Thrill Me

Thrill Me He s ready for Sole Regret s sex obsessed bassist Owen Mitchell has always rocked with the ladies and rolled with the punches He knows Caitlyn s just looking for a fling with someone fun and adventuro

  • Title: Thrill Me
  • Author: Olivia Cunning
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 137
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  • Thrill Me

    He s ready for Sole Regret s sex obsessed bassist Owen Mitchell has always rocked with the ladies and rolled with the punches He knows Caitlyn s just looking for a fling with someone fun and adventurous than her ex husband, but Owen is drawn to the geeky temptress like a rocker s drawn to a heavy riff He ll keep thrilling her in the bedroom to keep her coming aHe s ready for Sole Regret s sex obsessed bassist Owen Mitchell has always rocked with the ladies and rolled with the punches He knows Caitlyn s just looking for a fling with someone fun and adventurous than her ex husband, but Owen is drawn to the geeky temptress like a rocker s drawn to a heavy riff He ll keep thrilling her in the bedroom to keep her coming and coming back for He has faith that someday she ll admit that they re meant to be together.She s not sure where this is going Successful in life but not in love, Caitlyn isn t ready for a serious relationship so soon after her painful divorce But she s than ready for a good time So she writes out a long list of sexual fantasies and knows just the rock star to fulfill them all Owen, as always, is eager to please, and the time they spend together, the she starts to think he s good for much than ticking fantasies off her list Now if only that pregnant groupie of his would get lost.

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    One thought on “Thrill Me

    1. Jennifer Kyle

      3.5 STARS I'm happy to report that the author has promised that from here on out she will focus solely on this series until completion. She hopes to release a book every few months so that it will be finished in our life time. The series is broken up as follows: Books 1-5 “meet and sparks fly” Books 6-10 “tons of crazy shit happening now”, and books 11-15 “all the resolutions you’re craving’. If you think the baby daddy will be revealed and/or that Lindsay has given birth the answe [...]

    2. Jo - *✽*•.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•*✽*

      I have been in a committed relationship with the Sole Regret boys since 2012. There have been long periods of time between these books so that Olivia can also satisfy us with the Sinners and Exodus End stories but she is now committed to finishing this 15 books series before anything else now.The is the second part of Owen and Caitlyn’s story. Owen is a guy who falls hard and fast, which means he has had his heart broken many times. When he meets Caitlyn in a sex club one night he gives her a [...]

    3. Becky

      Owen has been my favorite guy in this series and I was excited to read his second story. He's so sweet, funny, crazy sexy, and I just love him. I confess that I definitely ship him with Kellen more than Caitlyn. And I'm glad Olivia explained the three arcs in this series because the whole pregnancy thing seems never ending. The thing to keep in mind, and it takes some thinking-s the time lines and how they are somewhat concurrent with previous books. Owen's book ends with some serious emotional [...]

    4. Virna

      Didn't like this book at all. I will like more character development. The very bare bones story is predictable and not much plot, only lot of sex, sexual content was way too much, but this was ridiculous. Every other page was total explanation of their sexual act, and body parts, etc. Got boring really quick and the pregnant chick twisting her self with the guy was annoying. I would catch myself rolling my eyes at some of the things said.

    5. Doris

      Thrill Me is Owen and Caitlyn’s story or is it Owen and Lindsey’s story? Either way I loved it. Talk about relationships and complications Owen’s relationships come with more complications than any one man should have. I loved Owen and Caitlyn’s storyline because the chemistry these two had was off the charts and along with all of that chemistry were actual feelings. Lindsey’s connection with Owen seemed to be with Owen feeling responsibility to take care of someone who needed help jus [...]

    6. Dana ~ The Dirty Smut'atter

      Seriously the drama never ends for this band and poor Owen seems to be the cover man for the night that could change everything for the band. Getting to see Owen at his home was a treat and made me fall harder for the quiet member of the band. We also get to learn about what has shaped Caitlyn into the strong women she is and let's not forget what a horrible ex-husband she had. I wanted to kick that slimeball in the nuts when he showed up unannounced to her house.I really want to get my hands on [...]

    7. Tara Cignarella

      I have enjoyed all nine of the books in this series and would quickly recommend them to a friend. The series is a fun sexy read and you will never forget these characters or the storyline. I would like to thank Olivia for taking the time to write this series. I read her acknowledgments at the end of Thrill Me and I am glad she explained her writing situation. Life is hard and so many people are cruel, so thank you for sticking with this series. No matter how long it takes to write I will we be [...]

    8. Kayread

      I normally don't complain about publication dates but I really wish these books were released closer together. I do not mind reading a series where in continues from one book to the next but I'm starting to dislike this style of overlapping everyone's books. Perhaps if they were published faster but the has been one long ass night. Owen is a sucker. Lindsey has wormed her way in and she's not leaving anytime soon. Right when Caitlyn realizes she has feelings he's over there with his mom touching [...]

