Invisible Everyone thinks Emmy Dockery is crazy Obsessed with finding the link between hundreds of unsolved cases Emmy has taken leave from her job as an FBI researcher Now all she has are the newspaper clippi

  • Title: Invisible
  • Author: James Patterson David Ellis
  • ISBN: 9780316405348
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Invisible

    Everyone thinks Emmy Dockery is crazy Obsessed with finding the link between hundreds of unsolved cases, Emmy has taken leave from her job as an FBI researcher Now all she has are the newspaper clippings that wallpaper her bedroom, and her recurring nightmares of an all consuming fire.Not even Emmy s ex boyfriend, field agent Harrison Books Bookman, will believe her thEveryone thinks Emmy Dockery is crazy Obsessed with finding the link between hundreds of unsolved cases, Emmy has taken leave from her job as an FBI researcher Now all she has are the newspaper clippings that wallpaper her bedroom, and her recurring nightmares of an all consuming fire.Not even Emmy s ex boyfriend, field agent Harrison Books Bookman, will believe her that hundreds of kidnappings, rapes, and murders are all connected That is, until Emmy finds a piece of evidence he can t afford to ignore More murders are reported by the day and they re all inexplicable No motives, no murder weapons, no suspects Could one person really be responsible for these unthinkable crimes Invisible is James Patterson s scariest, most chilling stand alone thriller yet.

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    One thought on “Invisible

    1. Edward Lorn

      SighOkay. I tried. I tried to read something by Patterson co-written by another author and I got exactly three pages; exactly one chapter. The very first page was problematic, but I refuse to give up on a book without reading at least the first chapter. I thought, well fuck, he doesn't even write these books anymore. He sends a detailed outline to another author and he or she writes the actual words that go into the book. This time, that author is David Ellis. Unfortunately, David Ellis seems to [...]

    2. Phrynne

      This was a great read, one of those books it is impossible to put down until the very last, totally satisfying, page. Admittedly the main character was a total idiot and I honestly could not understand what Bookman saw in her, but it all made for a really good story with a very dramatic finale. I can always rely on Patterson for a good, escapist mystery. This one was co written with David Ellis and it was very well done. Recommended if you enjoy lots of action, many dead bodies and edge of your [...]

    3. Brenda

      Emmy Dockery had lost her sister Marta to a house fire eight months previously, a fire the authorities had called accidental. But Emmy was convinced Marta’s death wasn’t an accident; she was an FBI analyst and because she was consumed by grief had been put on indefinite leave. Emmy in the meantime had been researching house fires right across the US, doing the leg work on her own as no-one within the FBI would believe her claims. As more and more deaths continued to occur, always a house fir [...]

    4. Vicki Elia

      Audiobook Review3 1/2 StarsDear James Patterson et al:Let's get this over right away - STOP the stupid music in your audiobooks. You and your production editor may think that this adds 'mystique' or 'character' or a 'third voice' to the production. No. IT DRIVES AUDIO LISTENERS INSANE! Here's the scoop -- in case none of you have ever listened to an audiobook -- the reader is creating their own scenes, character portraits and drama as they listen to the book. They do not need the remedial aid of [...]

    5. Wendy

      I loved this book. It kept me guessing the whole time. As I said once before though about James Patterson's co-authored books I definitely give all the credit to David Ellis. I'm getting ready to buy Mr. Ellis's first book he published on his own.

    6. ItsAboutTheBook

      Review can be read at It's About The Book I am going to just jump right in and say that this book scared the hell out of me!Patterson and Ellis have written the most terrifying villain since Hannibal Lector first gave me nightmares years ago. It was chilling! It. Was. Delicious!This book made me remember late nights with the covers pulled up to my chin, knowing the next scene on the screen was going to make me scream! Lovely, scary story.Emmy is going right to the top of my favorite heroines lis [...]

    7. Tina

      I am amazed at how high a rank this got. I hate to say this but I thought it was absolute crap. I really feel like James Patterson is so much better than this. I listened to the unabridged audio book and couldn't wait for it to finish. The music was overpowering, the actor who played Marty/ Mary /Graham was so over dramatic I was embarrassed for him. I knew exactly what was going to happen 2/3 into the book thanks to not so subtle foreshadowing.( she must really work out a lot as her arms were r [...]

