The I.P.O.

The I P O A tragic accident An opportunistic CEO A shocking announcement at the opening of a bizarre new stock market Seven year old Ryan Tyler Jr has just been adopted By a corporation Ticker symbol RTJ is th

  • Title: The I.P.O.
  • Author: Dan Koontz
  • ISBN: 9780615879932
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • The I.P.O.

    A tragic accident An opportunistic CEO A shocking announcement at the opening of a bizarre new stock market Seven year old Ryan Tyler, Jr has just been adopted By a corporation.Ticker symbol RTJ is the initial public offering on James Prescott s Avillage Exchange, a market that trades in the financial futures of exceptionally gifted orphans Before the brilliant firstA tragic accident An opportunistic CEO A shocking announcement at the opening of a bizarre new stock market Seven year old Ryan Tyler, Jr has just been adopted By a corporation.Ticker symbol RTJ is the initial public offering on James Prescott s Avillage Exchange, a market that trades in the financial futures of exceptionally gifted orphans Before the brilliant first grader has even had a chance to catch his breath, he is whisked off to live with seemingly perfect new parents he s not sure he can trust And he s got a sinking feeling that the only ally he has from his previous life is somehow conspiring with the corporation.With Prescott and a board of directors pulling strings behind the scenes, Ryan s only chance at freeing himself from his shareholders may be to team up with his fellow Avillage orphans an embittered computer programming savant, a once in a generation NBA prospect, and a show stopping Latin American model.Koontz s fast paced yet introspective writing style is sure to keep your mind whirring and the pages turning, right to the explosive final page.

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      457 Dan Koontz
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    One thought on “The I.P.O.

    1. Ronna

      I got this book free from Firstreads. This is my honest review--We've all heard the saying-"It takes a village to raise a child." Dan Koontz has created an exceptional and unusual story by taking that thought to the extreme. Happy children raised in happy homes, developing responsible citizens, and improving society may be the ultimate perfection for kids. But what about orphans. Are some orphans more important and valuable than other orphans? Should intelligent, creative, and talented parents b [...]

    2. IslandRiverScribe

      This is a story of patience, of staying the course, of dedication, of focus. It is a story of greed, anger, depression and revenge. It is a story of psychosis sanctioned by societal and political apathy. And it is a story that takes place in our not-to-distant future, approximately the 2030’s.The protagonist of our story is Ryan Tyler, Jr the very first child allowed to be legally adopted by a corporation, a corporation that just happens to be called “Avillage.” Ryan is 7 years old, is a r [...]

    3. Heather

      Ugh!! This whole concept was disturbing but I had to read it. It was well written and the characters were very believable. I couldn't help drawing the comparison between the book and America in general. None of us or our children are owned by a corporation. Thankfully. But when we depend on others or the government to provide for us, we lose our freedom. We give them unnecessary power over us. The Directors of Avillage were so greedy and selfish and greedy, greedy, greedy. They stooped to extrem [...]

    4. Hugh muller

      WowAmazing plot and concept. Grabs your attention and keeps it. Highly recommend for all who read and think. Do not start if you do not want to prioritize your time for reading.

    5. Rorie

      This is fairly disturbing story that immediately hooked me with its unique plot to save very talented and promising, yet significantly disadvantaged children.

    6. Thor Stambaugh

      Finally a new idea. A company is designed to identify highly gifted individuals, give them all the resources they need to become successful, and take a share of their future production. This is the same as a capital investment firm, but rather than companies, it depends upon individuals. I totally agree with the premise that the actual chthonic changes in society are not made by masses or even leaders, but a small amount of seriously gifted individuals. Thus it behooves us to invest in such indi [...]

    7. Melinda

      UniqueI thought the concept was great. The book explores the idea of a corporation owning children that are considered exceptional. People then buy stocks of the children, enabling the children to have everything they need to become super successful adults. Unfortunately, the corporation also makes all the decisions regarding what the children are, or are not, allowed to participate in. Because the corporation has so much power, they can take liberties that shouldn't necessarily be taken. Also, [...]

    8. Wayne Pete

      SurprisedOkay, I bought this book because I saw the name Koontz. Then I saw it was some guy named Dan. Someone must have left out the 'e'. I decided to read it anyway, and was I surprised. Dan Koontz creates some verybelievable characters. They make flawed decisions, some selfish some altruistic,some both. In the end the story ends in a believable place but not a predictable one. I will be following this writer.

    9. Kimberly

      This book was interesting in a disturbing way. The premise seems at first altruistic; taking orphans and matching them with hand picked parents. However, it is much darker than that. I read this book pretty quickly. I also found myself wondering if something like this could be happening in the world right now.

    10. Iris Hidalgo

      Decent bookI did like the book but the end felt way too rushed, it’s like the writer didn’t have enough time to give a good closing to what could’ve been a great book, a shame really, I loved the storyline. Good enough to pass the time though.

    11. Laura Valdez

      So high. and then so low! I really love the story almost all the way through. The ending however was lost upon me. I expected more of a fight. More of an explanation. Maybe even most of the now grown children brought upon the board story ending. I was left wanting.

    12. Tammy Millington

      I was unable to stop readingI downloaded this book because I thought it said Dean Koontz. But I read this book because it was truly original and a great read from start to finish.

    13. Michelle

      Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    14. Viola Elaine Smith

      The IPOGood book. Kept my interest until the end. An unusual plot. Would tell others that Dan Koontz will likely be as good a writer as his Dad. Keep it up!

