American Vampire, Vol. 5

American Vampire Vol In the first story series mainstays Skinner Sweet Pearl and company return to Hollywood in the s during the Red Scare In a time where America was on the lookout for the next Communist threat was

  • Title: American Vampire, Vol. 5
  • Author: Scott Snyder Rafael Albuquerque NGUYEN, DUSTIN
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • American Vampire, Vol. 5

    In the first story, series mainstays Skinner Sweet, Pearl and company return to Hollywood in the 50s during the Red Scare In a time where America was on the lookout for the next Communist threat, was the real danger something far insidious A major turning point in AMERICAN VAMPIRE lore begins here brbrIn the second tale, familiar face and vampire huIn the first story, series mainstays Skinner Sweet, Pearl and company return to Hollywood in the 50s during the Red Scare In a time where America was on the lookout for the next Communist threat, was the real danger something far insidious A major turning point in AMERICAN VAMPIRE lore begins here brbrIn the second tale, familiar face and vampire hunter Felicia Book is retired from vampire hunting when she gets called back into action to track down and kill the most powerful vampire of all time The hunt takes our heroes through post war Europe, behind the Iron Curtain and into the heart of Russia to track this deadly enemybrbrWriter Scott Snyder BATMAN, SWAMP THING and artist Rafael Albuquerque bring together even threads to the complex tapestry that is the world of AMERICAN VAMPIRE.

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      413 Scott Snyder Rafael Albuquerque NGUYEN, DUSTIN
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    One thought on “American Vampire, Vol. 5

    1. HFK

      I am fully hating the fact that I can't fully hate this volume as I would love nothing else than to be able to fully hate this damn series that has really irked me and pushed all the wrong buttons since the start. I really hate when my hating is taken away from me and I actually end up saying American Vampire's fifth volume is quite good volume compared to previous installments.You see, last volume had a character I liked, fifth doesn't, but it weirdly has a decent story going on not just for on [...]

    2. Amanda

      As usual, Scott Snyder's American Vampire continues to kick ass with its gritty, unique take on the vampire mythos. In this collection, we're given two complete story lines and the teaser for a third. In the first two, there's a return to some of my favorite characters in the series. While I enjoy how Snyder continues to branch out by exploring different time periods in American history, as well as the humans and vampires that inhabit them, the characters of Skinner Sweet, Pearl Jones, and Felic [...]

    3. Otherwyrld

      Volume 5 of this series breaks the tradition so far of setting each book in a different era. Here we are still in the 1950s, and with two tales that are both being told concurrently.In the first story, we find ourselves in London in 1954, where Agent Hobbes is a witness to a bold scheme to free the most dangerous vampire of all, using a submarine to blow a hole into the London base of the Vassals of the Morning Star, hidden in the piers beneath London Bridge. From there, a trip to Paris to meet [...]

    4. L. McCoy

      Best volume yet!What’s it about?I’m not gonna describe what it’s about because just doing that I’d be giving lots of spoilers, even for this volume!Why it gets 5 stars:The story goes on and gets even better and more emotional at times.There’s a miniseries collected in this volume that takes place in the world of American Vampire and it’s a great miniseries!The characters are still very interesting.There’s quite a bit of awesome action.The art is fantastic.There’s a lot of suspens [...]

    5. Sesana

      A really good volume, but not without its weaknesses. There are three storylines here. The first introduces Dracula. Because can you really build a new vampire mythos without dealing with Dracula? (Probably, but I bet it's more fun if you do.) The buildup to Dracula as a formidable enemy is built up very nicely, and I was very nervous for the protagonists when they finally caught up to him. Sadly, the follow through didn't match that build up. That said, the more human (if you will) story of Fel [...]

    6. Steve

      This was another great addition to the American Vampire mythos. I really enjoyed this one, especially the first story arc.This volume is made up of two distinct concurrent story-arcs. The first one comprises the 5-issue miniseries "Lord of Nightmares." Retired vampire hunter Felicia Book is living in hiding with her son until VMS Agent Linden Hobbes stumbles into their lives. He brings the disturbing news that an ancient faction of the vampire world is attempting to revive the original king of t [...]