    8. Alexander Will

      I loved this one. It was nice to read another stand alone Patterson novel and know that there won't be a sequel so anything, literally anything, can happen.And it did.I thought the character of Emmy was awesome, however I wasn't entirely a fan of Books the whole time. At one point, well, let's just say I had my doubts.The twist at the end really got me! I loved it and I hope he returns to write more stand alone novels like this instead of rewriting the same basic story over and over again in his [...]

    9. Sanda

      I remember reading Patterson in the early days of Alex Cross novels. I loved the pacing and twists and turns the stories would take. Though maybe not literary masterpieces they were the kind of books I had a hard time putting down. Over the years something has changed - part of me feels that it is Patterson's writing in combination with the fact that there are so many excellent suspense/thriller books out there. In any case I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. I needed something fairly [...]

    10. Tânia Tanocas

      4.5*Todo o livro é inteiramente compulsivo, com a parte final a alcançar o êxtase total, só não leva as 5*, porque a determinado momento achei a protagonista (Emmy) uma autêntica “tia de Cascais”, com tiques de quero, posso e mando. Mas não deixem de ler, a pesquisa elaborada para nos apresentar os factos sobre mortes “invisíveis” são de colocar qualquer um de boca aberta e com os cabelos em pé. Opinião aqui:baudatanocasspo/inv

    11. Sofia Calsy

      Finally James Patterson is back! This was written just like his books that he wrote in the beginning of his career. I loved it, it was deep and dark and had such a twisting storyline. It shocked me in every way and I had to physically make myselfput the book down so i didn't finish it in a day. I am going to consider looking into David Ellis and his books because this also could be a good book based on his contribution as well. Wished they elaborated a little bit more in the endingbut overall gr [...]

    12. Kay

      I thought this book was fantastic. It had all the ingredients of a first class mystery and was quick to read. Or at least I couldn't put it down! I will be looking for the Co author's books from now on. Patterson did good by putting his name on this one. Usually you don't know what you are getting with one of his 'shared' books. They can be anywhere from bad to great and I do think this was one of the best.

    13. Tim

      The ending almost saved this story and does to some extent. There is too much cutesy play in character relationships that undermine this novel. I would not have rated it this high except for the ending. 5 of 10 stars

    14. Maria

      Dentro dos livros policiais, os que mais gosto são os que envolvem serial killers. Gosto de perceber o que se passa pela cabeça de um assassino em série e saber o que o motiva a matar desenfreadamente.Em Invisível a dupla James Patterson e David Ellis, a mesma do livro A Amante, publicado recentemente pela Topseller, fez-me criar empatia com o livro logo no início, o que para mim não é muito normal. Reconheço que até me envolver na narrativa o início dos livros muitas vezes se torna en [...]

    15. Stacy

      I wanted to give this 4 stars, due to the action and suspense, but I have to deduct a star for the annoying main character.At first, Emmy is a dedicated FBI analyst with dreadful people skills. She's rude, selfish, unappreciative, jealous, and naive. Okay, I can deal with some of that, as she is the relative of a crime victim. But when she *twice* runs into a crime scene against orders (remember, she's a civilian, not an agent!) and risked the lives of others, I really wanted her to suffer the c [...]

    16. Marleen

      This felt more like a bad episode of Criminal Minds than a great read. I expected more smart writing, more excitement, more gravitas, and I was sorely disappointed. There wasn't much content to this so-called thriller/detective story, except the many pages that were narrated by the serial killer, which added little or no quality to it. Personally, I'm sick and tired of this format where half of a book is from the bad guy's perspective. There's no plus side. It borders the unhealthy, IMO.As for t [...]