    15. Hannah Clor

      I love this book from start to finish. Quite a concept for an exchange, and totally bonkers. But this book had me addicted. Great story, hoping for a sequel.

    16. Rebecca Bearden

      Not the typical KoontzThis was an easy, quick read. I have read a dozen of Dean Koontz books and this is very different (not in a bad way). Suspenseful with a good story line.

    17. Veronica Fuentes-Castillo

      Damn that was goldI couldn't put it down from first page to last, the ending WHAT!!! Definitely a worthy read, as always not disappointing

    18. shellie Everhart

      AwsomeI would have given a higher rating if the story had more baseline added to the characters. In my opinion the author skipped vital information in each chats life. In other words the book could have been longer detailing each character s life. I would still recommend reading this book and others that the author wrote.

    19. Claudia

      Due doverose premesse: il testo è in inglese e l'autore non è il più conosciuto Dean. Quindi niente delitti efferati, serial killer ecc. ecc. Il che , dal mio punto di vista, è solo un vantaggio. Detto questo se, come per le sceneggiature cinematografiche, ci fosse un premio per “il miglior soggetto originale” The I.P.O. meriterebbe un Oscar.Sarà che leggo tanto, ma ogni nuova lettura mi ricorda sempre qualche cosa di già sentito o già visto, Dan Koontz, invece, è riuscito a sorprend [...]

    20. Jeannie Walker

      This is Dan Koontz’s debut novel and I believe he did a good job with it. My dad was an orphan - I know how hurt he was to have to live his life without a biological parent to nurture and love him. Unlike Ryan in this novel, dad’s parents were not killed in an automobile accident.Dad’s father was murdered his mother disappeared one morning never to be seen again (We learned many, many years later that she was also murdered - buried unidentified in an unmarked grave). Dad and his brother [...]

    21. Ashok

      One of the most fantastic novels I have read in a long time. Five stars are insufficient to show my appreciation.I was initially attracted to it by the author's name (is he related to THE Dean Koontz?) but got lost in the narration and plot and completed the entire book in less than a day. The foundation is initially shocking, but we can accept the logic of AVillage's promoters after some time.From the view of a corporate investor, it does make sense to select gifted youngsters and develop their [...]

    22. Sharon Powers

      First, I read this book that I obtained from 's Kindle Free Lending Library. I get one free read a month, can take as long as I want to read it, and return it when I want a new book.Second, when I selected the book, I thought I was getting a Dean Koontz book. The cover design looked very much like Dean's and the Author's name is Dan Koontz (so, only one letter different than Dean Koontz's name). I was very disappointed when I started reading it to discover it wasn't Dean Koontz. Ah, me.But, as y [...]

    23. Aera

      The subject of the book was interesting when I was looking for a book to read on kindle unlimited. So I decided to download it. It was easy to read, however I am not too sure about the thriller tag. I suppose at some points. It was somewhat a mystery but by no means hardcore. I think it would have been better as a YA, with some things added to it. Overall a good read finished it in a day. I watched a documentary on china and how they scout kids out of schools and put them in environments where i [...]

    24. Nancy

      I thought the premise was interestingople investing (as in stocks) in orphaned children with amazing potential in one area or another, being corporate 'parents' with 'real' handpicked adoptive parents doing the actual raisingd the ethical considerations behind that. There's some underhanded dealings going on, which three of the now young adult orphans try to deal with. I liked the direction the book took with that storyline. Unfortunately, the ending was a cop-out for me, unless there is some ki [...]

    25. M. Ball

      Decent read, confusing ending. The I.P.O. by Dan Koontz was quite interesting. I've never read a book of this sort before; it was refreshing to immerse myself in a completely unique story. I am greatly disappointed in the ending, which is why I gave it 3 stars. If there isn't a sequel to this, I'm going to be left feeling frustrated. I can't figure out why Ryan is continuing to run the business, in light of what he has found out. I just don't understand. On a separate note, the amount of people [...]

    26. Maureen

      I too kept thinking it was a Dean Koontz book, and that is ok, because I would have just passed over it and missed out otherwise. If you want to know how the writing is, look to your right and see how the author himself describes it - good story telling, but not highly developed writing. And that isn't a slam at all - this is the kind of book I like to read in between other things, like an after dinner mint. I found the overall concept of the book very interesting, and like other readers, I real [...]

    27. wally

      i slipped.g to this one, back in june i read it, finishing on the 20th of june, 2014. here it is the day after christmas. i was over there at.onbuying books, kindle or used or possibly newanced at this one, saw the "koontz" name"dan" is close to deanbut it now with one click. ooga booga!it is a good story. it four-starseven though i could have got bent out of shapeturned into lou maybeins-a-poppinad itked itn't recall much about it save that it does have to do with the internetems liketails are [...]

    28. Stephanie

      This book had the potential to be a much better one if only Koontz had taken the time to develop the characters more. While the entire story line is upsetting and slightly dystopian, it doesn't get nearly enough in depth to be as good as it should have been.The IPO follows the lives of three orphans put up on an exchange where businesses invest in exceptional children. A board makes all decisions and the adoptive parents have little control. Naturally the kids figure things out then need to work [...]

    29. Elizabeth

      I really need to stop reading random books from Prime Reading and whatnot, and focus on stuff I actually want to read at some point. Otherwise, I'll just keep reading stuff like this.Which, let's face itwasfairly meh. The "twist" at the end was unsurprising and fell flat for me. Honestly, justt all that interesting. Also, I uhlet's just say that a bit more research could/should have been done on how an IPO functions and how capital runs into a business, as well as the underpinnings of creating a [...]

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