    7. Kurt

      The two major stories in this collection bring Snyder's epic into the Cold War, which is a surprising but perfect place to take this already-paranoid series. In the first half, we get another globetrotting adventure with the Vassals of the Morning Star, this time exploring Cold War Europe and paying a proper homage to Bram Stoker's classic tale. The story is chilling and a great addition to the mythology of the series.In the second half, we get an undead version of the Hollywood blacklist, as ou [...]

    8. Jennifer

      4.5 starsThe two story arcs contained in this trade contain most of the things that I love about this series. Scott Snyder's writing is on point, as is the art from both Nguyen and Albuquerque. Overall, the story arcs are creepy and atmospheric with strong human emotional elements, and nearly every beloved character makes an appearance. The last issue contained in the volume also sets up the next story arc in a way that makes me anticipate an enjoyable horde horror story.

    9. Sud666

      American Vampire concludes the Pearl/Skinner sweet storyline (or does it?) with this tale called the Blacklist. The real Black List occurred during the 1950's when the House Unamerican Activities Committee (HUAC) went hunting for Communists in Hollywood. In the story, however, the Vassals of the Morning Star (VMS) is looking for vampires. Bringing Pearl's story full circle to the start of the series-she returns to Hollywood to look for Bloch, the vampire who attacked her in the very first story [...]

    10. Nico

      I have some really strong, mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand the Dracula arc was pretty strong, however, it ended weakly. For once, most of the guest artists were really good. And on one hand, this is probably one of the, if not THE, first time a comic book/graphic novel has ever made me cry.However, that sadness is immediately weakened. Right after a certain character dies, that should've been the end of the volume. BUT they introduce a new plot line as soon as that sad one ends. A [...]

    11. Melissa

      Skinner Sweet! Not dead! And Pearl is back! And they're . . . working for VMS? Okay, Snyder, whatever you say. I was a tad disappointed in this one, what with the build up of Dracula & how ultimately his bad vampire self was only around for a short while. Although way to be, Agent Hobbes! If you'd asked me before I read this, I would've told you that of course I wanted Sweet & Pearl to hook up, but when they did - I don't know, it just seemed sort of icky. But although I (know this is th [...]

    12. Nick Craven

      Volume five of American Vampire breaks tradition by staying in the same decade as volume four. Volume five ties up a lot of story arcs but opens up a few new ones as well. I'm not ashamed to admit I had a few man tears welling up by the endThis volume of American Vampires continues in the 50's instead of jumping into the 60's. That's fine with me cause I love the 50's and the rate Snyder's kicking these out he'll catch up to modern times shortly if he only does a decade per volume (and I'll be h [...]

    13. MissAnnThrope

      23 April 2013Aww, yeah! So excited to see my favorite bloodsuckers on the cover of American Vampire, Vol. 5. This is yet another impressive installment to a phenomenally kick-ass series. A vampire of legend, some giggity-goo, a betrayal, and a bloody cat-fight - it really doesn't get better than this. Not to mention, a seriously pissed off Pearl is always a delightful sight to see.(view spoiler)[The volume begins with the unleashing of the greatest evil, the prince of darkness himself: Dracula. [...]

    14. colleen the convivial curmudgeon

      2.5This was on ok installment with lots of set-up for future happenings. I kept vascillating between giving it 2 or 3 stars but, ultimately, I felt kinda disappointed, overall, so I ended up going with the 2.The first story was about Dracula because, of course. I mean, you can't have world spanning, multi-vampire line story without including ole Drac. It starred Felica Book, her son, and the Vassals. It was ok but, honestly, they build Dracula up to be this big bad that they can't let get loose, [...]

    15. Jacobi

      This volume was un-put-downable. So goddamn good! With each volume this series becomes richer and more textured, resulting in a very satisfying read. This volume has two distinct, but impactful, stories in it that just grab you right away and don't let go. Finally introducing Dracula, and the spin they put on that character, and the menacing way he's teased, is just delicious. I cannot wait to see how that plays out. The Pearl story is also really good. It's fun seeing her continue to be the ven [...]

