Treasure Me

Treasure Me He s trapped by his past Just after Sole Regret s soulful guitarist Kellen Jamison traded his five years of abstinence for a tying good time with a beautiful classical composer his past comes back to

  • Title: Treasure Me
  • Author: Olivia Cunning
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 312
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  • Treasure Me

    He s trapped by his past Just after Sole Regret s soulful guitarist Kellen Jamison traded his five years of abstinence for a tying good time with a beautiful classical composer, his past comes back to haunt him once again Unsure if he ll ever really move on, especially with his departed fianc e s pregnant doppelganger hanging all over his best friend, Kellen must decide wHe s trapped by his past Just after Sole Regret s soulful guitarist Kellen Jamison traded his five years of abstinence for a tying good time with a beautiful classical composer, his past comes back to haunt him once again Unsure if he ll ever really move on, especially with his departed fianc e s pregnant doppelganger hanging all over his best friend, Kellen must decide who he treasures most his talented new lover, the woman he swore to love beyond death, or someone he never expected to want.She s blinded by her future Dawn O Reilly is well on her way to her happily ever after Her latest composition is making waves in Hollywood, and opportunity is practically knocking her door off its hinges She s met the man of her dreams, and they click on such a deep level that she knows he s worth the fight even if all he s fighting are ghosts But with her own success pulling her from Kellen when he needs her most, can she ever really be his treasured one Or will someone else take the coveted spot in his heart

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    One thought on “Treasure Me

    1. Lisa A

      One Night with Sole Regret is turning into an eternity. Don't get me wrong I love Olivia Cunning and her Sinners and Sole Regret series but they are just dragging along. I think because they are so long in between and the books are repeating themselves. The ending for this one was the same ending as the previous one. We still have no answers as to who is the father of Lindsey's baby. I am glad Kellan found Dawn and is slowly getting over Sara and is trying to deal with his attraction to Owen but [...]

    2. Jo - *✽*•.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•*✽*

      This is the second part of Kellen and Dawn's story and the last one in the angsty set of books in this series. Like all the others, this story was happening alongside what was in the previous books but each one is from a band member's point of view and how they experienced / saw things. This means some bits can be skimmed over at times but must be a challenge for Olivia to keep track of everything going on.Kellen and Dawn's relationship is moving forward, despite the shadow of Kellen's late wife [...]

    3. Dana ~ The Dirty Smut'atter

      Okay I seriously need the good parts of this series free of never-ending dramas have just gone from bad to worse for these rockers and I can't take much more pain. That said I really like Dawn and want things to work with Kellan. He is the silent member of the band that hides so much pain and sorrow inside. I didn't realize how strong of a hold Sara held on his life, until he starts sharing his past. The rope scenes between these two are hot as hell and leave a few things open for more details [ [...]

    4. Liz

      I was so desperate to read this book after a certain event in the last one. This book flicked back to Kellen and seemed to cover a lot of the same ground as the one before until it addresses the certain event and the exquisite torture of the ending from the last book was repeated. I can't wait to read where this goes in the next five books answers to all the questions are beginning to come and I'm looking forward to each and every one! Great read.

    5. Coralee Corrigan

      Beyond amazing read.loved it ter reading this book it makes u wanting more to read and find out what happens next .

    6. Tara Cignarella

      Love this series, Kellen is one of my favorites and this book has the one scene that I will probably call my favorite of the series, but the repeated sections from book nine really bored me.

    7. Anna Edwards

      Another fabulous story from Ms Cunning. I really enjoyed the interaction between Dawn and Kellen. We learnt so much more about them as a couple and individually. And the sex scene with the rope. Bloody hell, I needed an ice cold shower afterwards. I will admit that the end of this book felt like a setting up for the next round. It was a lot of repeating what we already knew. But I can see why. It gets us to the point at the end of the book that needs to happen.A great continuation and I can't wa [...]

    8. Priscilla Garcia

      I have to say this is my favorite from all the second books of this series. We saw a side of Kellen we have never see before. I have to say he would of Benin perfect Aside part that he didn't know who the hell he really loved. I guess saying he pissed me off by confusing me by kissing Owen wouldnt be a spoiler because we read it on the previous book. Kellen's feelings towards Owen are one of the most confusing feelings I read in my entire life. Does he love him? Does he just have those feelings [...]

    9. Mitzi Roadcap

      Waiting on a HEAOr in other words a Happily Ever After, and please don't make this reader wait too long. To clarify this series is a serialization so each main character's story is broken into three parts. This book is the end of the second part in the series so the final five books will finally be the end of the story for each character. I knew this going in but at this point I'm just a little impatient to get to the end. That's why I've given it four instead of five stars. I love the series, h [...]

    10. Chasing The WordsBook Blog

      First off I love reading and catching up on my boys from Sole Regret. Just love them to absolute pieces! Second, what the ever loving h@ll Olivia Cunning? Just when I think we are getting answers and getting somewhere BAM the book ends. Like really, it’s 3:45am right now and i want to yell and scream but that would wake up everyone in my house. So not cool, not cool.I just love Kellen. My heart breaks for everything that he has gone through and continues to struggle with. I am so glad he found [...]

    11. Becky

      Ok, first thingwhat a way to leave things hanging with that ending!!Its interesting how this series is being written with the different story arcs for each character in different booksnning, middle, and wrapping it all up. I have to keep in mind the time lines. I am happy that we are past the one weekend and now moving ahead and I can't wait to see who Lindsay's baby daddy finally is. I do have an theory after Owen's last book but we'll see if I'm right. Kellen and Dawn's bookI have to say there [...]