    17. Xana

      Tinha uma "alapata" com o Patterson, confesso. Não gostei muito do Alex Cross, então pensava que era autor a pôr de parte. Depois de ler o casa da morte, fiquei com muita curiosidade de ler algo mais!! Este foi uma surpresa mesmo boa, um livro com um ritmo super acelerado, com pouquíssima palha, bem engendrado e, só desconfiei daquele final, quase quase no fim!!Gostei mesmo muito e estou com vontade de ler mais estórias do Patterson :)

    18. Marianne

      Invisible is a stand-alone novel by prolific American author, James Patterson. It is (co-) written by David Ellis. When Emily Dockery’s twin sister Marta died in a fire, she refused to believe it was an accident. As an FBI research analyst, she began to research similar fires and became convinced that there was a serial killer on the loose. Unfortunately, no one else agreed: not her boss with his wandering hands; not her ex-fiancé, Harrison (Books) Bookman; not the local police; and not her g [...]

    19. Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)

      It has been forever since I read a really good thriller and even longer since I have picked up a Patterson book. When you combine the two however, you know you are in for a treat. What can I say about this that won't give anything away?How about that there were so many tense moments, so many twists and turns and so much of the unexpected that I couldn't help but be drawn to it. I couldn't help but want to read every single page of it. This is one of the few Patterson mysteries that I have read i [...]

    20. Gary

      What a refreshing change from some of the very disappointing reads that have been released recently under the James Patterson brand. I was getting very close to stopping reading his novels completely due to the poor books he has released lately under different guises. This book is like going back to the early books which were a big success with their short punchy chapters and plenty of action. Again this book is co-written so it is difficult to tell what input Patterson had exactly but neverthel [...]

    21. Niki

      I absolutely hated Emmy. Her interactions with everyone in this book made me dislike her more and more until the last quarter of the book when I contemplated casting it aside. The way Emmy and the other investigators came to their conclusions was not convincing. I will not read another book that features her. This is my first James Patterson novel. I have heard such good things about him that I was excited to start this book. I am so disappointed. I listened to the audible. Maybe the reader is t [...]

    22. Lawrence

      This was another thrill-riding book by James Patterson. I highly recommend it to all JP fans. All I can say is"Enjoy the ride".

    23. Monnie

      Bashing prolific author James Patterson has become almost an art form over the past couple of years, and I freely admit to being among those who haven't had good things to say about most of what I've read of late. It has reached a point, in fact, when I pick "his" books by co-author because experience has taught me that some of those folks are better than others.That said, I don't recall reading any co-written with David Ellis - somehow I skipped the fairly recent Mistress and Guilty Wives. But [...]

    24. Tempo de Ler

      Gostei muito deste livro pela forma gradual com que vai aumentando o ritmo enquanto o enredo se torna cada vez mais interessante, deixando o leitor desesperado pela conclusão.Embora me tenha apegado instantaneamente à heroína da história (Emma) devido às dificuldades que tem para convencer o FBI a investigar uma série de incêndios de origem aparentemente não criminosa e que têm vindo a deixar um rasto de vítimas mortais, incluindo a irmã de Emma, levei algum tempo a interessar-me pela [...]

    25. Jeanie

      ”Our subject has committed unspeakable acts of torture and managed to remain completely invisible”.I have to start out by saying this thriller has raised the bar of all thrillers I have read. Finding the invisible is what makes this such a page turner.Former FBI Analyst Agent Emmy Dockery is consumed by the death of her sister. A death that appeared accidental by fire in her bed. Being the Analyst that Emmy is, it does not add up and she is determined to find the truth of her sister’s deat [...]

    26. Karen B.

      Wow! This is the best Patterson book I have read in years! The last few years I haven't been reading his books because they lacked something but this was a real thriller I found hard to put down.Emmy is a FBI research analyst who recently lost her sister to a house fire. She begins to suspect that the fire wasn't random and that it was really planned by a serial killer. The fire investigators and medical examiners can't find anything to indicate murder but Emmy is like a dog with a bone who won' [...]

    27. Mariana

      Foi o primeiro livro que li do autor e amei!A história mantém-nos presos desde o início e nunca desilude. E quando achamos que as coisas vão acontecer de uma determinada maneira, o autor dá-nos grande nó na cabeça.Os capítulos são pequenos, o que torna a leitura rápida e fluída.Adorei mesmo o livro, vou tentar decididamente ler mais livros dele e espero que sejam tão bons como este.

    28. Vicki Tyley

      I was a bit surprised with the clichéd dream opening and describing the main character by looking in a mirror, given it was James Patterson. Anyway, once I got past that, I couldn't put it down. And I loved the twist.

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