Рицарят на седемте кралства

  • Title: Рицарят на седемте кралства
  • Author: George R.R. Martin Валерий Русинов Венцислав Божилов Иван Тотоманов Джордж Р. Р. Мартин
  • ISBN: 9789546554314
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • Рицарят на седемте кралства

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      100 George R.R. Martin Валерий Русинов Венцислав Божилов Иван Тотоманов Джордж Р. Р. Мартин
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      Posted by:George R.R. Martin Валерий Русинов Венцислав Божилов Иван Тотоманов Джордж Р. Р. Мартин
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    One thought on “Рицарят на седемте кралства

    1. Bookdragon Sean

      Now I’ve of course read these before, but I simply had to get this edition for the illustrations. They did wonders and capturing the story; they almost brought new life to it. So, it was money well spent and, as an added bonus, I had an excuse to read these short stories again! A memorable friendship Dunc and Egg make a wonderful pair. Ser Duncan is not only a knight in name, but also one in deed. This is something increasingly rare in the seven kingdoms. There are few true knights and even fe [...]

    2. Will M.

      I'm not fond of novellas or short stories. I always end up hating them because of the length. It's like someone telling you a summarized version of a detailed story. This one on the other hand is one of the exceptions to the hatred. It's not a shock though that Martin can make me enjoy something that I typically hate.This book contains 3 novellas about the adventures of Dunk and Egg. A hedge knight and his squire seeking higher status. Martin is known for his tendency to add in a bunch of plot t [...]

    3. Jadranka

      Upozorenje:čitanje ove knjige izaziva nostalgiju i čežnju za svetom Vesterosa, te čitanju iste pristupite na sopstvenu odgovornost.Ocena:4.5*Sastavni deo ovog prikaza je i House Targaryen family tree :)

    4. Jayson

      (A-) 82% | Very GoodNotes: It’s about obstinate idealism, social mobility, and how knightly ambition means stumbling into other people’s drama.

    5. Charlotte May

      “Dunk the lunk, thick as a castle wall.” I thoroughly enjoyed these three novellas. It was great to return to Westeros, one hundred years before the events of ASoIaF. We follow Dunk, a hedge knight risen up by an old knight with no heirs. He gets himself a squire named Egg, who unbeknownst to him is Prince Aegon - one of the Targaryen Princes.“Oak and iron guard me well, or else I’m dead and doomed to hell.” We see Dunk get himself into all kinds of scrapes, including a trial of seven [...]

    6. Kai

      "Kings rise and fall, and cows and smallfolk go about their business."I never really planned to read this until I discovered it at the library a few days ago and picked it up. I told myself why not read something short by GRRM for once.This book is a collection of three novellas, set in the Seven Kingdoms, a century before A Game of Thrones, while the Targaryens are still the ruling House in Westeros.Characters:Dunk, Ser Duncan the Tall, a hedge knight and his squire Egg, Aegon Targaryen (little [...]

    7. Poonam

      This is my Book Of the Month- September 2016, with GR group- Nothing But Reading Challenges- Category: Sci-Fi/Fantasy BOM"The story offered here takes place about a hundred years prior to the events described in A Game of Thrones"This was my major concern before picking this up as I have yet to read the Game Of Throne Series (I have watched all the seasons diligently) but still did not want any thing spoiling my enjoyment of reading this series. So you can absolutely pick this up and enjoy the m [...]

    8. Jason Koivu

      This is just what I was looking for! Old timey, good-doer knights and squires doin' good in an old timey setting!I had picked up a fantasy book a few weeks ago that I hoped would satiate my current reading desires, but alas no. So I turned to George R.R. Martin. He's always a good bet. I like his writing style and I'm familiar with the world he's built. Sure, there's such a small amount of fantasy in his work that, aside from mention of dragons in this particular book, it could almost be called [...]

    9. Matt

      I am weak. And in my weakness, I finally broke down and purchased A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. It sat on my shelf for awhile, mocking me and my lack of self-control. I was going to continue ignoring it. But then the seventh season of Game of Thrones came and went, and the withdrawal set in. It set in bad. I had to crack the cover; I had to stop the shakes. I didn't want to, you see? Really I didn't. I don’t like encouraging bad behavior. I did not want to be a part – however infinitesimal [...]

    10. Dannii Elle

      George R.R. Martin could write a shopping list and publish it and I would still probably give it five stars! A Knight of the Seven Kingdomsis a collection of three stories set in Westeros, the same fictional lands as featured in A Song of Ice and Fireseries, but set over one hundred years previously. This just exemplifies that no-one can world build like Martin can world build! The in-depth knowledge of the land and the familial and ancestral history of the multitude of characters portrayed is j [...]