    9. Dani

      Oh wow what a shit storm. This book had a lot in it and not just with Owen and Caitlyn, First with regards to Owen and Caitlynese two burn up the pages in this book. The sex scenes for these two are amazing. Loved ever single bit of it. Owen is by far my favorite. Now with regards to the cluster fuck that has become of the band and Lyndsey and Kellen. OMG I did not see that last part coming at all. I loved it!!!! Won't get it away but it was very nice surprise. Can't wait to see what is in store [...]

    10. Kim BookJunkie

      STORYAnother freaking cliffhanger!!!!! Nooooooo!!!!It had been a long, long time since I read Owen’s story in book #4 and because Ms. Cunning presumably enjoys torturing her readers by leaving huge gaps in between each of these installments, I had practically zero recollection of Caitlyn or the dynamic between her and Owen. I did have a slight memory of Lindsay and her, “tryst” with several members of the band but like Caitlyn, I had absolutely no memory of her personality or the emotions [...]

    11. Karinosa

      I have always enjoyed Olivia Cunning's books! Each character is it's own. They are strong and there is not one that is the same. They each have their own personalities. You LOVE each character even if they are wrong, but you livye their dirty minds more!Jacob is a sweet man even though he comes about to others as rough around the edges. I really dislike his wife (my mom never let me say the word HATE). That is really how I feel about Tina. Amanda would do something to make sure the people she lo [...]

    12. Jenny

      I love the One Night Sole Regret seriesThis book is filled with sizzling hot sex scenes between Owen & Caitlyn trying to fulfill her fantasy list. You get both of their pov's so you get to know what they are truly feeling. Owen still has the problem with the pregnant groupie on his hands, the list of possible fathers is like a shopping list, but she thinks the baby is Owens. There's more trouble brewing that has put the band at jeopardy. The book ends on a cliff-hanger with life altering sit [...]

    13. Dawn

      Olivia Cunning has written, yet again, another fantabulous novel. There are some series that I get bored with but this isn't one of them. She really knows how to keep you glued into reading. Her books are never slow or boring. They have a great flow. I loved reading more about Owen & Caitlin & how they're trying to move on in a relationship, but there's also some hurdles that interrupt some parts of the story. Just like her other stories, there's heartache, love, anxiety & hotness. S [...]

    14. Lisa

      Is it weird that I actually ship the two "heterosexual but bi-curious" men together moreso that I ship either of them with their respective female romantic partners? I think I am supposed to feel that way, but not sure. I love that twist of a complication, where it should otherwise be easy for either of these guys to have clear feelings for these women that are actually pretty great for them. Can't wait to see how she wraps up this arc.

    15. Kimberly Williams

      ok. so it was obvious that Kellen and Owen had a more complex, loving and très différent relationship but I was not expecting that love smooch tbh :o .but now i'm even more hooked on these guys. *not so patiently awaiting the third and final chapters of this head banging, rock and roll love train!!!

    16. Dulcinea

      As the book ended I was reminded of how upset I was at the end of Jacob's last book. It brought back the angst and the sadness. UGH! I'm really looking forward to the resolution installments of this series.It's been so long, I had to go back and read Share Me, to remind myself of exactly what happened that first night with Lindsey.

    17. Jessie

      I love this series!I find everything about it intriguing: the format, the evolution of the story, and the characters!Owen is the heart of Sole Regrets, the one who's love will grab your heart! And the innocent yet strong Caitlyn is such a contrast. I can't wait for their third installment!

    18. Rachel

      This series, this book, this couple. I NEED MORE!!!!!! I love this band, I feel like a hardcore groupie with how big of a fan I am of the band. And please OC, WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH OWEN AND KELLAN????? I'm shipping them and an OWEN-CAITLYN-KELLAN-DAWN fourple so bad!

    19. Gail Stroker

      Holy crap! Owen is so freaking HOT! I really LOVED this book in the series! I'm team Caitlyn for sure! I'm hoping Olivia has better times coming to write more in this series! I LOVE these guys! I'll be patiently waiting for more whenever life allows her to complete this amazing series!

    20. Coralee Corrigan

      wow, olivia has done it again with this series. amazing read and series so far and cant wait to read more. it sucks u in from the beginnng and keep u going to the end of the book. i couldnt putting it down till i was finished of it.

    21. Db2567

      There is no substance to this episode of the story.Story amounts to less than 50 pages ,all the rest is sex scenes.Some sex is expected from this book,but this was way too much .Much of the story was already told in the last book.

    22. Marulett

      Things I liked:- the steamy scenes- drama lama endingThings I didn't like:- pregnant groupie, who's been pregnant since the dark ages- unnecessary dramaI hope the next book come out pronto

    23. Dawn Lingle

      Can't get enough!!!!!This series is so full of twists you don't expect, all you can do is shake your head and say what next. Funny, sexy and a cliffhanger what's not to love!!!!

    24. Mishel

      OHHH Owen es tan lindo y sexy como alguien puede resistirse por la forma en la que se comporta y bromea con todas las cosas que se le pueden ocurrir.

    25. EZA

      Wish I could have liked it more, but quite a slow story aside from all the sex, until the final chapter when you are left with several cliff hangers.

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