home when Sadie is too drunk; she is the one on standby when Sadie climbs into a car full of boys; she is the one always protecting Sadie. So when they are shuffled off for the summer from Seattle to the Nebraska commune where Sadie’s mom lives, it will be all right because they are together. Even when they encounter obvious bad boy Dylan, an attraction for both girls. H [...]

    29. Taylor Knight

      I'd seen something about this book on PulseIt and I was really loving the cover. I'd never heard anything about this book or the author so I just kinda forgot about it. However, 2 weeks later, in a random Barnes and Noble, I seen Over You just sitting on the shelf. I knew it was meant to be. Over You starts out kinda rocky, in my opinion. The perspective is really weird. I've never read a book like it. But after 100 pages, I got used to it. By page 145, it all made sense. And props to Amy Reed f [...]

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