    11. Ruben (BooksVlogs) Arauz

      Final: 4.60Es el primer libro de George que termino, si todavía me falta un poco de "El Mundo de Hielo y Fuego" pero se les digo, George escribe de maravillas😻👌, su manera de contar historias es increíble, ya me sentía como un pinche caballero weiiiiii!!!! Really, cada parte de la historia es simplemente enlazador, tengo que admitir que el ritmo no fue lo mejor, en algunas partes se tornó un poco lento, pero en general estuvo muy bien👌. Me prometo a mi mismo terminar la enciclopedia [...]

    12. Sud666

      I have read the comic version of this but I ran across a particularly nice illustrated copy and bought it. I am glad I did. This is a very entertaining tale. It is slightly more light hearted in overall tone, but don't let good ol' Dunk and adorable Egg fool you-this is still the world of Game of Thrones. NOTHING is what it seems. There is violence and maiming a plenty.One Hundred years before the events of the Game of Thrones timeline there was a hedge knight named Ser Duncan. Ser Duncan finds [...]

    13. Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin

      melissa413readsalotI just love Dunk & Egg! I just finished reading the two graphic novels of The Hedge Knight and I had no idea this was the book form with a third story of the duo! I just put it on hold at the library because it's George R.R. Martin :) And a friend from GR told me after the fact what it was! I know there has to be more to it then the graphic novels, but it seems like the book was the same. I loved the first two stories in this book, and the graphic novels. The third book is [...]

    14. Mike

      I initially considered holding the fifth star hostage until George R. R. Martin finished The Winds of Winter but I adored these stories so much I just couldn't do it. These three novellas take place roughly one hundred years before A Game of Thrones. So all the characters we know and love (and love to hate) have yet to be born, the Targaryens still sit on the Iron Throne, and the small folk are exploited by the nobles (so that much isn't different). Instead of seeing Westeros through the eyes of [...]

    15. seak

      I love a great narrator for an audiobook, especially one that can not only do all the different voices, but act the parts. Harry Lloyd does a splendid job with these novellas, he acts so perfectly, giving weight to the simplest phrase. I was extremely impressed.Having said that (I hear the collective groan), there's one problem I find with these incredible actor/narrators:Sometimes they actually whisper when the scene calls for whispering. I hate it. I have my audiobook going, I'm either in the [...]

    16. Shivam Chaturvedi

      This book is a collection of three stories involving two immensely likeable protagonists named Dunk and Egg. Delightfully illustrated in black and white, it follows their travels through the length and breadth of the Seven Kingdoms, about ninety years prior to the events in A Game of Thrones. Dunk, or Ser Duncan the Tall, is an ordinary run of the mill hedge knight who will one day be Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Egg, or Aegon Targaryen, is the fourth son of the fourth son of Daeron II Targ [...]

    17. Alex Farrand

      Three short stories about Dunk and Egg. I was extremely excited to read this novel. There were pictures, and I figured it wouldn't be a super hard read, which it wasn't. It was about the mysterious Egg, who Aemon loves. How couldn't I be excited. They were cool. It was adventurous. There was fighting. You also had the chance to see the past. I have to say I was expecting more. I wanted to see more people, like the Starks. I miss them. Also, I felt like there has to be more adventures. Just kind [...]

    18. Efka

      Plėstis apie šią knyga tikrai galima ir tikrai yra kur, tik Koks to tikslas? Visi, kas skaitė tėtušio Martino "Ledo ir ugnies giesmę" žino, ko tikėtis ir arba loved it, arba, nors nežinau kodėl, bet visiškai meh'ed it. Tad ir su "Septynių Karalysčių riteriu" tas pats. Arba tau patiko pagrindinis ciklas ir tu sau smagiai myžčiosi iš laimės, kad gavai dar kažko susijusio su Targarijenais ir Geležiniu Sostu paskaityt, arba tau tas ciklas apskritai nepatiko ir tada šitos knygos [...]

    19. Marquise

      This isn't a new series of novellas but rather a collection of the three existing books featuring Ser Duncan the Tall, a hugely clumsy and hugely lovable seventeen-year-old hedge knight and his sharp-tongued little squire, Prince Aegon of House Targaryen, nicknamed Egg for obvious reasons (look at his name, and then look at his bald head):The stories themselves are old favourites in the ASOIAF fandom, no need to describe or review them, and besides we all know everyone bought this edition becaus [...]

    20. Nikoleta

      Αυτό το βιβλίο μου άρεσε πολύ περισσότερο από όσο φανταζόμουν. Οι ιστορίες –τρεις περιπέτειες στο σύνολο- ήταν διασκεδαστικότατες. Οι ήρωες, Νταγκ και Εγκ άκρως συμπαθητικοί. Η γλώσσα απλή και η αφήγηση αρκετά περιγραφική ώστε να μεταδώσει την κατάλληλη ατμόσφαιρα στον αν [...]