    16. Diana

      This one is the best of the series so far! I loved the first story - introducing Dracula and Agent Books son. I found it a very thrilling read! Bring on vol. 6!!! With each and every volume I read, I get more convinced that I need it for my on collection!! Nowjust to find the space on my shelves.***************************************************** 14/6/17 Still love this series. This volume has lost none of it's awesome/gruesome quality with it's second read though.

    17. Morgan

      No spoilers, but this was a sad volume. That being said, I really wish I was reading these back to back. The time delay in the series makes me feel like I'm missing more about the plot details than I should. Maybe I'll have to re-read them later. I'm curious to see how the next book fairs. I have my suspicions about what's going to happen, but I don't want to put out any false leads--and again no spoilers.

    18. Bandit

      This was one of the best book in the series, quite possibly second best. Stories in volume 5 take place in 1954, all over the globe and feature all of my favorite characters. I particularly loved Pearl's storyline. This book, along with the customary and phenomenal to behiold violence, features some incredibly moving emotional motifs. The art is simply AWESOME. This is exactly what vampire stories should be like. Highly recommended.

    19. Liz Janet

      “Time is the only constant. For the living it never stops… For the dead it doesn’t matter… And for the undead? For the undead, time is a joke to be laughed at!” The story of Skinner Sweet and Pearl Jones. A new step on evolution when it comes to vampire kind. Series Review: booksandstuff1357.wordpress.c

    20. Amber Simpson

      Where do I start with this one? Absolutely loved it. I wasn't a fan of bringing Dracula into the story and felt like that part of the story dragged a little. Things picked up when we got back to Pearl's story, which is my favorite part of this whole series. I have never cried from reading a graphic novel, but this one made me do just that. Kudos to the comic god Scott Snyder.

    21. Bern

      I won this book through First Reads, then immediately read the first four volumes. Volume 5, though, was my favorite of the group. "Lord of Nightmares" brought a lot of the big-picture stuff into focus, and the rest of the collection brought familiar characters together in a thrilling and unexpected way. I couldn't put it down.

    22. Mikolaj

      The series losts its power. It seems Snyder is busy with other projects as plots start being less satisfactory then before. He can still, however, deliver some great ideas which make this volume a solid read. But even with that moments it's not the level I expect from American Vampire.

    23. Dan

      Good continuation of this series. The start was exciting,but it got a little dry near the end. Nice art,and great covers.

    24. Alex Panagiotopoulos

      Continuing the series with the 5th volume after a long time, I found it really entertaining. Vol. 5 contains issues #28-34 plus a five issue story titled "Lord of nightmares" where we see illustrator Dustin Nguyen working on his view of Snyder's hit series. "Lord of nightmares" went to more traditional vamp myths with Dracula, happening exclusively in europe. A refreshing change after the california-only comings and goings of the previous chapters. Nguyen's style fits perfectly in the american v [...]

    25. Levi

      Wow! Both stories in this are highly entertaining! I loved this volume. Plus, the cliffhanger! I'm diving right into the second cycle. I've looked into volume six, but it's mainly a collection of stories, it doesn't necessarily continue where this one leaves off. This series has been enthralling, entertaining, and addictive; it gets into your bones and leaves you wanting more!

    26. Kalle Eriksson

      Gillar premisserna i båda berättelserna men tyvärr kändes det ändå lite väl ryckigt stundtals, lite väl mycket action och de karaktärsutvecklande delarna kändes lite överdrivet sentimentala. Hur som helst en stabil trea för grundstoryn är fortfarande bad ass och tecknandet i toppklass

    27. M.i.

      Another stellar volume. Great action, Skinner and the crew back at it, and the introduction of what seems like a great villain.

    28. Anthony

      A nice collection of three vampire stories set in Snyder's world. A few loose ends were tied off with satisfying conclusions. If you've been reading all along, you will be pleased with this book.

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