    12. Judy

      This is Kellen's 2nd book and the last of the second round for everyone. There is one more round of books for each member to go. This book takes us through Kellen's growing love for Dawn and his struggles to let go of Sara. There is a big cliff hanger at the end of this book that affects everyone. I'm assuming all will be resolved in the third, and final, go for each band member. Ms. Cunning has been very slow at updating this series. I hope the next round doesn't go 6 months to a year in betwee [...]

    13. Dawn

      Once again, Olivia Cunning entertained me with another great novel. This one had more sadness & hurt. The turmoil with the band, family troubles & unsure feelings the characters had for each other made for a really good book. I loved Dawn & Kellen together. Loved their connection & that they were different. My heart hurt for them in parts of this book & I really hoped they'd be able to work things out. I love that Olivia can keep each of the Sole Regret books different from e [...]

    14. Dani

      I liked this one but didn't love it as much as I have the others. Not sure how I feel about Kellen and Dawn. I love Kellen and his story is such a sad one but I just don't feel the chemistry with him and Dawn. I love Dawn as well but just can't see them together for the long haul. I love the chemistry between Own and Kellen and can't wait to find out where Ms Cunning takes this part of their story. It was the hottest part in the book I think. Well the rope scene with Kellen and Dawn was pretty h [...]

    15. Kayread

      At times I feel like Dawn is putting herself out there for a guy who is hung up on his dead fiancee and now his best friend. I'm sorry but I did not like this book. Kellen is all over the place. I think Dawn would give everything up to be loved by Kellen but I'd be so afraid. I still want Lindsey to be outed as a deceiving liar. I'm hoping she was pregnant prior to her one night with Sole Regret and her friend returns to share her secret. I hope the last five books come faster. I'm reading for t [...]

    16. Kristina

      It is called bisexual and not complicated at all. Also a lot more common than many would like to admit. There are plenty of straight men that Don't like to perform oral on a woman and plenty that suck at it too. At least Kellen was honest. He barely knew Dawn. As far as I'm concerned he didn't have to be especially considering how narrow minded she's acting. I mean grow up. If you claim to love someone you need to love all aspects of who they fundamentally are even what you may not like or you s [...]

    17. Kenneth

      Kellen hasn't really been my favorite of Sole Regret, but he is earning his spot. It has taken reading this book to make me fully understand him and his inner workings. Now to patiently wait for the next go round and pray that everyone and everything sorts itself out. The 'Baby Drama' is making me crazy. Along with the possible band break-up Seriously pulling my hair out.

    18. Dulcinea

      Kellen & Dawn - he said/she said third person POVI really enjoyed this book, and I like how the series is written, the way the stories intertwine. The characters of all the books come together, go their separate ways as we follow the featured couple, then converge again, advancing all their stories and moving them to the next book. Well done!

    19. Carla

      I am fan of this series, but not this book. I am hoping that Owen and Kelly do not end up with foursome.I felt like I had already read this story. The story is just a repeat of what other some of the other books were about.I was so disappointed that what's going with Jacob was delved into. I do think that Adam should kicked the curve and Gabe needs to chill.

    20. Kenneth

      I kind of want to hate her for now but I can't because I know Olivia will make all the messed up stuff that has been happening all better. I can't wait to see how she pulls it all together. I just hope I don't have to wait too long. It seems Ike forever since this all started but I know it will end with a bang!! Much love for an awesome person.

    21. Maureen Ames

      I couldn't wait for the next book in this series to see where the band was going and what happened next. Treasure Me does not disappoint. I love the flow of the book from character to character, with each having their own events in their lives to deal with and seeing how these events are intertwined to the group as a whole.

    22. Fran Hansen

      I have loved the Sole Regret series immensely but this particular one just wasn't up to par. I found it difficult to accept all the feelings of the two main characters after being together for only two days. I definitely did not like the ending. Having said all this, this is an exceptional series and I love Ms Cunning's writing style.

    23. Lisa

      Holy cliffhanger. I wasn't ready for this book to be the last one I could get my hands on. I love this plot that is hatching with the Sole Regret ladies. Hopefully they can put their heads together to save this band and these guys who are really going through a lot of crap all at once.

    24. Kim

      How frustrating! A repeat of the exact same story line from book 9 but from Kellan's relationships. Still no answers to Adam's disappearance, Shades return to his devil/Satan wife and the band breaking up.Plus. who is the baby daddy 😡😡😡😡

    25. Michelle Rene

      Sole Regret is one of those series that I drop everything for just to read the latest release. Kellen and Dawn's story may be my favorite yet, and the ending makes me look forward to the next book even if it is the beginning of the final arc.

    26. Michelle Nickson

      2.5 Stars. I skimmed a lot of this one due to the repetitive nature of the book. So much I had read already in previous books. I also found Dawn and Kellen boring for some reason. Cant wait until things start to wrap up and we get some answers.

    27. Melissa Durbin

      I always love getting more from the guys of Sole Regret but being left hanging is killing me!!! There are so many unanswered questions just lingering out there waiting to be answered!!! I need more!!!

    28. Sun

      She did it again with another book leaving me wanting more when I know I'll have to wait months maybe even a year before the next one.

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