    21. Isa Cantos (Crónicas de una Merodeadora)

      Definitivamente adoro la manera en que George R. R. Martin cuenta las historias porque sientes que estás allí, en medio de Vado Ceniza o cualquier lugar de Poniente, viviendo lo que está sucediendo. Esta precuela bueno, son más bien tres historias que siguen a dos personajes muy curiosos y bastante dispares: Dunk y Egg. Vaya nombres, ¿eh? Dunk es un caballero errante, con más actitud que habilidad, realmente; mientras que Egg es no les digo quién es porque es un spoiler grande y es genial [...]

    22. Νόρα

      Το βιβλίο αποτελείται από τις τρεις νουβέλες του Martin Ο Περιπλανώμενος Ιππότης,Το Ορκισμένο Σπαθί και Ο Μυστηριώδης Ιππότης που αφορούν τις περιπέτειες του Σερ Ντάνκαν του Ψηλού και του ακολούθου του Εγκ,90 χρόνια πριν αρχίσουν τα γεγονότα της σειράς.Πολύ καλογραμμένο,συμπ [...]

    23. Hasham Rasool

      'A century before A GAME OF THRONES, two unlikely heroes wandered Westeros.'A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms book is a prequel story of A Song of Ice and Fire.This book contains three novels:The Hedge KnightThe Sworn SwordThe Mystery KnightA Knight of the Seven Kingdoms book is more for the young readers. I really like this book, it isn't good as A Game of Thrones but it is very enjoyable to read. This book is more smaller to compare the five books because it only has two protagonists whereas the [...]

    24. Abbie | ab_reads

      If you're tired of waiting for Winds of Winter to come out before you die and you haven't already picked up A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, then I urge you to do so! I had SO MUCH FUN gallivanting around the Seven Kingdoms with Dunk and Egg, it was amazing to be immersed back into GRRM's epic high fantasy worldI absolutely adore ASOIAF, but even I realise that sometimes GRRM can ramble on a bit, especially during the big history dumps. This book is made up of three separate adventures though, an [...]

    25. Trish

      I wanted to read this slooooooowly so I'd have more of GRRM's fantastic world to read about until Winds of Winter hits the shelves but I just couldn't stop myself. This isn't just a book to make further money with. I mean, it certainly was aimed to make further money, but the stories are solid, the world-building as fantastic as in the full-length novels and the characters as vivid as ever. The author is giving his readers some real treats so yeah, he can have my money!Rounding off the three nov [...]

    26. Amanda NEVER MANDY

      The last GOT I read was a bit long and a bit dry. It wasn’t even my idea to buy this one, that’s how much I didn’t anticipate the boredom. I just happen to live with a collector that has to own all the books in a series and I am unable to refuse a crisp new book showing up on my doorstep. Mmm…that new book smell.Lucky me, this was outstanding! I can honestly say I enjoyed it more than the rest of the series. I instantly fell in love with the two main characters and was on the edge of my [...]

    27. lydia

      “How many eyes does Lord Bloodraven have? A thousand eyes, and one.” *3.5 starsA fun, quick read. If you love ASOIAF, don't hesitate to jump into this. The book revolves around the adventures of Ser Dunkan the Tall, a hedge knight, and Egg, his squire, who is a lot more than he seems. Since the story takes place a hundred years before the events of ASOIAF, the Targaryens are still ruling Westeros, and I’m not going to lie; it was exciting to witness the famous Targaryen dynasty actually RU [...]

    28. Scott Sigler

      Loved it. Book V in the A SONG OF FIRE AND ICE series seemed long to me. Plot elements that took up a ton of pages didn't seem to further the overall series story at all, and could have been cut altogether without affecting anything but the book's length. I think that was GRRM working through the comprehensive world he's built up over the course of that series. There is just so much information in that series that there are things he must address, and, for me, at least, that took away from the l [...]

    29. Lisa

      Review originally posted at The Speculative Herald: speculativeherald/2015A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is a compilation of the first three Dunk and Egg short stories by George R. R. Martin that have previously been available in separate anthologies. I have been wanting to read these for years, and have just not hunted down copies of the separate anthologies yet. Now that they are conveniently packaged together, I figured there was no excuse. And as an added bonus, the art work in it makes gett [...]

    30. Gerardo.V

      Volver a leer la narrativa de Martin, mientras rechino los dientes de impaciencia esperando la última entrega de GOT, ha sido increíble. Este libro es una delicia para los que amamos Juego de Tronos. Un pequeño bocado, cierto, pero no deja de ser disfrutable. Un siglo antes de los acontecimientos que darán cabida a la gran saga de Martin, un caballero pobre y con pretenciones de querer hacer historia en el torneo de Vado Ceniza, se topa con un niño de diez años, que se convierte en su escu [...]

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